Claire And Charlotte

Claire Richards was in her dressing room getting ready for a big concert with her band, Steps.

The concert would also feature the likes of Charlotte Church.

Claire secretly fancied Charlotte, she’d had the hots for her since she came on the scene and couldn’t wait to meet the hot teen.

She doubted she was still a virgin, but wished she was cos she wanted herself to be Charlotte’s first, first girl anyway.

A rap on the door interrupted her thoughts, and to her amazement, it was the girl herself.

Claire felt her pussy moisten at the sight of the sexy songstress.

Claire was just about
to get one of her sex toys out. The ones she always took on tours with her to satisfy herself.

Perhaps she could use her new strap-on with Charlotte.

She was shaken out of her reverie with a soft voice:

‘…….alright Claire?’

‘Huh, yeah fine, thanks’ replied Claire, already planning how to take the innocent teen.

‘Come and sit next to me’ said Claire in a seductive voice, and patted the space next to her on the sofa.

Charlotte obliged and as she sat, Claire glanced up and down the teens body.

She had a black leather skirt that hardly covered her thighs and a low cut top that nicely showed off her cleavage.

‘This girl is certainly growing’ thought Claire.

Charlotte sat down next to Claire, leaving very little space between them.

Claire was almost dizzy with excitement as she felt her legs brush Clarlotte’s.

Claire cleared her throat, she didn’t know how to start it off without offending the girl. She wanted her so badly.

With that, Charlotte leaned over and Claire got a full look at her cleavage.

She gulped loudly.

She could feel Charlotte’s breath on her face and had to stop herself from grabbing her there and then.

Their faces moved closer and Claire was almost certain she was going to kiss her.

‘Do you like me?’ asked Charlotte out of nowhere.

‘Y-y-y-yes, course I do’ stammered Claire.

‘No, I mean, do you LIKE me?’

Claire knew what she was getting at but pretended to act all innocent.

‘I don’t know what you mean?’ said Claire.

‘Yes you do, i’ve seen the way you were looking at me. The way i’ve seen old men do, with lust’.

With this, she moved forward and her lips brushed Claire’s.

She almost fainted with excitement.

She felt lips on hers and embraced it. Their lips locked passionately, then Claire felt Charlotte’s tongue touch her lips.

She opened her mouth to welcome it and Charlotte didn’t hesitate.

Her tongue explored Claire’s mouth, and Claire knew she wasn’t an amateur.

Claire poked her tongue out and explored Charlotte’s mouth.

The embraced this way for a few minutes until Charlotte pulled away.

‘You know’ she said softly ‘i’ve always liked you Claire.’

Claire couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

With that, they kissed passionately again, this time, taking longer.

Claire unbuttoned Charlotte’s blouse and slipped her hand inside.

She felt her bra and knew that this girl was no longer a child.

Her hand caressed her breast before venturing inside.

She felt her warm, soft skin and hard nipple.

She badly wanted it in her mouth, to suck and tease it. She then moved over to her other breast, Charlotte was loving it, she let out a sigh between kisses.

Claire opened Charlotte’s top till her breasts were exposed, she took a long look before leaning over and taking one in her mouth.

Charlotte let out a loud sigh as she felt her hot mouth over her left breast.

Claire slowly moved over to the other breast, slowly teasing and biting her nipple.

Charlotte started touching her own now wet pussy whilst Claire was doing this.

Claire stopped and Charlotte took it as her cue to return the favour.

She pulled Claire’s top off and saw she had no bra on. This turned her on even more.

She took one of Claire’s breasts in her mouth and sucked on her hard nipple.

It was Claire’s turn to groan. This encouraged Charlotte, and she worked faster over her new friend’s nipples.

When finished, Claire lifted Charlotte’s skirt up to her thighs and slipped her hand inside Charlotte’s soaked knickers. This warranted another sigh from Charlotte.

She worked slowly over Charlotte’s hairless pussy, eventually reaching her rose bud. She worked her fingers fast, an expert at fondling her own.

Charlotte quickly came on her friend’s fingers.

Claire put her fingers in her mouth and tasted the teens salty juices.

She loved the taste and wanted more.

She bent down till she was level with Charlotte’s pussy.

She poked her tongue inside quickly before working up and down her slit.

She took longer on her throbbing clit and once again, Charlotte came with a loud groan.

Claire lapped up her friend’s juices, most of it ending up on her chin.

She quickly scooped it up with her fingers and licked it off.

Claire then spread her legs and motioned for Charlotte to do the same.

She didn’t hesitate, and before long, she was lapping at her friend’s cunt.

After Claire came, she got up and went to her drawer.

She pulled out an object Charlotte had never seen before.

Claire tied it round her waist, and when she turned around, Charlotte could see it was a plastic penis attached to a belt.

She guessed what it was for, and opened her legs ready.

Claire climbed on top of the sexy songbird and glided it into her lubricated hole.

They humped passionately and with a force Charlotte had never experienced before. She was in total ecstasty, Claire obviously knew what she was doing, and better than a man!

Before Charlotte could come for the third time that evening, Claire pulled out.

‘Turn over’ said Claire forcefully.

Charlotte did as she was told.

Charlotte got on her hands and knees and heard Claire come up behind her.

This time she was in her arse.

She felt the familiar plastic toy inside her and yearned for Claire to fuck her like she did a few minutes ago.

Her prayers were answered as she humped Charlotte’s ass with such force Charlotte thought she was going to rip her tiny virgin arse apart.

This time Claire let her come, and she let out a groan so loud, they could hear it down the corridor.

‘…oh yes, baby, fuck me……YESSSSSSSSS…….that’s it…..fuck my arse you bitch..’

Claire was adding ‘ come on you slut…come over my cock..yesssssss that’s it you whore’ whilst slapping Charlotte’s round firm arse.

Finally when the orgasms subsided, Claire slowed down.

She pulled out and ordered Charlotte to suck her own juices from the plastic cock.

Charlotte proceeded to give Claire a ‘blowjob’ whilst fingering Claire’s pussy.

Claire eventually came, calling out Charlotte’s name

‘Oh baby… you’re so good…Charlotte….finger me bitch..”

When done, they collapsed on the bed, holding eachother tight for a few moments.

‘I’ve gotta go now’ said Charlotte’ a hint of sorrow in her voice.

‘I’ll come back afterwards, she winked.

‘I’ll be waiting’ Claire winked back.

Charlotte got dressed and left. Claire lay on the bed and started to finger herself………….


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