Cindy’s Request

This is the second part of
a planned trilogy that began with “Rande’s Challenge”,
featuring me, Cindy Crawford, her husband, and a
“special guest” award-winner whose identity you’ll
know toward the end of the story:

After experiencing the
most pleasurable sexual encounter with a woman and a
man in my 23-plus years (on the same night, at that!),
I awakened the next morning, the day of the big
tournament final, alone. I realized I craved a
refreshing shower, as
I still had the scent of last
night’s session on me- not that I objected to that,
it’s just that I liked to be cleansed for a big
match-up to stay focused.

Just as I arose from the bed, I
noticed a handwritten note on the nearest table from
the bed; it had the faint scent of Cindy’s sweet
perfume from last night and read: “I hope your time
with us was as good for you as we planned it- we had
the feeling you’d go for both of us at the right
opportunity. In fact, if you get this note soon
enough, and are ‘up’ for it, you might get a little
extra workout before the big match, where we’ll be
rooting you on! Good luck- we know you’ll put on
another great performance for us!- Love, Cindy.” The
message included a dark red lip-print from Cindy’s
delicious mouth, which got my juices flowing all over
again as I made my way to their shower room…

entering their shower and looking around, I was
greatly impressed; it was luxuriously built and padded
(just like their owners) with plenty of space for
those inclined to frolic in. On each wall were two
movable shower heads, with a padded bench in one
corner that faced the front wall. The best feature of
all, however, was the sight of Rande soaping himself
all over as the water cascaded onto his chest toward
his semi-hard penis, which he was slowly, perhaps
subconsciously, pumping. I froze for a few minutes
watching him cleanse himself as his cock grew to its
complete fullness; it seems that he had plenty of
juice left in the tank as well…

After about five minutes
of observing Rande’s sculpted form, I made my move
toward him, picking up a full bottle of lube on the
way. When I got behind him, I slowly but firmly
reached around his chest as he still faced the front

“Ahh yeah…right, there, dear,” he whispered,
seemingly not fully aware of who was now helping him
with his hard-to-reach lower back.

“Just like Cindy does
it?” I asked him, letting any apprehension I had wash
away, along with the soap and sweat of our previous
night’s activity.

Rande paused at that remark briefly, then
turned to me and said, “Exactly like she does it with
me…”, taking me into his arms and kissing me deeply,
with even more passion than the night before. Our
friendship had reached a new and exciting level
thanks to Cindy, and I was prepared to make the most
of it, holding onto him tight as he then warmly
gripped my hardened cock in his right hand. The heat
was building between us despite the cool water landing
downward as I realized we had an appreciative audience
of one, clad only in a red-white-and-blue terry-cloth
robe, which she began to tug at strategically while
she witnessed her two men locked together, from their
lips down to their blood-engorged tools of

After Cindy removed her robe, leaving herself clad
only in a skin-tight white G-string, Rande and I
assumed the appropriate position: kneeling before her
as she began to address us…

“So, it seems you have the
hunger for both of us, hot stuff?” Cindy seductively
asked me, to which I nodded in the affirmative.

“That pleases me
greatly, as my first husband, as well as that guy who
once played Batman I rebounded toward out of spite,
wanted me to indulge their fantasies of me with other
women, yet were unwilling to respond in kind to MY
wishes, even though they would do so behind my back!”,
she continued as I was now massaging Rande’s toned
rear, igniting my lust for this hot couple even

“I really had a good time tasting your ass last
night, and since we know how you like to indulge in
cinammon treats, let’s see you return the favor”, said
our goddess as she moved toward the bench and slowly
peeled off her G-string, handing it to Rande, who
deeply inhaled its essence as I coated his butt-crack
with the lube.

Once again, we were in perfect sexual
unison, as Cindy was having her pussy lapped up by her
husband, while I gave his asshole the loving treatment
we both desired, first with my index finger, then with
my tongue. After about fifteen minutes of this
delightful feasting, Cindy let go with a hot gushing
on Rande’s face while I continued to dangle my tongue
in his hot cinnamon-flavored anal cavity.

When Cindy
noticed my fully-reddened stalk leaking a small amount
of fluid, she asked me if I was in the mood to fuck.

yes, Cindy, I would be honored to please you with my-”

“Then do it-take your big, juicy cock and put it up
him!”, Cindy informed me, as she looked toward a
startled Rande.

Extremely stunned, I answered back, “You
mean you want me to fuck…”, gazing at him as well.

“That’s right- straight up his ass as I watch you two
stallion FUCK….FOR ME!!”, she commanded as I, at
once stunned and very aroused at her assertive tone,
walked over to Rande, who assured me he would be with
me every step of the way as we headed over to the
front wall…

…as we assumed a familiar position, hotly kissing
and caressing our bodies under a soothing shower, as
Cindy came over to give a both a gentle pre-mating

“Good work, boys”, Cindy said to us upon viewing
our stiff, bobbing hard-ons. “Now time for us to get
down to some serious business,” as she gave my butt a
playful slap before reclining on the bench to get the
best possible view.

Madonna was once quoted as saying
that every man should have their tongue in another
man’s mouth, but since I really don’t care about what
that boring old trollop has to say about anything, I
instead opted to honor Cindy’s request to work my
manhood up her husband’s delicious anus. As he stood
in front of me with his hands flat on the wall, I gave
it to him an inch at a time to let him adjust to the
searing sensation as Cindy looked on with wicked
delight, roaming her hands all over her thighs. The
water now sprayed freely all over us as I thrust into
his lubed tightness with a deepened intensity, making
him moan hotly as I playfully smacked his butt hard
enough to sting him all over…

“Yeah, let him have it, my
young stud- my sweetie LIKES being the bitch!!!”,
Cindy chirped as Rande cried out intensely, feeling
the pain and pleasure only another man can provide. As
Cindy rubbed herself good from viewing our mating, I
also lost myself in the deep feeling Rande’s clutching
bum-hole provided my prick as I leaned forward to
nibble on his neck. Just then, I noticed that Rande’s
cock had turned a deep shade of red, sprouting
brightly, prompting me to yank on his joystick,
determined to get him off first and have his jism
splash the wall in front of us…

Upon witnessing my
full erection spear Rande’s ass repeatedly and
joyously, Cindy was in the process of experiencing her
most powerful orgasm yet. As I glanced toward her for
a second, however, I noticed that she was not alone
now. It seemed that another hot body had somehow
magically surfaced to eagerly lap between Cindy’s
legs; a body that was cocoa-hued and shaped about as
divinely as Miss Crawford’s…

“Yeah, right there, Halle, eat up
my pussy good, make it squirt buckets. I love how your
tongue feels, just like my honey loves his best
friend’s cock. God bless Americahhh…”

OH DEAR LORD!!! Now all of
a sudden I was performing MM sex in front of Halle
Berry as well as Cindy Crawford?!? Talk about the
ultimate bisexual fantasy!

This impromptu coupling got
Rande’s attention as well, as my thrusting and
stroking became even more aggressive, causing him to
gasp in total ecstasy and blow his load all over the
wall! The ladies had then worked themselves into the
hottest 69 I’ve ever witnessed, as I slowly but surely
worked my still iron-hard pole out of Rande’s chute,
then headed over to the ladies with some nasty (yet
loving) intentions) in mind…

I always consider it an honor to witness two
fabulous femmes feast on each other’s naked bodies
with their hands and tongues; when said women are as
world-class as Cindy Crawford and Halle Berry, the
pleasure goes off the charts!

Both women got down to some
serious action with Halle on top, as they enjoyed
their heavenly pussies and assholes. As I drooled in
approval, Rande gathered next to me to massage my
chest and nuzzle my neck. I took some more of the
cinnamon lube to grease myself up in appreciation of
what was going on around me, watching the ladies come
deeply once again.

After recovering from her unleashing,
Halle got up to sidle beside me, deliciously tonguing
me as I tasted the nectar of Cindy on her mouth. As I
now waved my cock in her direction, Cindy, now looking
directly at me with her beautiful brown eyes, urged me
to come closer as we now sensuously masturbated to
each other. I had spent an enjoyable amount of the
past decade stroking myself to Cindy’s image, and had
now relished the chance to do so live and in person.
Halle had gone back to Cindy so she could lap way on
her chocolate-colored nips while Rande tended to
licking his wife’s feet and ankles, leaving my
stiffened bone in dire need of relief.

I so wanted to
drench Miss Crawford’s magnificent body by now, I
could hardly contain my emotions: “OHHHH CINDY, I’M
COMING FOR YOU, I CAN FEEL IT!”, as Rande was now
nibbling on my ass-cheeks and Halle gathered to fondle
my pecs. As they both coaxed my flaming desires
further, this left Cindy all alone to receive my hot


I got up from the
bed drenched in a hot sweat, gathering my senses. Yes,
the activity in the shower was all “only” a dream: I
hadn’t really fucked Rande in the ass as Cindy watched
with glowing approval, then, aided by both her husband
and a super-hot Halle Berry, going over to her to come
all over her beautiful body. Damn this reality shit…

good news is that what had happened the night before
WAS for real, as evidenced by Cindy leaving behind her
suede boots and thong bottom, still blessed with her
scent. She also left the letter I referred to earlier,
giving me all the inspiration I needed for my big
match as I replayed the fabulous dream in my mind,
assisted by enjoying the aroma of Cindy while working
sensuously on myself. Hey, my forehand could use some
strengthening right now…

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