Cindy Inc: Hard Help Is So Good To Find

The continuing adventures of Cindy Crawford: model,
actress, mother, and celebrity bordello owner. Usual
disclaimers apply.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Although Cindy enjoyed breaking in new recruits, she
had to take some time off occasionally, especially
since she was now a mother of two. Even if you’re not
a famous supermodel, that can cause problems.

Elana, her regular and favoured ‘sitter, had a family
emergency and couldn’t come over that night to watch
over Presley and Kaia. Cindy couldn’t even take the
kids to dinner with her and Rande on account of
several restaurants saying “No way” to the concept

The only reason Cindy wasn’t biting off her hands in
rage was that Elana had fixed her up with a
last-minute substitute called Stacy, and she’d assured
Cindy the sub would be here at 7pm. True enough, the
doorbell went off at exactly 7.

“Hi, Stacy!” Cindy beamed with relief as she answered
it. “Now that’s what I call…” but her voice tailed

“How’d you know my name?” HE asked cheerily.

“Uhhh… Elana told me to expect you,” Cindy
flustered. “She didn’t tell me you’d be… um…”

“A guy?” Stacy finished as he entered. “I get that a
lot, but I keep remembering Stacy Keach and Michael

“Michael Michele, Michael Michele,” Cindy repeated to
herself mentally as she gave the tall, well-made young
man the once-over. “Wouldn’t mind him looking after
ME,” she thought to herself very briefly.

“Okay,” she said, all business-like, “let me give you
the guided tour…”

* * * * * * * * * *

Stacy was in the front room, quietly reading. Although
he had a body like an Adonis, he was less inclined to
preen himself than others of his type. He’d seen
Presley and Kaia safely to bed, hanging around up
there until they were asleep. Now all he had to do was
wait until Mrs. Crawford came home.

She was a nice woman. Very nice. A bit too old for
him, but he wouldn’t kick her out of bed because of
that. If he had been a bad babysitter, he’d have tried
a bit of business in her bedroom…

A little peek couldn’t do any harm. And she wouldn’t
be back for an hour or so.

Forty-five minutes later, Stacy returned. He had smelt
each and every single pair of underwear in Cindy’s
bedroom; a smart man, he had resisted the urge to
masturbate on any of them. But the aroma of Cindy’s
privates – that he had filed away for later.

“Hello, Mrs. Crawford,” he said amiably as Cindy came

“Oh please, call me Cindy. Any trouble?”

“No trouble at all… if I can come around again, it
would be a pleasure.”

“Maybe you should,” Cindy laughed. “I’ve seen the way
Rande looks at Elana.”

“And yet he’s married to you?” Stacy asked, genuinely

“He hasn’t run off yet,” Cindy pointed out. “Besides,
there’s no harm in looking.”

“I wish some of my old girlfriends were that
considerate,” Stacy said as Cindy counted out his
cash, and paused.

“You know, perhaps you and Elana could alternate…
I’d up her wages to make up for it…”

* * * * * * * * * *

“This has to be my last week here, Cindy,” Stacy said
almost apologetically. He felt he couldn’t hide this
any longer.

“What’s wrong?” she asked. “If it’s money, just name

“No, no, no. It’s just… it’s just that… well, you
know you’re a very beautiful woman.”

“And you’re a very handsome man.”

“Well, thank you… it’s just that I find it hard not
to think about you in a certain way…”

Cindy was used to this kind of talk, but it still
flattered her even after all these years. She had an
idea of how this was going. “Stace, I’m going to go
into the next room; wait five minutes.”

She flowed off, wondering if she could bring herself
to do what she was about to do (again), and if Stacy
would manage to follow.

Five minutes on the dot, Stacy entered; Cindy was
waiting for him, still dressed. She could see the
surprise in his eyes, though he didn’t actually say
anything. “I’ll let you do the honours,” she told him.

Within moments, Stacy had removed Cindy’s clothing,
and was holding the veteran supermodel in his arms.
This in itself would have been enough for him, but as
she kissed him and felt her way into his jeans, he
couldn’t quite say so. Cindy had had plenty of
experience with men older (and in a few cases younger)
than him, so she soon had his cock stiff and ready.

Stacy was shaking like a leaf in a hurricane as Cindy
went on her knees in front of him. “You’ve never done
this before, have you?” she asked the babysitter.

“Uh-uh,” he managed to say.

“Well, don’t worry; it won’t hurt a bit,” she assured
him, and widened her ruby red lips to take in Stacy’s
length. But alas, the young man’s virginity coupled
with his realisation that he was about to be fellated
by a legend caused him to lose all control – Cindy had
a full-on closeup of the hole in Stacy’s cocktip
shooting out the sperm, flying onto her lips and

Fortunately for his ego, Cindy didn’t laugh; she
merely smiled and licked it all off. “Don’t worry,
Stacy – you’re not the first person it’s ever happened
to. Here,” as she stood up and took his hand. “This
should make you feel better.” Cindy placed his hand on
her beautiful unshaved pussy, causing him to shut his
eyes in delight. Soft, silky brown hairs to roam
through, and a warm, juicy area underneath… Cindy
relaxed as Stacy stroked and probed her snatch,
rubbing her tasty clit and gently pushing fingers
inside. He couldn’t resist using his other hand to cup
her full, round buttocks.

“You liar,” he said lightly. “You haven’t got a pimply
ass at all.”

“Look who’s talking,” Cindy replied, stroking his own,
and sighing as Stacy began to slide his other fingers
up her ass. “I really don’t want you to stop…” She
took his cock in hand, rock-hard again, and began to
play with it. The two continued their mutual
masturbation, wishing they could go a bit further. But
he wouldn’t be able to come back (Cindy took his mind
off his work).

“You know, if you come by Cindy Inc. you won’t have to
pay…” Cindy moaned, feeling the heat rising inside
her as Stacy continued to work both entrances. If only
one of them was his cock.

* * * * * * * * *

Cindy felt Stacy slide his spent prick out of her ass
with mutual sighs of relief.

“Thank you, Cindy,” he groaned, looking at the wonder
that was the main lady of the house. “And I’m still

Cindy’s protests fell on deaf ears – taking care of
THIS particular babe made it worth it.

* * * * * * * * * *

As Cindy Inc. bade another satisfied customer goodbye,
the lady sat back and poured herself a little bracer.
Although Cindy herself wasn’t there every night, those
nights she was there were always rough. Thank God she
limited herself to certain hours. And thank God those
hours were over.

BZZZZZZ. “Talk to me,” said La Crawford on the

“We’ve got a problem down here, boss,” said Rachel
Stevens. “A big one.”

“Yeah, moley,” shouted another voice. “A BIG one.”

Cindy recognised that voice. Gulping down that drink
and thinking she could have used a few dozen more, she
steeled herself to have a head-to-head with Jennifer

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