Cindy Inc: Revealed To Jules Asner

The continuing adventures of Cindy Crawford –

supermodel, mother and celebrity bordello owner. As

usual, it’s not for under-18s, and any comments to go

on the boards or to me at

Even more so than most of the others, this does NOT

reflect the actual behaviour of the people involved;

Cindy Crawford and Jules Asner really were roommates

in NYC for about two weeks when the former was still a

new model (so to speak), but neither has ever talked

about what it was like. No self respecting celeb

fantasy writer could pass such an opportunity for

up… okay, I couldn’t pass it up. (This

was another one first started for my story club, but

unlike the others it was never finished. It’s going to

be completed here – and in case you’re wondering about

the Mf coding, remember that in 1984 Cindy and Jules

were 18 and 16 respectively.)

* * * * * * * * * *

“Well, thanks for talking to us again, Cindy,” beamed

Jules Asner from Cindy Crawford’s home.

“Thank you. It’s been a pleasure,” Cindy replied. “But

there’s one more thing…”

“Yes?” the lovely reporter prompted, sniffing an


“Uh… this is a private thing,” Cindy continued,

sensing that Miss Asner and the crew were expecting


helluva revelation. She mouthed “New York 1984” to


Jules made a hand-cutting motion to the cameraman and

sound engineer, before adding “You heard her. This is


private thing.”

“That’s the talent for you,” the cameraman was heard

to mutter before they withdrew, leaving the two

beautiful brunettes alone in the living room. Cindy

and Jules were silent for a moment or two.

“I didn’t want to say this on air because I wasn’t

sure if I’d freeze up,” Cindy admitted.

“So you DO remember,” Jules said. “And all this time

you claim you didn’t.”

“It’s not like you’ve told anybody about our last

night,” Cindy reminded her gently.

Jules nodded. She remembered it as clearly as if it

were yesterday…

* * * * * * * * *

New York City, 1984.

It was Cindy’s turn to do the shopping that summer

day. As she strolled down the street carrying three

bags and thankful it wasn’t too far to the apartment,

she spotted a couple of her friends. Not in the flesh,

mind you; they were on the covers of magazines on the


“How come I never see you on those big magazines,


Ann?” asked the vendor who she passed every day.

“You’re just as pretty as they are… prettier


“Just the luck of the draw,” Cindy said

philosophically. “It might happen someday,” she added

as she gave him the money for a “Times” and “Post.”

The vendor watched her walk down the street, admiring

her long legs and tight butt. When she had disappeared

into the crowd, he switched his gaze to the current

issue of “Playboy.” If she ever shows off what she’s

got in there… he thought before dismissing the

idea. Not any time soon.

“Hi, Jules!” Cindy said chirpily. “They were all out

of what you wanted, so I had to get some crunchy

instead. Don’t kill me…”

“Peanut butter’s peanut butter,” Jules assured her, in

between kisses from her boyfriend on the sofa. Cindy

shook her head bemusedly; Jules was nice but she got

too affectionate occasionally. Like now. There she

was, practically using her guy as a horse – and this

was only the heavy petting stage. Cindy crept off to

her room, hoping they’d be finished in a little


An hour later, the sofa was starting to creak

rhythmically as a naked Jules rode her lover ever more

eagerly, enjoying his hands running all over her.


could never stop once she’d started, much to the

increasing frustration of Cindy. “What’ll it take,


water?” she grumbled, unable to block out her roomie’s

screwing, and almost as unable to work out why she was

watching them through a crack in the door.

Neither Jules nor her lover knew Cindy was watching

them; studying Jules’ eager bouncing, her boyfriend’s

loss of control as he pumped up into her, and getting

a very hungry look in her eyes.

Cindy slowly slipped her fingers into her jeans,

traced them along her soft downy pussy, and started to

participate from afar. Jules had often entertained her

guyfriend(s) here, but this was the first time Cindy

had tried to watch them. She did her best to keep her

own grunts silent as she stroked and manipulated her

snatch, wishing that she could be the one getting

poked and that Jules was the one watching them…

Cindy found herself getting wet and steamy in almost

no time, and hurriedly closed the door to finish the

job. But Jules wasn’t anywhere near finishing; she was

grinding herself with abandon on her boyfriend’s

crotch, sweat making her body shine as she felt his

organ puncturing her slot, a big come-filled tower

just waiting to blow up inside her. Her hair was

flinging in front of her face as she yelled out her

boyfriend’s name; she wished she could see his face.

He had a look of unbelievable joy as he thrust back as

best he could, eagerly stroking Jules’s beautiful form

as he felt her plump asscheeks slapping on top of his

balls and watched her cunt rise up and down along his

cock. Jules’s firm, round tits bobbed tantalisingly as

he listened to his girlfriend’s cries; watching her

thrash about as they fucked was always so much fun. He

thought he had drained all his come for one night,

but… but… but he could feel some more start to

flow up out of his balls and into Jules… and Jules

could feel it. She ground herself onto him harder an

clawed at his chest, screaming out his name as he shot

into her for the third time that night.

This time he screamed as well…

Behind the door, Cindy was relieved she had brought a

wedge to bite into while she thrust her fingers into

herself. She had thrown aside her jeans and was

crouching on the floor, her right hand working her

sexy little pussy on a commission basis. Cindy’s long,

slim fingers travelled fast and deep inside her wet

opening, spreading the lips and rolling the clit quick

and furious. She too had broken into sweat as she

fucked herself, listening to the howls of the couple

and wishing that she too could be with them.

Cindy nearly bit through the wedge as she felt the

warmth spread out from between her legs to her whole

body. Warmth that, despite her looks and friendly

personality, had been self-generated too many times.

* * * * * * * * * *

Jules’s boyfriend had his own key to the apartment

that the two young models shared, so Cindy wasn’t

surprised to find the TV blasting out MTV when she

entered the following afternoon. She checked out the

screen for a few moments, looking at the pouting girl

singing, then shook her head at the idea that she’d

ever be on this channel.

“Like the song? Or…” Cindy let it hang in the air.

“What do you think?” Jules’s boyfriend asked with a

grin. “If Jules was here she’d kill me for checking

out other women.”

“I’ll never tell,” Cindy promised, her right hand in a

Scout’s Honour mode.

“You know… if things had turned out different…”

Cindy knew where THIS was going.

“… you and I could have made a nice couple.”

“Thanks, but Jules got to you first.”

“Don’t count out Jules yet. She likes you… last

night she said she… um… likes the idea of you

joining us.”

“What, on your date?” Cindy asked, before she cracked


“You’re still a Midwesterner at heart, aren’t you?”

Jules’s boyfriend said, more curiously than mockingly.

Cindy was torn. On the one hand, she was basically a

good person, and she wasn’t usually the kind to sleep

with everything that came along. On the other hand, he

was a very nice guy. And handsome. And it had been a

long time since she had been with someone. Too long.

So long, in fact, that some people were wondering if

she preferred women.

“Jules won’t be back for an hour or so,” she said


“I know,” he replied.

The TV was still pumping out music videos half an hour

later, but neither Cindy nor Jules’s boyfriend were

paying any attention. Cindy was ignoring the video

because she was gyrating in front of him, and he was

ignoring the video because he was watching her strip.

She was so stunning and yet somehow still kind of

wholesome with it; Cindy wasn’t exactly bashful about

her body, but no one would ever consider her a full-on

goody-goody. Which was exactly how he liked it.

He couldn’t decide where to look; whether it was her

unbelievable legs or lovely lickable boobs, Cindy was

heaven. And now she was standing naked in front of

him, eyeing the growth from his underwear; he hurried

removed it so she could see his pride and joy. Almost

wishing that they were standing in a window so anyone

watching could see his good fortune, he embraced

Cindy. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh…. she smelled like nothing

he’d ever come across before, and she was so soft. For

the first time in weeks, he forgot about Jules Asner

as he kissed Cindy deeply and passionately, feeling

her fingers stroking his hair and back. His cock was

hungry for her as he pressed himself against her form,

feeling her hot, soaking brunette pussy against his


Cindy kissed him hard on his mouth, neck, chest and

stomach, before she paused facing his prick. Now it

was her chance to see if this was as fantastic as

Jules’s yells suggested it was; Cindy slowly and

lovingly took the cock into her mouth, singing

hosannas at finally getting something like this inside

her which wasn’t made of plastic. Ooooooooohhhhh…

lovely. Long and heavy, Jules’s boyfriend had himself

the equipment (Cindy was thankful for once that Jules

Asner was one of New York’s most demanding size

queens), and the moled model was proud that she

herself could accommodate him; she could feel him

practically inside her lungs, she had him that deep.

Cindy sucked him teasingly and hungrily, stroking him

as far as she could reach.

Jules’s boyfriend didn’t want to come soon; he wanted

Cindy to suck on him forever – but he also wanted to

work himself into her beautiful little pussy. And


But first… shit, Cindy really sucked. In a good way.

SO good… so fucking good… he was starting to feel

it come out as her lips kept going… he grabbed

Cindy’s lovely head and pulled it off his cock as he

felt himself about to come, and with his free hand

grabbed the cock. Just in time, he thrust once and as

he cried out Cindy’s name he watched his cream shoot

out from the tip and decorate Cindy’s face, to her

surprise and happiness. The come covered her cheeks

and forehead, with a few drops even landing in her


Cindy grinned up at him and massaged the drops into

her skin. Much nicer than some better-known brands

(and cheaper and all-natural as well – everyone was a

winner!). “Come on,” she said as she patted his cock.

“Time for a workout…” She sprang up and pivotted

around, Jules’s boyfriend fixing his eyes on her

behind. An image of Cindy and Jules atop each other,

their buns and legs spread and waiting for him, jumped

into his mind and couldn’t stay out. Not even when

Cindy planted her hands on the floor and did a

handstand – though when she bent herself downwards

from the waist and opened her legs, that fully brought

him back to earth.

Not knowing how long she could stay like this, he

started to bring his hands down to get a grip. “NO

HANDS!” Cindy grunted as she moved her legs back and

forth, moving her pelvis muscles as she did so. “Just

thrust… no touching except with the cock…” He let

his hands drop before they could touch those splendid

thighs and, still fixing on Cindy’s glutes, started to

guide his rod inside her. This had to be a slow

process, otherwise he’d knock her off balance, so he

had to wriggle around in there as he worked inside.

But the way Cindy’s pussy made his cock tingle was

worth it; “Yeah, that’s it… no need to rush…

dammit boy, keep it coming… great movements…


Moving like a dancer, he was soon pumping away inside

Cindy, slipping to and fro, tantalized at the sight of

the tall, naked model contorted in front of him, and

dying to feel the rest of her. To slap that firm ass

as he pushed deep inside her while she worked herself

in front of him … to listen to Cindy’s cries as she

felt his loving… but her cries were being drowned

out by his. Fucking Jules was the greatest, but to get

Cindy on the side… “SHIT!!!” he howled as he finally

flooded her cunt with himself. “SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT!!!


“OOOOHHHHHHHHDAMMIT!” Cindy shouted as she felt it

happen, and rolled forward off him. Sitting up on the

floor, she was glowing with the success of her

exercise. Now all they had to do was cool off.

Jules entered the room, beaming at Cindy and the

boyfriend. “How’d it go?”

“Could have been worse,” Cindy replied, relieved that

they had managed to wash and change with just five

minutes to spare before Jules got in…

* * * * * * * * * *

“He talks about you a lot,” Jules said casually that

night. “Not all the time, but I can tell he likes


“He’s a nice guy,” Cindy explained as they sat on the

sofa eating their ice cream.

“You know what he told me last night?”

“That there really is a Santa Claus?”

“Don’t give up the day job, Cindy. He said that if we

ever have another weekend sometime you could come


“A what?”

“A weekend away – with a friend.”


“And to tell you the truth,” Jules continued, “I

really wouldn’t mind if you did come along.”

“I’m sorry – I don’t usually do this with another girl


“You don’t USUALLY with another girl?”

Cindy found herself going red. There had been one or

two times where she had come close – bookers and

designers coming on to young models like her – but she

hadn’t really gone too far yet. “Why? Have you?” she


Jules nodded.

“How many times?”

“Just once. It was with a photographer. She…”

“Hey, no need to give me the whole story,” Cindy told

her. “Did you like it?”

“No. I don’t know if it was me or her…”

Cindy set down the ice cream container and faced

Jules. “Here,” she said quietly, and cupped Jules’s

pretty face in her hands. Half-hoping that it wouldn’t

go any further than this, Cindy gently kissed Jules on

the lips, then let her go, studying her roommate’s


Jules took Cindy’s hand and gently said “It was her.”

She came closer and opened her mouth to return the

kiss. Cindy’s mouth was kind and welcoming, and her

touch was soft and sweet – Jules had been waiting for

this moment for a while, but didn’t know until now.

The two women locked their mouths for a while,

everything but themselves forgotten. Jules placed her

hands on Cindy’s shoulders, touching them more

tenderly than anyone who was just friends or even just

experimenting should have. Still with her tongue deep

inside her friend’s mouth, Jules caressed Cindy’s arms

up and down, her fingers moving ever nearer the

breasts. When they at last broke the kiss, Jules had

her fingers lingering on Cindy’s mammaries, resting

there as if it had been preordained. But Cindy herself

was touching Jules’s thighs, blissfully fondling them.

Cindy moved her fingers to the inside of her

roommate’s thighs and started to move the digits up

towards the joy that lay between them as Jules began

to rub Cindy’s nipples, seeing them start to poke

through her top…


Cindy Crawford and Jules Asner snapped away from each

other and whirled their heads towards the door.

Jules’s boyfriend stood there, stunned.


roared, as the women clambered off the sofa in alarm.

“I should have known you were some fucking bull dyke –

the way you’re always looking at Jules – I should have

guessed you were trying to steal her! And you nearly

got her as well…”

“I wasn’t doing anything!” Cindy protested as Jules

shrank back.

“Yeah? What were you and Jules doing then, knitting?!”

“It wasn’t her fault!” Jules argued. “I sort of – ”

“Oh come on, Jules! You’re as straight as I am, but

everyone knows Cindy’s a dyke; wouldn’t touch that

with a ten-foot pole…”


ASSMUNCH!!!” Cindy screamed, and realised too late

what she had just said. So did Jules’s boyfriend. Both

looked quickly at Jules, and the shocked look on her

face said it all.

* * * * * * * * * *

Tearful and repentant, Cindy moved out of the

apartment the very next day. Jules, who knew that she

was in part to blame, and who despite the incident

still had some feelings for her boyfriend, had tried

to let bygones be bygones, but later that year she

heard rumours that he was regularly giving the night

deposit to some trampy singer; she found out that the

rumours were true when she herself caught her

boyfriend in bed with said singer. Jules liked

watching her boyfriend going down on people, but not

if the other person had a cock; she never saw him


“That guy was supposed to be so open, and he was

fucking me behind your back,” Cindy said to Jules,

still hurting over the incident nearly 20 years later.

“And that’s why I always pretend I don’t remember you

and me together…”

“Ashamed,” Jules nodded. “Look, Cindy, it was nearly

20 years ago. So you slept with my old boyfriend…

can you blame me for being mad? Besides, he was slime

anyway; after you and I, it was only downhill from

there. We both traded up from it.”

“Yeah,” Cindy smiled. “I got Rande, you got Steven.

And we both got George Clooney.”

“YES!” Jules crowed. “That was a Fourth of July we’re

never going to forget… listen, I need to ask YOU


“I know what it is,” Cindy said. “And the answer’s

Yes, as in Yes, I’ve been wanting to finish what we


Jules eyed the living room door and got up to lock it,

returning to Cindy’s side, admiring the material she

had on. As she started to unbutton the top, she hoped

it wouldn’t get dirty on the ground; then mentally

kicked herself for being worried about getting clothes

dirty when she was about to unveil Cynthia Ann

Crawford… who wagged a finger at her and pulled her

hands off.

“Not here,” Cindy told her. “In my suite.”

“Isn’t that for customers?” Jules asked.

“And for special occasions. Besides…” and Cindy

pointed to the door. Jules nodded; they couldn’t see,

but they were almost certainly listening. No one would

be watching or listening over at Cindy Inc.

* * * * * * * * * *

This time, Cindy didn’t try to stop Jules from

undressing her. Far from prying eyes, they were

standing in Cindy’s boudoir, and with the arguable

exception of her husband, she wouldn’t have wanted

anyone to share this moment with them.

Jules ran her hands down Cindy’s sides as she let the

top drop to the carpet. Cindy wasn’t 18 any more, but

she was still a sight to see; Jules unbuttoned her

friend’s dress, glad that this moment had finally

arrived. “I don’t know why you don’t do skirts any

more,” she said as she exposed Cindy’s long, long

legs. “You haven’t got anything to be ashamed of.”

“Time for me to let the new girls come up,” Cindy said

as she took Jules’s shirt off. “I don’t want to be

like Kim Cattrall or something.”

Jules made a face. “You made your point. Too bad

though – you and I could make a great team.”

Cindy studied Jules’s body; the jury was still out on

which E! presenter was the hottest. Luckily Cindy had

two of the three chief candidates on her books (Lopez

had sank her claws into Cindy Taylor the very day she

joined the network). “You can say that again,” she

said, and unclipped Jules’s bra. “How’s this for an

exclusive?” Dropping to her knees, Cindy ripped

Jules’s panties off and hefted her left breast. She

herself said her boobs weren’t as high as they were,

but she still had herself a fine pair. And Cindy’s

nipples were still among the sweetest to be found

across the land.

Cindy delicately moved her left breast onto Jules’s

snatch, and started to move it along the flesh in tiny

circles, humming to herself. Jules clasped Cindy’s

head in her arms and held her to her stomach as if she

was listening to a baby inside, and listened to the

supermodel’s happy little tune as Cindy moved her

breast along Jules’s clit; each woman felt a little

tingle, especially Cindy with her close-up view of her

nipple bobbing the button. Cindy started to slip her

tit into the presenter’s tiny opening and move it

around inside; she was glad that Jules didn’t have a

massive cunt the way Brooke Burke did – this way they

both felt great.

Jules bent forward, relishing the way Cindy’s breast

was moving in and out of her, and kissed her lover’s

back as far down as she could reach. Jules loved

looking at Cindy’s perfect back view from head to

foot; the best thing at seeing her boss’s excellent

bottom was knowing what was in front of it… she

arched with happiness as Cindy’s nipple touched her

most sensitive parts. Jules was dying to draw all of

Cindy’s tits into her; all of CINDY into her. Cindy

could have had boobs like Nadine Jansen and it

wouldn’t have felt any better – she was fucking her

ever faster, flicking around in her cunt like nobody’s

business… Jules clutched Cindy and started to shake

with the sensation of her tit down there. “Oh please

Cindy… Cindy don’t stop it… CindyCindy

CINDYYYYYYY!!!!” she screamed as Cindy felt the end of

her left breast suddenly become wetter.

Cindy got to her feet and offered her left breast to

Jules. “Want to see how you taste before I do?” she

asked. Jules greedily closed her lips around the boob,

licking and sucking away at it eagerly; conceited as

it sounded, Jules thought that Cindy’s tits never

tasted so good as they did with some of her secret

sauce added. Not that there was anything wrong with

the boss’s breasts beforehand – they were beautiful

and all natural. Jules gently bit on the nipple as she

rested her free hand on the other breast and massaged

it, listening to Cindy’s “Mmmmmmmm”s as she caressed

and tasted.

Jules’s other hand fondled Cindy’s soft skin; breastm

side, stomach, navel – and there it was. Cindy’s

beautiful, down-covered cunt. Jules paused for a

moment and spread her fingers open inside Cindy’s muff

as she French-kissed the boss. “You’d do anything for

a bigger cut, wouldn’t you?” Cindy smiled as she felt

the reporter guide her fingers deeper inside – in the

years since their time together, Jules had had plenty

of experience both with clients and with rivals

(although the rumour that she had kept Nancy O’Dell

and Katie Couric away from a major scoop by dressing

up as a nurse and performing anilingus on them was, of

course, a bare-faced lie. Jules had actually dressed

up as a traffic warden…).

Cindy was definitely warming up as Jules continued to

move her fingers inside; then Jules moved down and put

her fingers up near Cindy’s mouth. As Cindy licked

herself off, Jules finally got to do what she nearly

did 19 years ago – Cindy was surprisingly tight below,

especially for a woman who’d had two children. She was

also sooooooo hot down there; no wonder her husband

kept impregnating her. And while some of the women

Jules had been with didn’t smell that nice down below,

whatever it was Cindy ate agreed with her; Jules loved

the sweet, spicy taste of Cindy’s pussy. She ran her

tongue along the edges and inside the box, and began

to feed.

“Yes… yeah Jules yes… you go exploring missy…”

Cindy whispered as she felt Jules stroking the back of

her thighs and move up to her buns. Jules seemed to be

searching for something – “I was lying… not a pimple

on them….” she cried, and felt a playful slap as

Jules, not missing a beat with her mouth, paddled

Cindy’s bottom. But she didn’t care about that; all

she cared about was how warm she was feeling now – as

Jules used her tongue to get to every inch of her,

even though physically she was still only between her

legs. Little bursts of happiness went off inside her

snatch as Jules dabbed her everywhere, blending the

pecks of her tongue with little kisses until she was

covering every bit of her area. Cindy clutched Jules’s

long hair so tightly she thought she’d be tearing

clumps of it out with joy as she felt herself finally

submitting to what Jules Asner was doing to her cunt,

screaming “THAT’S IT!!! GIVE IT TO ME ASNER!!!


Cindy grabbed Jules’s head and felt her orgasm

practically travel through the presenter’s frame as

she yelled her feelings, feeling the orgasm

reverberatae through her body. Intense though it was,

it never lasted long enough; Cindy almost begged Jules

not to take her lips off her box, but instead she

opened up another box of her own – one of the drawers

within her massive bed. Relishing the taste of Cindy

Crawford’s pussy, Jules studied the boss as she put

her hands inside. “What is it…?” she asked.

“Is it true you’ve never been fucked by Brooke Burke

since the time we brought her over?” Cindy asked


“Boy, you won’t get on ‘Access Hollywood’ with that

mouth,” Jules said with a little laugh. “But it’s


“That ends tonight. Presenting…” and Cindy

brandished a long, bright blue cylindrical object with

a flourish. Jules’s eyes widened as she stared

nervously at her cunt, which was less accommodating

than Cindy’s, and then back at the vibrator – which

had “Brooke Burke” inscribed on it. In Brooke’s


Cindy held Brooke tantalisingly close to Jules’s

shocked face. “Don’t be scared,” she told the

presenter. “You’d be surprised what you can fit in


“But – dammit, look at the SIZE of that thing!” Jules

protested, touching the well-moulded object. It must

have been a foot long if it was an inch, and she was

too scared to ask how thick it was – she might have

gotten an answer.

“Brooke says hers comes in several different sizes,

but this is the one she likes best,” Cindy said as

casually as if she was discussing what kind of

breakfast cereal she got for her kids. “I lent her two

of mine for it. Now, do you want this up the front or

the back?”

“The front!” Jules answered a little TOO quickly,

still eyeing it with caution and watching Cindy

brandish Brooke Burke like a sword, moving it along

her friend’s lovely tits. Jules shivered as she felt

the massive prick-equivalent running along her

nipples; it was covered with some kind of material

that made the sensation even nicer. Was it the same

thing Steven’s condoms had on? And now Cindy was

thrusting Brooke up and down between Jules’s

mammaries, a teasing look on the naked model’s face.

Jules began stroking Cindy in excitement as the model

pulled the rod down from her lover’s chest and lightly

put it on the good stuff below. Cindy switched it on,

and the tip of Brooke started to vibrate.

“Uhhhhhhhhhhh…” Jules groaned, enjoying the way

Brooke was tickling her cunt. “Oooooooooooo…” Not in

the mood to say much else (and at this point in time

incapable of saying much else), Cindy planted one hand

on Jules’s shoulder and, with the other, began to push

Brooke into her. Jules let out a long groan as she

felt herself become energised by the whirring item

buzzing its way inside; the respective sizes of

vibrator and vagina meant Cindy had to push it inside

at a pace slightly slower than “Taken,” but with much

more interesting results. Cindy was grinning with glee

as she guided Brooke inside; she could tell Jules was

loving it, just as she had the first time.

Jules’s brown eyes were bugging out of her head, her

mouth hanging open, her body shivering and nothing but

“Uhhh – uhhh – uhhhhh…” was coming out as Cindy

continued to thrust into her. She was drawing out the

pain – Jules had never had anything this big inside

her – but also infinitely extending the pleasure…

Jules had NEVER had anything this big inside her. When

half of the twelve inches had manoeuvred themselves

inside Jules’s tight (if slightly roomier now) cunt,

Cindy flicked another switch. Jules grabbed Cindy

tighter as she felt the top spinning inside her, and a

small extension start to happen. Jules felt Brooke

worm even deeper inside… her cunt was on fire now.

“Ooooooohhh GODHELPME!!!!” she wailed, embracing Cindy

as she started to thrust herself against Brooke. “I…

I… I…”

“Yes, yes… just let it happen…” Cindy whispered

soothingly as she stroked her bucking lover,

moistening her fingers. Jules Asner had a nice biggish

ass, and Cindy was willing to bet she had an equally

nice tight butthole. Pushing a finger into the crack,

Cindy enjoyed feeling Jules arch inside her arms as

Brooke did her work, and as Cindy slid her finger into

the presenter’s ass. Jules screamed out her coming as

Cindy began to finger-fuck her back door – she

wouldn’t get Brooke Burke up it, but Cindy Crawford

was just right. The wait was over, and it had been

worth it.

* * * * * * * * * *

The children were all tucked up asleep, and she didn’t

have to be anywhere tomorrow. It was only her and her

husband, and he was losing control that late night,

wildly excited to watch Brooke Burke on the bed.

Brooke hoped that Cindy was taking care of her pride

and joy, the same way that she was taking care of

hers. Feeling “Jules Asner” working her way up her

ass, buzzing full blast, was almost as nice as a real

cock – Brooke had wanted her husband to shove his meat

into her mouth, but as he pointed out “If I did that,

I wouldn’t be able to watch.”

And what was the point of having Brooke Burke’s

opposite number “Cindy Crawford” (Cindy and Brooke had

named their objects in honour of each other after

their first time together) being wedged deeper and

deeper into your crotch if there wasn’t someone to

enjoy the spectacle? Especially since unlike Jules

Asner, you could take in most of the length and were

proud of it? Brooke gasped with joy and started to do

another turn, the better to let her husband see Jules

sink deeper and deeper into her prime rump. It was a

shame she couldn’t do one for “Cindy Taylor,” but then

again you never know…

* * * * * * * * * *

“Say it,” Jennifer Lopez said calmly.

“Are you sure?”


“Hi, I’m Cindy Crawford.”

Nothing. J-Lo relaxed; the code phrase couldn’t hurt

her now. The guy who had cancelled that remnant of the

business in Barbados had been telling the truth.

“Okay,” the head of J-Lo’s announced, sitting back on

her sofa and hiking her dress up to display her plump

thighs and non-panty-covered cunt, “you know what to


“Hi, I’m Cindy Crawford and I just LOVE to eat you,

Jennifer Lopez,” said Cindy Crawford, and broke into a

smile at the sight of Lopez’s open legs. Not waiting

for an order, she began to munch.

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