Cindy Inc. – You Know For Kids 3

The continuing adventures of Cindy Crawford –
supermodel, mother and celebrity bordello owner. The
events in these stories are fictional and not intended
to represent the actual behaviour of the women (and
men) herein. Any comments, praise, complaints (and I
realise that this particular one could have been
better) requests for women to be included go on the
message boards or to

Elle Macpherson says “Previously on ‘Cindy Inc’…”

As opening night of the London branch of Cindy Inc.
arrives, Cindy – via Gwyneth Paltrow – has decided
that it’ll all be done in the name of Children In
Need. She’s also discovered that someone tricked them
into thinking Elisha Cuthbert wasn’t coming, and Elle
is still unsure whether or not tonight’ll be her final
night. What they don’t know is that Natalie Portman’s
stalker is planning to attend the opening, and even
she doesn’t know that he has a link to the 3AM Girls.
Now read on…

* * * * * * * * * *

Leicester Square isn’t a bad place to be in the early
evening, especially if there’s a big movie premiere.
Tonight the crowds were milling near the building that
used to house the Fashion Cafe. Tonight was the big
night of Cindy Inc.’s London opening.

Paparazzi, fans, reporters, the whole lineup was
waiting for the evening’s ladies of the evening to
make their entrances and pose for the big group

Elle’s limo arrived first, and she made sure to show a
lot of leg as she stepped out, and beamed to the fans.
“Come on, Arpie,” she said quietly, “don’t hold me
back now.”

Arpad successfully feigned a smile as he demonstrated
to the world how much he didn’t mind what was going
on, and Elle became the first to go on a walkabout to
the crowd, most of whom couldn’t afford to go in there
but who liked being near her. And the other celebs who
were arriving…

“I’m wondering if this was such a good idea,” Amanda
Holden said to her companions. “They already think I’m
a homewrecker, and now this…”

“You signed on the dotted line,” Nicole Kidman
reminded her. “You can’t pull out now.”

“Although the guy you get tonight might,” Linsey Dawn
McKenzie cackled, checking to make sure there weren’t
any parts of her cleavage that were invisible.

“Why couldn’t Cindy have gotten Nell McAndrew
instead?” they thought. At least they might have had
some peace. Then they had no time to think anything
else, because they were on…

One by one they showed up, and paraded, until finally
the last car came up. Cindy was deeply relieved that
her passengers were there; Natalie Portman was looking
perturbed, Elisha Cuthbert was looking excited (this
was her first premiere on foreign soil) and Cameron
Diaz was looking for Tic-Tacs to freshen her breath –
if she was going to be blowing some guys tonight she
didn’t want her mouth to be sour before the event.
Surveying her ladies, Cindy nodded. Everything was
going to be great.

* * * * * * * * * *

The evening’s entertainment included a fashion show,
in which Elle Macpherson Intimates would be displayed
by live models. One of said live models was Cat
Deeley, rescued from Saturday night light
entertainment hell and strutting her stuff in lingerie
for the drooling audience. Part of the show was an
auction (all proceeds to Children In Need, of course)
for her time, and the other ladies, after the draw to
see who’d get to go with her for free – as with the
business with Britney, the names had been drawn out of
a hat.

The other participants – Sophie Anderton, Kelli Young,
Lisa Snowdon, an immensely agreeable Cameron, and
finally Elle and Cindy in a pairing – would soon
follow. But some of the women were already busy
upstairs. Like the man who had bagged Linsey Dawn, and
was merrily jerking away between her mammoth jugs. Or
the one who, more in line with our story, was pumping
away inside Amanda Holden.

As far as he was concerned, her love life and dubious
acting choices (“Celeb,” anyone?) didn’t bother him a
lot. Amanda was no stranger to doing love scenes with
men, and she just lay back and enjoyed him rubbing
himself against her. He had paid good money for the
experience, and was determined to get his money’s
worth, and who was she to turn him down?

He jacked back and forth on top of her, slapping her
wherever he could reach. Her body was stinging; it
would be sore by the end of the night. And he was
going in and out of her so fast and rough, Amanda felt
like she was being pulled to and fro in a hurricane.
She wasn’t sure she could feel anything anymore, but
she made all the right noises and coos, returning all
his kisses and grabs.

“Oh, fuck me please… I don’t want to stop this…”
he mumbled. “Oh man… ohhhhhHAHHHHHNATALIEEEEE!!!!”

The enthusiasm dimmed from Amanda’s eyes as she felt
him really throw himself into it for the first time.
She felt around under the bed for the buzzer, and
pressed it again and again as he unloaded into her.

* * * * * * * * * *

As Cameron swayed down the runway to cheers and
applause, Cindy faced down an upset Amanda backstage.

“He called you Natalie?”

“I think that guy’s a loony!” Amanda insisted. “I
thought you came here specifically because you wanted
to shag a celeb, but changing one for another in your
head? What kind of thing is that?”

“Okay, you’re upset, but is that any reason to crack
up? Maybe he’s just married to someone called Natalie
and he really loves her…”

“Natalie?” interrupted a pale-looking Natalie Portman.
“Oh my dear Lord… he’s HERE?”

Cindy and Amanda both looked at the actress. She knew
it was time to level with the boss.

* * * * * * * * * * *

There may have been a lot of parties like S Club
parties, but there was no five-way like an S Club

The lucky punter couldn’t be seen under the mass of
writhing women; Jo was helping himself to his cock,
while Tina was merrily sitting on his face. Eagerly
fondling the latter’s rock-hard stomach while feasting
on what was between her legs, he could feel Rachel and
Hannah kissing either side of him while touching their
bandmates. Soon the latter two would be exploring
themselves for his benefit, but for the moment Rachel
settled for licking his right side, while Hannah
gently squeezed and kissed his left.

Jo drew her blonde head back from the man’s prick and
snapped her fingers. The S Club ladies switched round,
and now it was Hannah’s turn to swallow him; he nipped
Tina’s left thigh as she got off his face and Rachel
climbed aboard. He was getting excited; he had been
fellated by all four girls now, and he finally had his
favourite on his face now. “Like it?” she laughed as
he smelt her snatch.

He replied by grabbing Rachel’s soft bum and pulling
her even closer; he wanted to munch on Miss Stevens
for as long as possible, but he could feel himself
about to come inside Hannah’s hungry mouth. The S
Clubbers weren’t the greatest singers, but they –
especially plump-assed Jo and gamine Hannah – made up
for it with the way they gave head… and now with hot
little Rachel’s musky cunt on his mouth…

The cries he gave as he came almost at once were
ignored by Tina, who was kneeling behind Jo. Her
bottom was the biggest of the four, but that suited
Miss Barrett – she liked having a lot of round rump to
play with, and she was enjoying moulding Jo’s buns
while repeatedly kissing the little hole between them.
Jo started playing with her chest in excitement as she
studied the other two members; mouth dripping with the
customer’s come, Hannah snogged Rachel and held her as
she shook, enjoying her own orgasm from the customer’s

The walls of Cindy Inc.’s London branch weren’t that
thick; all the occupants of the room next to it heard
the screaming and begging for more. “They’ll be at it
all night,” Cindy laughed, as she and Amanda turned to
Natalie. “But back to business…”

Natalie told them the whole story. When she was
finished, they weren’t in the mood for smiling.

“Why didn’t you come to us with this before?” Cindy

“I couldn’t,” Natalie said quietly. “I was afraid.”

“Come on,” Cindy said. “We’re going to see if he’s
still here…”

“But what if he – ”

“He won’t,” Amanda assured him. “They don’t say ‘Hell
hath no fury like a MAN scorned.'”

* * * * * * * * * *

Amanda was right; he wasn’t angry yet. Or at least, he
wasn’t with Natalie. It was the 3AM Girls he wanted a
go at. He was beginning to think that this had been a
bad idea.

While he’d been keeping tabs on Natalie, he had helped
the gossip writers out by finding out a few choice
details about a customer both Cindy Inc. and J-Lo’s
had had – a very famous British customer – and had
handed the story to them on a platter. The result had
been embarrassing to Lopez, which was how he liked it
(it wasn’t Jennifer L who had his darling Natalie,
after all), but Cindy had also been upset, which
hadn’t been his plan. It had all blown over, but the
ladies hadn’t forgotten, and had given him a lot of
help in getting him to the London launch.

But now he was wondering if he shouldn’t have just
stopped. And not only because now that the journos
were offlimits, they were more determined than ever to
show Cindy who was boss. Which was why they had given
him a present for the ladies. One he really didn’t
want to give them; but he knew that if he didn’t, they
would blow his cover wide open.

He made his way down to the fashion show; that would
be the ideal time.

* * * * * * * * * *

Lisa Snowdon strutted offstage, as the final two
models took her place. Side by side, Cindy Crawford
and Elle Macpherson showed that even though they were
the oldest supermodels in town (at 37 and nearly 40
respectively), they still had it and then some. They
never stopped loving this; heading down the walk,
showing off their full, fabulous bodies and playing up
to the cameras. (Even though Lisa had worn less than
either of them, it wouldn’t be her splashed all over
the tabloids the following morning. Much to her

“Do you see him, Nat?” Cindy said through her smile.

“Yes,” Natalie answered through her own hidden
microphone. “He’s standing next to the guy in the
Justin Timberlake shirt.”

“Which one? There’s three of them that I can see.”

“The one staring at Elle’s ass.”

Cindy ignored this blow to her vanity in favour of
discreetly signalling the guards.

* * * * * * * * * *

Surprisingly, when the two finally met face to face
there was no loud physical confrontation; just Natalie
and the man staring at each other. She couldn’t
believe that he had been the one to cause her so much

“Why?” she asked.

“Because I love you,” he replied.

“You LOVE her?! You FREAK!”

“Sssh, Amanda,” Cindy told her.

“I couldn’t even do what they asked me to do,” he
continued, handing her the bag. “They wanted me to let
these things off all over the building and ruin the
night, and then just disappear.”

“And they would be…?” Cindy asked, even though she
knew the answer. And as soon as he confirmed it, the
wheels were set for several other papers to carry
something that would put a massive spoke in the wheels
of the 3 AM Girls.

But that wouldn’t save him from being arrested.

* * * * * * * * * *

The show was finished, and the draws were being made;
masses of free fuckings were being enjoyed.

Downstairs, Elle Macpherson was finally bringing one
of the great Australian double teams to life, by
straddling the almost-as-tall Nicole Kidman. Both were
on a love seat, Elle tweaking Nicole’s nipples and
kissing her endlessly, as the redhead loudly
proclaimed to all and sundry that The Body was
infinitely better in bed than her famous ex. The men
watching them waited for Rachel to announce who had
the ticket that would allow one of them to join in.

Arpad was watching as closely as the rest; he had
secretly bought a ticket. He could tell that Elle
loved this – it wasn’t just a job, it was a way of
life. As his partner’s head bobbed down Nicole’s body,
he found himself hoping and praying that he would have
the winning ticket.

Gwyneth Paltrow was also looking as happy as the
mysterious Larry; her arms had been greased all the
way up to the elbow, and said arms were obscured to
the view of the customers, hidden as they were by
Elisha Cuthbert’s ass on the left and Cameron Diaz’s
on the right. Gwyneth was also, in turn, being cored
by as many men as she could handle – she had declared
that the price Cindy Inc. usually charged for this
would, instead, be donated by the place to CIN and
multiplied by however many Brits she could

As the blonde Oscar-winner slid her arms in and out of
her colleague’s rumps, she and everyone else felt this
was a win/win situation. The boss would be in heaven.
Upstairs, however, Cindy’s mind was on other things…

“You’re sure about this?” she asked.

Natalie nodded. “I know you can get fans like that in
any job, but it’s even creepier when it’s here… I
can’t come back here and not think about him.”

“I’m really sorry to have to lose you,” Cindy said,
“but you can always come back.”

“Thanks, but I don’t think I will,” Natalie replied,
and left Cindy’s office. Cindy half-smiled to herself
as she got up. At least she hadn’t said she was going
to Jennifer Lopez’s place. But…

“She’ll be back,” she said quietly. “Sooner or later,
they always come back.”

* * * * * * * * * *

With the successful launch of the London branch and
the end of the 3AM Girls behind her, Cindy Crawford
thought that it had all been a very good trip all
told. Okay, she had lost Natalie Portman, but she had
gained some more people. All the better for one
forthcoming client.

And best of all, Laetitia Casta had arrived in Malibu
the same day Cindy got back, in order to take up her
week’s residency at Cindy Inc.; she had time before
shooting started on her next movie. Cindy murmured to
herself happily as she lay in her palatial bed on
site, and thought about the previous night. He had
paid a lot to have the two of them together, and she
and Laetitia had done their best to give satisfaction.

And there he was, lying there between the two of them.
Cindy studied him, absolutely worn out, and craned
over to see the faces of the man and Laetitia. The
French model/actress looked heavenly asleep, slow
steady breathing as she slumbered, heavy chest rising
and falling rhythmically…

It suddenly occurred to Cindy that the man wasn’t breathing.

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