Cindy Inc.: The Twice And Future Cindy

The continuing adventures of Cindy Crawford –

supermodel, mother and celebrity bordello owner. The

content of this story is purely fictional, and the way

the real people in here carry on is not intended to

reflect how they are in real life. This story is not

for under-18s, and if you want to complain or praise

it, either post on the boards or write to me at (Following the relative

lack of sex in “Sister Act III” – I should have done

more with the Tylers and the Hiltons in particular –

I’ve tried to make up for it this time around. See? We

DO try to please.)

* * * * * * * * * *

“Say it,” Jennifer Lopez said calmly.

“Are you sure?”


“Hi, I’m Cindy Crawford.”

Nothing. J-Lo relaxed; the code phrase couldn’t hurt

her now. The guy who had cancelled that remnant of the

business in Barbados had been telling the truth.

“Okay,” the head of J-Lo’s announced, sitting back on

her sofa and hiking her dress up to display her plump

thighs and non-panty-covered cunt, “you know what to


“Hi, I’m Cindy Crawford and I just LOVE to eat you,

Jennifer Lopez,” said Cindy Crawford, and broke into a

smile at the sight of Lopez’s open legs. Not waiting

for an order, she began to munch.

“Oh baby… your Rican muff is so hot… mmmmm… I

could eat this forever…” J-Lo smiled to herself; in

spite of the comments she had made about “Gigli,” she

really DID like having her cunt slurped on. Especially

when it was by someone as sweet and as sexy as Cindy.

Someone who really knew how to tease and please a

woman. Jennifer’s fingers started to drum the bed as

Cindy’s tongue flicked and licked all over her snatch;

she could go all night if she wanted to. And she

wanted to.

And Jennifer wanted her to. She couldn’t wait until

the next night…

* * * * * * * * * *

“I thought you were only in one night a week,” grunted

the Oscar-winning actor.

“Hey, don’t go complaining about what you got,” Lopez

tut-tutted, as she ground her famed ass into the

star’s face. “How’s it going down there, Cindy C?”

Cindy mumbled something through the mouthful of cock,

never stopping the sucking for a moment. This was how

the actor liked it; don’t chat, just get on with it.

And boy, was she getting on with it! She couldn’t act

for shit, but he was willing to bet that Cate

Blanchett wasn’t this good in bed. (In fact, he knew

from experience that she wasn’t this good in bed,

after the time in Australia.) And as a bonus, he got

to eat out Jennifer Lopez’s gloryhole; the fact that

he was going where Ben Affleck and P. Diddy had gone

before didn’t bother him. Not when he had Cindy

Crawford’s mouth wrapped around his staff, the tip of

her tongue poking lightly on the hole of his cock and

her lips sucking away at his rod. The perfect

counterpoint to his little nips on J-Lo’s renowned

rump, just before he began happily rimming away on her

entrance. Aaaaahhhh… she loved it.

Jennifer Lopez hated it, but she started to moan and

groan nonetheless. She was feeling happier at the

thought of the signs outside, and the queues outside,

and the thought of what this would do to morale over

at a certain establishment in Brentwood…

* * * * * * * * * *

“… happy birthday, dear Tiffany…”

“I thought I told you, only my parents get to call me

that!” Blu Cantrell shouted as Cindy Crawford and

Brooke Burke, arms on each other’s shoulders, laughed

and finished the latest copyright infringement on a

song owned by Paul McCartney before applauding the

singer, who was also doubling as her own birthday cake

for the benefit of the brothel’s leader, the swimsuit

model-cum-TV host, and the three men who’d paid $2000

each for the privilege.

Blu’s body had been decorated, appropriately enough,

with blue frosting from her neck to her ankles, with

candy candles lit and studded all over her sexy

chocolate form. The younger man had his eyes on the

candle stuck in her cunt in particular; he vowed that

he would get that one, unaware that his friends had

picked that one in their minds as well.

“Make a wish!” Brooke said, as she and the others blew

out the birthday girl’s candles.

“Hey, I should do that!” Blu pouted as they started to

pull out and eat the candles, one by one until they

were all gone. Cindy favoured putting the whole thing

in her mouth and chewing it up on the spot, but Brooke

was practically fellating her candles, gently sucking

on each piece of solid but not rock-hard candy before

swallowing them whole and picking out the next one.

Then the youngest man, who had indeed beaten his

friends to the candle in her snatch, bent down and

slowly began to eat the frosting off it, a bit at a

time so he could gradually uncover Blu’s pruned


Cindy nibbled at Blu’s side while the other two men

carefully began eating the covering of Miss Cantrell’s

boobs, stiffening when they allowed her nipples to

poke out of the topping. Blu murmured to herself

happily as she felt all those tongues eating off her,

bit by bit displaying her fine brown body; she saw

Brooke trying to get a look-in, but there wasn’t

enough room for her. And Blu’s big ass cheeks were out

of sight in both senses of the term. “Come here,” Blu

called to Brooke. “I’m hungry…”

Brooke didn’t have to be told twice, and lowered her

crotch onto Blu’s face as the last bits of frosting

were licked off. Blu Cantrell was naked and shiny with

all their tongue work; everyone licked their lips

except the youngest one, who had finished off the

icing long ago and was moving his tongue around inside

Blu’s cunt. She still had some traces of

pink-and-white frosting flavour down there; he told

himself he was going to clean Blu out, as Cindy

burrowed under there and began to suck.

Blu could feel the other two men rubbing their eager

cocks all over her chest; they were going to be

fighting over who got to put it in her first, but

meanwhile Blu had Brooke Burke’s dark snatch on her

mind. She usually didn’t like pussy, but tonight…

hell, it was her birthday, live dangerously. Plus

Brooke tasted a lot better than that girl from

Mis-Teeq she’d met up with at those awards in England;

the one Miss Hoity-Toity Knowles hadn’t wanted to be

at with her – Beyonce had come THIS close to quitting

when Blu had signed up, never mind that Beyonce had

had more rappers inside her than all the prisons in


Blu knew Beyonce would be mad when she told her that

Brooke Burke had a nicer cunt than she did, but that

would have to wait; she had to meet that girl from S

Club at LAX first. And before that… she cast an eye

out for Brooke’s first “FUCK YES!!!” when she had her

tongue further up her. Blu burrowed up a tiny bit…


Oh yeah. She loved her job.

* * * * * * * * * *

“I love this job!” Rachel Stevens exulted as she and

Blu left the airport.

“Busy on the plane, huh?”

“You’ve got to keep in training,” the ex-S Clubber

told Blu, waving to someone who recognised her. Rachel

was bidding to succeed where Atomic Kitten, the solo

Spice Girls, Cliff Richard and so many others had

failed, and she already had the edge over Hannah

Spearitt in that she wasn’t appearing in a movie with

Malcolm in the Middle; she was also combining her US

duties for “Funky Dory” with a week’s residency at

Cindy Inc. (Rachel had suggested, only half-joking,

that every man who visited get a free copy of the

album with every fuck), while Hilary Duff took

advantage of the UK’s lower age of consent to serve in

the London branch. (Hilary was at that very moment

feeling ‘Daily Star’ regular Lucy Pinder slipping a

finger up her little behind while Lucy was… but all

that is another story.)

“Sorry that Cindy couldn’t come herself,” Blu

continued, “but she had some urgent business to take

care of.”

“Oh yes, I heard about that business,” Rachel said.

Blu laughed heartily. “I don’t know how she finds the

energy – family, going around the world, and she still

gets to moonlight with Lopez. Guess we all got our


“You’re not upset?”

“Why should I be? I’m not ashamed of what I did; if

Cindy wants to carry on with Fatass Lopez and she’s

getting paid for it, good luck to her. But try and

keep this under your hat, okay? She isn’t advertising


Rachel had no idea that she was about the twentieth

person who Blu had told to keep this under her hat. In

fairness to the sexy Miss Cantrell, shortly after

arriving at her hotel Rachel had rang up an American

friend, and in the course of the conversation she told

the friend. And like that old TV ad, they told two

friends, and THEY told two friends, and so on, and so

on, and so on…

Eventually one of Cindy’s friends told her.

* * * * * * * * * *

Cindy went absolutely, totally, unequivocally nuclear.

She had been out of town for a while, and she had been

too busy on her return to keep up with the newest

developments at her rival, but she had been the

recipient of a few odd snickers and looks. Cindy had

put that down to the usual problems of life, but when

she’d found out…

“WHO THE HELL IS THIS WOMAN?!?” Cindy yelled as she

paced back and forth in front of her ladies that

evening; she had summoned them all the moment she

found out. “And why is she using MY name?!? AND WHY


The other women all looked at their feet and shifted

their hands around, as Cindy continued to fume. “Oh,

this is just great! Some little tramp’s dragging my

name through the mud and making Lopez richer… oh,

this is not going to end quietly, no sir! You know it

was one of the mothers at Presley’s school who told me

about this? I don’t know how I kept from screaming

right there… how long has this been going on?”

No answer.


“Since just after you left for that week,” Heather

Graham said nervously. “It was actually Blu who heard

about it first…”

“Thanks a lot, Graham,” Blu said bitterly as Cindy

glared at her.

“…and she told me, but she said not to tell anyone.”

“She told me that too,” Alexis Bledel added.

“And me,” said Mya.

“Is there anyone here who Blu didn’t tell?” asked

Cindy, her arms folded and her eyes firmly fixed on

the tattletale singer. Not an arm went up.

“Look, I’ve got a big mouth, everyone knows that…”

Blu flustered.

“Not big enough; you didn’t tell ME. You can think

about that when you’re working for free for the next

two weeks.”

“But Cindy – ”

“Make that THREE weeks.”

“But – ”

“Wanna make it a month?” That shut Blu up.

“Okay, now anyone who doesn’t want to do pro bono

fucking like Blu here better tell me all about this

Cindy Crawford.”

“Oh, Blu and I know all about this Cindy Crawford,”

Brooke said, a little embarrassed.

* * * * * * * * * *

” ‘I Dream Of Jenna,’ ‘Cindy’s Fairy Tails,’ ‘Two

Dicks In One Chick 1,’ ‘Cum Swallowing Whores,’

‘College Cunts,’ ‘Naughty College Schoolgirls 29,’

‘Bend Over And Say Ahh 5,’ ‘Desperately Seeking

Cindy,’ ‘When The Boyz Are Away The Girlz Will Play

12’…” Cindy shook her head as she read the

23-year-old blonde’s CV that Brooke had printed off

for her. “Busy little minx.”

“If it’s any help, no one’ll get the two of you

confused,” Blu added, still trying to get back in the

brunette’s good books. “Cindy’s a skinny little

thing.” The pictures they had gotten for the

supermodel bore it out; she was thin and definitely

had smaller breasts than the original Cindy, but she

was cute. And enthusiastic; Cindy returned her gaze to

the screen and studied the blonde in action. Brooke,

who had lent her the tape from her own collection,

kept an eye out for the moment when the blonde Cindy

started to suck away; she always liked to keep an eye

on the competition.

But Cynthia Ann Crawford couldn’t have been more

turned off if she had been watching Donald Rumsfeld

gobbling Saddam Hussein’s rod.

* * * * * * * * * *

Rachel Stevens was under no illusions why she was the

first person from S Club to get a solo deal; it was

all in the looks. Her light brown hair and perfect

combo of biggish tits on slimmish frame made her the

one who got the most male votes, though the other

girls had their admirers in the days before they got

replaced by Liberty X as the mixed-sex group of choice

(from the incessantly danceable singles to the guys

who no one could name, they had all the ingredients).

Jo and Tina still turned tricks in London from time to

time, but it was no coincidence that the

better-looking pair were the busier.

Hannah Spearitt had kept in practice while shooting

with Muniz, and now it was Rachel’s turn; she was

feeling the rough end of Jim South’s tongue on the

inside of her thigh that night. He was never known for

his delicacy in fucking, but as an executive at the

record company she was working with, she wasn’t in a

position to complain. Rachel cried out as he clenched

his hand into the meat of her left thigh, and grunted

approvingly. Like many record buyers, he liked them

nice and firm. Plus Rachel was all shaven between her

legs; this girl had done her homework. Seeing her cunt

all waiting for him, he nipped the bud, ignoring

Rachel’s cries as he kissed it after the little bite.

Jim stroked Rachel’s hot, rippling bod as he kept

burrowing his tongue into her cunt; such a nice, tight

little package. Tits untouched by babies, nice big

ones with lovely big nipples as well – fuck all this

“In Praise Of Older Women” shit, Jim never jacked off

to anyone old enough to be his mother; apart from

supporting the Lakers, about the only thing he had in

common with Jack Nicholson. Jim heard Rachel’s groans

turn into swear-punctured yells – she wasn’t faking it

(he’d seen their TV shows and even the movie – Rachel

couldn’t act that well). Good; Jim was getting

thrilled himself as he felt her snatch get moister

under his tongue. Time for the main event…

Rachel felt Jim’s weight moving up her, and saw his

face thrust up against hers. She managed not to gag as

she felt his rough mouth land on hers and his tongue

jam into her mouth; she kissed him passionately as she

touched his padded body. She regretted that Jim wasn’t

one of those gym freaks all over Cali, but she wasn’t

in a position to do anything except scream with agony

and esctasy; agony because Jim had plunged his cock

into her without any kind of preamble and was shoving

it in and out while grunting, but ecstasy because…

because… because Jim’s cock, rough and rude though

it was, was also undeniably firing her up. Rachel bit

Jim’s neck with excitement, and she rotated her hips

faster when she saw he too was turned on by it.

“Again…” the man moaned.

Rachel clawed Jim’s chest as he grabbed her waiting

breasts and squeezed hard. “DO IT AGAIN!” Jim yelled,

slamming between her legs harder and faster. She sank

her teeth into the exec’s neck, leaving a bite so deep

that she almost tasted blood. “YESSS!!! HURT ME, YOU

ENGLISH SLUT! HURT ME!!” Jim roared, losing all

control as he moved his hands to Rachel’s pert, sexy

rear end. It was Rachel’s turn to scream as he dug his

nails into her seat as he thrust one last time before

she felt the deluge inside her cunt.


continued, pressing down hard on Rachel as he filled

her up. Rachel started to come for his benefit as

well, but her mind was on the real benefits – she

didn’t like to draw blood from the men she fucked, but

if it meant she could get herself a No. 1 in America,

a country where it was still difficult to get a

chart-topper, it would be worth it…

* * * * * * * * * *

“So what’s this about?” asked Jenna Haze.

“You know,” Cindy told her as they stood together in

the garage.

“Oh yeah, the OTHER Cindy Crawford. Hasn’t been such a

fuss there since the fight.”

“What fight?”

“You know – that big three-way; Eminem, Fred Durst,

Carson Daly, all of them slugging it out over

Aguilera’s blowjobs… they nearly got arrested. I

only heard about afterwards; wish I’d been there,”

Jenna laughed.

Jenna was in the midst of deciding which brothel to

join, and she was at J-Lo’s for a week on a test

basis; until that time, she was a go-between between

J-Lo’s and Cindy Inc. And this suited Cindy fine;

since neither madame really wanted to go inside the

other’s territory, she needed Jenna’s help to get some

messages across. Like a little request to the blonde

fishstick, which she had asked Jenna to pass on at

their first meeting; this was their second.

“Cindy won’t go for it,” Jenna told her.

“She won’t? Come on, people change their names in that

business all the time…”

“She was born with it, Cind. And you can’t force her

to change it legally.”

Cindy was seething, not least because Jenna was right.

“Okay, then give her this…” She handed Jenna a blank

cheque. “Go up to Lopez and tell her to put in any

amount she wants for her contract.”

“Give J-Lo some credit,” Jenna smiled. “She thought

you might try that… she told me to tell you that no

matter what you offer our Cindy, she’ll double it.”

“OUR Cindy?”

“Yeah – I should have told you I decided to stay,” the

porn star added.

Cindy was itching to smack her. And not in a sexual


* * * * * * * * * *

When Rachel stepped out of the lift and onto the

carpet, she thought for a moment she would sink into

it, it was so thick. Mmmmmm… she looked around,

still finding it hard to believe that this meeting had

happened so quickly. One of her friends had warned her

that these executives might fuck her and never call

her again, but Jim had been true to his word, and the

meeting had been arranged the very next day. Rachel

was grinning all the way down the corridor to the

office where she’d be seeing the other suits, knowing

she was expected. She was actually ten minutes early,

but she couldn’t help it; she had to keep from

chirping “Hi!” to everyone she passed.

“Morning!” she beamed as she entered the office.

“Ah, the guest of honour’s here,” Jim replied, as he

stood to greet her. “I told you Cindy’s girls were


Cindy’s girls…? Rachel put that out of her mind for

the moment. “She doesn’t like to be late,” the singer

said, shaking hands with the other executives. “I

guess it rubs off.”

“Now we’ve been listening to your solo material, and

I’ll level with you – it’ll be rough getting it to US

listeners,” Jim began as Rachel sat down, smiling at

the men, all of whom were smiling back. “But there’s

definitely appeal there – part of it’s your speaking

voice, because it’s no secret that we love your


“We love yours too,” Rachel admitted. “We just don’t

like to admit it.”

“Even Bush’s?”

“Well, maybe not his,” she giggled.

“Anyway, I think there’s a chance that you’ll go

further than Nuclear Kitten – ”

“Atomic Kitten,” Rachel corrected.

“Sorry, Atomic. We’re going to be getting the release

in motion soon, with all the media shoots and so on –

but they also want to do another version of ‘Sweet

Dreams My LA Ex.’ This time we were thinking about

having a sort of story, with you confronting the guy

you walk out on with his girlfriend.”

“Uh-huh,” Rachel said, not liking the idea much but

not wanting to rock the boat.

“But before we go any further, there’s a question I

have to ask you.”

“Yes, I am single,” she answered. “Jeremy didn’t like

it when I signed on to Cindy Inc.”

“That’s not what I was asking. I wanted to know if you

would be willing to entertain us.”

“Well, I suppose I could put on a performance here.

Show you all that I’m the real thing…”

“That’s not what I meant. I mean, let’s face it you

are one of Cindy’s girls.”

Rachel was silent. “You’ll be paid for each guy, of

course. We don’t rip off our clients.”

* * * * * * * * * *

The blonde Cindy Crawford checked her watch for the

third time; these out-of-the-way restaurants were nice

sometimes, but this one had some of the slowest

service known to man. Why the heck did she keep coming

here…? Then she saw the waiters.

Oh yeah. That was it. The blonde Cindy – Cindy 2.0,

the moled one had dubbed her – smiled and waved at her

favourite of the crew, and he winked back. One good

thing about being in porn, you weren’t a true

household name so less chance of being mobbed

everywhere you went. Though from time to time some guy

did recognise her – “Excuse me?”

“Yes?” Cindy 2.0 said politely as she turned to see

the woman who was talking to her.

“Aren’t you Cindy Crawford?” said the real Cindy

Crawford. “We need to talk.”

“Oh boy,” the blonde said, as the supermodel sat down.

“I should have known this was coming… how’d you find


“I had my spies keep an eye on J-Lo’s and follow you

from the moment I found out you were there,” Cindy

explained as the waiter finally arrived with the

blonde’s mineral water. “I’ll have the same, thanks,”

she added. “Now,” she continued when the waiter had

left them, “this has got to stop.”

“What? Just because I’ve got the same name as you? Why

don’t you change yours?”

“Because I was here first!” Cindy snapped, before

recovering herself.

“So, something DOES annoy you,” the blonde smiled.

“Who’da thought it?”

“Okay, okay… how about we settle this once and for

all?” Cindy paused, thinking over what she was about

to say. “With a wrestling match. You and me, woman to

woman, one on one.”

“Sure,” Cindy 2.0 replied at once, to Cindy’s slight

shock – she had expected a dispute, not an agreement.

“But I pick the time – a week from Saturday.”

“Fair enough. And I pick the place – the beach at


“Suits me. Any more conditions?”

“Yes,” Cindy said as her mineral water arrived and she

thanked the waiter. “The first one to either go down

three times or out of the ring loses. And if I win,

you have to either change your name or quit.”

“Well,” Cindy 2.0 mused, “you’re more famous than I am

so I won’t ask you to change your name if I win… but

you’ll have to give me half your earnings for a year

or quit.”

“Okay,” Cindy agreed, disproving the idea that she

couldn’t act because Cindy 2.0 had no inkling that

inside she was hopping mad.

“And one more thing before I agree…” and Cindy

didn’t like Cindy 2.0’s grin. “I want to fuck you.

While Jennifer Lopez watches.”

* * * * * * * * * *

Rachel Stevens hadn’t swallowed so much cock since

that night at the Smash Hits Awards. There were seven

men in the office that day; six of them were seated

with their limp, wet cocks hanging there, all

flavoured with Rachel’s mouth. With her lips dripping

with their come, Rachel took out the last waiting

prick, a lovely long uncut affair, and licked the head

in anticipation. And they called Kelly Brook

penis-breath? Wait till they met her…

Pushing back the foreskin and letting the man’s plum

out, Rachel sucked on it like a lollipop, enjoying the

full flavour and waiting to swallow what would be

coming out soon. She wanted one of these men to munch

on her afterwards. Just one… any one. But in the

meantime, she kept on letting her head go back and

forth along his prick, as the other men looked on in

satisfaction. The married man she was fellating

gripped her hair and moaned as she kept at it – he

could have been here forever, and would if his wife

was guaranteed never to find out.

All too soon, it happened; Rachel received the last

mouthful of come, and she let the prick out as she

swallowed and nodded happily. Putting her hair back in

place, she got to her feet and wiped her mouth. “So

she was right,” Jim beamed. “She knew you could do


“She?” Rachel repeated.

“Yes. Didn’t Cindy tell you this was a breaking-in


This knocked Rachel for sure. A BREAKING-IN…? So she

had to do it all again for America, did she? Though

outwardly polite and pleased, Rachel mentally planned

to transfer the second she got back to Cindy Inc. But

first she was going to give that moled brunette a

piece of her mind for tricking her like this…

* * * * * * * * * *

“You did WHAT?!?” Jennifer Lopez yelled into her

carphone while she gave a driver cutting in front of

her the finger. “What are you, crazy?”

“Like a fox. It’ll be good press for you when I kick

her ass,” Cindy 2.0 assured her as she reclined on her

bed, checking herself in the mirror facing her.

“IF you kick her ass. Moley’s a lot stronger than she

looks,” Lopez argued. “Last year she and Gwen Stefani

had a rematch – ”

“A rematch?”

“Yeah, Gwen beat her in a wrestling match at a party a

few years ago and moley wanted to get a second go and

Gwen said ‘OK, and if you win I’ll join Cindy Inc’. I

got a look at the tape; Crawford kicked Gwen’s butt

bigtime, and now Captain Peroxide is packing them in

at Brentwood. Moley really wanted to win, and she’s

going to want to win now. You better start hitting the

gym, Cindy…”

“I’m in porn, Jen,” Cindy 2.0 told her. “I have to be


“Yeah, but she’s got a lot on her side…”

“…for a start, she’s a lot younger than you,” Brooke

Burke said to Cindy as the two ran side by side

uphill, jiggling as they jogged.

“And what are you, 12?” Cindy fumed.

“Okay, I take that back. The thing is, some of us have

been thinking… aren’t you taking this a bit too

seriously? Models have one hell of a turnover, but

porn’s even more so; there’s already been a porn

actress called Cindy Crawford and no one knows or

cares about her now, even among the buffs. Give her

time and she’ll probably retire or something when she

turns 25.”

“Or she could go on into her 30s or 40s,” Cindy

argued. “Look, how would you like it if some little

tidbit called herself Brooke Burke and started doing

movies with five guys up her crotch?”

“Shit, you’ve been watching my home movies!” Brooke


“Not funny, Brooke. This might be a laugh to you, but

this girl’s messing with my name… is Blu on


“She’s on every night, Cindy. Fucking for free,


“Not tonight. We’re going to practise for Sunday.”


“Yes,” Cindy grinned. “Feel like a round of naked


* * * * * * * * * *

Once again, Rachel was luxuriating in some plush

carpetting. But this time it was down at J-Lo’s, and

her face was buried in said soft material. Jim’s prick

was also inside something soft and welcoming.

Word that Rachel had stormed out of Cindy Inc. within

two days of arriving in La-La Land had spread fast,

and Jim had been among the first to demand that he get

to be with her in her new place; she was, as far as

sex was concerned, his favourite client. Now Rachel

was grunting into the floor as Jim’s cock slid in and

out of her upraised ass; Rachel groaned and bit her

teeth together as she felt Jim’s rod slamming into her

chute, unwilling to admit she wasn’t used to getting

it back there – she had been willing to try, but

Jeremy wasn’t, which was another reason behind their


“Not used to it?” Cindy 2.0 asked her new colleague as

she heard Jim moaning while he pumped. She cradled

Rachel’s lovely face in her hands. “This’ll take your

mind off it.” She deeply kissed Rachel, and the feel

of the porn girl’s tongue pushing into her mouth

almost took Rachel away from how much her tanned bum

was aching from Jim’s pounding. Rachel placed a hand

on Cindy 2.0’s blonde tresses as she felt the cock

speed up… it wouldn’t be long before Jim was…

“AAAAAHHHHH!!!” she screamed into Cindy 2.0’s mouth as

Rachel felt her asshole suddenly explode with her

customer’s come. She let go of Cindy 2.0 and then let

go herself…

Over at Cindy Inc., it was another busy night – Eliza

Dushku was having herself a bukkake session, Elisha

Cuthbert was relieving yet another young man of his

virginity, CNN’s Monita Rajpal was giving a happily

married man some very good news, Ashanti was assuring

her duo of customers that Kelis over at J-Lo’s wasn’t

half as good as she claimed to be, Jennifer Love

Hewitt had gotten out her Nancy Sinatra wig and was

singing her heart out while a husband and wife team

had their merry way with her, Michelle Branch was

getting her first taste of sex with a woman…

And Cindy Crawford was watching Brooke Burke and Blu

Cantrell demonstrate just how strong and supple they

was in the gymnasium. On one of the exercise tables,

Cindy watched as the women bent themselves forward,

their legs spread wide, and tipped their heads down.

Cindy was amazed; she had never seen someone actually

eat herself out before, let alone seen two people do

it. They wrren’t even groaning as much as Cindy would

have expected them to; it was as if they were used to

it. With their hair falling down over their heads,

their backs up in the air and their heads bobbing,

Blu and Brooke looked like strange works of livng art.

And from their “Ummms” and “Mmmmms” it sounded like

they were enjoying it. Cindy edged in for a closer

look, and carefully brushed aside Brooke’s hair. Her

eyes were closed with the effort she put in to get her

head that low down, and her neck was straining – but

her tongue was definitely touching her cunt. It was

licking what parts of it she could touch, and rolling

around on the surface. Cindy looked on jealously as

Brooke lolled her clit on the tip of her tongue, the

look of someone experienced at this form of self-love

all over her face.

Then she turned to Blu; the singer had her head even

further down than Brooke. “My God!” Cindy said to

herself as she saw Blu’s lips and tongue slurping away

at her own cunt. Was this woman an alien or something?

Blu had at least an inch of her tongue actually inside

her box. This woman had to be fun at parties, and her

tongue looked like it was more fun than a cucumber or

whatever. Blu sucked and licked on herself with the

kind of dedication and intensity only a true

professional had; Cindy felt her own stomach. It was

hard, all right, but could she bend it as well as the

other two? And could they make the rest of her as


As a shaking Brooke and Blu lifted their heads, their

mouths shining with their own cunt-juice, and invited

Cindy to kiss the stuff off, Rachel was coming down

lightly from the feeling of Jim’s prick in her ass.

All her worries had gone for the time being, and all

she focused on was how Jim looked standing in front of

her. He had said he’d take care of her, if she took

care of him. And the way she saw it, if he was so fond

of her that he was following her here… Rachel

grasped Jim’s cock, the same cock that had had several

inches of it up her own butt, and swallowed it. She

was glad it had been inside HER ass and not, say,

Kelis’s, otherwise she’d have been really sick…

“Ooooohhhhh…. I think there’s still stuff in

there…” Jim breathed, resting his hands on Rachel’s

head as she gave it. “And you – you’re great too…”

Rachel felt Cindy 2.0’s hands resting on her cheeks,

and something worming its way up her anus, seeking out

the white goodness Jim had left there and licking it

out. Aaaaaahhhh, soooo good… Cindy 2.0’s lips and

tongue getting Rachel’s rump all cleaned out. It

almost tickled, but it felt too nice to laugh about.

If Cindy Crawford ate her ass all day, she might just

stay here longer. She sucked Jim harder, begging for

him to flood her mouth and finish off, just so she

could get this hot little porn slut to herself…

Meanwhile, Cindy was grunting with the effort as she

held Brooke down, doing her damnedest to control the

bucking woman. Brooke was strong, but Cindy was

determined… “…eight…nine…ten!” Blu finished.

“You’re OUT!”

“YES! Who’s bad… who’s bad…” Cindy chanted as she

got off Brooke.

“Yeah, but that was after three tries,” Brooke pointed

out as she clambered to her feet. “If the fishstick

does that on the day you’re lost.”

“You need another round,” Blu added. “Ready?” Before

Cindy could answer, Blu was on her. Brooke

backpedalled to get a better view, and to stay out of

the way; wise move, as Cindy slammed onto the mat

right where Brooke had been a moment before. Blu’s hot

brown body was pinning the supermodel down; Cindy

strained to get her off, but the singer knew all about

keeping naked people down, and shook her head with an

enormous grin.

“You cheated!” Cindy said through gritted teeth.

“We’re talking a J-Lo girl here, boss,” Blu told her.

“Think they’ll play by the rules?” She tweaked Cindy’s

right nipple cockily. “Beaten in three seconds of the

first round… now who’s bad?”

“I’ll show YOU who’s bad,” Cindy smiled. “Brooke, do

you want the left or the right?”

“The left.”

“Hands or pilate sticks?” Cindy asked Blu.

“Hands,” Blu said, knowing what was coming. And loving

it. She strode over to the running machine, both Cindy

and Brooke checking out the dark woman’s wiggle, and

bent over the handle. “Are you going to look or what?”

“Or what,” Cindy assured her, taking up her position

on the right as Brooke stood on the left. “Now, this

is for not telling me about the other Cindy…” And

she smacked Blu’s well-formed right bun as Brooke

landed a stinger on the left. Blu jumped as she felt

the slaps. “And this is for telling – how many people

do you think she told?”

“I’d say about 20,” Brooke laughed, and she and Cindy

slapped Blu’s seat meat again. The cracks echoed

through the gym as Blu yelled and laughed, feeling her

ass start to heat up.

“Only 19 more to go,” Cindy said, rubbing Blu’s rump

and admiring the firm, ample flesh. Then she raised

her hand, and wished that it was Cindy Crawford 2.0’s

ass she was pounding…

* * * * * * * * * *

“Come on, I’ll buy you a drink.”

“What?” Rachel asked Cindy 2.0 in surprise. “You buy

ME a drink?”

“You’ve had a rough week,” said the blonde as they

walked down the street. “This’ll help.”

Both women had been exhausted – Rachel because she had

been busy at J-Lo’s and with interviews to get the

hype machine in motion, Cindy 2.0 because she was busy

doing some more videos as well. The best thing about

being a celeb prostitute was that she got to keep in

practice all the while for the day job, so to speak.

But their first shifts had come to an end, and they

had some time to relax before serving there again;

Rachel would be back there before it was time to go

home, but for Cindy 2.0 this WAS home. The two women

sat down at an open-air cafe, and they were surprised

that the waiter recognised the blonde (but pretended

he didn’t).

“That was nice, what you did with me and Jim,” Rachel


“You’re the first famous person I’ve ever done that

to,” Cindy 2.0 smiled, toasting her.

“I’m sure you’ve rimmed some names in your line of


“I meant famous in the mainstream sense. When was the

last time someone like Stephanie Swift was on

‘Biography’ or something?”

Rachel nodded. “It’s actually fun to be here – apart

from your namesake. I can’t believe she actually did

that to me…”

“Did what to you?”

“Oh, that’s right – the wanker tried to break me in

TWICE! She knew how good I was in London, that should

have been good for everyone else, but no, not Cindy

Crawford the great supermodel; she said I’ve got to

have her prove herself again for the American


“Did she really say that?” Cindy 2.0 asked. “Doesn’t

sound like her.”

“Well, that’s what Jim told me.”

“And you believed him?” she asked in disbelief. “You

didn’t talk to Cindy about this?”

“I was just so angry… I didn’t want to talk to her,”

Rachel confessed.

“So you just walked out,” Cindy 2.0 said, gulping her

drink down. “Nice to have you with us, but I gotta

tell you even J-Lo feels that isn’t Cindy’s style. If

she did test you twice, you’re the first person she’s

ever done it to. We’re not supposed to chat to the

competition, but maybe you might want to get a few

messages to Hollywood Brits.”

“Why are you doing this?”

“Because I like you.”

* * * * * * * * * *


Cindy continued her push-ups, with nothing on her mind

but that… damned… fishstick. She had 100 of the

things to do – she hadn’t been told to do that many by

anyone, it was just her own target. And they were

one-handed. What would have surprised anyone watching

was that she was actually doing them.


She had been going full out all week. Even when she’d

been in bed with a client she had been charged up. And

Rande would be a while recovering from the sesssion

they had had last night. Cindy didn’t want to find

herself looking like a bodybuilder or something – she

just wanted to kick that fishstick into the middle of

next week.


Cindy just wished she could have had a sparring


* * * * * * * * * *

“What can I do for you, Rach?” asked Jim as she stood

in his office for the appointment she’d made.

“You can stop lying to me for a start,” the British

singer said fiercely. “I had a word with some of the

journos here, and they got to the Brits here working

at Cindy Inc. Plus the other non-Americans. And guess

what I found?”


“That Cindy broke them in once. ONLY once. Now do you

want to tell me why you had me quit? And before you

answer, trust me – if you lie, you’ll never get me in

bed again.”

She had him there. “It was… it was Wayne. He works

with me; he’s got some young hot singers with him, all

very cute little things. He’s always had it bad for

Jennifer Lopez, and he’s sorting out a deal for them

to work with her.”

“On records?”

“In bed. The thing is – Lopez wants to get as many

singers in her stable as she can, and she’s looking to

get exclusive rights to this label. So Wayne suggested

that – ”

“That I be persuaded to join Lopez?” Rachel

interrupted, feeling nauseous at what she’d been

tricked into doing. “I can’t believe I could have been

so stupid!”

“She did,” Jim told her. “And by she I mean Jennifer.”

Rachel looked as if she wasn’t the kind of girl to

swear up a blue streak, but she spent the next five

minutes proving otherwise.

* * * * * * * * * *

The city authorities, most of whom had partaken of

either Crawford’s or Lopez’s ladies, had sanctioned

the Battle of the Cindys, and the fighting area had

been all set up, ready for the following day. The ring

would be on a platform a few feet off shore. Just a

few, because they wanted people to be able to see the

fight. But off shore, because if the brunette or the

blonde was sent off the platform into the Pacific, the

fight would be over.

Cindy Crawford, resplendent in a white bikini, studied

the platform bobbing with the tides. By this time

tomorrow it would all be settled one way or the other.

She felt her companion’s arm around her shoulder.

“Come on,” Cindy 2.0 said, “it’s time.”

“Maybe she’ll be late,” Cindy suggested.

“For this?” Jennifer Lopez laughed. “Not a chance,


“Right on time,” Cindy 2.0 chuckled, and ran her hands

down Cindy’s arms. They were strong, and lovely. Cindy

2.0 wanted to be in them now; to her delight, the

original Cindy took her into them and gently kissed

her. Cindy, not too comfortable with Lopez eyeing the

two of them, pulled the string on Cindy 2.0’s swimwear

and let her breasts out to the night air while the

younger woman removed the bikini from the older one.

She nodded, pleased at what she was seeing; Cindy the

Younger hadn’t done many scenes with older women, but

working with Cindy the Older was promising. Cindy 2.0

touched the supermodel’s breasts; she enjoyed fondling

boobs untouched by silicone.

Cindy sighed under the younger woman’s fingers; they

were probing the flesh with enough expertise for

someone twice her age, and she tingled with the way

Cindy 2.0 rubbed her tiny nipples. Cindy kissed

Cindy’s blonde-topped head, cheeks, lips and neck, as

her hands began to stroke the girl’s form. She was

really very cute indeed; skin soft and silky, lean and

taut, with lovely breasts. She nuzzled both of them as

Cindy 2.0 continued to massage her chest, but as Cindy

sank lower the young woman had to let them go. Soon

Cindy was on her knees before the blonde, her tongue

about to enter; she reflected that this was as close

as she would ever get to going down on Cindy Crawford.

Jennifer Lopez watched as Cindy the brunette began to

lightly lick Cindy the blonde’s pussy, her hands

stroking the porn actress’s little rump. Jennifer’s

hands were between her legs as she saw Cindy put her

tongue inside the girl’s snatch and search around in

there, flicking and kissing. Cindy had her eyes shut,

not out of embarrassment but out of devotion, and she

looked as if she was enjoying it. Thoughts of using

this as an advertising tool never entered J-Lo’s mind,

because she too was enjoying it; she had her right

hand dancing on her curly, moistened pussy as she

watched. Jennifer was tempted to ask one or the other

of them to feast on her fat muff afterwards; she was

thrusting her fingers deep inside, spreading it open

like a Penthouse Pet, and it was all dripping and

ready for whoever wanted it… hell, SHE wanted it.

Cindy C ran her hands up and down Cindy 2.0’s back as

she tasted her slot, while the younger woman stood

there, moaning and enjoying it. She felt Cindy’s soft

mouth revving her up below, and was dying to feel them

all over her body, but… ohhhhh shiiiiiittt…. Cindy

2.0 was almost about to yell with the supermodel’s

caresses as she slipped her tongue along the area

leading over to her crack. Cindy sidled between her

legs and continued to taste the girl, dividing her

attention between her snatch and anus, stroking them

when she wasn’t kissing them. Then Cindy slid up her

back and wrapped her arms around the blonde, kissing

the back of her neck and fondling her tits, while

rubbing her own pussy against the blonde’s. All porn

stuff, yes, but damn if it didn’t start to dampen both

of them.

“You know… after tomorrow… you can come by and do

this again… no charge…” Cindy 2.0 murmured,

rubbing her shoulder blades against Cindy’s breasts.

She wriggled around so that she was facing the

supermodel, and rested her head between the veteran’s

tits, spreading her fingers into the woman’s box. “It

would be an honour to eat this,” she said quietly.

Cindy felt the younger woman’s mouth move down,

knowing she meant it. And even two days ago the

thought of that would have had her rushing for the

bar. But now… now as she felt the eager young woman

bury her face into her jungle, the only thing on her

mind was how much she was looking forward to it. Cindy

gasped in delight as she felt the girl supping down

there, eating in her dark garden, licking her out and

kissing the opening. Cindy was energetic and

experienced… she had value beyond her name. Cindy’s

hot box was a gift for the girl, but the girl’s mouth

was a gift for Cindy Crawford.

“Uhhhh… Cindy… oh Cindy, CINDY DO WE HAVE TO DO

THAT THING TOMORROWWWWWWW!!” the supermodel shouted as

she found herself starting to come inside the mouth of

the blonde. Though the blonde couldn’t say anything,

neither of them was really looking forward to the

match anymore. And neither of them wanted Jennifer


* * * * * * * * * *

“My name is Cynthius Annius Crawfordus,” Lauren Graham

said in a piss-poor impression of Russell Crowe as she

rubbed Cindy’s shoulders to ease her tension. “Wife to

a murdered husband, mother to a murdered son, and I

shall have my vengeance.”

“You know, he died at the end of the movie,” Cindy

pointed out. Lauren held up her hands in surrender and

let the boss get up. “But so did the other guy. Keep

the faith – things’ll turn out okay.” She gave herself

one last look in the mirror and stepped out of her

cabin onto the beach, to a roar from her supporters.

The wind blowing through her hair that Sunday morning,

Cindy looked out to the platform, still floating there

as it was last night. Now she could see the mat that

was on it, with no ropes around the edges; nothing to

stop you hurtling into the Pacific. And not even fond

memories of the blonde’s bottom would stop her from

seeing to it that it was the younger woman who took

the plunge.

“Hey, Cindy!” Hilary Duff called from the crowd as she

beamed and waved to them. “Kick butt!”

“How was London?” Cindy called to the teen.

“How do you think…?” Hilary answered, indicating the

well-stacked brunette standing next to her. “Lucy’s

first time here – I told her this kind of thing

happens all the time in California…”

“I’ll give you good memories!” Cindy told the model,

and set her mind on the blonde who was coming from the

other side of the beach, accompanied by Kelly Ripa

(Lopez had also signed Kelly Hu; Cindy was thankful

that she had gotten to Kelly Monaco and Kelly Rowland

first). With J-Lo’s fans and Cindy Inc’s fans trying

to outcheer each other, the two Cindys met in the

middle, the surf washing over their feet. They

recognised the memory of last night in each other’s

eyes, and tried to overlook it, and almost succeeded.

“Kelly’s the referee,” Cindy 2.0 explained.

“I thought we said the ref would be neutral.”

“I AM neutral, I keep telling you people that,” Miss

Ripa moaned. “Why don’t you believe me?”

“Twenty-five men at J-Lo’s, that’s why,” Cindy


“Anyway, is this mike on? Okay… HI EVERYBODY!” Kelly

shouted into it. “Here it is – The Battle of the

Cindys! Winner gets to stay in business, loser gets to

be on the second season of ‘I’m A Celebrity… Get Me

Out Of Here!’ Rules are: No rules! Except no time

limits, and the first person to either go down three

times or out of the ring loses. Clear?”

The Cindys nodded. “Then let the war BEGIN!”

Shaking hands, the supermodel and the porn actress

splashed through the surf towards the platform and

climbed up the ladders onto it. Underneath the

floating arena was just four feet of water, but wet

was wet; Cindy and Cindy faced each other, and Kelly

shouted “GOOOOOOOOOO!”

Cindy 2.0 leaped onto Cindy, who dropped and grabbed

the blonde, hoping to throw her over her body and into

the big blue; but Cindy 2.0 clutched the brunette and

checked the throw. They were both still on the

surface, and they both still had to drop the other.

Cindy 2.0 hit the supermodel in the abs and followed

it up with a blow to the head, rocking Cindy and the

platform; the bobbing was making it hard for either of

them to maintain balance.

“That’s a great pussy you’ve got,” the blonde laughed.

“Can I have a second helping?” Without waiting for an

answer, she drove a fist under the bikini and into

Cindy’s crotch, the middle finger out and jabbing

inside. Cindy howled and grabbed the blonde’s head,

tugging back hard and forcing her out of the snatch.

Then the supermodel wrenched the porn girl’s head to

one side and grabbed her close, getting her in a

headlock; the platform rocked harder as the two

struggled. Then Cindy 2.0, wriggling in the veteran’s

arms, hooked one of Cindy’s legs and pulled.

“SHIT!!!” Cindy screamed as she slipped backwards and

fell, landing on the platform with the blonde on top.

First blood was the porn star’s; Eve and L’il Kim

whooped and high-fived each other, leading the

cheering from the Lopez section on the beach.

“Don’t go celebrating yet, missy!” Kelly Rowland


Cindy 2.0 rolled off the fuming supermodel, and as she

got to her feet her head exploded. The fishstick had

kicked her while she was getting up… Cindy staggered

and dipped to one side as Cindy 2.0 slapped her hard

repeatedly. She was fast and mean, and she was on the

verge of wearing her down; Cindy 2.0 looked cute, but

she wanted to win…

“What about last night?” the supermodel croaked. Cindy

2.0 slapped her again – but this time she hesitated,

and the impact was lesser. Unlike the blow Cindy

landed. “I could tell that you liked it more than you

let on…”

“I’m supposed to make it look like I love it!” Cindy

2.0 answered as she clutched Cindy. “It’s my job! Just

like it’s YOURS! Only I’m better at it… better and

younger, tighter, hotter! You’re old and you’re over,

but I’m just starting…”

“The hell you are,” Cindy said coldly, and wrenched

the girl’s arm off her, twisting it around and putting

all her weight on as she dragged the surprised porn

actress around her on the platform, forcing her down

and down until her face was nearly touching the

surface. With a blow from her elbow onto the blonde’s

back, Cindy 2.0 gave way and hit the mats. Cindy had

scored – but as she landed, she rolled over quickly

before Cindy could pin her, and grabbed Cindy’s hand,

tugging her forward. Cindy couldn’t hold her balance;

she fell forward and saw she was heading for the edge.

As she landed, Cindy 2.0 leaped up; the brunette was

on the edge, and she was about to kick her off. Taking

advantage of the few moments the blonde was on one

leg, Cindy grabbed the girl’s thigh with one hand and

her pussy with the other and shoved her so that she

pivoted a little, and lost her balance; Cindy then had

the time she needed to get away from the edge and

punch the girl in the face, and down she went.

As she landed, Cindy 2.0 put her hand to her face –

it came away red.

“You are going to be paying for that, buttmunch,” the

blonde muttered. They had two strikes against them as

a furious Cindy 2.0 got up; no more chances for one of

them. The two women, battered and angry, and feeling

the ocean spray on the platform starting to make them

lose traction, readied themselves for the final


“Rachel had the right idea coming over,” Cindy 2.0

jeered. “You’ll never get to feast on her British buns

the way me and Lopez will.”

“How do you know I haven’t?” Cindy asked, and sprang

at the girl, standing her ground as firm as she could

and prepared to absorb the impact. Cindy landed hard,

and Cindy 2.0 rocked but stayed firm. They were

holding each other again, but this time they weren’t

thinking of sex. Cindy scrabbled for the girl’s


“You really want another go, don’t you?” she laughed

as Cindy ripped the top off, and wrapped it around her

neck. The girl clawed behind her and pulled – now the

two Cindys were both fighting topless. Cindy 2.0

scratching whatever parts of Cindy she could find,

Cindy drawing it tighter around the blonde’s neck, the

two trying to get the other to give way. Cindy tried

to rock backwards, but the girl wasn’t about to go for

that… “GIVE IT UP, MISSY!” she grunted. “THIS IS MY


Inside Cindy’s head, what the blonde said triggered

off a revelation. Cindy 2.0 was right; this was her

chance. She was young, she wanted to get ahead…

Cindy could relate in that respect; she too had been

eager to get noticed when she was her age. That was

why she was at J-Lo’s; that was why she had agreed to

this match. In the middle of the girl’s jabbing and

yelling and kicking, Cindy suddenly felt calm. The

only thing really wrong with this whole thing was that

they had the same name. But so did a lot of other

people; hell, Aisha Tyler had told her once that she

had done a websearch and come up with a race car

driver called Cindy Crawford. And was she bothered by


“KELLY!” Cindy yelled towards the beach.

“WHAT?!” Kelly shouted back.


shouted, and before Cindy 2.0 could react the

beautiful brunette stepped off the platform, still

holding the blonde tightly. Cindy and Cindy dropped

into the Pacific like stones, releasing each other as

they submerged. The fight was over.

The crowd yelled in righteous indignation, demanding

that one or the other of them be declared the winner,

but out by the platform manners were being decided as

the two Cindys broke the surface. “What did you do

that for?!?” the blonde spat.

“What’s the point?” Cindy asked in return. “I win, you

have to quit. You win, I have to quit. Don’t want that

any more.”

“You… don’t?”

“No,” she confirmed, face softening. “Besides, I got

something out of last night, even if you didn’t.”

Cindy 2.0 nodded pensively. “You know something?… I

did like last night as well.”

“But what about – ”

“I was lying. I wanted to beat you for Lopez… then I

thought about her plugging me with my name and I got

to thinking did she hire me because of me or for my

name? To score points off you?”

“Probably to score points,” Cindy said. “But you’re

pretty good in your own right.”

“Yeah, I am,” the blonde smiled. “Friends?”

“Unofficial,” Cindy replied. “Just between you and me,


“Shake?” asked Cindy 2.0, offering her hand.

Cindy laughed. “You can do better than that.”

“Oh yeah,” the blonde grinned, dropping it back under

the surface and snaking it into the front of Cindy’s

bikini bottom…

Watching from the beach with the others, Rachel

Stevens cheered Cindy Crawford. Supermodel, mother,

celebrity bordello owner, and her boss again.

* * * * * * * * * *

Cindy’s private jet streaked through the clear sky

towards their destination as the passengers watched

the inflight entertainment. There wasn’t a movie on

this flight, but there didn’t need to be. The show

Monica Bellucci and Cindy Crawford was putting on

topped anything that could possibly have appeared on


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