Claire Richards – Alien Rape

Claire Richards – Alien Rape.

It was getting late and Claire was returning to her flat in London. She had decided to walk to her recording session as it was only five minutes away if she took the walk across the heath. She got half way across the heath when she heard a noise “Who’s there?” she shouted then she turned and walked faster. It was starting to rain and Claires new thigh length boots where were caked in mud.

She could see the road in which she lived in the distance which made her feel safe so she slowed down. Suddenly a large tentacled creature reared up infront of her, she screamed in shock
and slipped on the mud. She was on her back covered in mud. The alien lifeform moved towards her slowly.

Claire was totally in shock and couldn’t move, what was this thing, what did it want all these questions flashed through her head. Then it became apparent what it wanted as a tentacle shot out towards her, grabbed her leather jacket and in one swift movement yanked it off. She was left sitting there in her favorite blue jeans, a white top showing her stomach and her new boots.

Claire shouted histerically “What do you want?, fuck off” another tentacle shot forwards and forced itself into her mouth to shut her screams up. Claire nearly choaked as the tentacle not unlike a penis rammed into her mouth, it then to her horror began moving in and out of her mouth rapidly she was being mouth fucked by a tentacle (although she didn’t know this). Another tentacle shot forward and ripped her blouse off revealing her white lacy bra and tanned skin it then grabbed her jeans and lifted her into the air, she was upside down topless, being mouth fucked and now losing her jeans. She fell out of the jeans and landed heavily on the ground knocking her senses all over the place. Dazed and confused she lay on the ground in her bra, silk knickers and boots.

Two more tentacles grabbed her legs and moved in opposite directions spreading her legs wide.

To Be Continued….

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