Cindy Inc.: Wild On Brooke

The continuing adventures of Cindy Crawford – model,
actress, mother, and head of a celebrity bordello.
Usual disclaimers apply.

* * * * * * * * * *

“Wow,” Jules Asner said to Cindy Crawford on her chat
show (Jules’s, not Cindy’s), “here you are, the head
of the world’s first celebrity bordello that’s become
the place to be for everyone visiting Hollywood! It’s
like you’ve gotten everyone signed up…”

“Thanks, but not yet,” Cindy smiled back. “A lot of
them said no, but we’ve got a lot of women on our
books. In fact, I’m going to sign up the newest one
tonight. Wanna come?”

Jules thought
about it for about half a second before

* * * * * * * * * *

Brooke Burke let out a sigh of relief as her shoot
ended. Not that she didn’t love doing them; she had a
good rapport with the camera and the shooter holding
it. It was just that it really was harder than people
thought it was – hot lights, tight schedules, hair,
makeup, the lot.

In the wings, Cindy Crawford and Jules Asner watched
and waited as Brooke bid them all thanks and farewell,
and strolled towards them. “Jules!” Brooke beamed as
she embraced her friend and colleague. “Cindy told me
she might bring someone along, but I didn’t think it
was going to be you!”

“Never do this with only strangers,” Cindy asserted.
“Do you wanna rest a bit before we start, or…”

“No time like the present,” Brooke replied. “Where’s
the test site?”

* * * * * * * * * *

The test site was a stadium after a big game. Cindy
liked to recruit women for Cindy, Inc. by seeing if
they were up for doing it at any time and at any
place; her own favourite was when she had been driving
with Sela Ward, and a police officer had pulled Sela
over for speeding (Cindy was hiding in the back,
monitoring the proceedings). The officer in question
had suggested that they might get off if they did a
“Bad Lieutenant”; Sela had eagerly complied,
displaying her buns to the officer and doing a
simulation of fellatio. In fact, she had gone one
better and actually done the deed.

“And now the woman’s at my place more again than
once,” Cindy finished, as she and Jules watched Brooke
flirting with the sports fan she’d chosen. “But that’s
off the record.”

“Okay,” Jules moaned as Brooke and a very
friendly-looking guy strolled over to his car.
“Everything’s going to plan, huh?”

“Yep – come on, Jules…” and Cindy got out of their
car and started to follow.

“You’re not going to WATCH, are you?” Jules asked.

“Call it protecting my investment.”

Jules couldn’t argue with that logic. The two women
crept up to the car and took a peek inside.

Brooke was kissing the lad over and over, while she
moved her hands back and forth along his aching rod.
The left hand gently stroked the shaft and carefully
rubbed his cut head, while the right fondled his
engorged balls. The guy was trying hard to keep from
touching her – he had told her he only had enough for
a handjob, but kind-hearted Miss Burke was throwing in
the kisses for free.

“Oh… ohhh… OHHHH….” he gasped as Brooke started
to make his prick give up its load.

“Better not make a mess,” Brooke told him as she
dipped her lovely head into his lap and pulled her
hands away. She was soon sucking away on the customer
– but her fingers had been so good that it was just
seconds before the guy gave in, letting the come flow
into Brooke’s wet mouth. But she continued to suck on
him for a minute or so, as he gasped in relief.

“This is my first time, so consider that a bonus,”
Brooke told him as she kissed his balls.

“When… can I go further with you?” the guy asked.

Brooke then noticed Jules grinning and giving the “OK”
sign, and Cindy giving her the thumbs-up with both

“Give me your number,” she told him. “I’m sure we can
work something out.”

* * * * * * * * * *

Back at Cindy, Inc. a week later, Brooke Burke was on
her knees. Not begging for mercy, but because the guy
in question was behind her, giving her breasts an
energetic rubbing while thrusting in and out of her
willing box. Brooke was in turn fellating the guy’s
companion, who was grabbing the sides of the bed he
was lying on, yelling Brooke’s name to the heavens.

The man started to paddle her wagging behind while he
pumped, to the delight of Jules, who was watching from
the two-way mirror.

“You know, you could join us,” Cindy suggested. “You
wouldn’t be able to do any reports or anything because
you’d be on staff, but…”

“Would I have to…” Jules started, before she saw
where Cindy was looking. Jules had her right hand deep
inside her pants; she was abusing herself watching
Brooke and her customers.

“No need,” Cindy assured her. “Shall we?”

The fellow on the bed could feel himself about to come
inside Brooke’s mouth… nothing could stop him from
roaring his happiness. Except for a pink and hot pussy
alighting onto his face.

“It’s Brooke’s first night here,” Cindy, the owner of
said genitalia, told the startled man. “First nights
are always special.”

He could only mumble with approval as he slurped away
at Cindy’s goodies. Jules, meanwhile, enjoyed seeing
the other guy pull out of Brooke just before he came;
Brooke’s bronzed buns soon had familiar white
splotches over them. Quickly she dropped and began to
eat it off her; Brooke was unaware as yet that her
colleague was licking her ass. But when she felt two
tongues in action (Jules was eating the come while the
guy was working her crack) she turned around.

Her eyes widened to see what was going on, but rather
than stop she beckoned her other guy, who was now
engaged in fondling and kissing Cindy, to come down
and get closer. This he did, with Cindy following.

“Welcome aboard, Brooke!” Cindy grinned as she sank
her teeth into the man’s left nipple, leaving a small
souvenir of his night.

“Glad to be here!” Brooke said, hungrily kissing the
guy on the lips.

With Cindy Crawford on one side and Brooke Burke on
the other, the man thought it made three of them.

* * * * * * * * * *

Although Cindy enjoyed breaking in new recruits, she
had to take some time off occasionally, especially
since she was now a mother of two. Even if you’re not
a famous supermodel, that can cause problems.

Elana, her regular and favoured ‘sitter, had a family
emergency and couldn’t come over that night to watch
over Presley and Kaia. Cindy couldn’t even take the
kids to dinner with her and Rande on account of
several restaurants saying “No way” to the concept of

The only reason Cindy wasn’t biting off her hands in
rage was that Elana had fixed her up with a
last-minute substitute called Stacy, and she’d assured
Cindy the sub would be here at 7pm. True enough, the
doorbell went off at exactly 7.

“Hi, Stacy!” Cindy beamed with relief as she answered
it. “Now that’s what I call…” but her voice tailed

“How’d you know my name?” HE asked cheerily.

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