Cindy Inc.: The Model Mummy Club

This is the first in a series of short stories
speculating that Cindy Crawford has opened a bordello
in Hollywood staffed entirely by celebrities. It’s
completely unrealistic and proud of it. You know the
usual warnings by now, and let me add that this was
written while Miss Crawford and Laetitia Casta were
both pregnant for real (both are now mothers of

NOTE: I freely admit to swiping the “end one story
with the beginning of another” trick from “Alias,” but
they pinched it from “Quantum Leap,” which in turn got
it from “The Time Tunnel,” and so on, and so on, and
so on…

* * * * * * * * * *


Cindy Crawford strolled down the driveway of a house
late that night, unhurried even though she wasn’t
supposed to have been there.

She turned her head before getting to her car, looking
up towards a first floor window, a happy expression on
her face.

The window was by a bed, where a heavily pregnant
Stephanie Seymour lay sleeping. Her partner had been
held up with business, but the very big smile the
sleeping model had on her face hadn’t been caused by
her own hands.

* * * * * * * * * *

Ten years later.

Friday night, the beginning of the weekend, was always
the hottest night at Cindy Inc. Cindy was usually well
in her element as the host, but as she was well into
her eighth trimester she had had to cut back on her
hosting duties. And sex was pretty much out of the
question until her second child was born.

As the customers lived it up below, Cindy was at least
relieved that the child would be her husband’s and not
one of the clients’ (though several of her ladies were
mothers, none as yet had been fathered by customers.
Not that she’d fire any of them if such were the
case). But she hoped that there wouldn’t be any more
overlapping – Laetitia was going to be showing soon…

“Oh, there you are!”

Speak of the angel (Laetitia Casta was no devil).
Cindy sat up as one of her most profitable employees
entered (she was thinking of making her a partner in
the firm). “How’s it going, clubmate?” Cindy asked.

“Clubmate?” asked Laetitia.

“You know; they say when a woman’s pregnant model
she’s in the club…”

“Oh. Okay, forgive me – I still have a little problem
with these English sayings.”

“Don’t worry… so, when were you planning to take the
time off?”

“You were here until just days before,” Laetitia
answered. “You set a good example.”

Cindy laughed the compliment off. “It’s not ‘Do as I
say, not as I do’ around here; if you want to go,
go… besides, I think a few of them would be put off
by this.” She pointed to her bulge.

“Actually, I was with Elle having lunch yesterday,”
Laetitia replied, “and she told me that some of the
men found your pregnancy very arousing.”

“It must have been the chest. Pregnancy always give
you bigger breasts – they’ll come in their pants when
yours get bigger.” Not that Laetitia’s breasts weren’t
huge already

“Come on, Cindy – why not come down tonight? Has it
put off your man?”

“Has it put off yours?” Cindy asked, starting to get
over her fear, unaware that Laetitia’s man was in fact
a bit uneasy about fucking a pregnant woman. Even one
as yummy as Laetitia Casta.

* * * * * * * * * *

If this had been “Family Feud” and 100 men had been
asked “If you were in bed with Laetitia Casta, what
would you do?” the survey would almost certainly not
have mentioned “Absolutely nothing.” And yet, that was
exactly what was happening with the curvy French model
and her significant other; he was snoring away, and
she was wide awake and feeling as horny as ever.

Voluptuous and eager, it would have taken a lot to put
her man off touching her. Unfortunately, she DID have
a lot – and more every day. She was happy to be
carrying her first child, but that didn’t mean she had
to put off her normal urges while she did so. Not that
he believed that…

She had often turned to self-abuse over the past few
weeks, but that wasn’t helping any longer. Not even
when she used some of her instruments. She needed
another person to give her pleasure. Laetitia knew
that in time he would put his cock inside her again,
but in the meantime unless she convinced him that he
couldn’t impregnate her while she already had a baby
impending (and she hadn’t), she was stuck.

* * * * *

As Cindy felt her customer for the evening kissing her
distending stomach and rubbing it rapidly, her fears
were gone. Laetitia had been right – with child or
without, it made no difference. She was as big as a
house, and had joy to match.

She was pretty glad that orgasms couldn’t induce
birthing, especially the way he was going down on her.
“You and some of the other mummies should get together
some time,” the man mumbled into her jungle.

A lightbulb went off in Cindy’s head, and she made a
note to give the man a 50% discount.

* * * * * * * * *

“Ladies and gentlemen,” announced Rebecca
Romijn-Stamos, “welcome to the Moulin R – er, I mean
the first meeting of the Model Mummy Club.”

The meeting was the main area of Cindy, Inc; the board
members, with five exceptions, were all of the
evening’s customers. “This evening, for one night
only… well, until one of their men feels the need to
get it out again,” Rebecca laughed, “four of our own,
mums all, will give each other some help for all of
you to enjoy, with musical accompaniment from
tonight’s house guest, Mya! We’d have had the other
ladies from that version of ‘Lady Marmalade,’ but Anna
Nicole Smith signed up the others thank you so much
for leaving us Pink, but we still got the best one…”
(pause for applause)

“Ladies and gentlemen, Laetitia Casta…” Out flounced
a radiant and very pregnant lingerie-clad Laetitia,
accompanied by

“…Stephanie Seymour…”

Stephanie curtseyed and joined Laetitia on her side.

“…Elle Macpherson…”

Elle strutted out from the audience to take the stage.

“…and the big boss, CINDY CRAWFORD!!!”

The even more pregnant Cindy relaxed opposite Elle, as
the audience paid rapt attention.

“It’s like this, folks,” Cindy said casually, or as
casually as she could with Elle Macpherson delicately
fondling her. “When Elle here was with her son she was
a bit lonely towards the big day… oh yeah, that’s
great… so I paid her a visit one day and
…oooOOOHHH BABY… helped her feel a lot better.”

Elle was currently returning the favour, stroking
Cindy’s moist and silken pussy, while Stephanie gave
Laetitia the treatment.

“I found out that Stephanie had received the same
treatment from Cindy when SHE was pregnant. It seems
that these model mothers always stick together…” and
she just lay back and relished Stephanie’s hands
roaming her thighs and opening. Seeing Laetitia’s
enormous breasts and swollen, milk-engorged nipples,
Stephanie was tempted to give them a little kiss.

“Don’t be shy, Steph,” Rebecca encouraged over the
music. “We’re all friends here!”

“All right, but no farther,” Laetitia whispered as the
older woman bent towards her soft bosom. “I am Cindy’s

Stephanie was too buried inside the mountains of the
French model’s chest to notice. As for Elle, as one
hand slipped inside Cindy and the other stroked her
stomach, she was getting long-overdue payback for
Cindy’s delicate handwork.

Cindy was loving feeling Elle pushing up inside her
while The Body moved her other hand onto her chest.
“Go on, Elle,” Cindy urged, taking her head and
bringing her down, “have a sneak preview.”

“A what?” Miss Macpherson asked, puzzled. Then she
noticed Stephanie licking Laetitia’s nipples like a
thirsty cat.

“Oh… okay, I’ll try anything once.”

“So we’ve heard,” chuckled Rebecca, getting a little
hot herself.

Both models ignored her as Cindy offered Elle one
heavy breast. Cindy’s nipples were ready with all the
milky goodness a mother could provide; Elle didn’t
hesitate before wrapping her lips around the enlarged
button and sucking. Cindy instantly started to work on
the breast, feeling the fellow mother’s passion and

Elle began to feel Cindy’s milk seep out into her
mouth almost at once. Whatever she ate, it was doing
her good… breast was indeed best. No wonder her son
always looked so happy; Elle wished for a second she
could lop 36 years and 11 months off her age so she
could have Cindy’s breast milk on tap. She lapped her
tongue over the hard freckles of Cindy’s right nipple.

“Leave some for the baby,” Cindy told her, and
transferred Elle to her left breast. She tossed
Laetitia a glance – and was startled to see that she
was entertaining Stephanie AND Rebecca. Stephanie was
happily kissing her mammoth breasts and suckling away
as if it was her first time, while Rebecca ran her
fingers through La Casta’s silken snatch, working the
warm soft pussy. Laetitia’s lips were just as swollen
as her chest, and just as tasty.

“Laetitia Marie Laure Casta, I’m SHOCKED!” she said
good-naturedly. “And Becky – you aren’t a mother yet.”

“No, but when I tell John tonight I might just be on
the way,” Rebecca pointed out, reaching out her other
hand. “Room for another one there, Elle?”

Elle, unwilling to stop Cindy’s nursing, nodded, and
Cindy let herself be finger-fucked by one veteran
mother and a potential new one. This was going to be a
great night, for sure.

Rebecca was already enjoying herself. Wanking Cindy on
one side and Laetitia on another, and with Elle
cupping her lovely little seat to boot, she could
hardly wait to go over all of this to John that night.
Just as long as this didn’t take too little time – he
was always a bit too quick in bed. But these
beauties… oh yeah, they were always ready to take as
long as they needed to get it right.

* * * * * * * * * *

“Wow,” Jules Asner said to Cindy a few weeks later on
her chat show (Jules’s, not Cindy’s), “here you are,
the head of the world’s first celebrity bordello
that’s become the place to be for everyone visiting
Hollywood! It’s like you’ve gotten everyone signed

“Thanks, but not yet,” Cindy smiled back. “A lot of
them said no, but we’ve got a lot of women on our
books. In fact, I’m going to sign up the newest one
tonight. Wanna come?”

Jules thought about it for about half a second before

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