Cindy Inc.: The Mommies Return

The continuing adventures of Cindy Crawford –

supermodel, mother and celebrity bordello owner. The

celebrities in this story are used for fictional

purposes, and they aren’t portrayed here the way they

are in real life (except for the attractiveness part,

obviously). No under-18s as usual – though let’s face

it, the cast of this story is likely to appeal more to

the veterans among you (at the time of writing Cindy

is the only one of the quartet still under 40!) – and

any comments or complaints to go to the message boards

or to (Starting with it

not being
about a group of older women seducing young


This was originally called “Kaia’s, Alexa’s, Chloe’s

and Flynn’s Moms Have Got It Going On” because Kaia is

Cindy’s daughter, Alexa is the oldest of Christie

Brinkley’s three children and the only one in this

story, Chloe is the older of Kathy Ireland’s two

daughters (Kathy’s also a mother of three), and Flynn

is the older of Elle’s two sons (shame she doesn’t

have a daughter), but it was too cumbersome. Apologies

for making some of you feel old, especially since at

39 (happy birthday, baby!) Cindy is the youngest of

the four stars of this story…

* * * * * * * * * *

Keith and Nancy Tyler, like a lot of “Friends”

viewers, had their own (non-laminated) lists of five

celebrities they were allowed to sleep with if they

ever got to meet them. Though Keith liked to think he

was equal with his wife, he was as happy as a pig in

shit when he heard about Cindy Inc. opening; he wasn’t

the only one with such a list to hit the place, but he

was one of only three customers ever to actually come

close to banging all five picks – he’d fulfilled a

long-time fantasy by fucking Kelly Garrett (aka Jaclyn

Smith, during ’70s Night), he’d scored with Cameron

Diaz not long afterwards, and he had left his No. 4,

Jennifer Aniston, a huge tip because of his guilt at

having to go across town to J-Lo’s in order to pork

Heather Locklear (his No. 3).

And now, tonight, he was going to cross off Cindy

Crawford’s name – the madame herself was no. 5. As he

headed upstairs, he saw a guy who couldn’t be older

than 17 walking by him eagerly; probably hoping to get

at one of the younger women there tonight. Keith

couldn’t blame him; he had it bad for the likes of

Christie Brinkley when he was the kid’s age. “So who

are you looking for tonight?” he couldn’t help asking.

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you,” Dennis


“Try me.”

Dennis figured that a guy his age would understand if

he confessed that he was here to give it to Christie


* * * * * * * * * *

On Cindy Crawford’s three workout videos, she’d been

dressed and solo (apart from the instructor). For the

reenactment, she was accompanied by a guy again, but

this time she was stretching and crunching naked.

Cindy always worked out anyway, but not usually with

an audience watching and beaming. She wasn’t as young

as she used to be, but she was still keeping up the

pace; it always flattered her when someone half her

age told her she was hot. Grunting as she stretched

and curled herself on the mat, Cindy’s only regret was

that she didn’t have any music.

“…eight…nine…ten… and we’re done with the

abs!” Cindy said breezily, and got to her feet,

flicking the hair from her face and letting Keith

study her. Her stomach was flat and firm all right,

and her breasts weren’t exactly perky and/or huge but

neither were they drooping to the floor. The husband

and father of four fixed his eyes on Cindy nicely

trimmed cunt, relieved that he wouldn’t have to tell

her what she wanted to hear the way he often did with

his wife. Clutching his prick as he had been doing all

the while, Keith shook his head in admiration.

“You’re sure you won’t do a fourth tape?” he asked, as

Cindy had a quick swig of water.

“Nope. Best to stick with the ones already out there,”

Cindy told Mr. T.

“They’re great, but I like to see you the way you are

now,” he replied. “I’d have loved to take you back

then if I had the chance, but it’s not like there’s

anything wrong with you now.” He was surprised to see

Cindy look genuinely pleased at the compliment – he

thought she’d be used to stuff like that now.

“You’re pretty good yourself,” Cindy replied, and it

was HIS turn to look happy; even if she was only

saying what he wanted to hear, it did him good,

especially since his wife hardly ever said it. “Ready

to join in for real?”

Tim was already ready; he’d been building up his

strength by watching Cindy work out for years,

bringing up the brightness of the screen so he could

make out the curve of her behind in those black

shorts, trying to look down her shirt/up her shorts,

occasionally putting his head next to the onscreen

image of her opening her legs, and so on. Now as Cindy

lay down on the carpet and began to bend her arms and

legs upwards, Keith stood over her, happy as a pig in

shit for the second time this week; the first time was

when he got to catch up with “Desperate Housewives” on

TiVo by himself and renew his… acquaintance…with

his no. 6, the sexy blonde who used to be Paige on

“Knots Landing,” and who to his delight was also at

Cindy Inc. (Keith had never liked frog-faced Teri

Hatcher, so the fact that she was at J-Lo’s made him

even happier.)

Keith studied Cindy’s tight, round butt as the

supermodel continued going through her paces.

* * * * * * * * * *

Dennis studied Christie’s tight, round butt as the

supermodel continued going through her paces.

Christie’s surprisingly tight, round, ample butt in

fact – he studied it in the wall-sized mirror while

the 50-year-old blonde slurped and swallowed his

17-year-old pole, getting all of the inches down into

her throat and massaging his hot, eager body as she


Though Christie Brinkley was pretty much retired,

enough people had suggested her on for

Cindy to make overtures to the veteran; Christie had

agreed, and although not there on a regular basis she

found herself greeted by some very enthusiastic

customers – some of them, like Cindy and other older

women there, were fans of hers back in the day finally

jumping from jacking off to her swimsuit pictures to

the real thing. But some others were young men who

fully believed in the whole MILF/yummy mummy thing…

and Dennis was one of them.

Not that he had anything against girls around his own

age – it was just that whenever he watched “The O.C.”

he got revved up by Julie and Kirsten as much as by

Summer and Marissa. And sometimes more so. Running his

hands through her blonde tresses, he felt her head

bobbing back and forth as she tasted his joint; all he

could do was sweat and grunt, feeling his cock filling

her mouth and touching the top of her throat. Christie

was fondling his hairless balls as she swallowed; she

pressed the tiny area behind the sac, starting to

tease out the tasty drops of come. Dennis couldn’t say

anything… he was just so, so glad for the

experience. Breathing harder, he felt himself starting

to drip into the woman’s throat as she let the hard

cock out of her mouth, shaking her head. “You’re not

ready to end yet, are you?” Christie added, pressing

herself next to him and moving up his eager body.

Dennis was dying to come deep inside this beautiful,

helpful woman; but she was right, not just yet. Her

eyes on a direct line with his, the boy and the woman

kissed, his heart speeding up as he felt her mature,

warm body next to his. He managed to forget that he

had a girlfriend as he cupped one of Christie’s nice,

surprisingly firm breasts, a blissful, lusting smile

on his face.

Christie also had a blissful, lusting smile on her

face; she loved fucking the young guys. Especially

ones her daughter would have liked. In this case, one

her daughter DID like…

* * * * * * * * * *

Again with the exercises, but this time Cindy was all

by herself. She was on her bed, naked from the waist

down, and doing her post-sex workout – or as she

privately called it, the cunt crunch. Cindy had her

legs raised and slightly spread as she tensed up her

abs, feeling the pressure around her crotch; keeping

up the pressure, she started to thrust herself

slightly, rotating her hips as she went through the

same process she’d been doing for years. Her pussy

would never again be the way it was when she was 22,

but Cindy loved being told how tight she was for her

age. It was five minutes of stretching that she didn’t

really need to do, but the end result made it worth

it. She continued to get her cunt into shape, knowing

she had the time until it was time for Keith’s next


Down in the lounge, Keith put back his second drink of

the evening. “Who are you here for?” he asked the

ruddy-cheeked man sitting next to him while they

watched the TV overhead. “And think you could change

the channel?”

The man silently said goodbye to the “Dukes of

Hazzard” rerun and changed the channel. “And as for

the other bit, I’m here to poke Cindy.”

“Which Cindy?”

“Oh, come on,” the man chuckled as a third one brushed

by them and asked for a whisky. “Which one do you


“You never know – it could have been Cindy Margolis.”

“Who cares about her now?”

“No argument there,” Keith agreed, as the bartender

suddenly became even busier; moving around bottles,

getting icebags, and generally showing all the signs

of an employee trying to please his employer when he –

or in this case she – was around. At the same time, a

soft hand touched Keith’s shoulder; he knew that

touch, and the smell.


“Welcome back,” the freshly-tightened supermodel said

warmly. “And you must be Joe Nilson.”

“Pleased to meet you,” the ruddy-faced man replied,

taking her hand. “I thought your customers came up to

meet you.”

“They usually do,” Cindy admitted, “but in this case I

thought I should come down to you, so we can sort this


“Sort what out?” asked Keith and Joe, as Cindy looked


“There was a snafu when the appointments were made for

this week… my people ended up booking three of you

for my session tonight,” she explained. “Usually I

could take the three of you one after the other – ”

“Three of us?” Keith interrupted.

“Yes, three of us,” said the young man who’d ordered

the whisky. “I’m here for Cindy as well. You should

really sort out your bookers, Miss C…”

“You’re here for Cindy?” Joe repeated. “Come on, Ryan

– you told me you were after Joss Stone!”

“Could I have her as well?” Ryan asked Cindy


“Joss isn’t here tonight,” the supermodel told him,

thinking that she did need to talk to her bookers and

wishing she could have had some of that whisky. “The

thing is, I only have time to be with one of you this

evening because I promised my kids I’d spend the night

with them…”

Keith and Joe, being parents themselves, nodded


“…plus I’ve got a command performance before I can

go home, and the guy doesn’t like to be kept waiting.”

“I know the feeling,” Ryan muttered.

“But my plane leaves for Orlando tomorrow!” Joe

argued. “Who knows when I’ll get this shot again…”

“That’s what so great about living on the West Coast,”

Keith gloated.

“I love L.A.,” Ryan sniggered.

“I don’t,” Joe said.

“Gentlemen, please…” And Cindy led them towards a

private room for the four of them to finish the

debate, reaching into her pocket. “There’s only one

fair way to decide who gets it… I’ve got a coin in

my hand, and I don’t know what it is. Whoever guesses

the farthest from what it is goes out in the first

round, and the remaining two choose heads or tails.”

She pulled out a clenched fist. “Okay, call it.”

“A silver dollar?” Ryan suggested.

“A shiny new dime?” Keith said.

“A quarter?” added Joe.

The brunette opened her palm, keeping the coin hidden

from the men; then she slinked forward to Ryan and

kissed him deeply on the lips, to his joy and their

shock. “Sorry,” she said softly after she broke the

kiss. “You lose.” And she showed the men the dime.

“Hey,” the stirred Ryan managed to say, “no harm

done…” But Cindy was about to toss the coin.

“Heads!” Joe shouted, as the coin flew into the air

and landed in Cindy’s palm. “FUCK!” he shouted a

moment later.

“It’s your night tonight,” Cindy told Keith. “But if

Ryan and Joe will come with me, we’ll sort something

out for you, no extra charge. No one leaves Cindy Inc.


“Maybe I could sort out something with you and Joss?”

Ryan asked hopefully.

“Not tonight.”

“But there’s still a chance… by the way, who’s the

command performance for?”

Cindy told them.

* * * * * * * * * *

Bridget Murphy didn’t know what she found harder to

believe – the fact that she was in bed with Elle

Macpherson, or the fact that she was in a creaky bed

with Elle Macpherson. With the money that went into

Cindy Inc., you’d think they could have sprung for

mattresses that didn’t squeak. Still, it helped make

it seem like she was back in her bedsit in Melbourne

underneath her soon-to-be-ex-boyfriend. Except for the

fuzz she was stroking between Elle’s legs while the

woman formerly and forever known as The Body kissed

her shoulders and neck; Elle had all the right stuff.

Elle nuzzled the area between Bridget’s breasts; a lot

of the customers she was with weren’t much to write

home about, but Bridget was a stunner – she was the

spitting image of Nikki Visser, and she was even

Australian! It was almost too good to be true;

sometimes Elle thought that her duties here were right

out of Cinemax, and as she fondled Nikki’s – er,

BRIDGET’S – boobs, she knew this was one of them. At

least Bridget’s tits were all-natural, and she wasn’t

acting out some trashy Shannon Tweed movie. Elle

blanked out thoughts of that veteran J-Lo employee and

started running her tongue over Bridget’s large

nipples, feeling them stiffen. Bridget shivered as she

felt Elle’s mouth; she dipped down and lightly bit the

veteran’s shoulder as she thrust her fingers into her


“That’s gonna leave a mark,” Elle smiled as she kissed

Bridget’s chest. “Still hungry?”

“Damn right,” the blonde answered as they rolled over,

with Bridget mounting Elle and taking in the tall

woman’s tanned body. She’d gotten a few wrinkles over

the years, but there wasn’t anything Bridget didn’t

hope she had when she was 40. She ran her hands down

Elle’s bronzed form, patting her thighs and looking at

her box in anticipation. “Open ’em up, Ellie.”

“I thought you’d never ask,” Elle said, and spread

them, watching Bridget as she slid down the bed to get

closer to the supermodel’s gash. Elle was perfectly

trimmed down there, and her clit was fat and waiting.

Bridget planted a little kiss on the slot, and placed

her tongue on it gingerly. She probed around Elle’s

snatch, feeling its slightly tangy taste, and rubbed

Elle’s clit on her tongue. It was nice, but…

“I’m sorry, I can’t… I just CAN’T!” Bridget snapped

back from Elle’s cunt as if a rope had pulled her, and

crouched at the foot of the bed as Elle, not happy at

her feelings being cut off like that, propped herself

up and looked down at the blonde. “Don’t get me wrong,

it’s not you…”

Elle was tempted to say “It never IS me,” but then she

remembered what had happened to the last Cindy Inc.

employee who’d said that. “You’re just nervous, Nikki

– I mean, Bridget,” she replied, sitting up next to

the girl and putting an arm around her shoulders. “It

happens all the time.”

“It won’t happen next time,” Bridget assured her.

“There won’t be one – not just with you, with anyone.

I’ve done it several times, and it’s always the

same… I just had to be sure.”

“Sure about what?”

“That I’m straight,” the blonde said, calming down and

getting up to get dressed.

“Maybe you just don’t like giving head,” Elle

suggested. “[She named a well-known young actor] is as

gay as a goose and he can’t stand sucking cock. Makes

him feel sick.”

“Yes, but when I was between your legs I thought about

Ray’s dick instead of your cunt – I could have gone on

down there thinking about him, but you can’t lick a

dick that way.” Bridget rested a hand on Elle. “But

thank you anyway.”

“For what?”

“For sorting me out. Now I know who I really am; is

there any way I can make it up to you?”

“Well, you paid for the full session,” Elle cracked.

“Do you mind letting an old bi-babe eat you?”

“It wouldn’t be the first time,” Bridget replied.

“Mind if I think about my ex?”

As the busty lady went back onto the bed, Elle heard

her beeper go – she put it out of her mind. It wasn’t

Cindy calling, so it could wait. She had a sexy

Antipodean’s blonde pussy (and maybe even asshole) to



Elle’s mouth touched Bridget’s lovely cunt just as she

heard her father’s voice. “Eleanor? (Knowing laughter)

I guess you’re too busy to talk now. Anyway, I’ll be

seeing you later on tonight…”

He hung up, and almost at once the mobile went off

again, but this time Elle had put her mind firmly back

on the job at hand. Running her tongue along Bridget’s

warm, damp slot, she rested her hands on the girl’s

thighs as the caller started to talk.

“Elle? Your dad just came in,” Holly Valance


The Body ignored the young woman’s bombshell, moving

her tongue deeper inside Bridget, her client’s low

gasps and grunts going some way to relax her over this

dreaded day. Unlike many of the celebrities serving at

Cindy Inc., Elle had never told her parents that she

worked there; they’d heard rumours, but she’d always

denied them. Cindy had given her the same treatment as

everyone else when Elle had signed up; all the

employees had to know each other’s relatives on sight

on the off chance one should show up while they were

on duty. “Just in case you don’t want them to know,”

Cindy had added. Elle had assured the boss that her

parents wouldn’t know, and that her dad wasn’t about

to show up.

Now here he was, on the prowl for some A-list poontang

with his daughter’s face buried in a blonde’s fine

tight snatch. Elle wasn’t looking forward to the next

few hours; she couldn’t eat her out that long. Sooner

or later, she’d have to leave…

* * * * * * * * * *

“Has anyone ever told you you’ve got a great butt?”

Dennis asked Christie as they lay in each other’s

arms, before realising who he was talking to. She

probably heard that a million times before… “Dammit,

I’m so STUPID! You’ve heard that a – ”

“And I love hearing it,” Christie replied. “I’m sure

your girlfriend does as well… you DO have a

girlfriend, right?”

“Yeah – she’s a nice girl, good to look at, but…”


“She just isn’t ready yet. She knows I want it, but

she doesn’t want to… help me out?”

Christie nodded. “Sounds like a good girl,” she told

him. “You’re not the kind of guy who’d be with a total


* * * * * * * * * *

“WHERE’S THE BITCH?!?” Alexa screamed to a heavily

pregnant Lisa Dergan in reception.

“Mischa Barton’s over at the other place, I told you


“Oh yeah right, like Dennis would really sleep with

that – that ski pole!” The leggy brunette gripped the

edge of the desk to keep from hitting somebody (Lisa).

“I know he’s here; Bonnie O’Connor spotted him coming

in and rang me up, and I don’t think he’s here to fix

the washing machine so WHO IS IT?!” Alexa was on the

verge of exploding with rage; she had heard rumours

that Dennis was seeing somebody else, but she didn’t

want to bring it up in front of him in case someone

was just trying to get him into trouble. Now it looked

like someone wasn’t, and here she was coming this

close to dragging Lisa over the desk, bump and all, to

find out who he was seeing.

“Uhhhh – look Alex.”

“My name is ALEXA, DAMMIT!!!!”

“Alexa,” Lisa flustered, “we’re not allowed to say who

our customers are or who they’re with.”

“Fine. I’ll wait here till he comes out.”

“You’re not allowed to loiter either,” the blonde

added, praying that fate wouldn’t choose this moment

to have her waters break.

“Look, I’m fully straight. What else am I supposed to

do around here?”

“Get a drink? Play in the arcade? Go to the gym?” Lisa


Alexa’s eyes lit up. “Do you guys have ‘Doom’?”

* * * * * * * * * *

Ryan and Joe watched Cindy slinking upstairs with

Keith in tow, the latter – like the other two –

looking very impressed after hearing who was going to

enjoy Cindy Crawford’s vagina after him. “Give him

something to live up to for us!” Ryan called after

him. Keith winked and nodded as the two went away,

with Cindy beaming as she thought about how many times

she had heard that one.

“Stop staring at her bum,” Holly Valance chuckled. “If

you’ll come with me, I’ll get your entertainment for

the evening.”

Joe scanned the Australian actress-singer-call girl’s

charms, and opened his mouth. “Ah-ah-ah,” Holly

laughed, “I’m spoken for tonight. Every night someone

has to show the guys who’s in line, and it’s my turn.

until 11.” She winked. “So until then.” Holly led the

other two to a terminal with Cindy’s smiling face as

its screensaver. “Let me just get rid of the boss.”

One wipe of the mouse and the screen filled with a

large mosaic of pictures of women, most of which were

in black and white. “The black and white ones are

either not on duty tonight or already taken,” she

explained, as Joe and Ryan quickly looked at them,

their faces alternately cheerful and disappointed –

some women not there they were happy to miss, but


“It’s been a very busy night tonight,” Holly continued

as she finished tapping. “These are all we’ve got


“Some all,” Ryan whistled. He wasn’t too crazy about

Ashlee Simpson or Kathy Ireland, but check out the

rest of the lineup – Liv Tyler, Vanessa Carlton,

Vanessa Marcil, Linsey Dawn McKenzie, Lauren Phoenix,

Kate Winslet… his favourite actresses and his

favourite porn stars up for grabs? Ryan was growing a

trouser tent just thinking about it. “Make the choice,

my man,” he told Joe.

“You can take your time to work it out between

yourselves – they’re not going anywhere,” Holly told

them, as Ashlee’s picture abruptly turned black and

white. “Whoops, there’s one less.”

“It’s Ashlee, not Jessica. And he’s paying for it so

he gets to choose,” Ryan pointed out. “Go ahead, I’ll

enjoy whoever you pick.”

“Pick two, if you want,” Holly suggested. “It’s all

about lifelong fantasies here.”

Ryan, his eyes going back and forth among the

beauties, had to agree. Liv. Lauren. Linsey. Vanessa.

he didn’t care which. He waited for Joe to say the

word – anyone would send his mind shooting straight to


“You said it – it’s all about lifelong fantasies here.

Kathy Ireland,” Joe said, sighing.

Except her.

* * * * * * * * * *

Kathy Ireland hadn’t been a model/actress/designer for

a while now; of all the model mommies, she was the

most devoted to the “mommy” part – she hadn’t done any

acting work since “Twice Upon A Christmas” (and many

claimed she hadn’t done any acting since her first

movie in 1987), and she didn’t do any spreads to keep

her hand in, even though she had hardly been attacked

by the ugly stick now she was in her 40s. A devoted

mother and a good-living person, Kathy hadn’t even

initially been keen to be signed up to anyone. Truth

be told, even Cindy hadn’t been too sure at first. but

then she’d noticed requests on the forums of the

bordello’s website.

“You have to understand we can trace these things

back,” Cindy had told Kathy. “If it had been just one

person making loads of requests it would be one thing,

but. you know, you pleased a lot of teenage boys back

in your day.”

“Just like you did,” Kathy had giggled, not pointing

out that she wasn’t that much older than Cindy.

“And now they’re older and they don’t forget.”

“Look, I’ve got a comfortable life now,” Kathy had

told her. “I’m retired, I’m not A-list but I’m happy –

wouldn’t you rather get someone like Kate Moss?”

Cindy had just stared at her. Kate Moss was not

popular around there.

“Oh okay, forget her. I do keep getting letters even

today.” Kathy had then toyed with a pen from Cindy’s

desk, weighing it up in her mind. “This is just for

one night, right?”

“Absolutely,” Cindy had agreed. “But you’ll probably

come back.”

“Don’t bet on it. But I want to make a few things

straight – I don’t take it. um..”

“In the ass?”

“I wasn’t going to put it that way, but yes. And if

they don’t wear condoms, I won’t do it.”

The deal made, Holly now passed on those instructions

to Ryan and Joe as she escorted them to the east side

of the building. “And here’s your set,” she finished,

handing the men a packet of condoms each. “Let me

guess – you take a bigger size, right? They all say

they do.”

“It’s not that,” Ryan muttered. “It’s just. I don’t

know why I have to be with some lady who was hot when

I was in nursery school.”

“Kathy’s a classic lady,” Joe pointed out. “You’ll be

in my place in about 20 years.”

“Yeah, but I want to be with someone who guys like


“Nothing wrong with older women, Ryan.”

“You know any men who want to fuck Barbara Walters? Or

Germaine Greer? Or Star Jones?”

“Egad, no! You made your point. but this is Kathy

Ireland we’re talking about.”

“Yeah yeah.” Ryan hid his dislike as Holly ushered

them into a tastefully furnished room, with no sign of

the lady. “I guess she’s getting ready for us.

Probably be taking forever – you know what moms are


“Come on, Ryan – forget Cinderella’s evil stepmom.

Think Stacy’s.”

“I always preferred Stacy in that video.”

“Stacy’s too young for you,” came a voice that lifted

Joe’s heart. “But if you ask Cindy nicely she might be

able to help you meet her.”

“That’s my cue to leave,” Holly smiled. “Have fun.” As

the door shut behind her, Ryan and Joe looked upon the

form of Kathy Ireland.

* * * * * * * * * *


There had been customers Cindy had had over the years

who had been happy to leave her rump alone, but not

very many. And Keith was no exception; Cindy’s fingers

tore into the bedsheets as she crouched atop them,

wearing nothing but a wide-eyed gasping smile and

living up to her rep as a screamer; with every pound

of Keith’s rod inside her butt she yelled a little

louder. She thrust herself back and forth as she moved

with her customer, feeling him slide the cock back a

few inches ever so slowly as if it was on the way out

of her, then thrusting back inside to bring out

another happy yell from the woman. Cindy’s eyes grew

wider as she waited for Keith to push himself ever

deeper inside her well-travelled asshole; she gyrated

her buttocks up and into his crotch, wiggling them as

she felt his cockhead prodding her deep inside.

If Cindy sounded as if she was having the time of her

life, the groaning and grunting Keith was thrilled; it

had been years since he had first dreamed of doing

this, years since he had first done Nancy while

pretending she was Cindy Crawford and never telling

her about it (which was only fair, since that time she

had pretended HE was Jonathan Taylor Thomas – Nancy

had always liked them young). Nancy was the furthest

thing from Keith’s mind as he held onto the

supermodel’s sides, running his fingers up and down

her taut body and touching what he could of her

breasts, loving how they bobbed along his hands as

Cindy jerked herself back and forth. Keith’s groans

built as he felt his balls slapping Cindy’s private

area, his cock being squeezed to a happy peak by the

model/madam’s anus. Oh man oh man. in his days of

being bi he had liked it with a guy, but “South

Pacific” had been right – there was nothing like a

dame. He cupped Cindy’s cheeks tightly as he built up

the grinding, his cock pounding inside her as he

listened to her rising swearing and screaming, the way

she kept moving her butt around his organ.

“Dammit Keith, fill. it. UPPPPP!!!!!” Cindy roared as

she actually ripped pieces from the sheet, yowling as

Keith slapped her left buttock, not being able to wait

any longer – he pumped against her harder than ever,

screaming himself as he finally burst inside her, the

years he had been waiting to show how he felt finally

coming to a climax. Keith slammed against Cindy’s ass

again and again as he fired his streams of thick cum

into her asshole, each thrust punctuated by his

screams of joy and his hands gripping her glutes.

Cindy was wailing herself as she felt him pumping

inside her, her asshole stretched and dampened, the

juice flooding her tunnel as his dream finally came


At last the flow slowed, and Cindy relaxed her glutes

as Keith slid his spent cock out with a happy little

gasp from both. Keith sighed as he looked at the

sprawled brunette, her asshole still gaping slightly

and the rim showing the gleam of his stick cum.

“All done.” he breathed with satisfaction. “All five.”

“All five.?” Cindy asked, catching her breath as she

began to wait for the feeling to return so she could

walk again.

“Oh fuck – I shouldn’t have said that.”

“Let me guess – you’ve got a list of celebrities

you’ve wanted to go to bed with and I was the last

one, right?” Cindy said, not sounding resentful, just


“Well. you weren’t the last one,” Keith said, his mind

still on Cindy’s amazing ass. “If it was in some kind

of order Cameron D would have been last.”

“And Heather Locklear would have been first? Yeah, I

know who the other ladies are – Jennifer Aniston told

me you told her everything. She must have treated you

really well for you to sing like that.”

Keith was as embarrassed as a man who’s just fucked

Cindy Crawford in the butt could be embarrassed.

“Just shop talk,” Cindy continued. “And I’m flattered

you saved me for last.”

“You’re not mad about this whole list thing?”

“Why should I? We get them all the time – you’re the

fourth one this week.”

* * * * * * * * * *

“You’re the first ones I’ve been with,” Kathy smiled

as she watched Ryan and Joe undress; the wide-eyed and

sweet-featured woman was clad only in a dressing-gown,

sitting at a table and waiting for the two to finish.

“So you’ll have to forgive me if I’m a bit nervous.”

“First ones tonight, you mean,” Ryan said amiably.

“Er… yeah, tonight,” she said, as she successfully

fought a strange desire to cover her eyes; Cindy and

the others were able to separate their private work

from their private lives, but Kathy was still a very,

very good girl at heart. Not that she didn’t like sex,

it was just that she wasn’t used to doing it for money

or as a result of fame, even the kind she’d known. She

consoled herself with the thought that the kid was

probably a bit uncomfortable as well –

“Ta-DAAA!!!” Ryan crowed, standing before her naked

and confident in himself. Joe was also in the natural,

and smirking a bit to himself – Ryan was better

defined than him, yes, but he was packing less meat as


“Oh my goodness… that’s some nice stuff there,”

Kathy laughed, and undid the gown. Inside she was

nervous; this was one reason why she had never done

any nudity in print or on screen – she had never liked

to share her body with groups, even small ones like

this. Kathy let the gown drop just to her shoulders

for a moment, twinkling at the two men waiting while

she hesitated… she could still call it off. It

wasn’t too late…

Yes it was. Kathy slipped the gown off and stood there

naked before Ryan and Joe. She had some traces of

years of taking care of her children, especially her

slightly soft stomach, but her legs were as fine as

her modelling heyday, her tits weren’t anything as

saggy as some wags had said, and her pussy was

surprisingly plush with fur. Kathy almost asked if

they liked what they saw, before seeing the answer in

their crotches; Joe’s had grown appreciably even

before she took her boys’s cocks in her hands, but

Ryan’s was even bigger.

“Oh I forgot – is there anything special you want?”

she asked softly as she began to stroke them. “Just

name it… I’m yours for the night.”

“The next few hours, you mean,” Joe sighed as Kathy’s

right hand lightly moved along his cock. “You don’t

get this from Kathy Ireland Worldwide.”

“Just don’t make it all a handjob,” Ryan added. “I

don’t want to lose it all at once…”

“One of my boyfriends wanted me to get with a friend

of his once,” the model contined, enjoying the

contrast between Joe’s clipped prick and Ryan’s

foreskinned one. “I had to turn him down because I

don’t like girls.” Her hands worked on each one with

equal strength, and Kathy lightly rubbed the tips of

each cock, rolling back Ryan’s tip a little. Still

stroking, she bent forward and gave it a little lick,

and Ryan “Mmmmm”‘d.

“You like that?” He nodded. Still fondling Joe’s cock,

Kathy sank to her knees and ran her tongue over Ryan’s

young organ. Uncut… she loved the natural touch.

Kathy moved her tongue under and over the cock until

she had tasted the whole thing, never letting go of

Joe; his groans cut through what she was doing. Kathy

opened wide, and started to take Ryan’s inches into

her mouth, swallowing the eager prick slowly as she

did. Down the prick poked into her throat, Kathy

sucking away as she played with the two guys; she

liked to pretend that she didn’t know anything about

this, but her husband had found out she was lying. And

now so was Ryan; sooner than he had figured on it

happening, he found himself starting to drip into her.

Joe’s prick was throbbing from Kathy’s fingers as he

tried to figure out what was missing… she was Kathy

Ireland, she was here playing with him, she was

standing there (okay, crouching there) stark naked,

and this should have been the happiest day of his

life. So why wasn’t he feeling like he was in Heaven?

There she was, deep-throating that boy like a pro –

that was it. She was doing him when she should be

doing Joe… no, that wasn’t it; she was making his

cock start to drip cum as well, and she was actually

stroking him as she swallowed the other guy. And she

was even eyeing him with Ryan’s cock in her mouth; a

look that said “You’re next, stud.”

Then Joe saw the wrinkles around her eyes. Wrinkles

that weren’t there when he dreamt about pumping her

back in the 1980s. Kathy was 41 years old, those jugs

had fed more than one kid, and she wasn’t getting any

younger. Joe took the cock in his own hand, all

stiffied up and eager to fire, and started to thrust

on it as he aimed at Kathy’s long naked form – but in

his mind’s eye he was working on that Sophia Bush from

“One Tree Hill.”

Joe made a note to buy Ryan a whole load of drinks

afterwards – the kid had been right; young girls were

the best…

Ryan made a mental note to buy Joe a whole load of

drinks afterwards – he had been right; this

40-year-old was a hottie…

* * * * * * * * * *

“No rest for the weary whore,” Elle said to herself as

she lay there limp while her newest customer ground

away furiously on top of her, furrowing through her

cunt and grunting “Urgh… urgh… urgh…” as he

clutched the woman’s shoulders. He had told her to lie

back and enjoy it – Elle was lying back all right, and

as he pounded in and out of her she made all the right

sounds, but she wasn’t feeling a damn thing. Part of

it was his fault, but mostly she was thinking about

her father being under her (wait a minute Ellie…

change that line of thought!) – thinking about her

father being above her (oh God, that was even WORSE!)

– thinking about her dad being here tonight (yeah,

that was it).

Elle groaned on cue as the incredible bulk on her

grabbed her tits and manhandled them, still sticking

his cock in and out of her in what he thought was a

great fuck. “Mmmmm… uuhhhhh…” Elle groaned,

getting ready to fake another orgasm as she hoped

whoever it was wasn’t one of her own; there wasn’t an

Aussie customer who hadn’t wanted to stick his wick

inside her. Elle continued moaning under him, waiting

for the right moment to start to shout louder…

* * * * * * * * * *

Dennis could still smell Christie all over himself as

he walked through the hall, his mind on how she had

given him the best evening of his life. He was so glad

that Alexa had inherited her mother’s legs, at least;

she was cute, but her mother was smoking. And at least

he was a step closer to that mother-daughter dream

he’d had…

“Did you have a good time?” Lisa asked as he stopped

by her desk to get the keys to his car.

“Oh yeah,” Dennis replied, pretending not to notice

her pregnancy-swollen boobs. “It was wonderful.”

“Glad you liked it,” Lisa said as he winked and took

the keys, whistling as he walked outside. And saw his

girlfriend standing at the foot of the stairs; his

strangely resigned-looking girlfriend, with only her

eyes giving away how angry she was.

“I got tired of playing games. Who was she?” Alexa

asked calmly.

* * * * * * * * * *


Christie didn’t like being interrupted when she was

coming down after sex; it ruined her mood for the next

assignment. Safe in the knowledge that she wasn’t

about to be rude to a customer (staff were fair game),

she shouted “GO AWAY!”

“MOM!!!” Alexa yelled, battering on the door all the


Christie rolled her sky-blue eyes, and got up to let

in her daughter. “Nice of you to drop by,” she said

breezily as she opened the door, “but I get off in

about three hours; you could have – ”


Alexa raged in the doorway.

“Alex, please. You’re making a scene – ”


Alexa looked as if she was about to burst into tears,

and was fighting the urge to punch her mother for

barging into her love life again. “How the hell can

you DO this, mom? I mean, do I go around and sleep

with your guys? And now you’re making them PAY YOU as

well?! You’re nice-looking for your age, okay, I

should be flattered that I might wind up looking like

you – ”

“Don’t flatter yourself,” Christie said under her



“Look, I didn’t mean to do it,” Christie told her

hastily. “It was his fault – ”

“That’s what you said last time, and the time before,

and the time before THAT, and the time before THAT!

It’s always the guys’ fault! And it’s never your fault

that you keep coming over and flirting with them and

letting them check out your legs and seeing how you

look next to me… inviting them over to your place,

chatting to them and the next thing you know it’s Mrs.

Robinson ‘In Praise Of Older Women’ time! And you

always have to go after MY guys! God, why can’t you

just pick up male hookers like normal people?”

“You want the truth?” Christie asked. “I do it because

– I – LIKE it. And because I can.”

“You… like it,” Alexa repeated slowly. “You like

hurting me. No wonder Dad left you.”

“I told you, I left him.”

“Bite me, whore.” Without stopping to wait for

Christie to demand she apologize, Alexa ran out of the

room and out of the building, leaving her mother to

shut the door… another happy reunion there.

Outside, Alexa finally let the tears come, hating

herself. Hating herself for having caved in and come

out from NYC to visit her mother. Hating herself for

having listened to the advice of a friend she had out

here and following her boyfriend. And hating herself

because she had let it happen again…


She wiped her face clean to see Dennis, still standing

there. “Look… it was my fault, not hers,” he said,

fiddling with his hands and wishing he could be

anywhere but here right now. “I found out she was

going to be here, and… and, well, it’s…”

“It’s what?”

Dennis was on the verge of saying “Forget it” and

running away, but this was truth time. “It’s that I

always wondered what it would be like to… to be with

both of you. And your mom… I… I thought she didn’t


“Why do you think she was so happy when she saw you?

Because you’re such a hunk?” Alexa snapped. “You’re

cute, but you’re not that cute… the only reason I’m

still talking to you is that it’s not the first time

she did this. But it’s the first time she’s done it

there,” she added, jerking a thumb back at Cindy Inc.

“I don’t know what you and I are going to do… I

really don’t know.”

“Alexa, please… it was a one-time thing… she was

great, but she wasn’t you…”

This wasn’t the first time Alexa had heard them say it

was a mistake, but Dennis was the first one to admit

that it had been nice; the others had told her what

she wanted to hear. He had never lied to her, and he

wasn’t about to start now; it would be a while before

Alexa could give him another chance, but she knew that

he’d get one. But not her mother.

“I need you to do me a favour,” she said.

* * * * * * * * * *

“Too bad we can’t take pictures,” Keith said as he

kissed the fully dressed Cindy one last time.

“There’s nothing like this with men though,” Cindy

pointed out. “So Nancy’s never going to sleep with

anyone she likes. What do you have to do for her to

make up for it?”

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you,” he chuckled.

“I’d love to come back…”

“Bring Nancy along; we’ve got a special offer on

Thursdays for couples.”

“I just might…”

Alone in her suite, Cindy fell back on her bed,

wishing she still had time for a quickie before she

had to go and see her guy. Maybe she could make a

quick appearance with Kathy’s team… nah, no one

broke into another person’s set. Not even her.

Besides, it wasn’t like they were missing her…

still, there was another option.

Cindy Inc. was big enough to house two pools, one

indoor and one outside; Elle liked the one inside

better – it was always heated, and she didn’t have to

worry about people buzzing the pool to get a look at

whoever was using it. She would have been slicing her

long body through the waters indoors to get herself

relaxed before her next client if she hadn’t known her

dad was around the place; for all she knew he could

just be in the bar or still upstairs with Elisha or

Lindsay or whoever it was he had a thing for. Best to

stay out of the building until she was sure he was


Elle set her clothes by the diving board, enjoyed the

breeze for a moment and started to climb the ladder to

the top, as a buzz went off – Cindy wanted her. Elle

shook her head resignedly and slinked inside, hoping

she wouldn’t pass Daddy any time soon. Even though she

wasn’t passed by anybody significantly shorter and

owning far less hair (anybody shorter and with less

hair that she was related to, anyway), the need to be

careful still meant she kept Cindy waiting a little

longer than she meant to.

“I’m sorry I got held up,” Elle said apologetically on

finally getting into Cindy’s suite. “It’s just my

dad’s around here and…”

“Not a word,” Cindy interrupted. “You’re sending me a

place I don’t want to go. Anyway, no time to talk…

I’ve got ten minutes before I’ve got to go and see

him, and I need to get relaxed at both ends.” She

clasped Elle’s hands and added “You get the job.”

“The other guy didn’t…”

“Strictly the back entrance.”

Elle nodded, and opened the drawer under the mattress

where Cindy kept her collection of little helpers.

“Which one would you like… Brooke Burke? You always

like her, don’t you? Or how about Charlize Theron or

Salma Hayek? Or Cate Blanchett?”

“Cate Blanchett?” Cindy repeated.

“Just kidding…”

“Mmmm… how about Jessica Biel?”

“But she’s with – ”

“Word is she’s thinking of coming over here. And I

think Presley likes her…”

“Jessica Biel it is,” Elle announced, brandishing one

of the next line of specialised tools – Cindy had each

one specially sculpted to resemble the body type of

the woman they were named after. “Head or feet?”

“Feet, please,” Cindy sighed. “You can have the head.”

Elle switched it on and felt the doll-dildo vibrating

in her hand as she placed the feet at Cindy’s brunette

vagina. It felt like she was holding a tiny person –

except the doll was arguably more expressive than

Jessica. She moved the creation along Cindy’s pussy

lips, making the boss “Mmmmm” with anticipation; The

Body then moved it up a little, hooking Cindy’s clit

with one of the feet and letting it vibrate there.

Cindy was warming up from the buzz, tingling as she

waited for Elle to slide it in a little deeper.

Turning it, Elle began to slowly twist Jessica Biel

into Cindy, her legs heating up the supermodel’s


“Mmmmm…ooooh yeah…” Cindy groaned, soaking the

doll’s lower half with her fluids. Jessica Biel was

now wedged inside Cindy up to her hips, and Elle was

still twisting the doll-dildo, grinding the replica of

Jessica’s incredibly sweet behind within Cindy C’s

equally fine cunt; Cindy was going from being fucked

in the ass to being fucked BY an ass. And not Dr. Phil

this time either.

Elle edged closer to the moaning, hyperventilating

woman, until her own pussy was touching the doll’s

head; she rubbed herself against it. Wow – it felt so

much like the real thing… resting her hands on

Cindy’s shoulders, Elle thrust herself forward,

plunging Jessica Biel’s top half into her with a

“AAAAHHHHH!!!!” as she felt the doll’s breasts moving

along her snatch. She began moving herself to and fro

along Jessica’s upper half, her groans starting to

match Cindy’s as the two women enjoyed the toy.

Watching Cindy’s beautiful, blissful face, Elle knew

this made up for the whole Bridget thing.

“Cindy… you’ve still got five minutes…” Elle

breathed, moving her hands from Cindy’s shoulders to

her breasts. Cindy’s little gasps were all the reply

she got; Elle was fantastic, but as far as Cindy

Crawford was concerned, for the next few minutes it

was all about Jessica Biel’s butt…

* * * * * * * * * *

As far as Ryan was concerned, sliding his sheathed

cock into Kathy Ireland was like sliding into the

purest velvet. He rode her in the centre of the room,

feeling her warm form next to him as he thrust in and

out of her, holding the underside of her left thigh as

she stood on one leg, grinding back and forth for him

as she felt Joe’s mouth down below.

Joe had his hands on Kathy’s cushions, rubbing and

squeezing them as he kissed each of her thighs; he

pulled each cheek apart and took a look at Kathy’s

sphincter. Tight and winking at him, her starfish had

never been entered by man, and wouldn’t be tonight

either. Ryan bet that Kate Beckinsale wouldn’t have

been so… well… tight-assed. Ignoring the way her

bottom bobbed back and forth underneath the two

lovers, he craned his head up and…

Kathy’s eyes shot wide open as she clutched Ryan, and

she almost lost her balance. “What’s wrong?” Ryan

asked, his free hand rubbing one of her tits.

“Your friend…” she answered, between gasps as Ryan’s

cock prodded ever deeper. “I’m not used to… someone

actually kissing me… you know… down there.”

Joe kept lightly tonguing Kathy’s anus; full on

fucking was out, but she never said anything about

mouths. Or fingers; pressing his middle finger against

her crotch, he rolled it around for a few seconds,

moistening it with her own wetness, then began to kiss

her spine as he moved up her back, the middle finger

pressing into her asshole. This way at least he

wouldn’t come inside her there – her hole was tight,

but too bad her ass was a bit too soft and squashy for

his tastes. Not like that Jessica Biel at J-Lo’s; now

there was a girl with a butt as firm as the day was

long (and she LOVED it in the ass as well). He licked

the side of her neck as he pushed his crotch against

her, and continued poking the finger into her butt, as

he went from Sophia to Jessica in his head…

Ryan’s hand, meanwhile, cupped Kathy’s other cheek as

he hungrily kissed her, his grinding getting faster

and harder. Nothing like a nice mature rump; nothing

bony about this woman, and all the better for it.

Ryan’s gratitude to Kathy was building up like all the

cum in his cock, begging her not to go away, begging

her to give him his number so he could come by for

some more, forgetting about all the girls in this

year’s “Sports Illustrated” swimsuit issue, wanting

just this veteran…


howled as he finally shot his cream into the sack,

half-hoping some of it would break through and leave

her something to remember him by. “JOE, YOU DON’T KNOW


Kathy slapped Ryan’s butt playfully as she felt the

length start to pull out. “But thanks,” she added. “If

he doesn’t want to, he doesn’t want to… he probably

had other ideas.”

“Yeah,” Joe agreed. “I did. Maybe next time…”

“Didn’t Holly tell you? There won’t be a next time.”

“Aw, shit,” Joe said, and succeeded in sounding like

he meant it. Inwardly, he was going over how much it

would cost for a three-way with Vanessa Carlton and

that girl Holly. Juicy little thing, and he loved

Aussie accents.

* * * * * * * * * *

With Cindy en route to her command performance, Elle

had hostess duties that night; she hadn’t realised the

problem with this until after Cindy had left… but

then she figured that her dad had to be gone by now.

He wasn’t one to hang around once his business was

done, she reflected as she headed out to start her

first round of flesh-pressing –

“Hey, Elle!”

“Oh hi, Bridget! You’re still here? Can’t resist, can


“Nah, just playing some of the games you got in the

lounge,” the blonde beamed. “And I just wanted to say

thank you again.”

“All in a night’s work,” said The Body.

“Trust me, showing me that I’m straight isn’t just ‘a

night’s work,'” Bridget smiled, as Elle’s face

registered a mixture of pleasure and shock at the man

who was just behind her customer. And who had

overheard what they were talking about. Their eyes met

for a moment as Bridget continued talking… father

and daughter had rumbled each other’s little secret.

Elle would spend the rest of the evening hiding her

nervousness, unaware that her father would never bring

it up, not even in private – because he was unaware

that she would never know he had been upstairs with

Kathy Ireland.

* * * * * * * * * *

Alexa still loved Dennis, but she wasn’t ready to

sleep with him; she was afraid that if she asked him

if he was thinking about her or her mother, he might

give her the wrong answer. But until she was ready, or

until she knew she could handle whatever answer he

might give her, she could use the way he was


Christie Brinkley had a fair number of male friends,

some of whom she had strung along for a while. Some of

whom had even met her oldest daughter, in spite of

Alexa not being the apple of her eye (the whole

non-blonde, non-blue-eyed thing was a secret shame of

hers, which was why she hadn’t been as open to being

seen with her as Cindy and her own daughter). The

first time Alexa Ray had met Andrew, she had thought

she’d noticed something in his eyes that went beyond

just friendliness.

“That was a wonderful dinner,” Andrew said, as Alexa

sat down on the love seat next to him.

“Flattery’ll get you… everywhere,” she laughed as

she lightly kissed him. “Ready for dessert?”

“You read my mind,” he smiled, thinking that his

instincts had been right, and traced a line down

Alexa’s cheek. She wasn’t as sunshiny-attractive as

her mom, but she was pretty in her own way. Andrew

wondered if giving great head was a Brinkley family

tradition… encouraged by her little kisses, he

started to move his hands down the young woman’s

coltish body, and hesitated.

“Go on,” Alexa said quietly. “I won’t tell if you


He rested his hands on Alexa’s firm young breasts,

knowing that she meant it, unaware of a figure

watching from several yards away. A figure with the

ever-popular telephoto lens snapping pictures that

would be dispatched later that day with a little note.

But not pictures for blackmailing him, oh no; Dennis’s

pictures were going to Alexa’s mother, with the note

saying “Two can play that game.” Alexa had bought the


Among other things, they showed Andrew’s delight in

seeing that it DID run in the family.

* * * * * * * * * *

“Take your time, we have all weekend,” he said as

Cindy knelt before him, her body recovering from the

way he had felt her when she had arrived. He hadn’t

attacked her, but the way he had felt her up after

only four or five minutes… and she had felt softer

“playful” slaps on the behind on the nights she was

being submissive to some of the rougher clients. Cindy

knew they’d be going into the pool later on, so at

least she’d get to cool her bruised butt.

“Can you get it all in?” he leered as she opened her


Cindy Crawford knew better than to say “Ja, Mein


* * * * * * * * * *


Cindy and the other partygoers raised their glasses

and cheered as midnight finally hit the West Coast;

all the noisemakers inside Cindy Inc. went off as the

singing and arm-in-arm embracing started. With shining

faces and happy smiles, men partnered with women,

women partnered with women, some men even partnered

with men.

“Here’s to a great 2005!” Cindy beamed, shouting above

all the happy singing. “And welcome back to the fold,”

she added, hugging Natalie Portman.

“You were right, CC,” Natalie laughed, squeezing Cindy

in return. “I couldn’t stay away.”

“And when ‘Revenge of the Sith’ comes out we won’t be

able to move for fanboys wanting some of that Amidala

snatch, right?” Jessica Alba giggled.

“Oh yeah. The fans,” Natalie replied. “If I have to

put on those costumes one more time – ”

“You’ll get bigger tips,” Cindy pointed out, as her

butt tingled. Not because of the way a frisky guest

was probing it, but because her cell phone was

vibrating. “Hang on, let me take this.”

“Cindy! It’s New Year’s!”

“It could be family, come on.” And Cindy made her way

through the sea of clothed flesh out of the main area

and through to her own secluded suite, the only room

that night that was off limits to the party guests,

the phone vibrating against her still-fine ass all the

while. Whoever it was, he or she was really patient.

“Hello?” she chirped when she was away from the noise

and could finally talk.

“Cindy Crawford?”

“Right first time. this is Cindy Inc., and how can I

help you?”

“FedEx delivers.”

“On New Year’s?” the brunette laughed as she started

to walk down to the front entrance. “You guys are

really dedicated.”

“The sender was very insistent that this package

arrive around midnight tonight,” the delivery man

said. “She said you’d love it. It would get 2005 off

to a great start.”

She? Cindy wondered who it was – her mother? One of

her sisters? One of her friends? Former colleague?

Maybe even one of her own ladies? Cindy sped up the

pace, and somehow managed to move quickly through the

revelers to get to the front door before he froze.

“You wanna come in?” she asked the delivery man as she

signed for the package. “You could use something to

drink after having to work this late.”

“That’s very kind of you, but I’ve got a few other

things to drop off. sounds like fun though.”

“No rest for the weary,” Cindy said sympathetically.

“Here’s a little something for your trouble though,”

she added, handing him a generous tip. “And thanks a


“Thank YOU, ma’am. And happy New Year.”

“Same to you,” she smiled. “Night.”

With that out of the way, Cindy closed the door and

hefted the small FedEx package; a padded envelope

neatly addressed to her, with no indication of who it

was from. It had to be from one of her own – Cindy

smiled again as she tore open the envelope and pulled

out the contents, eager to end the suspense before she

returned to the party.

She stopped thinking of the party the moment she saw

what was inside. Cindy’s mouth dropped open in shock,

and her face turned as pale as a ghost; she felt

herself about to collapse when she saw the sheet. It

was only a piece of paper, but on it was a picture of

a blonde woman with her rear to the camera, stark

naked from top to toe. There were only two words

written on the paper – “Miss me?”, but Cindy Crawford

knew instantly who it was.

“Hey, Cindy – they sent me to see what was holding you

up.” Jessica Simpson’s cheer evaporated when she saw

the boss shaking. “Cindy? What’s wrong?”

The supermodel held up the picture, her hand shaking,

and whispered “Madonna’s back.”

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