Claire Fantasy

I’m feeling horny, so i’m gonna write another fantasy!!

Claire and Lee are sharing a hotel room and Claire’s taking a shower.
Lee comes into the bathroom and accidently sees Claire in the shower.
She’s shocked at first and then it kind of turns her on.

She starts washing herself very provocatively, first Lee doesn’t
notice and then he starts watching her. He gets a hard on and Claire
can see it through his trousers.

He starts rubbing it, slowly and then Claire puts her hand on his
bulge and rubs it.

She opens his zip and puts her hand inside. She can feel his hardness.
She wanks him off until
he almost cums and then takes him in her
mouth, his whole cock.

Then she sucks his balls and he cums on her face. He licks it off.
He shoves his fingers inside her dripping wet fanny and fucks her,
before fingering her rosebud. She’s trembling with delight.
She cums on his fingers and she licks it off.

He turns her round and shoves the shower head in her tight hole while
giving her one up the arse.

Then he fucks her tight cunt whilst playing with her round firm tits.
Before he cums he stops and she wanks him off with her tits and he
cums all over them.

She licks it off and then they wash eachother before starting

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