Claire Danes – Thrilla In Manila Parts 1-2

Claire Danes — Thrilla in Manila by Defiler (March 25,1999)

The premise for the following story is taken from media

Legal disclaimer: This story is entirely fictional, and
reflects no truth other than the twisted imagination of the
author. You must be 18+ years of age to read on. This story
may be offensive to some, so if you’re the kind of person who
hides away from the windows during a thunderstorm, then
read on.

Authors warning: This story contains descriptions of sex acts
of a nonconsentual nature (celeb, strip, humil, nc, oral,
anal, M/f, F/f, etc.) Your mom would be very disappointed in
you if she knew you were reading this.

Claire Danes was very nervous. She’d lived a charmed life up until now, but
swallowed hard as she looked out at the crowded Manila town square and
worried that
she might not get out of this situation with that record intact. It had been
a couple of
months since she’d made disparaging remarks about Manila and its citizens,
telling a
North American magazine that the capital city of the Philippines was
"ghastly and
weird". City officials were willing to let that go, but then in another
published interview
she said, among other things, that Manila "smelled like cockroaches", "rats
everywhere", and that the "people do not have anything — no arms, no legs,
no eyes".
This is hardly the type of publicity that generates tourism, so the result
was that all of
Claire’s movies were banned from theaters and stores in the capital city.
Claire did offer
an inadequate apology through the media, but at the prodding of her agent
she reluctantly
agreed to apologize to the Filipino people in person. Of course, this was
more to repair
her image than the City’s. Looking out at the displeased crowd, Claire
wished she had
prepared a speech instead of attending a party in her Yale dormitory the
night before.
She slept on the plane and now she had to wing it. Sounding like a second
yuppie, Claire addressed the assembled crowd through a microphone,"Um….
I’m like
sooo sorry I said those things about Manila and stuff (blah blah
blah)….Well, you know, I
wasn’t talking about the whole city, just the poor part, which is, like, a
ghetto. We have
ghettos in America, too, and those also have, like, rats and cockroaches,
and smell real
bad, you know. So, like, Manila isn’t really that bad for, like, a Third
World country or
whatever. So once again, I thank you all for being, like, supportive of me,
even though
you’re all really poor and not as educated and stuff, you’re all really
nice. So, like, I
hope you accept my apology, its like, really sincere and stuff." Claire
gave the City
council on stage her sweetest smile and took her seat next to her friend
Winona Ryder,
who had come along to support her. "You did really good girl," Winona
Claire, who was otherwise full of doubt about her choice of words.
"Miss Danes,"
said the Mayor over the public address system, "We, the City council of
Manila, are
honored and grateful that you came all the way here to grant us your
heartfelt apology.
On behalf of the City representatives, I want to forgive you, and assure you
that we’ll
reconsider our ban on your movies….." "Ya see? I told ya!" said Winona,
nudging Claire
on the arm. Claire was beaming, after a moment of suspense everything was
turning out
as she’d figured it would. "All I have to do is toss my hair and bat my
eyes and these
primitives suck up to me like nothing happened" she thought to herself. No
listening to the Mayor’s speech, Claire comforted herself with the knowledge
that she
could soon leave this foul place and be back hanging out with her sorority
sisters at Yale.

Claire was snapped back to reality when the Mayor suddenly changed her tone,
"…However, Miss Danes, you have wronged the Filipino people and especially
citizens of Manila." The crowd roared in agreement. "And only they can
forgive you for
your ignorant and bigotted remarks. People of Manila, do you accept Miss
apology?" The crowd suddenly turned into a mob, and practically screamed
for her
blood. The Mayor then spoke to them in another language, apparently asking
which ultimately provoked the crowd to chant what sort of punishment they
had in mind
for the American actress. "The people of Manila have clearly spoken, Miss
You WILL be punished for your hateful remarks. In our country, the
punishment fits the
crime, and just as you have humiliated us on a global stage, so too shall
you be
humiliated for all of us!" bellowed the Mayor, obviously drunk with power.
Noni, what’s happening?" cried Claire to her friend. "Miss Claire Danes,
the people
have spoken. I hereby decree that you are to spend two weeks in the stocks,
where you’ll
be publicly displayed." "Wait! You can’t do this! I’m an American!" "Strip
the bitch!"
ordered the Mayor, and the cheer of the crowd suggested her approval rating
skyrocketed to 100%. Claire was dressed like the Jodie Foster wannabe she
was, very
smart, in all white designer suit which covered most of her pale skin from
the burning
tropical sun. Some rather butch female police officers made short work of
her fancy
outfit. As Claire struggled in vain to fight them off, two strong,
dark-skinned women
pulled her jacket down her back, then each ripped the sleaves off her silk
revealing the smooth skin of her slender arms. Her sleeveless shirt was
ripped to shreds,
leaving Claire standing in her padded lacy white bra, blushing as she tried
to cover her
chest with her arms. As a furious Winona Ryder was restrained by police,
the public
stripping of Claire Danes continued as her pants were sharply pulled down
her lean legs
and left around her ankles. The sight of Claire’s white panties with lacy
trim and little
pink hearts caused the crowd noise to reach a fever pitch. Claire was
crying and pleading
for mercy, but her bra was violently torn off, as her jaw dropped open and
she tried
desperately to cover her perky coed tits with trembling hands. Claire tried
to run but was
tripped up by her pants and ended up on all fours, her ass up in the air.
It was from that
position that she could feel her panties being ripped away from her body, as
the thin
cotton stood little chance against the claws of her tormentors. The crowd
was truly
elated with the view of Claire’s tight pussy, even though she covered her
blonde patch,
and tried to turn around, prefering to give the crowd the backside view of
her surprisingly
round little ass. Here was this bigshot Hollywood celebrity, who had clearly
looked down
on the people during her condescending speech, standing before them
completely naked
and ashamed. The shreds of her designer clothes were waved proudly like
flags by the
common women who defrocked her, and although many of the crowd wore humble
garments and some little more than rags, the famous actress now looked at
them with the
utmost envy. Winona pleaded for mercy for her friend but to no avail, as
Claire was
forced to walk down the City’s main street to the stocks which were located,
inconvienently for her, at the opposite side of town. Winona cried as she
was forced to
take in the bizarre sight of the naked American actress’ pale form shaking
and trembling
amongst a sea of dark-skinned native Filipinos, who danced and sang with
such joy that
they had not felt for a long time. And they all felt a cruel satisfaction
seeing the ignorant
rich girl degraded so completely, knowing that they each added to the
magnitude of her
humiliation. As Claire’s lonely parade continued, she was pelted with
eggs and
tomatoes and mud as the crowd taunted her with insults. She nearly fainted
several times
and her knees were like jelly, but she tried to hurry her pace to get it
over with. This
caused her to fall, and with the crowd nipping at her heels as police made a
rather half-
assed attempt to protect her, Claire finished her journey crawling on her
hands and knees.
As she crawled like a grovelling pony girl, people cruelly whipped her bare
ass and
swinging tits with bamboo sticks and thistles, and groped her pussy from
behind before
disappearing back into the crowd. She crawled past the open sewers she’d
talked about
and reallized she had reached the seedy side of the City, which was where
the archaic
stocks laid in wait. It was a long day for Claire, as her delicate neck
and wrists were
placed in the medieval device, and every one in the City, it seemed, (not to
busloads of tourists) took advantage of the photo-op of a lifetime.
Although the law
forbade them from touching her, they now had this otherwise unattainable
actress completely naked before them, every inch of her flesh exposed for
their analysis
and scrutiny. And they stared unblinkingly at her nubile body, especially
as they amused
themselves by tickling her body with feathers. They laughed as they watched
her creamy
white ass and hanging tits, which quivered and twitched with the torturous
tickling,. She
was also periodically hosed off with surprisingly cold water to wash off the
stuff that was
thrown at her. At supper time she was given some bread and water. The
Mayor could
not have been happier as she appraised the situation. The morale of the city
had not been
so high for as long as she could remember, and any harm that Ms. Danes may
have done
to Manila’s image would be more than made up for by the tourism generated by
punishment. "Yes," she thought to herself, "She will pay her debt to us,
and then some."
Sure, people will criticize her Draconian methods, but nonetheless, Manila
become the place to be. Mayor Lisa Atienza did not plan to stop with Claire
however, soon the next part of her plan would begin, as she had her first
security officer
personally protecting Claire’s safety….. The midnight curfew imposed in
the city
brought Claire some desperately needed relief, and dazed as she was, she was
even able
to drift off and get some sleep in her uncomfortable position. However, she
was rudely
awakened by something smacking her in the face. To her horror, she found
surrounded by a gang of rowdy youths, all young men with big hard cocks.
"Wake up
pig!" said the largest of them, as he swung his hips back and forth so his
hard meat would
slap both sides of her shocked face, "Time for midnight snack!" Claire
had never done
it with a boy yet, but now she was staring straight at three massive
hard-ons bouncing
ominously in front of her big doe eyes. Her beautiful, innocent face was a
big turn-on for
the boys, who jerked off at a furious pace. Goosh! Goosh! Claire learned
the hard way
that jizz can sting the eyes, as her face and hair got blasted by huge
spurts of cum from
the two guys on each side. As the white goop oozed down off the tip of her
little nose and
tightly pursed lips, the leader, in the middle, became enraged with lust at
the sight of the
cum-faced celebrity whore. "Choke on it, slut!" he shouted as he grabbed a
fistful of her
soft blonde hair and shoved his rod down her throat. "Aw yeah, suck it
bitch!" he ordered
as he pistoned in and out of her face with rabbit-like speed, his balls
slapping her chin
and her wide eyes looking up at him as if to plead for mercy. None was
however, and in fact her helpless look and her pouty lips stretched like a
blowfish around
his cock only made him thrust harder as he enjoyed the slurping and gagging
sounds her
mouth and throat made. Meanwhile, the security officer was doing as
instructed, and
called the mayor to inform him of the situation, "Shall I arrest the little
bastards?" he
asked the mayor. Mayor Atienza thought about it for a second, and
then decided,
"Nahh. That’ll teach the bitch to keep her mouth shut!" Claire’s ordeal
continued, as the
boy in her mouth was about to shoot his load. "Hey guys… watch
look….GUYS!?".turning his head he looked behind him to find his friends
rolling on the
ground clutching their balls in the most extreme pain. "Get off her you
asshole!" screamed an enraged Winona Ryder as she lunged at him with her
claws ready
to skin him alive. In a panic, the kid pulled out of Claire’s mouth and
ended up
splooging all over Winona’s face. She was so repulsed it slowed her attack
enough that
he could run away awkwardly with his pants around his ankles, while Winona
wiped her
face and spat out the foul substance that went in her mouth..
"Omigod! Noni!"
screeched Claire. "Don’t worry, girl, I’m gonna get you outta here
right now!"
Winona assured her as she went to work on the locks with a pick. "I’ve
almost got you
free…hold still…there!" Just as Winona was able to free Claire, a
bright light came on
behind them and a uniformed man ordered, "Freeze! Do not move! You are under
arrest!" It was the Mayor’s security guard, who held his cell phone in his
hand, "We got the other American, Mayor Atienza. Just like you said, she
tried to free
the criminal. What shall we do with her?" "Put her in the stocks next to
her friend. Don’t
strip her, though. Save that for tomorrow. Her stripping and caning will be
public!" said
the mayor with a smug grin. Later on, with the security force lurking once
again in the
shadows, and Claire and Winona side by side in the stocks, a limousine
pulled up onto
the scene…..

The door of the limo opened and out slid long sleek legs wearing black
"fuck me"
pumps with ankle straps. Stepping out of the car it became clear the legs
belonged to
beautiful blond actress Mira Sorvino. Mira was wearing a classy black
skirt and gulped
greedily from a bottle of expensive champagne. As she looked at the two
helpless girls in
the stocks, Mira giggled, "Ha! Ha! Oh-ma-gawd. Minnie, you’re like totally
not going to
believe this." "What? What?" replied Minne Driver, a fellow actress, also
clad in a
black mini- skirt that showed ample cleavage, as she staggered out of the
Winona’s heart sank as she saw Minnie get out of the car. She knew Minnie
hated her for
dating her ex-boyfriend Matt Damon — she knew this because she could see it
in her eyes
right at that moment. Suddenly a sadistic smile crossed Minnie’s lips as
she reallized the
bitch she hated most in the world, the slut who stole her boyfriend from
her, was
completely helpless and (almost) alone in front of her. She didn’t know how
Winona got
there, but in her drunkened state, she wasn’t going to hesitate to take
advantage of the
situation, "Heh heh, looks like we finally found something fun to do in this
country, huh, Mira?" Mira was already standing on the crate the
hoodlums had used to
prop themselves up infront of Claire, looking down at the blonde actress.
"So like, you
got into Yale without even going to high school, huh? I guess they’ll let
anyone in that
shithole," taunted Mira, a graduate of Harvard. "I heard Jodie Foster got
you in, like, you
must have done a good job of licking that dyke’s cunt." "Get away from her
you fucking
airhead bitch!" screamed Winona. "Airhead? Like, hellooo? I have a
degree. That’s
more than this little muffdiver will ever have. I graduated cum laude!"
"Only because all
your professors did when you sucked them off!" Winona made the easy insult.
knows your entire career is based on your cocksucking abilities! How many
old men did
you fuckin’ blow to get an Oscar anyw–?" Winona’s words were suddenly cut
off as
Minnie Driver slapped her hard and shoved her plump ass in her face. "Kiss
my arse, you
worthless bitch. My pussy is too good for you!" While Minnie rubbed her
ass against
Winona’s lips and nose causing the helpless victim to gag, Mira pulled down
her panties
and hiked up her skirt before planting her pussy on Claire’s protesting
mouth. "Eat
me, bitch! C’mon, you better start licking or it’s gonna get a lot worse!"
Mira threatened
as she grabbed a fistful of hair. Claire desperately shook her head from
side to side to
avoid the smell of Mira’s sex, which resulted in her moist red lips stroking
Myra’s pussy.
A rough yank on the hair persuaded Claire to open her mouth and reluctantly
Mira’s pussylips with her tongue, which was pulled into Mira’s squeezing
cunt as the
attacker grinded her hips in Claire’s face. Winona faced a similar
struggle, as Minnie’s
tattooed butt was roughly pressed against her face. Minnie closed her eyes
and smiled a
sadistic and smug grin. Winona was beyond repulsed, and could stomach no
more. Stuck
in the stocks, her hands were useless, and her legs were too far back to
deliver a kick, so
Winona defended herself the only way she could….. Minnie was laughing as
she looked
back at the look of disgust on Winona’s face, "I want you to pucker up this
time, and I
better hear some smoochin’ or I’ll make you really suffer!" Minnie slammed
her ass-
cheek against Winona’s lips, but her victorious smile soon turned into a
look of shock
and anguish, "Owww! Ow! Ow! Stop it! Stop it!" Minne screamed frantically as
sank her teeth into the soft flesh of her bare buttock. Desperately twisting
free, Minnie
tumbled face-first on the ground with prominent bite marks on her up-turned
Winona spat on the girl laying face down in the dirt, and yelled to her
friend, "Quick,
Claire, bite the bitch’s cunt off!" Mira wasn’t even paying attention,
except to her
bottle of champagne from which she took frequent swigs. Claire’s warm, wet
and the smoothness of her hair brushing against Mira’s bare thighs in the
cool night
breeze had the older woman on the brink of orgasm. She was moaning loudly,
and just as
Mira started to thrust violently in her moment of climax, Claire gnashed her
teeth with
Mira’s swollen clit trapped between them. She couldn’t even scream at
first, Mira could
only squirm her hips to get free, and when she did get loose, she fell back
onto her ass,
her hands between her legs cupping her aching pussy. Meanwhile, Minnie was
quickly, rubbing her sore ass and cursing at Winona, "You’re going to
fucking regret
that!" "Just like everyone else who’s had a piece of your fat slutty ass!
And I do mean
EVERY–mmmmfph" Winona was cut off once again, this time as Minnie shoved
moist silk panties into her mouth. Minnie walked around behind Winona,
and when
she saw her defenseless ass sticking out at her, she instinctively vented
her rage by firmly
planting her pointed shoe right between Winona’s legs, stinging her pussy
and causing
her vulva to throb with pain. Pleased with Winona’s pain-induced
contortions, Minnie
decided to add insult to injury and strip her victim of the human dignity
provided by her
clothes. Winona had dressed casually for her surreptitious mission, wearing
denim jeans
which were an older pair that fit rather snug. The tight jeans accentuated
her curvaceous
figure, along with the tight tank top she wore. Looking at the denim
which was showing
signs of wear on Winona’s ass and thighs, Minnie said, "These clothes aren’t
fitting of a
big movie star such as yourself, Ms. Ryder. Then again, a slut like you
doesn’t have any
need for clothes at all!" With that Minnie unbuttoned Winona’s pants, and
as the
helpless girl wiggled and writhed her voluptous body in protest, Minnie slid
her fingers
around the waist and peeled off her trousers right down to her ankles.
Winona’s soft legs
were creamy white, reflecting her fair complexion and her unwillingness to
revealing clothes. Yet she was in great shape, her calves nice and firm,
and her thighs
healthy pieces of meat. And Minnie, when she saw Winona’s perfect little
ass squirming
in front of her, was immediately jealous and declared, "I’m gonna tear your
arse to
shreds!" She slipped Winona’s belt out from her jeans, and took one last
look at the
pristine white ass covered by white panties with a lacy pink trim. The
panties were
bunched a bit between her fleshy buttocks, as Winona’s bent over position
caused the
cotton panties to ride up her ass, thus exposing a portion of her bare
buttcrack above her
pantyclad pussy mound. "Kiss your arse good-bye, bitch!" was Minnie’s final
threat as
the belt cut through the air and laid a devastating blow to Winona’s
quivering rear end.
Again and again she lashed the naked flesh, leaving red welts and bringing
Winona to
tears as she soon lost the strength to scream in her gag and resigned to
pathetic sobbing.
"Not so haughty now, are you, bitch?" Minnie pointed out to the completely
drained and
degraded actress. While admiring the whip-scarred ruins of Winona’s ass,
Minnie noticed
her pal Mira walking back from the limo with a massive strap-on dildo
bouncing in front
of her crotch, and following her was the massive hulk of a man that was
their limo driver,
Carlos. "Carlos, shove Carlos Junior down this cunt’s throat while I ream
her ass! If she
bites you, smash her fucking face in!" And Claire thought Mira was a bitch
before, but
now she "rilly" regreted listening to "Noni". The limo driver was a dark,
muscular man
about 6’5" tall with powerful legs and hips. Obediently, but with a
sadistic grin on his
face he unzipped his pants and let a massive dick tumble out and smack
Claire in the
mouth. Claire pleaded her case, "It’s too bi–mrrrgh." but her words were
muffled as
the partially erect cock slid between her wet lips. His cock had found
heaven in her
warm mouth, and he slid it in an out slowly, enjoying the power and the
sexual sensation
he felt to the fullest. He never heard of Claire Danes, so she was just
another sweet young
blonde to him, then he noticed Winona Ryder. "Holy shit! It’s Winona Ryder!
I gotta
have me some of that!" Not wanting to waste his wad on a nobody, he pulled
his now
completely rigid cock out of Claire’s sucking mouth with the audible pop of
a suction
cup releasing its vacuum. He let his impressive member, glistening with
saliva, bounce
in front of Winona’s terrified eyes as he removed the panty gag and rubbed
his pre-cum
all over her soft red lips. "Bet you never had one this big before," said
Carlos, before he
plunged his thick cock deep in Winona’s unwilling gullet, making room for it
by shear
force. Winona sucked for air and in doing so pleasured his cock as he took
long strokes in
and out of her absurdly stretched mouth. While Carlos growled like a
rutting bull,
Claire’s scream pierced the night as Mira crushed her precious hymen, taking
virginity that she had held so dear and protected devotedly despite the many
suitors she
had. Mira fucked Claire’s tiny twat with a vengeance while her nails
cruelly gripped the
young woman’s hanging breasts. As Mira’s fury abated, the limo driver’s
quickened as his balls slapped Winona’s jaw. Gripping a handful of hair he
"Keep sucking….I’m gonna cum….yeah….swallow it all." To keep from
choking, Winona
desperately gulped his generous load of spunk, until eventually it was too
much and
overflowed from her lips and dribbled down off her chin. Enjoying the look
of disgust on
the uppity actress’ face, the humble limo driver rubbed his dick all over
her mug, coating
her porcelain skin in a layer of sticky, slimy sperm. "Oops, you didn’t
swallow it all.
You’ll have to be punished…." said Minnie, who took some uppercut swings
of the belt
aimed at Winona’s prone pussy mound. Each strike elicited a yelp from
Winona, and
after several whacks Minnie declared, "There, Carlos, I got her ready for
you! Ha!"
"Let’s see what we have here," whispered Carlos, as he rubbed Winona’s stiff
through her shirt, "These tits are fine. Let’s take a look-see." The
powerful man ripped
the flimsy, see through shirt right off, leaving her in bra and panties,
shivering in the open
air mostly from fear and humiliation. He didn’t take much time to admire
her choice in
lingerie and let her bra fall to the ground before taking two handfuls of
her perky, milky-
white breasts, squeezing them like melons at the grocery store. "Yup, those
puppies are
firm all right." Shifting his attention from her perfect tits, he
noticed her thoroughly
spanked ass, "Aw shit, look at this sweet ass…" as he continued to massage
her breasts he
rubbed his blood-engorged manmeat against her twitchy little ass, and then
slid his cock
between her legs where it probed the outer surface of her pussy through her
panties. "Bitch is gettin’ wet for me, huh?" "Time to get rid of these
pretty little
panties…" he murmured to her, as he admired the view of her smooth bare
legs with her
jeans in a pile around her white gym socks. She looked like a college coed,
and he damn
near came again when her split peach of a pussy was revealed before his
eyes. With two
fingers he stroked her tightly clamped pussy lips and tried to work up some
moisture, while beside him he watched Minnie strap the dildo on herself and
ram it right
up Claire’s ass, completing the violation of all her holes. The sight of
another woman
viciously reaming an innocent girl up the ass only added to the lust of the
huge stud as he
slowly slid his rock-hard dick into Winona’s supertight fuck tunnel.
Inching deeper and
deeper, he pulled back slowly and suddenly thrust forward fully, enjoying
the woman’s
defeated wail before beginning her thorough fucking in earnest.
"Mmmmm….gimme that
tight Hollywood pussy," he muttered. Carlos worked out a lifetime of
frustration of being
treated like trash by rich bitches like her by painfully stretching out her
spoiled little cunt.
With ferocious, animal grunts his hips slapped her stinging ass-flesh as his
fucktool conquered her innards. He soon exploded within her depths with a
growl, and had to wrap his arms around her to keep his upright position as
he climaxed.
He watched his client Minnie finish impaling the little blond, pulling the
dildo out of Claire’s ass which refused to relinquish its viselike grip on
the massive
object. Inspecting the aftermath of Winona’s well-fucked cunt, he brimmed
with pride as
he watched his seed dripping from her gaping womanhood down her sweaty,
thighs in little white streams. "Oh shit, I better get my camera!" Carlos
zipped up his
pants, picked up Winona’s panties as a souvenir, and headed back to the limo
to retrieve
his polaroid, as Mira took her dildo back from Minnie. "Now it’s this
bitch’s turn to get
fucked up the ass!" said Mira, as she put her hands on Winona’s hips,
getting ready to
take a huge lunge forward and plunder her ass in one violent motion. Mira
decided to
take one last swig of her champagne bottle and dropped it on the ground
beginning her assault. As Mira backed up, Winona managed to slip one foot
loose from
her jeans and delivered a vicious mulekick right to the tip of Mira’s dildo.
The impact
caused Mira to go cross-eyed from the pain, as the dildo went from being
just inside her
gate to nearly bursting through her uterine wall in a split second. Mira
gripped her crotch
reflexively, and fell on her ass like a piece of timber. Unfortunately for
her, she landed
right on her champagne bottle which had no place to go but right up her
virgin anus, and
the total pain she felt caused her to lose consciousness.. "This bitch
is still acting like
a prude! Give me that!" barked an annoyed Minnie Driver as she plucked the
dildo from
Mira’s shattered pelvis. I bet you let Matt fuck your ass all the time you
slut, Minnie
thought to herself, knowing firsthand about Matt’s favorite positions.
Minnie held the
dildo at the opening to Winona’s posterior and was about to dish out one
last insult
before three words brought her world crashing down, "Freeze, don’t move!" of
course, it
was Mayor Atienza’s personal security guard. Bright lights flashed on,
catching Minnie’s
genuine look of shock, as she was caught wearing only a bra and high heels
with a dildo
strapped to her cunt. Even worse, she was caught in an attempted rape of
woman’s ass (How was she going to explain this?). The police camera
recorded the
situation which was humiliating for all four women involved, as the
squealing tires of a
car (a limo, perhaps?) racing away could be heard in the background. The
panned past the tear-streaked, cum-covered faces of Claire and Winona, to
Minnie who
struggled clumsily to unhook the dildo before her hands were cuffed behind
her back and
she was led naked to a police cruiser. Finally the shot focused on Mira
Sorvino, who was
unconscious in the dirt, her gaping pussy spread out for the world to see as
her ass was
lifted several inches off the ground by the glass bottle which impaled it.
Minnie and
Mira were taken downtown to be photographed and processed, and snapshots
were taken
of Claire and Winona as evidence of the crimes, although the whole evening
recorded by surveillance cameras anyway. The photos would fetch a large
price from the


Da-da-na-na-na-naaaah…… "Hello everyone, welcome to Entertainment
Tonight. I’m
Julie Moran reporting from Manila in the Philippines where all the big names
are here to
witness a star-studded event. Later today on this very stage, Winona Ryder,
Danes, Mira Sorvino and Minnie Driver will all be stripped naked and
publicly caned
infront of a live audience of thousands. Many Hollywood stars have shown up
here to
protest this punishment — Cindy Crawford, Jennifer Aniston, Matt Damon, Ben
and Tori Spelling to name a few." Julie Moran stood in designated media pit
in a
crowded Manila city square where a raucous crowd crammed in for a front row
seat to
the celebrity ass-whooping that was about to take place. "I’m joined now by
the mayor
of Manila, Lisa Atienza. Welcome, Mayor. Mayor Atienza, this is quite a
celebration you
have going on here, is the city always hopping like this?" "Well, this is
a very special
occasion today. The people of the Philippines are law-abiding, hard working
people and
they’re here to see criminals brought to justice." "This is a special
day indeed, has
there ever been such a celebrity turnout for a public caning?" "Ha ha!
I don’t think so,
and don’t forget, the caning can be seen by North American viewers only on
view, $49.95 –" "Mayor, if I may interrupt, many have accused you of
rewriting the
City’s bylaws behind closed doors and ignoring due process –" "Well
Ms. Moran,
how we deal with crime in our own backyard is up to us, and we are
determined to take a
hard line stance against crime so we can avoid becoming the cesspool of
violence that
your country has become. By the way, where is your media pass?" "Oh,
woops," said
Julie, laughing nervously, "I must have left it back at the hotel…"
"Officer, arrest this
woman! And give her a cavity
search!" Heh, heh. That’ll fix that snooty reporter bitch, thought Mayor
Atienza. "So
what if my laws unfairly target famous actors for public humiliation? These
normally think they’re above the law. What better way to prove the strength
of the
justice system than by punishing the untouchables?" she thought to herself
The response
of the people was all the support the mayor needed as they partied like
English soccer
fans as the four actresses were led with their heads down onto the stage.
Poor Claire
Danes was first to be stripped and caned. The Mayor had actually granted a
pardon to
Claire after witnessing her brutal treatment while in the stocks. Figuring
she had enough
talent left without her, Atienza let Claire go, mainly to appear
compassionate in the eyes
of the court of public opinion, and avoid the fact her "trial" was less than
fair to say the
least. However, Claire landed herself in hot water again as she returned to
the stocks and
wrote above Mira’s head, "I like it up the ass" and above Minnie’s head she
"Insert cock here" with an arrow pointing to Minnie’s mouth. Since she
didn’t assault the
girls, she thought she’d commited no crime, but didn’t reallize that thanks
to Mayor
Atienza, vandalism was now punishable by public caning in Manila. One by
one the
actresses were bent over a wooden barrel and whipped harshly with a bamboo
stick as the
crowd counted the licks. Winona’s ass was already sore, but after the
caning by the
hooded punisher with bulging muscles her delicate butt was a shambles. She
was totally
demeaned in front of millions of people, as her first public nude scene was
in quite a
dubious role to say the least. Bent over the barrel her legs quivered like
jelly and her tits
bounced with every loud whack. The only good thing about the day for
Winona was
that she got to watch Minnie Driver get the bottom of her big fat tattooed
ass knocked
completely the fuck out. Even through her tears, Winona somehow managed a
smile as no less than 30 whacks shredded Minnie’s worthless ass. Winona
tried to find
her boyfriend Matt in the crowd, but he must have moved. What Winona didn’t
was that while she was being whipped Matt became so enraged that he started
a minor
riot which resulted in his arrest.

The Mayor was busy going over the pay-per-view figures and had to give
herself a pat on
the back. The whole affair was generating millions of dollars in revenue
for her city.
The tourism business was booming now where before it had been fledgling.
She’d taken
an old delapidated prison which was part of a tourist site that had
generated little interest
and turned it into a goldmine. She reallized that no one, especially in the
western world,
gave a rat’s ass about Filipino history, so she enlisted star power to bring
in the
customers. The attack on Danes and Ryder was atrocious, she had to admit,
but not
unexpected, as she had procured a VIP invitation to Minnie Driver prior to
the whole
event. Her plan had worked perfectly, and though she would officially
condemn any
attacks against the American prisoners, her officers were too busy trying to
innocent citizens, much less convicted criminals. No doubt, the naked
actresses would
see a lot of cock in the three months they were to spend in the stocks.
In fact, Atienza
was counting on that, and with Spring Break on the way she was actively
promoting the
city as a vacation spot for lust-crazed college kids. The mayor was sure it
would be a
record breaking year, especially with the fresh batch of celebs which would
stand trial for
having an unlawful protest. Mayor Atienza had to admire her own vision, and
that she was drunk with power — but it was one hell of a buzz. And she had
told the truth
to Claire Danes. She would lift the ban on her movies, allowing for local
screening of a

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