Cindy Inc: The End Of Season Blues

The continuing adventures of Cindy Crawford –

supermodel, mother and celebrity bordello owner. The

way the celebrities behave in these stories is no,

repeat NO, reflection on how they actually carry on

in real life. Send any praise, complaints, or requests

for any celebs in future stories to me at or onto the message boards.

(The Paula Marshall who JLH mentions near the end is

an American actress who’s got a startling number of

shortlived TV series under her belt.)

* * * * * * * * * *

May means a lot of things to a lot of people. For the

it’s a month that begins and ends with that

wonderful invention, a bank holiday. For Hollywood,

it’s the start of that license to print (or lose)

money called the blockbuster season. And for students,

it’s the time when exams loom like thunderclouds on

the horizon.

Rhona Mitra’s student days were far behind her, but

she was English and in Hollywood, and best of all, she

was what in Cindy Inc. parlance was a “have.” At this

time of year, many of the actresses signed up to

either Cindy or Jennifer Lopez’s books either “had”

slots in the fall schedule or “had not.” And watching

her ladies in action from her office at home, Cindy

Crawford was sorry to see that three of her ladies

“had not.” And it was going to affect their work for

days afterwards.

Jennifer Love Hewitt was in her usual Smiley McSmile

mode in the run-up to The Desecration (Kelly Clarkson,

among other ladies working there, wasn’t happy about

the “Garfield” movie), and giving a handjob to one

eager, if cheap, journalist around her own age.

“Nadine smelt you on me after the last time,” he

explained as she flitted her slim fingers up and down

his prick, playing that fleshy flute as if it was…

well, a flute basically. He wished that he could have

found a way of charging a blowjob to expenses – maybe

if he had interviewed her on location like that guy

had managed with J-Lo’s Mandy Moore. But hey, it

wasn’t like JLH wasn’t doing a good job here; she

wasn’t tugging his dick hard enough to pull it off,

just moving along the rod with just enough pressure

while playing with his balls, all the while talking

amiably with him and letting him look down the top of

her dress. It was so nice to be able to drool over

Jennifer Love Hewitt and not have to worry about

getting stuff over himself.

JLH said and did everything right, but she was kind of

glad the guy hadn’t wanted him to put his thing in her

mouth. Not that it wasn’t nice (it was a bit small,

but it was okay – especially now that she was helping

it get bigger. And bigger. And bigger…); it was just

that it took less effort and concentration to jerk a

guy off than it did to suck him off. She reasoned that

she only needed half her mind to do a good handjob,

which was just as well; the other half was on the bad

news she had gotten about her sitcom pilot not getting

picked up for the new season.

“Tell you what, the next time you come I’ll get new

perfume,” Jennifer laughed, as the organ continued

swelling under her touch. “What your wife doesn’t know

won’t hurt her, right?”

“That’s what I like about you, Love,” the reporter –

one of the few people who still kept calling her by

her former professional name, thanks to his having

been hot for her since her “Kids, Incorporated” days –

managed to say as he felt JLH touching his balls. What

a tingling feeling that girl gave. “So…

understanding,” he added, seeing his cock start to

jerk by itself.

“Mmmm… we’re getting a gusher!” JLH cried, pumping

at the prick just a bit harder, and thinking that she

should have tried something like this at pilot season.

“Listen – we’re not supposed to do this, but I could

finish this in my mouth if you want…”

“I already paid for the hands – ”

“Oh, it’ll be on the house,” the pint-sized brunette

laughed as she saw his cut cockhead starting to drip.

“Plus I really like you…”

“Well…” the reporter HAD to be a nice guy; he

actually stopped to think about getting a free blowjob

from Jennifer Love Hewitt. “Okay.”

She wasn’t entirely doing it out of the goodness of

her heart; more effort meant less time to think about

the busted sitcom. Still, at least Jessica Simpson’s

hadn’t made the cut either, she thought to herself as

she opened her mouth and took in the grateful

reporter’s excited prick.

* * * * * * * * * *

Things could have been worse, Jessica Simpson thought

as she felt the customer’s eyes all over her in her

Daisy Duke costume, hotpants and all. At least

Jennifer Love Hewitt’s pilot hadn’t made the cut

either. Plus she wasn’t in the running for that “Dukes

of Hazzard” movie – Jessica wasn’t a brunette and

Daisy Duke had never been the professional airhead

that the Newlywed was, but a lot of the lure was in

her body and damned if she didn’t know she had the T

and the A to pull it off. Jessica knew she had a shot,

and it had to be better than that Jessica Sampson (oh,

please) stuff.

Jessica and the customer were bouncing on the bed,

veering wildly from side to side and occasionally

jumping into the air – “YEEEAAAAAHHHHOOOOOOOOO!!!!

That was a close one!” Jessica yelled as they sped

along the imaginary back roads of Hazzard County,

leaving Coltrane in the dust yet again as they turned

into the bushes.

“Didn’t think you could drive like that, Daisy!”

“Enos” managed to say as she brought their car to a

stop in some “bushes.”

“There’s a lot about me you don’t know,” Jessica

giggled. “You’re a sweet guy, but you have to grow up

sometime…” With the two contorting themselves as if

they were still inside the relatively cramped space of

the General Lee, Jessica wriggled herself around down

to the “deputy’s” pants, seeing the excited man’s face

and hoping he wouldn’t be so excited that he’d leave

the white stuff on her face instead of her mouth. “You

sure you don’t wanna wait until we get to the hotel?”

“You’re a Duke – you got married to me my way, we can

do the first night yours…” the man gurgled. Though

he was supposed to be an innocent virgin, he couldn’t

keep from peering down and getting a look at

Daisy/Jessica’s bountiful boobage before he felt

Jessica’s mouth take in his excited prick.

Even the biggest Alicia Silverstone fan would have to

admit that “bountiful boobage” is not the first thing

that comes to mind when thinking of her. Fortunately,

the milky-skinned blonde made up for it in other

words; and equally fortunately for the man whose

upright erection she was slowly moving her tongue

along, Alicia was accompanied by a woman who was

indeed blessed with big ones. The man’s eyes focused

on Rhona Mitra’s inviting boobies, waiting to hear her

talk again while she licked down the right side of his

cock – he just LOVED those posh English accents!

Alicia reached the base, and placed his balls in her

mouth, glad that they were big ones; she wouldn’t have

to fake ecstasy at playing with them on her tongue.

Even though she had had a feeling that “Miss Match”

wouldn’t be back for a second season, it had still hit

her hard when the Peacock swung the axe; what made it

worse was that “Joan of Arcadia” had been on opposite

her at first and gotten its renewal early, and in

between bouts at J-Lo’s Amber Tamblyn had never let

her forget it. Ever. Tasting the man’s sacs as Rhona

kissed and licked the head before gently starting to

suck, Alicia wasn’t looking forward to going into the

field of genuinely temporary employment again. But at

least she was a steady at Cindy Inc. – and anything

was better than “Braceface.”

Alicia and Rhona moved like they were part of the

Synchronised Head Team, their heads never cracking

together as they serviced the producer; he studied the

two women, looking forward to when Rhona started

slaving for him in the autumn. No chance of creative

differences with the way she moved her mouth up and

down his cut cock; Rhona had already implied that she

might do some overtime on the show for his benefit.

The way she was gobbling him all the way down to

Alicia’s blond, ball-tasting head…

“You know… it’s a shame about your show…” he

groaned as the mouths continued. “One of my bosses is

coming by later… he thinks we don’t know…”

Alicia let the balls out for a moment to kiss both of

them. Twice.

* * * * * * * * * *

“Sex With Cindy Crawford” hadn’t done well in the

ratings when it aired. The executive knew why; at no

point during that well-intentioned special had Cindy

actually stripped off and done the deed. It would have

helped had the tall brunette been stretched alongside

a wall, for instance, one of her long legs extended

high alongside her head while she bent along the wall,

her crotch wide open and ready to be entered. And if

someone – say, a balding man in his late-40s who was

employed by the Alphabet Network – had applied

Gillette shaving cream to Cindy’s bush and was

delicately shaving off said hairs (Cindy liked a bit

of covering down there, but he liked it bald; just

this once, she didn’t argue), all the better.

And now he was finished; Cindy’s freshly-balded snatch

was there, wiped off by his own fair hands. He loved

seeing it all pink and smooth like that; there were

only the teeniest, tiniest buds of hair left, nothing

to get in the way. Cindy moved herself to and fro on

the wall as the executive kissed the soft area around

her cunt – if only a few of his fellow suits

understood the joys of sex with women not young enough

to be their daughters. Smelling her snatch deeply, he

slipped his tongue into her and went where so many had

gone before.

He listened to Cindy’s grunts as she kept herself

upright – if the upside of her hefting her

old-enough-to-walk-by-himself son everywhere was that

she was strong enough to hold these positions, let her

carry the kid. And was Cindy actually thrusting back

as she stood there on one leg with her arm against the

wall? He sucked away on her lovebutton, waiting to

feel the box moisten before stuffing his “enormous”

(in his dreams) cock into Cindy, running his hands up

and down her upraised thigh as he licked.

“Tony…” Cindy sighed as she exercised. “…do you

think you could do me a favour?”


“Ever wanted to do it with Hewitt?”

The executive came dangerously close to losing his

hardon before he realised she meant the

twenty-something Jennifer Love, not the

eighty-something Don.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was all go that afternoon; Rhona had just finished

wiping off her mouth from the first guy when she had

to prep herself for another one – “Oh, you’re joking!”

she groaned. “ANOTHER TV guy? Don’t any of them go to

J-Lo’s or have mistresses?”

“Some of the mistresses work at J-Lo’s,” a

just-going-off-duty Vanessa Marcil laughed. “Why do

you think Carmen Electra keeps getting work?”

“That would explain a lot,” Rhona agreed. “P.F.

Arnold. well, at least it’s not someone else I’m

working with.” And she headed to the bathroom to clean

herself; P.F. would be here in about twenty minutes,

and she knew these executives didn’t like to mess

about. A quick bath and mouthwash later, and she was

all ready for whatever this businessman wanted to do

to her. She even had her outfits at the ready; she had

thought the first man who wanted to roleplay was up

for a bit of Lara Croft, but he had “Hollow Man” in

mind. Prettied up, she sat in her suite and smiled as

the door opened, letting in P.F.

Rhona’s smile wavered for an instant – she didn’t

really like women.

“You know,” said Penelope Arnold as she took her seat

besides Rhona and rested her hand on her shoulder

affectionately, “I thought I’d have to go to London to

have a crack at you and stay here for some of Gwyneth

– then I got headhunted by the networks and came out

here around the time Gwynnie took up with that wimp

from Coldplay. So now.” Penny kissed Rhona’s ears and

lips, as the latter tried to pretend that she let

women sleep with her all the time; she nervously

rested her hands on the woman’s top, moving her

trembling fingers underneath the dress. The more

assured Penelope stroked Rhona’s form lightly,

removing the woman’s clothes and talking quietly,

understanding how she felt and putting her at ease.

Soon Rhona was down to her underwear, the executive

stroking her shoulders. “Nice. very nice,” Penelope

said soothingly as Rhona undid her top. “So much

better than the others.” The still-nervous Rhona

checked out Penelope’s chest; she had a good set on

her. Bigger than her own. Summoning up all her acting

talent, she put her hands on her client’s chest and

started to play with it, hefting each now-bared breast

and lightly rolling the nipples with her fingers, as

Penelope unclipped Rhona’s bra and cast it aside.

“Just a couple of white chicks sitting around

groping,” she joked. Sliding her hands down the

ex-Tomb Raider’s sides, Penelope pushed one hand down

Rhona’s front and the other down the back; she nodded

in approval – she liked it when they were shaved

below. She took Rhona’s button between thumb and

forefinger and slowly started to rub it, while

slipping her middle finger in and out of her box;

Rhona felt the lady moving her other hand in little

circles around her ass, while she herself stated

touching Penelope wider.

“Just a moment,” she said, and pushed down her

panties, finally naked before the woman. Penelope

leaned forward and kissed Rhona, who pushed her own

jugs forward so that they were touching the exec’s;

with their nipples touching, Rhona pushed her hand

between the woman’s legs, starting to get into the

spirit of things. The London branch had matched her

with Nell McAndrew, but this woman was much better to

be with – she was actually trying to turn her on as

well instead of expecting Rhona to do all the work.

And now Penelope had Rhona in her arms, gently kissing

her and rubbing her back from top to toe; Rhona heard

the customer’s satisfied sigh as she kept handling her

pussy and asshole, and started to send her back down

onto the bed. Penelope’s cheerful face glowed even

more as she felt the woman’s weight on her, and

positively shone when Miss M turned herself around –

her breasts moved away, but Rhona’s bald cunt was

tantalizingly close to her face.

New season pussy was always nice. Penelope clutched

Rhona’s tight spheres and brought the woman down, and

put her tongue in her slot as she felt Rhona’s mouth

on her own cunt, dabbing around down there as she

greedily returned the favour. The sounds of their

munching blended together, each lady grunting in

satisfaction as they furrowed around inside, Rhona

licking delicately, Penelope more savagely; she shoved

her tongue deeper up Rhona as she prodded her fingers

inside the young woman’s butt. Soon Rhona’s box was

covered with her kisses and licking, the exec sucking

on her juicy little clit. Rhona nipped Penelope’s

thighs, feeling warm and wet between her own, and

becoming more excited about what was between her

customer’s. “Ooooohhhh..” She was thinking that she

should pay Penelope for this as she plunged her face

back down, munching more eagerly this time. Up and

down her head flew as she flicked her tongue around

Penelope’s muff, feeling the woman’s crotch get damper

as she ate, and herself gasping into the cunt for

Penelope to make her come dammit. make this all worth

it. unaware that Penelope herself was doing the same

thing. she had to do all the work. but with someone

who looked like Rhona, it was worth it.

“Come on, you little whore.” Penelope growled as she

clutched Rhona’s ass. “You want to make Cindy proud,

don’t you?”

“I want to make YOU proud.” Rhona mumbled as she

prodded her tongue along the walls of Penelope’s cunt.

“Mmmmm. fuck me.. Keep fucking me. oooooh fuck it keep

going.. Please oh holyMOTHEROFMERCY YESSSS!!!!” Rhona

clamped her legs around Penelope’s head as she felt

the waves and waves of heat shooting through her body

– Penelope had gotten to her, spurring her to keep

lavishing her mouth on the customer, who swallowed the

dampness from Rhona’s cunt as she felt herself finally

starting to get warm.

* * * * * * * * * *

“.and they call it. Cindy.”

Cindy Crawford was used to people making requests when

they were with her, but this was a new one. In all the

time she had been doing this, no one had ever asked

her to do that song from that ad; she herself had

gotten the point and never sung in public since then,

and she had thought no one would bring it up. But that

was TV people for you; Ryan lolled back on his bed,

pumping his cock as the supermodel relived one of the

lowest points of her life without the benefit of

Little Richard.

“I used to do this watching that ad,” he explained. “I

really loved it.”

“You did?!?” Cindy asked, not helping sounding

pleased. “So this isn’t some humiliation thing?”

“Of course not. if I wanted to embarrass someone, I’d

go over to J-Lo’s,” the lower-level suit answered,

feeling the come dribbling from his prick.

“You guys are weird, you know that?” Cindy laughed.

“I’ve heard that so often it’s lost all meaning.”

* * * * * * * * *

Jennifer Love Hewitt flushed her latest diaphragm down

the toilet as she got ready to leave; the first day of

another busy week here, and she still had a couple of

scripts to look at as well. And tomorrow she had

another meeting with some guy from ABC, right here at

Cindy Inc. She wanted to run over to Cindy and thank

her. Again.

* * * * * * * * * *

Twenty-four hours later. The Streets were being pumped

through the sound system – fortunately many of the

ladies there that evening couldn’t hear them. From

Mischa Barton entertaining some of her fans to Amy

Acuff entertaining some of hers, it was another busy

night. Not least for Jessica Simpson.

“Well, gee,” she said, all wide-eyed and pouting

seductively as she fingered the dildo, “I’ve never

done this before for anybody before.”

“First time for everything,” Armstrong told her.

“Well. alright,” Jessica said, shyly crouching,

raising her butt in the air as she put her tongue

inside Miss Armstrong’s cunt, and pressing the dildo

against her own ass. The woman’s snatch didn’t taste

anything like tuna or chicken, whatever Armstrong had

joked (and Jessica was getting VERY tired of that

crack being made by half the women she served).

Jessica burrowed in deeper as she probed the rod

around her butt, with Armstrong lolling back and

revelling in the Simpson tongue, while watching the

Texan’s prime rump be stroked by the dildo. As Jessica

slid it up and down her crack, the executive reached

down and took hold of her legs. Grabbing tightly, she

started to lift Jessica up, bending her over and

forwards, the blonde tonguing her slot all the while.

“I just. want a . better look.” she explained, with

Jessica practically upside down and still munching

away as her buns hovered by Miss Armstrong’s face.

Safely held there, Jessica started to wedge the dildo

into her butt, her cries smothered by the exec’s

snatch as she stuffed the hard item deeper inside.

“Keep going, Jessie. that’s good. keep it.” Armstrong

didn’t want to talk any more as Jessica’s tongue, as

eager to please as the rest of her, started to heat up

her cunt.

“Think your husband. would mind you. sharing your butt

with the viewers?”

Jessica stopped dabbing for just long enough to say

“He doesn’t mind it here.”

“It’s going to happen. you’re in the cast.”

Jessica kissed Armstrong’s clit in delight as she

continued fucking herself in the ass. Cable didn’t

give a damn about wardrobe malfunctions, and

Showtime’s miniseries “The Unit” promised to be a

biggie. Emmys, watch out.

* * * * * * * * * *

Jennifer Love Hewitt never trusted valets to park her

car, even Cindy Inc. valets. Bringing her car to a

stop in the Reserved For Employees space, she skipped

up the flight of stairs, pretending not to notice the

very old gentleman coming down and the way he checked

out her bosom. “Come again!” she chirped at him.

“It might be sooner than you think,” he replied,

storing away Jennifer Love Hewitt’s tits for later. As

if tonight’s “JAG” being a Catherine Bell-heavy

episode wasn’t enough. Unaware of the blessing she’d

given him, JLH entered and winced at hearing the

Streets; she hated that brand of British whine-rock.

“Why do they keep playing this?” she groaned as she

signed in for the evening. “I’m sick of having to

pretend I love this stuff.”

“You’d rather hear Ashlee Simpson or Bowling For

Soup?” the lady behind the desk asked.

“Well. yeah, wouldn’t you?”

“Of course I would,” the lady lied as JLH headed for

the lounge where the women who were on duty went to

relax before or between assignments, if they weren’t

wandering the grounds mingling with the customers. She

hoped that it wouldn’t be long before Tony came by –

JLH was always at her very best with the first guy of

the evening. “Hey, wait up!”

JLH turned when she heard the receptionist racing

toward her, waving an envelope. “I almost forgot –

you’ve got a command performance tonight, over in


“What?” she squealed. No, not tonight. Not tonight of

all nights…

“It’s the Crusher,” the receptionist grinned,


“The Crusher? But he never does the same woman twice.”

“First time for everything, kiddo. The chopper’s


“But I’ve got someone coming specially for me – ”

“You get guys every night, JLH,” the receptionist

chided. “Scoot.”

Jennifer considered pretending she’d suddenly come

down with a previously unknown strain of Hong Kong

flu, then settled for heading for the helicopter. If

the Crusher was anything like last time, she’d be

lucky if she was ready for another guy by morning.

Next Wednesday morning.

* * * * * * * * * *

“Hi, I’m Cindy Crawford, and welcome to Cindy Inc. –

bringing fantasies to life since 1999! Everybody

having a great time?”

The floorshow audience applauded and cheered their

approval as Cindy curtseyed and beamed – she loved a

happy crowd. “Anybody wish they were at J-Lo’s?”

Even though Cindy had initiated an offer of a complete

refund if not delighted, no one answered. “Great. I’ll

be available all night if you need anything, so I’ll

just clear the way for tonight’s entertainment –

tonight’s OTHER entertainment, I mean – and whatever

you do with the ladies, do it safely. And now, until

the dancers get going, give it up for Maroon 5!”

Cindy let the cheers accompany her offstage, and went

up to her combo office/suite, mentally betting that

her cellphone would go off the very second she got

inside. She won the bet; “Talk to me,” she said,

flopping on her bed and sinking a few inches. man,

that’s good mattress.

“That guy from the network just arrived,” Kelly

Rowland said from the other end. “The one you got to

come back.”

“Great! Have you told JLH?”

“I passed her on the way to the chopper; she said – ”

“The chopper?” Cindy interrupted.

“Yeah; she’s got a command performance tonight. you

didn’t know?”

“No,” Cindy replied slowly. “No, I didn’t.”

* * * * * * * * * *

“She was sick?”

“Yeah, can you believe it?” Alicia Silverstone said

sympathetically. “And she was really looking forward

to getting together with you. Anyway,” she continued

as she and Tony entered her suite for the evening, “I

hope I’ll be a good replacement – I know my boobs

aren’t as big as JLH’s.”

“That won’t be a problem,” Tony assured her, eyeing

her legs.

* * * * * * * * *

The Crusher lived by the sea, although that was as far

as resemblance to Puff the Magic Dragon went. JLH

loved coming to the beach usually, but now she just

hoped he wouldn’t be too quick to get the shoes out –

she didn’t want her ass pounded until she got

blisters. Again. The small brunette hopped out of the

chopper as soon as it landed and hurried to the door.

“Yes?” said the professional wrestler who opened it,

and his scowl brightened on seeing who it was. “JENNY!

What brings you around here?”

This threw JLH off course. He sounded like he really

meant it – like he really hadn’t expected to see her.

* * * * * * * * * *

Tony cradled Alicia’s white stocking-clad legs as she

lay on the chaise longue, smiling coyly at him. She

was naked other than the stockings, which the man’s

fingers were roaming up. Her legs were just about the

only thing on his mind – apart from the rest of her

body; he could see her lovely little blonde box there,

but he wouldn’t be putting himself in it tonight. His

prick was out and hard as he continued to stroke her

legs, enjoying each slim inch as the music played

softly; he liked a little Astrud Gilberto for

background, and Alicia wasn’t one to argue.

While Astrud told all and sundry about how the Girl

from Ipanema went walking, the Boy from Birmingham

(Alabama, that is) went roaming onto Alicia’s thighs.

Free from any kind of dress, they were beautiful; he

bent and kissed each one on the inside, and then

gently kneaded each thigh in a little massage before

starting to kiss the right leg from the thigh all the

way down to the toe. He sucked and kissed her feet as

if he was the whore and she was the customer with a

cock that needed emptying badly; Tony tasted each of

Alicia’s toes before going over to the other leg and

doing it again, but this time from the foot up. Alicia

wanted to tell him to put his tongue inside her, he

could do it for nothing. but the customer was always

right. “Mmmmmm. nice.” she murmured as Tony crept

upwards, running his tongue along her thighs until

he’d reached the top. Then he took his hard cock in

hand and started to rub it on her legs.

Alicia was more used to having cocks slapping around

her face than around her legs, and though she was a

vegetarian she wouldn’t have said no to this

particular cut of meat. But there was Tony, sliding

his cock up and down her limbs and moving it around

her feet; the guy pulled the foreskin over one of

Alicia’s toes and gently rubbed, getting closer so he

could feel her toe on the tip of his cock. Alicia

moved the other foot closer and rolled it along the

shaft, and Tony’s eyes lit up; she knew where he was

coming from. She moved her remaining foot away from

Tony’s prick and then brought it back, now next to the

prick; Alicia had it inside the oval her feet made,

and felt slightly uncomfortable because the bases of

her feet were touching, more or less turning her legs

into a parallelogram. Tony either didn’t notice or

didn’t care; with his prick inside the “cunt” Alicia’s

feet made, he began to pump between the feet, keeping

her hands moving along her calves, thrusting along

with tight little strokes. Not a sign of a hair bud,

thank goodness – all smooth as silk; she knew what he

liked. Tony grinned at Alicia as he felt her heels

pressing on his prick; she kept moving her feet as he

shoved between them, thinking this position had a plus

– her box was more open, and with the view he had

maybe he’d want a bit extra.?

Tony’s cock was beginning to drip, a little stream

dropping onto the sheets. With his hands rubbing

Alicia’s legs so hard they were about to catch fire,

he tugged his cock out from between her feet and aimed

it at her calves – with loud grunts he pumped out his

come-streams along Alicia’s right leg, groaning in

pleasure as the white cream trailed up it. To his

delight, Tony found he had enough for the other leg;

not to Alicia’s delight, he still didn’t want her


* * * * * * * * * *

Early evening and the traffic was starting to build up

– Jennifer Love Hewitt laughed like a lunatic, flying

as she was in the helicopter high above it all. At

least it wouldn’t be long before she was back on base,

and the Crusher had been really understanding; she

might be able to pull this night out of the fire yet.

Her cellphone sang; it was the boss. “Hi!” she sang

herself into it.

“It’s usually you calling me, isn’t it?” Cindy said.

“Who told you you were off-property tonight?”

“Esther gave me the details almost as soon as I got

in. there must have been a screwup at your end –

please don’t fire me!”

“Not going to happen, Love. It WAS at my end; you’ve

been tricked.”

“Why would Esther go and do that?”

“I don’t think it was Esther,” Cindy told her, as

Alicia kissed Tony goodnight. She understood why he

didn’t want the full fucking; his wife would never in

a million years let him fuck her legs (she didn’t even

like showing them, and never understood his fetish –

the woman also never had sex with the lights on, but

that was a whole other story). Plus Tony hated condoms

and didn’t want any loose children around the place,

so little things like this were the only option for

him. That, and the pictures he took of Alicia flashing

said legs on his phone for added inspiration; she

didn’t usually like posing for shots like this, but

she didn’t mind in this case, not with the tip he had

tacked on in exchange for some extra service.

* * * * * * * *

“I hope we can get together again soon,” Penelope said

as she watched Rhona dress. “It would really put my

son’s nose out of joint if he knew I was here – he

keeps trying to come here. I keep telling him not

until he’s 18. As if he really can’t wait another

three months.”

“Any particular women he’s interested in?” Rhona asked


“He likes American girls,” Penelope said ruefully.

“Now now, none of that,” Rhona tut-tutted with a

little chuckle. “When in Rome. plus half the men who

hit on me around here give me the old

‘I-just-love-your-accent’ line.”

“I wouldn’t mind so much, except he likes blondes the

most. He got that from his father,” Penelope added. “I

suppose they’re all right once in a while. Like the

one I was with earlier – one of his fantasy harem,

that Jessica Simpson.”

Just thinking about it made Penelope Armstrong-Arnold


* * * * * * * * *

Alicia Silverstone finished fluffing herself; it

helped her to come down after a session. And it passed

the time until she was sure that Hewitt was back on

the premises; she was in the mood for some gloating.

Too bad she couldn’t see the girl’s face right now,

she thought as she threw open the door – and saw the

girl’s face. And the boss’s.

And they both looked a LOT less pleased than Tony.

* * * * * * * * *

“What can I get you ladies?” the bartender asked the

newest arrivals.

“A time machine. And a Dr. Pepper with vodka,”

Jennifer Love Hewitt sighed as she settled down in the

Cindy Inc lounge, ears assaulted by the Streets again.

“And a ticket to England so I can shoot these guys.”

“You’re going there in a few weeks anyway, aren’t

you?” the bartender said, sloshing out her drink. “And

give them one for me as well – these guys must be

British revenge for nu-metal.”

JLH downed it in one go, and gave the man the glass –

“Same again.”

“Whatever she’s having, same here,” Jessica Simpson

said, plumping her prime Texan rump down alongside

Jennifer. “I can’t believe that girl.”

“Alicia screwed you too?”

“Not yet,” the blonde giggled before her mood changed.

“I meant that woman I was with earlier – she did Rhona

Mitra as well, and Rhona just told me that she was

giving me a line about putting me in ‘The Unit.’

Pillow talk from one Brit to another, Rhona said. Not

even a cameo. she just wanted to get me into bed!”

“And that’s a surprise because.?”

“Yeah, I know. It’s just that you don’t expect this

kind of thing from women, you know?”

“You’re so trusting, Jessie.”

“Don’t give me that – I heard about you and Alicia.”

“What about you and Alicia?” the bartender asked.

“Private conversation here, you mind?” Jessica


“No, it’s okay. Alicia went and hijacked the guy I

was supposed to meet – left phony instructions from

Cindy when she signed in, and then the girl goes and

tells me what happened. The nerve.”

“How come she told you?”

“Because she got what she wanted,” Jennifer said

bitterly before swallowing her second drink. “Alicia’s

gotten him to keep coming back; that’s good business

for us – and good for her, because he’s not picking my

show up for fall. ‘If I’m not on TV in September,

neither are you’ – that’s what she said. The little


“Doesn’t say much for him – not even getting swayed by

pussy,” Jessica sighed, tasting her drink and wincing.

“So no new shows for us after all,” Jennifer sighed.

“Even worse than Paula Marshall Syndrome. Call it the

end of season blues.”

“It won’t last long,” Jessica replied. “We’ll get some

more stuff soon. And we’ve still got movies.”

“To the Crusher,” Jennifer added, having a third


“How come?”

“Cindy didn’t fire Alicia for that little stunt – she

sent her over to the guy. Alicia’s spending the night

there. On the house.”

Jessica chuckled – she too knew what the guy could be

like. “Like you said – to the Crusher,” she said as

the two toasted and tossed back.

* * * * * * * * *

“Is there anyone you ladies haven’t done?” Jessica’s

driver asked as he stopped CINDY1 outside the British


“Not the current President,” the blonde chuckled.

“He’s more of a J-Lo person himself. Now his daughters

on the other hand…” And she drew a finger across her

mouth in a zipping motion before he could ask her to

break confidence, and bid him farewell.

“We’ve been expecting you, Miss Simpson,” said the

officer who greeted her. “If you’ll just follow me.”

“I can’t believe you actually let this kind of thing

happen here,” Jessica smiled as they headed to the

first floor.

“You’re hardly the first one,” he said knowingly.

“Some very important people have taken advantage of

this home away from home.”

“Like? Oh, come on – it won’t leave these walls.”

Inside the director’s office, Brian Armstrong tried

for the fourth time to not look like he was nervous;

the day he had gotten the message from Cindy Inc. that

someone had arranged for him to meet Jessica Simpson

he had been dripping with sweat non-stop, especially

with the “Not a word to the mother” condition

attached. Like he’d tell his mother about this. Even

if she was only going to talk to him for a few

minutes, it would be worth it – mum didn’t like to

introduce him to celebrities, even ones who worked on

shows on her network, so this was a step up for him.

As he settled down in his chair, he just wondered why

they had to meet here of all places. Why the need for

secrecy and all that.

“.and his wife as well? Wow.” Jessica crossed her

heart and hoped to die as she told the official she

wouldn’t say a word, and once the introductions were

out of the way, the official left the room to the two

of them.

“What was that about?” Brian asked, his eyes running

up and down Jessica’s fine frame.

“Shop talk. now, you’re Brian, right? Penelope’s son?”

“How’d you know my mother’s – ”

“We’ve met,” she replied with a little wink. “And I

know she’d never let you into Cindy Inc. so I thought

I’d bring Cindy Inc. to you. Part of it, anyway.”

Brian gaped at her. “But. why here?”

“Because technically this is British soil, so it’s not

like you’re underage around here, right? Plus it’s not

like it’s the first time we ladies have been here.”

Brian leant forward, and Jessica did the zipping thing

again. Then she did the unzipping thing, only slower

and with her trousers this time; he’d leaned forward

in “Tell me more, tell me more” mode, but when she

lowered her trousers he switched over to “You’re the

one that I want.” Ooh, ooh, ooh. Jessica saw the lad’s

face light up (she knew a blush when she saw it, and

that was no blush) as she stood there bottomless, legs

apart and her blond fuzz tempting him. “Shouldn’t I

get naked too?” he asked, praying that his rock-hard

cock wasn’t poking through his trousers.

“Only if you want to – we’re here to do what you

want,” Jessica replied, lifting her jumper over her

head and liberating her puppies. What Brian wanted was

to fuck her, her sister and even her mother (luckily

for him, he had no idea that someone else had already

experienced that menage a quatre at Cindy Inc.;

luckily for the Simpson women, neither did Joe

Simpson), but in the meantime he had the future Daisy

Duke’s boobies to play with. Brian had a bet with his

uncle that her breasts were fake… as he touched

them, he knew that his uncle owed him $50.

* * * * * * * * * *

Cindy kissed Kaia goodnight, made a mental note to

gently persuade Presley to start walking more (he was

five years old for goodness’ sake), and left her

daughter’s bedroom. She was glad that her children

wouldn’t be about to disturb her; it was one of those

nights. Those nights being when Cindy had one of her

ladies over for what she euphemistically called


Presley was already asleep, so he had no idea that

Jennifer Love Hewitt was peeking into his room and

taking a look at Cindy’s firstborn. “Oh, he is such a

cutie!” she giggled. “He’s going to be breaking some

hearts when he gets older.”

“Don’t remind him,” Cindy chided as she escorted JLH

away. “I don’t want him chasing the girls yet – let

him hate them for a year or two like normal boys.”

“Maybe I could come over and babysit?” she suggested

as they went downstairs en route to the back. “I could

always use the work…”

“Cheer up. I’ve got a surprise for you.”

“I know what I’m here for,” JLH grinned. Many of the

women at Cindy Inc. visited the boss at least once,

some of them twice. Sooner or later it would have been

her turn…

“I was talking about the network,” Cindy explained as

the two women, now out in the warm night air, started

to undress as they approached the pool. “You know I

was with that guy from ABC the other day… nice set

you’ve got there.”

“Thanks,” Jennifer replied as her breasts felt the

night air. “What about Tony? I know he got screwed by

Alicia… [peered around behind Cindy] …that’s a

really cute ass.”

“Thanks,” Cindy said, flinging her thong panties to

one side before finishing the journey to the pool

stark naked. “We worked out a deal… your pilot can’t

make fall, but there’s a chance it’ll be slotted in

for midseason. And those legs better be around me.”

“Thanks…” JLH said in delight, jumping into the

water and embracing the boss. “And they will be.”

* * * * * * * * * *

Brian spread his hands over Jessica’s generous rack;

he was too excited for the moment to do more than

fondle. Jessica had her hands on his chest, but she

was moving down him gradually. “Any. er. any record

people done this?” he asked.

“Hey, I was a good girl!” Jessica lied. “I didn’t need

to show them off back then.” and she patted Brian’s

stomach. At least he was flat, unlike his mother. As

Brian began kissing her boobs, she finally put her

hands into his trousers, smiling as she felt his

swelling snake; between his sighs as he tasted her

nipples, Jessica liberated the python from its cage

and started to give it a massage.

Kissing the top of his head, Jessica cradled it

between her jugs as she kept stroking, pumping the

cock as it got to its hardest. She kept kissing him as

she gently pulled his head out of her bosom, feeling

his body and getting him ready for her mouth. Brian’s

throbbing cock was starting to drip onto her jerking

hand; catching the first drops, she licked them off

her palm and winked at him in approval. “Not bad,” she

breathed, and slid down below for more.

“A lovely cut of British beef there, don’t’cha know?”

Jessica cracked, putting on the worst English accent

in living memory.

“All Grade A USDA-approved, little lady,” Brian

replied with the worst American accent in living


Jessica closed her lips around Brian’s uncut cock,

pleased that it was better than his acting; she worked

it down her throat as she sucked away, absolutely

determined to make his time here good. She was glad he

didn’t have hairy balls either; the less distractions

as she worked the better. Jessica licked the top of

Brian’s cock as if it was an ice cream cone and felt

him quiver with delight before moving her head down

the meat again. Brian clutched the edge of the desk as

he felt her head bobbing up and down along his prick,

wanting her tongue to keep curling on it forever, and

feeling himself starting to drip down her throat.

“Mmmmm,” she said approvingly through the mouthful of

prick, continuing to suck on him as he felt her hair,

and looking right into those brown eyes of hers. She

had the kind of face you didn’t expect to find several

inches of penis next to, which made it even nicer…

Jessica pulled herself back slo-o-o-o-o-o-wly,

flicking her tongue on his bright shining cock one

last time. “You don’t want to lose it all at once, do

you?” she asked sweetly.

Brian just shook his head as she wrapped him in her

arms and they rolled onto the desk, with her on top.

JLH was also on top of Cindy in the pool, the two

brunettes over on the shallow end. Jennifer was

dripping, but it was from Cindy’s long experienced

fingers spread deep inside her pussy while the younger

woman squeezed her boss’s boobs, making the nipples

even harder than the night air. “Any voyeurs?”

Jennifer asked as she kissed each of Cindy’s tits and

felt the supermodel’s fingertips going deeper inside


“One or two,” Cindy admitted. “Mostly police


“None tonight, right?”

“We hear one, we just go under.”

“Speaking of which…” and the pint-sized JLH slid

under the surface of the pool, only her arms still

visible on Cindy’s chest. Anyone passing by a few

moments later would have heard a loud howling at the

moon; either “Law & Order” was about to end or Cindy

Crawford was getting head from Jennifer Love Hewitt.

JLH loved eating the boss; Cindy’s pussy was as tasty

as ever, and now that she kept it shaved it was even

nicer. Bubbles popping the surface as she breathed out

in short bursts, Jennifer probed her tongue inside

Cindy’s slot, lavishing her mouth all over it. Cindy

was so beautiful and so hot. JLH moved her hands down

under the surface and shoved them between her own

legs, hoping she wouldn’t run out of air before she

finished. Still tasting Cindy’s button and cuntlips,

Jennifer began to fondle her own tight little snatch,

letting herself float just under the surface; she was

feeling as if she was flying, with the joy she was

feeling between her legs and on her mouth.

Cindy threw her head back as she felt JLH’s tongue

lolling her clit on the tip; breathing hard, she began

to stroke her breasts in delight, excitedly tweaking

the nipples and squeezing the mammaries as she jerked

around in the water, casting glances at Jenny’s

refracted body as her employee just kept tasting and

the bubbles kept building up – she couldn’t stay down

there much longer. But she had gotten the job done.

“Mmmmmmm.. Mmmmmmaaaaaaaaa.. Uhhhhhh..” Cindy groaned

as she grabbed herself eagerly, begging for JLH to eat

her all up.Cindy’s legs kicked around in the shallows

as she screamed Jennifer Love Hewitt’s name, her cunt

moistening on her lover’s mouth. The water erupted

around her as the actress broke the surface and kissed

Cindy deeply on the lips, her hands still between her

legs. “Couldn’t hold it. any longer.” JLH gasped.

“You weren’t. finished.” Cindy managed to say, tracing

a finger between JLH’s tits and down under the

surface. Cindy spread her fingers into the

girl-woman’s cunt, and the two began to wank in

harmony. Seeing her boss’s warm, smiling face as the

fingers intertwined with her own, Jennifer told

herself she’d get Cindy a guest shot if she got a

midseason slot.. Cindy earned it.

Up in his room, an awakened Presley wondered why his

mommy was shouting outside.

* * * * * * * * * *

Like many a secretary/maid/whatever with her boss,

Jessica Simpson was bent over the desk. Behind her,

Brian finished eagerly rubbing his erection over her

well-shaped behind and took the cream in hand, trying

not to tremble as he slathered it over and inside the

buns. Jessica could feel his excitement; survey says

out of 100 guys who butt-fucked her and said they’d

never done this before, 32 were telling the truth.

“Don’t you ever get tired of watching? You guys

already had your turn!” she laughed as she felt Brian

clutching her cheeks and spreading them.

“I like to check out the competition,” Ashlee said,

relaxing on the couch.

“I like to keep an eye on my girls,” Tina added, an

arm around Ashlee like the proud parent she was. The

two equally naked Simpsons watched with pride as the

guy they had both just enjoyed pushed his rod up

Jessica’s back entrance, wincing as he thrust a bit

too fast – Jessica clutched the desk harder and

gritted her teeth as it jammed inside. Brian loved

slamming against Jessica’s warm, firm butt, and the

knowledge that cute behinds ran in that family (he had

been thrilled to see that even her mother had a nice

one) made the rest of the evening something to look

forward to. He built up the pace, his nerve vanishing

to be replaced by more and more lust, pinching

Jessica’s butt as he drove in and out of it.

“Know. what I. like best about this?” Jessica panted

as she started to wiggle her ass around while he



“I. charged this. to your mom’s. expense account.”

* * * * * * * * * *

“Welcome to Cindy Inc.,” Cindy herself said to the

first of the evening’s customers. “You wanted that

triple, right?”

“You bet,” said the producer. “First of the night.”

“Just follow me,” she said. “Always glad to serve the


A busy night tonight, from the two Grahams (Heather

and Lauren) to Katie Holmes persuading punters to

forgive and forget about “First Daughter,” but for the

time being there were just three women on their minds;

Cindy ushered the network-affiliated producer into her

chosen suite, where the ladies were waiting. Reclining

on the bed were a leotard-clad Rhona, a Daisy

Duke-clad Jessica (by special request; with the word

out that she had the role, a lot of people wanted her

in that garb) and a T-shirt and jeans-clad Jennifer

Love Hewitt, the happiest of the trio. “Treat him

nice, ladies. have fun,” Cindy smiled as she left


“Count on it,” JLH called after her, beaming even more

than usual; the PR system wasn’t playing The Streets.

They were playing Usher, but at least they weren’t

playing The Streets.

* * * * * * * * * *

Keith and Nancy Tyler, like a lot of “Friends”

viewers, had their own (non-laminated) lists of five

celebrities they were allowed to sleep with if they

ever got to meet them. Though Keith liked to think he

was equal with his wife, he was as happy as a pig in

shit when he heard about Cindy Inc. opening; he wasn’t

the only one with such a list to hit the place, but he

was one of only three customers ever to actually come

close to banging all five picks – he’d fulfilled a

long-time fantasy by fucking Kelly Garrett (aka Jaclyn

Smith, during ’70s Night), he’d scored with Cameron

Diaz not long afterwards, and he had left his No. 4,

Jennifer Aniston, a huge tip because of his guilt at

having to go across town to J-Lo’s in order to pork

Heather Locklear (his No. 3).

And now, tonight, he was going to cross off Cindy

Crawford’s name – the madame herself was no. 5. As he

headed upstairs, he saw a guy who couldn’t be older

than 17 walking by him eagerly; probably hoping to get

at one of the younger women there tonight. Keith

couldn’t blame him; he had it bad for the likes of

Christie Brinkley when he was the kid’s age. “So who

are you looking for tonight?” he couldn’t help asking.

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you,” Dennis


“Try me.”

Dennis figured that a guy his age would understand if

he confessed that he was here to give it to Christie


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