Cindy Inc: Last Woman Standing

The continuing adventures of Cindy Crawford –

supermodel, mother and celebrity bordello owner. The

conduct of the ladies featured here is not meant to be

suggestive of how they are in real life. The

situations in this tale and the other characters are

fictional. This story contains sexual scenes (and

shameless objectification of women) and is not meant

to be read by under-18s. And dammit, we should have


Monica Bellucci attend the premiere of “The Matrix

Revolutions” so we could have had a shot at seeing her

opposite Cindy Crawford. Which brings us to…

* * * * * * *
* * *

Cindy’s private jet streaked through the clear sky

towards their destination as the passengers watched

the inflight entertainment. There wasn’t a movie on

this flight, but there didn’t need to be. The show

Monica Bellucci and Cindy Crawford was putting on

topped anything that could possibly have appeared on

screen. Monica was naked and she was spectacular, and

she was thrashing about in her seat, rubbing herself

all over with a little red ball, rolling it along the

Himalayan peaks she called her breasts and kicking her

legs throughout the space open to her.

CC-1 came in for a landing right on time, about the

same time Monica herself came, letting the red ball

she had drawn when the private jet had taken off fall

to the floor and abandoning all restraint. Fondling

her glorious body as she came, she shouted out her

lover’s name and a whole stream of other words in

Italian and managed to be heard above the jet’s

noises. Sophie Anderton glared with envy at Monica as

the lady between the Italian actress’s legs raised her


Cindy Crawford’s mouth was wet and shiny with Monica’s

liquids, and she licked it off blissfully. “Get over

it, Sophie,” she said without taking her eyes off

Monica’s open, silken-haired muff. “You didn’t draw

the red one.”

“No, you didn’t,” Monica agreed, throwing herself back

as Cindy got up and started to dress. “If it’s any

help, it’s not as good as I’ve heard… it’s better.”

“Stop rubbing it in,” Sophie muttered.

“Better than being back in London,” Holly Valance

pointed out. “You get a break from all that Bosnich


“And you get a break from everyone saying how Kylie’s

better than you are, even stuck in jail,” Sophie


“I hear she’s being passed around there like a joint,”

Emmanuelle Beart added.

“HEY! I thought we agreed… no one mentions any of

them,” Cindy interrupted. “You could all be fired for

that, you know…”

They did all know; the Dollhouse affair had ended

happily, but Cindy had forbidden mention of any of the

women involved. The ladies all nodded as the plane

stopped, and Monica looked outside; as far as

multi-millionaire’s private islands went, this one

wasn’t too bad. “Nice place to hold a command

performance,” the Italian sexbomb noted, and followed

Cindy as she stepped out onto the gangway. Emmanuelle

followed, and shook her head with an amused expression

as she watched Monica sashaying down the steps; the

woman couldn’t be unsexy if she tried. She just knew

that Sophie and Holly were trying to out-wiggle her,

even without an audience.

Or if they did have one, the audience was too far away

and in the wrong direction to appreciate the effort.

Which isn’t to say that the tall, elegantly-dressed

man standing by the two limousines wasn’t pleased to

see the five women come off the plane and stride

towards him like the astronauts in “The Right Stuff”

(or the monsters in “Monsters, Inc.”). It only lacked

a bit of slow motion for it to seem like a gang of

professionals come to do a job that no amateurs could

handle. Then again, they were pros, all of them. Even

the Australian bimbo, from what he had heard.

“Hello, ladies,” the man beamed, greeting Cindy with a

strong handshake. “Right on time – excellent.”

“We aim to please, Mr. Rourke,” Cindy replied, as the

first thought that popped into her head on seeing the

man in the white suit flew out of her mouth. “Oh I’m

sorry – I forgot myself! It’s just that…”

“Oh no no no, that’s no trouble at all,” he assured

her as he ingratiated himself with the other women.

“In any case, now that you’re here this really is

Fantasy Island.”

“Not the new version, I hope,” Holly muttered.

“Of course not. No one wants to come to a tropical

paradise and be greeted by Malcolm McDowell! But I

forgot to introduce myself… I’m Lachlan McMurdo, and

I’m – ”

” – delighted to meet you!” Sophie finished as the

limousine doors opened. “I’ve been dying to meet you –

I missed you when you were in London a few weeks


“If I’d known you were trying to meet me I’d have done

something about it,” Lachlan assured Sophie as he

joined Miss Anderton in one limousine. Sophie’s

predatory look didn’t go unnoticed by Cindy and the

others as they entered the other limo and started off

the airstrip towards the McMurdo estate.

“How long do you give them?” Cindy asked with a laugh

as she sat back.

“Ten minutes,” Holly replied.

“You two are unbelievable,” Monica tut-tutted. “It’ll

be five.”

* * * * * * * * * *

“Be honest,” Lisa Dergan laughed. “You only brought us

along because you were scared of being alone with


“Scared nothing,” Kirsty Gallacher parried. “He

requested you.”

“So why is Lisa here?” Leeann Tweeden asked chuckling.

Gabby Logan wagged her finger in Leeann’s face. “None

of that.”

“Yes, he wants this instead…” Leeann took Gabby’s

finger and put it in her mouth. “I just hope it’s

bigger than this…”

“Not like you’ll ever find out,” Lisa told her.

“You’re not part of it.”

“Oh, we will be,” Kirsty assured her. “We will be.”

* * * * * * * * * *

“It must be good to get away from London,” Lachlan

murmured to Sophie, diplomatically not mentioning her

recent tabloid troubles.

“I could use a break,” she answered, her eyes closed

as she enjoyed the plush seating in the limousine. “A

couple of customers kept bringing it up though. Not

many, but…”

“I should have stopped by while I was there.”

“You might not have seen me – I’m never there two days

in a row.”

“Maybe I should make a reservation when this is over.”

“A reservation?” Sophie asked. “How long will it take

to get to the estate?”

Lachlan instantly saw what was on Sophie’s mind, and

buzzed the driver, instructing him to take it a little

slower – he didn’t need to explain further. The driver

had seen this before (and Sophie was no stranger to

being poked in limousines by millionaires either).

“Now, my father always taught me that ladies go

first…” he continued as he started to remove his


“It would be my pleasure,” Sophie said, surveying

Lachlan’s crotch as she unzipped her dress and

shrugged it off. Underneath she wasn’t wearing

anything; Lachlan scanned her from her black-haired

head all the way down to her feet, never taking his

eyes off her for a second as he undressed. He absently

started stroking his cock as he stared at her,

admiring her adorable breasts and excellent snatch.

Sophie, for her part, was looking at Lachlan’s own

impressive body, and studying the precise way he moved

his fingers along his penis, filling up rapidly at the

sight of her nude body.

“Isn’t that supposed to be my job?” she asked,

snapping Lachlan out of his reverie. He whipped his

hands off his prick and Sophie took their place. Not

for the first time, she started to suck off a man she

had only just met. Sophie’s mouth and hands moved

fluidly along his shaft, her eagerness and expertise

blending to have Lachlan groaning with delight as she

rubbed her tongue all over the rod. She grunted and

slurped away for what seemed like hours, easing up for

a few moments to draw out the pleasure, then returning

to the job at hand. She felt some drops seeping out of

his gorgeous plum of a cockhead – Lachlan ate well,

and she liked the taste. If Sophie could have licked

her lips, she would have.

Sophie heard Lachlan’s gasps and felt his grip on her

body tighten… she considered whether she should spit

as she usually did. No, she figured she could let him

leave it inside her this once – Sophie swallowed it

all as Lachlan pumped the cream into her, letting his

feelings out with a series of pants. Not one drop

stayed outside as she let the prick go, and sat back.

“Don’t do that yet…” Lachlan gasped. “I want to see

your tight British ass. ‘loaded’ let me down in that


That session with three cast members of “Hollyoaks”

had left Sophie Anderton’s anus not quite that tight,

but she was always willing to please. As the limo drew

to a stop, Lachlan paused before getting out. He

wanted to spend the next few minutes looking at

Sophie’s bottom; studying the two tight little spheres

in front of him, he then knew he wanted to spend the

next few minutes doing more than looking at Sophie’s


“Here,” Sophie breathed, handing him a small tube. “I

get this a lot – I always carry some in case this


“Party girl for life,” Lachlan murmured approvingly as

he unscrewed the tube and squeezed out the contents

onto Sophie’s winking back door, massaging it inside

and moving in closer for a smell. Mmmm; lavender. Went

so well with Sophie’s satin rump. Lachlan couldn’t

resist giving her asshole a little kiss before moving

back to give her what she needed. Hell, it was what HE

needed. Sophie stretched herself as far as she could,

pondering over how soon it would be before he filled

her up; and then not pondering anything as her bum was

opened by the rod. “OOOOooooohhhhhh….” she gasped as

she felt it pushing up into her, inch by hot inch.

Sophie wiggled her cheeks from side to side as Lachlan

worked his prick up her. No matter how many times she

took it up there, she always loved it. She just hoped

and prayed he wasn’t a sixty-second man like Mike


“What do you mean, we can’t get out?” Emmanuelle Beart

asked ten minutes later.

“No one leaves until Lachlan does,” the driver

explained patiently.

“What is he DOING in there?!”

“He’s in there with Sophie,” Cindy reminded her.

“Oh,” Emmanuelle realised, as the first limo opened

and Lachlan emerged, accompanied by Sophie. She was

fully dressed, and had a gait to her walk suggesting

that Lachlan had parked HIS machine somewhere up her

back street. She tried to hide it, but the other women

could all tell as they got out.

Monica whispered something to Sophie as they went up

the driveway, listened to the answer, and fell back to

walk alongside Holly, her hand out. “It was five.”

“I’m going to win one of these bets one day,

Bellucci,” Holly groused as she paid up.

* * * * * * * * * *

Cindy Inc. was a big place, but this house of the

McMurdos looked to be the size of Brentwood – Cindy

expected to see a golf cart or something to help her

get from one end of the place to another. And the

carpeting… thick and plush, it was like walking on

clouds. She was almost jealous as she finished

changing into her evening clothes; maybe she should

ask them for the address of their designer. Cindy Inc.

could use a bit of a touchup.

Cindy was dressed in a light blue number that didn’t

show off too much, and which she had found waiting for

her in her room. To her delight, she found it fitted

her perfectly, and it looked heavenly to boot. These

people really knew how her mind worked; she wondered

if the clothes the others had been left worked as

well. If they were tuned to their usual attire then

Holly Valance would no doubt come downstairs in almost

nothing… Cindy let her smile play on her face for a

moment before seeing the time; almost seven, time to

make her entrance.

She was pleased to see that the lessons she had

drilled into her ladies about always being on time

were starting to pay off; Monica was sweeping along

the corridor, a vision in tight white under which her

bosom jiggled happily. Emmanuelle wasn’t far behind in

red, Sophie was starting out in black, and there was

Holly in green. Each suited the women to a T, and each

looked as if they were about to go to the ball. And

who knew, there could be dancing here tonight as well.

At precisely seven, the ladies arrived in the dining

room. The table was large, with Lachlan at the head,

his parents on either side, and four other people

dotted around it. “Excellent!” Lachlan beamed. “Right

on time. This is getting off to a great start.”

“You should know a thing or two about getting off,”

his mother cackled.

“Madeleine!” tut-tutted his father. “Not in front of

the guests.”

“Oh please, they’re used to that sort of thing. Not

least considering why they’re here – ”

“Excuse our parents,” a tall, half-bad man said

hastily as the staff showed the women to their seats.

“They’re pretty free with their speech. Especially my

mother. My name’s Philip, by the way – I’m the


“Pleased to meet you. And don’t worry about it,” Cindy

said graciously as she sat down next to Lachlan’s

father Ernest. “But I thought the entire family was

going to be here.”

“It is,” Lachlan’s younger brother Carter told them as

the other ladies were seated.

“Then why are there so many spare chairs?” Holly

asked, noting that there were spaces all over the


“Maybe it’s another mad tea party,” Emmanuelle


“Oh no,” Patty McMurdo, the older sister, assured

them. “Nothing like that. It’s just that the other

guests will be coming down in a few moments.”

“Anyone we know?” Sophie asked.

“I believe you might, yes,” Caroline, the younger

sister, said. “In fact, that sounds like them now –

they arrived just as you were going upstairs.”

“Well, if they’re anything like you I think this’ll be

a nice…” And Cindy’s voice drained away. Ernest

McMurdo had his hand rested on her thigh, and was

squeezing it with way too much familiarity, but that

wasn’t what had changed her mood; she had seen the

first of the five women to come swanning down the

staircase. Five – one for each empty seat. Cindy felt

she had a lot of questions for Lachlan.

Dressed respectively in blue, white, red, black and

green, down came Angelina Jolie, Asia Argento, Sophie

Marceau, Catherine Zeta Jones, and Melissa George.

Talk about “Always five, acting as one”: no 7-Zark-7

here, but they were all beautiful, they were all

grinning – and they were all signed to J-Lo’s. Cindy

heard a hiss from Monica, and the other women were

similarly thunderstruck on seeing the Jennifer Lopez

Five break off in perfect formation and take their

seats, each directly opposite her colour-coordinated


“What are THEY doing here?” Emmanuelle demanded,

throwing a vicious glare at Sophie M.

“It’s all in the game,” Lachlan explained, studying

all the world-class pulchritude. “My dad insisted on

having five of Jenny’s girls here as well; Lopez

couldn’t make it, which is why Angelina is here.

She’ll be her team’s captain – ”

“Game? Captain? What is this, ‘It’s A Knockout’?”

Sophie A. interrupted, looking longingly at the wine

near her. She really needed that now.

“They’ll explain it to you soon enough, Sophie dear,”

Catherine replied.

“I thought this was a command performance,” Holly

argued. “What’s this game crap? And why didn’t you

tell us?”

“Coin toss. Ernest and I flipped for it – whoever won

got to decide who heard the whole story. Guess who

lost? Just as well,” Madeleine added. “You might have

said no to the contest.”

“Contest to do what?” asked Cindy.

“To be the mother of my son,” Lachlan replied, and

Sophie Anderton grabbed the bottle, the hell with


* * * * *

It has been said that the trouble with special

relationships between countries is that usually only

one country is aware of such a relationship.

Fortunately, as the jet touched down on the McMurdos’s

island, this Anglo-American partnership had no such


Gabby Logan, despite her name, talked the least

whenever she was in the act, whether it was with a man

or, as was the case now, with Leeann Tweeden. Athletic

and horny, Leeann had taken an instant shine to Gabby

ever since she had been on an exchange visit to the

London branch; when Gabby realised that they were both

working for News Corporation, a happy accident was

born – and now the beautiful English blonde was

looking up at the ceiling of the cabin, begging

herself not to look down. Otherwise the sight of

Leeann fondling her tits while her head was nestled

between her legs, bobbing as her tongue searched out

every inch of her box, would cause her to give in

right there and then. And she wanted this to last.

Like Gabby, Kirsty Gallacher worked for Sky; like

Leeann, Lisa Dergan slaved for Fox. Neither was

acclaimed for their presenting skills, but their

bodies were another matter – Lisa had hit it off with

Kirsty almost at once on the same exchange trip, and

the two had enjoyed their threesome with the head of

Sky News so much that they had discreetly met up with

each other several times both in the line of duty and

on their own time. Now they were en route to one of

the world’s wealthiest families, and they were getting

in a little exercise as well. Knowing what was ahead,

Lisa was now walking up to Kirsty, with her

stewardess’s uniform on. A sporty girl, game-playing

was right up her street.

* * * * * * * * * *

Cindy Crawford shook her head in amazement. “The

mother of your baby? Haven’t you ever heard of


“Yes, but I don’t want any old baby,” Lachlan assured

her. “I want yours… or yours,” he added, pointing to

Angelina Jolie. “Or yours,” he continued, pointing to

Monica Bellucci. “Or – ”

“All right, we get the point,” Sophie Anderton

snapped. “But why this whole… whole… you know, why

all this?”

“Because McMurdo men are very selective in whose

vaginas they come,” Lachlan’s brother replied.

“Tell me I didn’t just hear that,” Holly Valance


“Being famous and gorgeous isn’t enough. You also have

to win the game – I can’t decide which of you it

should be, and neither could any of the others. So dad

came up with this little game; a process of

elimination. I’m sure you’ve heard of ‘The Most

Dangerous Game’?”

“The old human target trick?” Catherine Zeta Jones


“Yes and no. You won’t be running for your lives – but

you will be hunted. By us.”

* * * * * * * * * *

“Coffee, tea… or me?” Lisa cooed to her passenger.

“You,” Kirsty answered, as Lisa set the tray down. The

well-stacked British lady studied the American’s body

– the service on this flight was something. Lisa stood

by Kirsty and took her hands, resting them on her

thighs; the host of “Kirsty’s Home Videos” ran her

hands up Lisa’s flesh and under her dress, stopping on

her bottom and circling it. Lisa only had on a thong,

but even that was too much; Kirsty loved stroking

Lisa’s round, chewy behind, but that little strap

stopped her getting access to her little starfish. She

hooked a finger into the thong and tugged at it, and

Lisa winced as it pulled out of her crack – soon

Kirsty had it loose.

“Now let’s see what else is on the menu,” she said,

lowering Lisa’s dress and studying the bared blonde

muff with interest. Still holding Lisa’s ass, Kirsty

drew her closer and opened wide, as the plane began to


* * * * * * * * * *

“But why’d you have to pick them?” Cindy asked. “Out

of all the women at J-Lo’s?”

“I wanted women who had a particular reason for being

pitted against you,” Lachlan explained. “That way

you’d all have reasons for wanting to get them out of

the way – yes, you’ll all be allowed to have a go at

each other. Makes life more interesting.”

“And what are we supposed to have done to them?” Asia

Argento asked, looking as if she wished she could spit

long distance and land a loogy directly on Monica

Bellucci’s face. (Monica looked as if she wished she

could return the favour.)

“Oh, don’t play the innocent with us,” Patty

admonished. “We all know you and Bellucci have had it

in for each other ever since you bashed her while you

were plugging ‘XXX’ – which was a piece of SHIT by the

way; at least Monica’s English language movies try to

be about something…” She gave Monica a coquettish

little smile, which the Italian actress returned while

Madeleine rolled her eyes; Patty was a lesbian through

and through, and had never hidden the fact that she

was on Cindy’s side.

“Any chance of another fight?” Carter suggested. “I

hear the two of you really tore into each other once.”

“Yes. And this time I will win,” Monica assured her.

“That’ll happen,” Asia snorted.

“Anyway, Holly’s had a deep resentment of Melissa for

years – they’ve both come from Australian soaps, but

Melissa’s had a better time of it since leaving ‘Home

and Away.'”

“Until she kills ‘Alias’ the way she killed her last

two shows,” Holly snapped, as Melissa smiled

confidently, knowing she was way ahead of Miss

Valance; she’d seen the sales figures for her last


“You’d never guess that I was the one who went nude,”

Melissa replied, ignoring the furious middle fingers

Holly flipped her.

“What about me and Emmanuelle?” Sophie M asked. “We

haven’t done anything to each other.”

“No, but Lachlan likes French women,” Ernest


“All right then,” Sophie M smiled, toasting

Emmanuelle. “Looking forward to getting you.”

“Not if I get you first,” Emmanuelle answered.

“Sophie Anderton. Sophie, Sophie, Sophie,” Lachlan

sighed, the memory of her buttocks still lingering.

“You’ve had a bone to pick with Angelina here for some

time. I think it was when she visited the London

branch – ”

“You WHAT?!?” Melissa yelled at the Oscar-winning star

of such classics as “Cyborg 2,” “Original Sin,” “Lara

Croft: Tomb Raider – The Cradle Of Life,” “Beyond

Borders” and, of course, “Life Or Something Like It.”

“You know that’s against the rules!”

“Hey, what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her,” Angelina

replied. “It doesn’t hurt to know what the

competition’s doing… or WHO the competition’s doing.

Right, Soph?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Sophie A

replied stiffly.

“Angelina was visiting with a little friend of hers,

and she caught Sophie having dinner with Ben just

before they… you know,” Ernest explained. “She found

out that one of Sophie’s gentleman friends was coming

over that evening to play pot luck with the ladies,

and she and her friend intercepted him so he wouldn’t

be in the mood for Sophie.”

“And when Anderton found out, she threatened to tell

Lopez about what happened, and Jolie said she’d tell

Lopez what happened as well,” Carter finished. “Check

and mate.”

“Which brings us to Cindy and Cathy,” Lachlan

continued. “You’ve had several women go over to

Jennifer Lopez’s place, and vice versa – but it really

hurt when Catherine Zeta Jones went. Didn’t it?”

Cindy glared at the sloe-eyed Welsh woman, remembering

what had happened in 1999…

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

As they entered the bedroom, Catherine Zeta Jones

squeezed the buttocks of her companion – “Nice and

firm,” she said approvingly.

“You haven’t got a bad ass yourself,” Cindy replied,

shrugging off her red evening dress and watching

Catherine disrobe. “When I saw ‘Entrapment’…” she


“This is only a one-off, remember – just keeping that

date we made. I’m not about to join you on Lesbos,”

Catherine continued.

“Don’t worry, I like men too much to really be a

lesbian,” Cindy assured Catherine. “I just go both


“Ah. Like Sharon Stone in ‘Basic Instinct.'”

“Minus the icepick,” Cindy finished, as she and the

actress scanned each other with a smile before Cindy

lay back on the bed, nude and waiting. Catherine was

kneeling before her as if in front of a goddess…

which she was.

Catherine flicked her tongue over Cindy’s toes. The

brunette model was heaving with anticipation as the

actress gently kissed her feet and ankles before

slowly licking and fondling her way up Cindy’s long,

sexy legs.

“You’re so beautiful,” Catherine whispered as she

rubbed her head against Cindy as if she was a cat. “I

love you, Cindy. You’ve cured me of Michael Douglas.”

She slipped her questing tongue into Cindy’s beautiful

dark pussy. As her head bobbed around between her

legs, Cindy’s eyes were closed, her breathing


“I thought… you weren’t… turning…” she panted as

Catherine tasted her warm opening and nuzzled the hair

around it.

“I’m not… but I can’t take him over you…” and she

slowly kissed Cindy’s stomach, navel, breasts,

everywhere. The two women’s soft lips met and Cindy’s

hands began to roam Catherine’s body. One was married

with a son, the other was linked to one of the most

respected stars in Hollywood; but yet, was it any

worse than the rowdy antics of professional bad boys?

Neither was getting high on anything but passion, and

as Cindy straddled Catherine’s back and licked her

proud buttcheeks, she knew she wouldn’t have had it

any other way. Cindy Crawford slid her tongue up

Catherine Zeta-Jones’ unquestionably tender asshole,

to the clear delight of the latter…

Fifteen minutes later, Catherine bade Cindy farewell

with a final kiss. “I have to admit,” she said glowing

with pleasure, “I’m not sure this won’t happen again.”

“That’s what Gwynnie, Daniela Pestova and Rebecca

Romijn-Stamos said too,” replied the supermodel.

Catherine’s mouth dropped open in shock before she

caught the twinkle in Cindy’s eyes. “Just kidding,”

she added with a laugh.

“You’re a better actress than I thought,” Miss Z-S

said with a slight sigh of relief. “See you


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

“…and the very next day she rings me up and says

‘Sorry Cindy, but Jennifer Lopez pays me more’,” Cindy

finished, her brown eyes looking with ill-concealed

anger at Catherine.

“If it helps, you’re better in bed than she is. Not by

much, though,” Catherine smirked, as Cindy eyed the

decanter near her. She was sure she could have it

flying towards Cathy’s face before anyone could stop

her… Lachlan could obviously read minds, because he

picked up the decanter and put it out of her reach,

wagging a finger at her.

“Plenty of time for that later,” he said amiably. “So

now you know what’s up, I’ve got something else to

show you.”

* * * * * * * * * *

The plane was making its final approach as Gabby Logan

sat on Leeann Tweeden’s face, receiving some great

tongue action from the US sports lady. Leeann loved

eating that blonde English cunt out, and Gabby was

getting some visual assistance from the sight of

Kirsty Gallacher engaging in the ancient ritual known

as “tapping that ass,” said ass belonging to Lisa

Dergan; Kirsty was rubbing those huge tits of hers all

over the Dergan derriere. Gabby wished she could see

Lisa’s face; this wasn’t going to be on “Kirsty’s

Uncut Home Videos” anytime soon. She studied Lisa’s

tanned bod with lust, figuring she could get some on

the island; Kirsty sank her teeth into Lisa’s butt,

listening to her cry of delight as she let the meat go

and licked her lips. Spreading her fingers into Lisa’s

snatch, Kirsty breathed “Please miss, I want some


Leeann started rubbing Gabby’s bottom like there was

no tomorrow; reaching behind her and still enjoying

Leeann’s tongue, Gabby had her middle finger out and

was searching for her lover’s slot. She found it, all

shaven and pouting, and saw Leeann’s eyes widen as she

slid her fingers inside and began to explore. Gabby

looked right into her lover’s eyes as she worked her

snatch without taking a peek to see how she was doing;

very hot it was, very hot and slightly loose, but

still fun to frig. Leeann mumbled her feelings into

Gabby’s pussy as she licked all the harder.

Kirsty had risen from the seat, ignoring any in-flight

regulations about staying in your seat, and was about

to get Lisa flat on the carpet when the American

gently pushed her down instead. “No, I want to go on

top this time,” she told her. “I’ve had enough of

giving head to ugly people who work for Fox…”

As Lisa slid down Kirsty’s body and between her

thighs, Miss Gallacher had to admit she knew the

feeling. Her long “AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH…” as she felt

Lisa’s tongue touch her dark muff came at the same

time the plane touched down.

“Excellent,” Madeleine McMurdo said, as they watched

the plane land from the camera system in their house.

“The commentators are here.”

“The what?” Asia Argento asked.

“Oh, didn’t I tell you? Millions of guys’ll be

watching you in this game – going out live on the net

and on pay-per-view,” Lachlan added. “They’ll be

watching you running, watching you fucking, watching

you all the time until it’s over. Four ladies’ll be

providing commentary – Kirsty Gallacher and Lisa

Dergan from your batch, Cindy; Leeann Tweeden and

Gabby Logan from J-Lo’s. Gabby works as a part-timer,

I hear – no UK branch for Lopez yet.”

“Not ever,” Cindy added with a faint sense of despair.

When Britney Spears had joined Cindy Inc., Cindy had

dreamt that something like this would happen. This

time, though…

“And those of us who can’t chase you personally’ll be

watching as well,” Lachlan continued. “Starting in

about two hours and going on until there’s just two of

you left – then the two of you go after each other.

The loser in the final battle gets $50 million…”

Holly let out a low whistle.

“The winner gets $100 million tax-free after she’s had

sex with me and there’s confirmation that she’s

carrying a male child.”

“You’re mad,” Sophie M said calmly.

“Am I? Would you rather it was ‘Bumfights’? Now THAT’S

mad. Now go and get changed ladies – daddy’s going


* * * * * * * * * *

The McMurdos had a large staff to wait on them; most

of them found at least one of the visitors on their

mind that night. None more so than Karen Vinton, a

pretty young English girl who’d been working as a maid

there for about a year.

Not overburded with brains but a very sweet and

friendly person, Karen had veered between boys and

girls for a while before settling on the fairer sex.

And now here she was, unable to sleep for knowledge of

how many examples of the fairer sex there were under

this roof. None more cunt-moisteningly sexy, as far as

she was concerned, as Angelina Jolie. She was so

strong and so hot – Karen had spent many nights

dreaming of being rescued by Angelina in Lara Croft

mode, and then being whisked away to be treated

lovingly in some exotic locale. Her right hand jerking

between her thighs, the lovely girl looked at the

door, wishing that it would open to reveal Angelina,

standing proud and naked, with those lips that Karen

was dying to feel over every inch of her body, and

those jugs that Karen just had to put her head

between. She even loved the tattoos.

Karen mentally willed Angelina to come to her, to beat

her, to cure her – anything she wanted. “Please

Angelina…” she begged in her mind. “I need you so

bad…” But she knew that she would never get into bed

with Angelina Jolie.

Which would just go to show how wrong people can be.

* * * * * * * * * *

Cindy Inc. and J-Lo’s were the Springfield and

Shelbyville of brothels, each rivalling the other

endlessly; but they were both agreed on one thing.

There was a lot of money to be made on the result.

>From Martha Stewart at J-Lo’s putting $1000 on

Angelina and Co winning, to Cindy Inc.’s Manuela

Arcuri pitching in over in the Italian branch, nearly

all the women had cash riding on who’d be riding

Lachlan McMurdo in the end, and many of the women from

either brothel were watching the event via streaming

video or PPV, even the ones not on duty. Nor were they

the only ones; those in the know in the outside world

were placing bets with bookmakers, all hush-hush of

course (the tabloids could NOT know about this – and

even if they did, the wives [and in some cases the

husbands] of the people betting couldn’t).

Not that any of this made any difference to what was

happening on McMurdo Island, where the dawn was

starting to break. Along with the bedrest of the

ladies; Cindy and her women had been blasted out of

bed by a reveille over the mansion’s PA system, and

were now dressed and standing at the edge of the

jungle, bright-eyed if not quite bushy-tailed. Ernest

McMurdo, Kirsty Gallacher and Lisa Dergan had joined

them to give them their instructions and a

sending-off, and Holly (who had been the bleariest)

was wincing at the commentators’s relentless and LOUD


“Well now, it’s the moment you’ve all been waiting

for!” Kirsty told the camera. “The day we find out

whether one of these lovely ladies will get Lachlan

McMurdo’s sperm, or whether it’ll be one of those

losers from the other side… Cindy, how long do you

think it’ll take for you and your fine women to catch

the skanks from hell?”

(J-Lo’s Milla Jovovich flipped the bird at the


“Well,” Cindy replied, trying not to laugh at the lack

of balance, “it’s a big island, and you shouldn’t

count out the women we’re up against… but we’ll give

it all we’ve got.”

“And that’s quite a lot,” Lisa added. “Lisa D and

Kirsty G signing off and handing over to the other


“Thanks, ladies,” Gabby Logan said from the other side

of the jungle, where Angelina and the rest of Team

J-Lo would be starting off under the eyes of Madeleine

McMurdo. “Leeann Tweeden and I are here with the

Oscar-winning Catherine Zeta Jones and the

Oscar-winning and much younger – than Cindy,” she

added hastily for CZJ’s benefit, “Angelina Jolie. Now

we all know who’s really going to win this, don’t


(“Yeah, us,” Cindy Inc.’s Jessica Simpson told the


“They haven’t got a chance,” Angelina asserted. “I

feel kinda jealous of that load of wimps; when we get

them they’ll know what it’s like to be fucked by the

very, very best.”

“But of course, we’ll be the real winners,” Catherine


“You know, I’d love to stay and chat, but Madeleine’s

about ready to give you guys the final instructions,”

Leeann finished, as she and Gabby stepped back to let

the McMurdo matriarch take centre stage. Madeleine, in

her 70s but looking in her mid-50s (“Of course it’s

down to plastic surgery, dear – I can afford it”), she

ran her eyes over the five waiting celebs. Secretly

she hoped Lachlan would wind up getting Sophie

Marceau; anybody would be better than that Welsh

egotist Jones. Catherine, not having any inkling of

what was going through her head, smiled at her.

“Right. Now here’s how it’s going to go… when I fire

this starters’ pistol, you’re all going to run into

the jungle and the clock will start. You and

Crawford’s bunch will have an hour’s start before me

and the girls come after you.”

“You’re allowed one weapon each,” Ernest told Cindy

and Co., “which you’ll find in your backpacks. You’ve

also got enough provisions to last one day, but after

that you’re on our own if you haven’t been caught by

then. You’ll be on the guard for the opposing team as

well as us – if you catch a team member whoever makes

the other one come stays in the game and sets off the

beacon inside the loser’s backpack; the loser has to

remain where she is until the chopper picks up the


(“You’d better get used to waiting for the

helicopter,” sniggered J-Lo’s Nigella Lawson.)

“If you get caught by one of us,” said Madeleine, “you

will be taken away immediately and the beacon set off,

unless you manage to fight us off. When there’s one

person left on both sides the survivors will try and

track each other down for the jackpot. The loser will

get $50 million…”

“…the winner will receive $100 million; $50 million

on the spot, and the remainder after she’s slept with

the boy Lachlan. If she should produce a male heir,

she will receive an additional $25 million on top of

that,” Ernest finished.

“Worth it if we don’t have to take care of the kid,”

Holly joked.

“You won’t,” Ernest assured her. “Now if we’re all

clear…” He raised the starter’s pistol and checked

his watch one last time, as Madeleine raised hers and

did the same.

“Good luck, and may the best team win.”

(“Don’t worry, ours will,” Cindy Inc.’s Linsey Dawn

McKenzie giggled as she watched in the UK.)

“And AWAYYY they go, on the way out Wacky Races!”

Leeann Tweeden laughed to the audience as the pistols

went off and ten women sprinted into the jungle,

starting the countdown for the pursuers…

* * * * * * * * * *

Exactly one hour later, both teams had covered a lot

of ground – they couldn’t afford to stop for anything,

and they always had to be on their ground. For all

they knew, the McMurdos could be following them now.

“Too bad we don’t have a map,” Cindy muttered. “No

idea how big this island is… it might give us a hint

to when we’d run into their territory.”

“We’re all in the same boat,” Sophie A pointed out,

walking as quickly and gingerly as she could – she was

a city girl at heart. “They don’t know when they’ll

find us, either.”

“Yeah, when I get my hands on that George, I’ll – ”

“Close your mouth and open your eyes,” Emmanuelle

interrupted Holly. “We’ve got two sets of people after

us now.” Plus she liked the young Australian a lot

better when she wasn’t talking.

“Three if you count those loud American women,” Monica

added, pointing to the sky above. None of them needed

to look up to know that in addition to the countless

cameras dotted throughout the jungle, they were under

surveillance from above as well.

“You know, two of them are British,” Sophie reminded


“What’s the difference?” Monica asked diffidently.

“By the way, how do you feel about being in two of the

most boring movies ever?” Sophie asked.

“At least I have enough talent to be in movies.”

“I thought we were supposed to be on the same team!”

“I thought I would be with women with class instead of

a silly – ”

“That’s ENOUGH!” Cindy snapped, sharply turning to

face Anderton and Bellucci. “You want to fight, fight

the other women. Otherwise I’m setting you two up with

the Farrell brothers when we get back.”

Sophie blanched at the threat, and even the implacable

Monica started. “You wouldn’t…”

Cindy’s glare said that she would. “Now keep it down;

God, I thought it would be Holly who’d be quarrelling.

At least you’re learning, right Holly?”

No answer.

“Holly?” Cindy repeated, as the others looked around.

Holly Valance had been there a few moments ago; she

would have shouted something about going to relieve

herself, right? “HOLLY?!”

* * * * * * * * * *

Holly felt everything rush out of her with intense

relief. She never liked to go when there was an

audience, and she had been caught short so quickly

that she couldn’t even wait to tell the others. She

knew there were rules, but Cindy was a nice person –

Holly knew she’d understand.

The stream of urine dribbled to a stop and the singer

got up, glad she hadn’t needed to deposit what was

left of her last couple of meals as well. Holly

started to pull up her panties when she heard a slight

rustle… “Paranoid, Hol,” she said to herself. “Just

a little rat or something.” She listened a little

longer just in case – nothing.

Yeah, it was nothing. Holly’s thoughts turned to

wondering if anyone was watching her like this on the

coverage –

“…and there he goes, making his move – he hid real

well, you got to give him that,” Gabby said.

“Not bad for a guy thinking with his dick,” Lisa


“And he’s all over Holly like ants on honey,” Kirsty

continued. “She’s fighting back, but he’s bigger than

she is…” They could see that his pants were

unzipped, and it was out. “Oh my… MUCH bigger…”

(“NOOOOOOO!” Laetitia Casta wailed in Italy with her

boyfriend, as Shannen Doherty started to dance with


“Can we get a closeup of the guy’s cock?… YES! You

are a STAR!” Gabby crowed as the camera managed to get

a closer look, just before the man pressed Holly onto

the green carpeting of the jungle. He had one hand on

her back, and the other against her crotch; he was

strong, but Holly was desperate to get away. Not that

she didn’t know the rules; she knew she was going to

be fucked out – she just didn’t want to be first.

“Can’t we talk about this…” Holly got no further as

she was pulled around by her pursuer, her mouth forced

open. Holly had a quick glimpse at the gentleman’s

sausage before he slipped it into her mouth; she

almost choked on the man’s cock for a moment, before

she started to slurp on it, taking quick swallows of

air in between suckings. Holly massaged the meat with

her tongue and lips, taking her time; if she was going

to be eliminated, she might as well enjoy it.

“Now that is some good mouth action Holly’s using

there,” Leeann told the viewers. “Nice rhythm; and see

how she’s playing with his balls for extra pleasure?”

“I’m sure she’s had plenty of experience in sucking

cock before she joined Cindy Inc,” Gabby added. “The

poor girl can’t get work any other way. I hear that’s

how you got that sports show gig, Lisa.”

“Yeah, the tips you gave me on felching and bondage

worked great!” Lisa countered. “He said I was almost

as good as you…”

Holly had her hands around the man’s cock now; it was

out of her mouth, and she was jerking on it, grinning

up at him and waiting for the shower. The man tugged

it down and shook as Holly thrust on it one last time,

and out came the stream, shooting all over Holly’s

tender young tits and dripping off the nipples. She

pointed the prick up and jerked a little more, and

laughed with glee as some more come splattered her

cute little face. Holly tasted it; not bad, as semen

went. Nicer than her boyfriend’s. The man himself,

meanwhile, had her down again…

“He really wants to get as much of her as he can

before that chopper comes, huh? Holy SHIT, he’s got

his mouth in her muff!” Lisa shouted.

“He couldn’t have waited until she washed?” Kirsty


“That’s Cindy Inc. girls for you,” Leeann said.

“Always ready, always dirty… still, the guy doesn’t

seem to mind.” Indeed, the man was writhing around

between Holly’s legs, his head moving around happily

inside her cunt, lapping around and cleaning it out.

And he was stretching his arms up and landing them on

Holly’s jugs, grabbing them and squeezing them. They

were lovely, and Holly was forgetting where she was

for a moment; she loved it when men had their hands on

her body, or their tongues IN it. She groaned loud

enough for the sound equipment to pick up when his

tongue flicked her button; she was dying to feel his

meat go inside her… “Get up here…” she rasped, and

felt his tongue around her tits as he moved up her,

pussy all tingling and excited.

“Ohhh… oh damn this is gonna be so good…” Holly

gasped as she took her fighter and now lover in his

arms, and heard him say something as he kissed her

face and neck. When it sank in, she realised what was

about to happen. She loved sex, but…

“One down…” the hunter grinned, and drove his cock

deep inside, as Holly howled


Her cry cut through the jungle just as Cindy was

calling out for her again…

* * * * * * * * * *

Carter McMurdo zipped up his trousers as the hovering

helicopter lowered its rope ladder through the green

leafy roof of the jungle, while a deflowered and

glaring Holly Valance tugged resentfully at the cuffs.

She could hear a rustling in the back; her teammates

were coming, the same way she had been a few minutes


“Don’t worry about it, Valance,” Carter said. “If it

helps, I enjoyed it.”

“That makes one of us,” Holly said ruefully as they

took the rungs.

“Don’t lie to me, miss.”

Cindy and the others burst into the area just in time

to see the two be whisked up into the sky and hear the

chopper fly off. Like the man said, it was one down.

“Damn,” Sophie muttered.

“Jennifer Lopez is probably watching and laughing

right now,” Emmanuelle added. She was half right –

J-Lo was indeed watching, but she wasn’t laughing;

because just before the chopper arrived, the viewers

had been taken to elsewhere in the jungle.

To the bank of a river, in fact. Where at that moment,

Catherine Zeta Jones was lying on her front, not out

of choice. She had been dragged away from the others

at the right moment (for her hunter, anyway), and had

been slugged when they arrived at the river’s edge.

Catherine’s woozy state had lasted long enough for her

black-clad attacker to get her down and undressed, and

by the time she realised what was happening, she was

feeling something long and hard sliding into her ass.

Whatever it was, it wasn’t a cock; she’d had enough up

there to know. It was cold, hard metal. And it was

big. Big enough to cause the biggest pain in the ass

since her having to settle for a SUPPORTING Actress


Her pursuer hadn’t left anything to chance; she had

been tightly bound in case the blow wore off, and

while Michael liked to tie her up as well he had never

strapped her down this tightly. Catherine started to

struggle, then felt her breath starting to cut off;

this freak had looped the rope around her wrists and

then looped it twice around her neck, so if she tried

to move any more she’d choke. She let her hands go

back to where they were. “I’ll be good,” she said, her

voice breaking.

Pleased with this turn of events, her hunter set off

the beacon and wedged the item deeper inside

Catherine’s anus, before rolling her over. Catherine

gritted her teeth when she felt it core even deeper

into her butt, and also when she saw that her clothes

had been flung aside like they were discounted. From

K-Mart. But by that time her hunter had lifted up the

black hood covering her face, and kissed Cathy full on

the lips while driving her fingers into her Welsh

snatch. Patty McMurdo sighed in satisfaction as she

took Catherine, still afraid to move; she rubbed the

performer’s puffy clit between her fingers and kissed

her over and over.

“That’s what you get for leaving Cindy,” Patty assured

her, and she reached behind her and pulled out the

thing that had been coring Catherine. “Don’t scream

when you see this; I don’t want to have to choke you.”

Catherine, true to her word, didn’t say a word when

Patty brandished her own Best Supporting Actress

Oscar. “Your maid was very cooperative,” Patty cooed.

“You should give her a raise.” She rolled over

Catherine again, the dirt building up on her body.

“The chopper should be here in a few minutes… let’s

see if I can wrap this up until then.”

Catherine’s screams and wails as Patty rubbed the

Oscar with her own saliva and began to push it into

the Welsh woman’s lovely behind only intensified when

she heard some familiar voices – Angelina and the

others had followed her, and they were coming… then

she found herself being drawn to the thrusting back

and forth of the golden naked man inside her asshole.

Better than a doorstop, maybe, but…

“Too late!” Patty called triumphantly as Melissa, who

was closest, ran towards them. “You know the rules –

don’t get there in the first minute, she’s lost!” And

she circled her arm around her captive’s tits,

enjoying how firm they still were while the Oscar

pounded in and out of the gasping Catherine. “You

should have stayed at Cindy Inc, Mariette…”

“Ah… ah… ahhhh fuck you McMurdo… FUCK YOU!!!”

Catherine screamed as she felt herself moistening down

below, with Oscar’s bald head touching her most secret

places as she came loudly and defiantly.

J-Lo was also screaming as the on-screen graphics

showed that the score was now 1-1. Catherine, on the

other hand, didn’t say anything else as she and Patty

were airlifted out of the jungle, Patty waving at her

enemies, Angelina and the rest swearing back. “Don’t

let Cindy win!” Catherine shouted. “There’s still four

of you left…!”

* * * * * * * * * *

“There’s still four of us left,” Emmanuelle said

reassuringly, as they finished their lunch.

“Still not in our favour,” Cindy pointed out. “God,

why did Holly have to go off like that…?”

“Do you like to go to the bathroom in front of

anyone?” Sophie asked reasonably.

Cindy saw her point. “Okay, but from now we go in

pairs. No one goes anywhere alone. And if anyone goes

with me, your eyes face away from me, okay?”

“The great Cindy Crawford, bashful,” Monica laughed.

Cindy light-hearted gave Monica the bird, as a good

distance away Asia Argento crouched in a bush,

congratulating herself on her success so far. Her team

had all brought little receivers that made it easier

for them to keep in contact (though Patty, who knew

about them, had dumped Catherine’s in a bird’s nest,

making it harder for them to find her). Now Asia, with

Angelina’s blessing, had gone off alone in a bid to

track down and take down one – any one – of Cindy’s

women. Cindy’s team had no idea that they had gotten

closer to the enemy, but Team J-Lo definitely did.

And now, Asia took another look through her

smuggled-in binoculars. Yes… all assembled. Cindy C,

that pensionable American clothes-hanger. Drug-addled

Sophie Anderton. Silly French hussy Emmanuelle Beart.

And… there she was. Asia hissed as she watched

Monica Bellucci strutting around while the others

finished their meal. Oh, she made her so SICK,

parading around in a thin T-shirt and shorts, playing

up to the cameras like she always did, wiggling that

big ass and probably hoping it would rain so those

Himalayan mountains she called her tits would really

show through the fabric. And she had the nerve to get

mad just because she, Asia Argento, called it like it


“Tits and ass, Monica Bellucci,” Asia breathed.

“That’s all you are. And when I’m through with you,

you won’t even be that. And I’ll do it live as well.”

She scuttled closer, watching her prey, and waiting

for the moment, patting the little pack she was

carrying. Inside were butt plugs, dildos, the lot –

something for every hole. Monica Bellucci was going to

plugged up tighter than Ashley Judd’s ass when she was

done; and if Asia had to get a bit rough, all the


Now Monica was practically on top of her. The slut had

no idea she was there. It was perfect.

Asia sprang.

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