Claire And Faye Fantasy II

‘Hi Claire’ said Faye as she answered the door. ‘Come in’.
Claire walked in to the room and saw Lisa sat on the bed naked.
Faye had covered herself with a thin bathrobe before answering the
door. It didn’t take a lot to figure out what they’d been up to!
‘We were just abput to take a shower, do you wanna join us? asked
Lisa from the bed.

‘Sure’ replied Claire, rather quickly, feeling herself getting very

Lisa and Faye didn’t hesitate to strip Claire.

Lisa took her top off, while Faye took her trousers off.
They had recently gotten familiar with Claire’s body whilst on tour.
Lisa kissed Claire’s
round breasts, licking and sucking at her
nipples, while Faye concentrated her efforts on Claire wet pussy.
She licked her clit and opened her lips to poke her tongue deep in
her friends’ hole. Claire sighed and remembered what a wonderful time
she had had last time.

She had experienced orgasms like she’d never experienced before and
had had things done to her men couldn’t even dream of!
She sighed as Lisa had moved down and was now joining Faye in licking
her out.

Faye stood up and kissed Claire long and hard on the lips, her tongue
exploring her friends’ mouth.

They stopped and led Claire to the bathroom, Claire took Faye’s robe
off and caressed her slim, tanned body, while Lisa turned the shower
on. She stepped in, followed by a very horny Claire and Faye.
Faye grabbed the soap first and rubbed it all over Lisa’s perfect

Claire kissed Faye’s body while she did this, paying close attention
to her firm arse. She poked her tongue inside her friends’ ass,
before lapping up the juices that had dribbled down her thighs.
Faye had shoved the soap deep inside Lisa and Claire could hear Lisa
groan in passion.

Lisa, in return, had shoved three fingers into Faye and began pumping
her really fast.

It wasn’t long before the excitement overcame them and they both
climaxed, letting out long groans.

Now it was Claire’s turn.
Lisa shoved her against the wall, while Faye opened her legs and
stuck her head in between them.

Claire had never experienced this kind of domination, but found
herself enjoying it.

Lisa sucked hard on her breasts, biting on her nipples. Claire yelped
in pain, and then sighed as she began enjoying it!
Faye stood up and sucked on her other breast. Lisa took over from
Faye and began eating Claire out.

Claire couldn’t contain the excitement and climaxed, her juices
running down her thighs.

Faye helped Lisa lick all the juices up from her friend, before
kissing Faye passionately on the lips, swapping her juices in their

They continued to clean eachother up before stepping out of the
shower to start all over again in the bedroom………..


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