Claire’s Audition

Claire’s Audition

Steps had broken up the week before which was really the girls’ plan to ditch H and Lee as all of them thought the two wallies were holding up the girls’ chances of stardom. The end of the Spice Girls hadn’t done Geri Halliwell and her mates any harm and Claire, Faye and Lisa thought they would soon be stars in their own right.

But it didn’t happen for week after week after week and when Claire went to speak to the producer of “An Audience with ………..” she knew she had to make the interview count as the show had gained huge audience figures with its programmes featuring Kylie, Diana
Ross and others.

She had left her agent behind as she knew the producer preferred to negotiate individually and intimately with his potential stars but what she didn’t know was that his plan included drugging her into a night at his disposal after the contract was signed.

Claire dressed carefully for the meeting aware that FHM magazine shoots had taught her that what she thought were quite plain looks were in fact most mens’ drooling dream. She loved wearing next to no underwear and the briefest of thongs was covered by a thigh-cut leather skirt and a tight vest top which revealed her flat stomach and failed to disguise her ability to do without a bra.

The meeting went better than she thought and when the contract was signed she was happy to seal the deal with another glass of the red which was going down so well. This was the one with the extra ingredient though and within minutes the hypnotic effect of the drug had taken hold and she was obedient putty in the hands of the producer.

“OK Claire”, he said, “You’re the Step I’ve always wanted to climb and now’s my chance. Do one of your dances from your videos for me and while you’re doing it let’s see you get naked”.

Claire was powerless to disobey. As the sounds of “One for Sorrow” came over the speakers she started to sway and found herself lip-synching to her own words. As she mimed her way through the first verse her hands went to the back of her skirt and as the zip came down the skirt came with it and as she stepped away from the discarded item of clothing her long, luscious legs were now revealed and she had almost forgotten the song as she placed her right leg up on the arm of the producer’s chair. He ran his hands up her thigh and as she moved and turned his hands moved on to her gorgeous butt which was revealed by the briefest thong.

With her back to him Claire’s hands came over her shoulder and she lifted her top over her head and then turned again with her hands now coquettishly over her front. Still gyrating she moved her hands down revealing breasts which while not enormous were smooth and firm and featured hardening nipples which she teased into beautiful points which were just begging to be sucked and kissed.

Her last instruction had been to get naked and she turned again and slowly, temptingly, she slid her thong down her thighs and kicked it away turning once more to stand naked before him with a neatly trimmed brown bush highlighting the producer’s destination of choice for the evening.

By this time the producer had also taken off his clothes and Claire couldn’t help noticing his cock which though not fully erect was beginning to rise to a level position. “Your next instruction Claire is to pleasure me and then I may just return the favour”. The producer stood and moved towards Claire and they stood before each other and surprisingly hugged. Claire’s body felt so warm and he could feel his erection becoming so hard it was almost forcing them apart. The hug parted and Claire knelt down and gently kissed the end of the producer’s cock which had now reached full size. Her hands moved to his balls and while kneading and tickling them she took the penis into her mouth and began rhythmically sucking the shaft up and down.

He was surprised by how efficiently and almost professionally she performed the fellatio as Claire had always looked the most innocent of the Steps girls but she was so practised that it was only two minutes before he felt himself coming. Unable to go against her instruction she kept sucking and took his full load in her mouth, swallowing automatically as he withdrew.

After he had instructed her to wash her mouth out he was prepared to return the favour and instructed Claire to lie on the couch with a cushion under her backside. Her beautiful cunt was open to the world and the producer knelt before her and ran his hands over her stomach and through her lovely downy pubic hair before inserting one finger and then two into her welcoming vagina. His tongue then followed and she writhed and moved in pleasure as feelings of ecstasy shot through her still drugged body.

Resisting the temptation to ease his full fist into her the producer then moved on top of her and slid his full nine inches into Claire. Thrusting in and out he held himself in check for 5 minutes or more before rising to a climax. Withdrawing at the last moment he shot his load over the Steps singer’s breasts and watched in pleasure as the gushing cum dripped over her breasts and dark aeroleae.

No time to clean up now and the producer instructed Claire to turn over and raise her beautiful backside into the air. Pausing only to moisten her back hole with KY Jelly he plunged his rehardened member into Claire’s arse. Deeper and deeper he went as she sighed with unconscious pleasure at the hardest fucking she had ever experienced. Again pulling out before he came he whipped her around and ejaculated long and hard over Claire’s face with the Steps singer licking her lips as she tried to take as much of the cum in her mouth as she could.

The drug would soon begin to wear off and the producer knew that he would have to instruct Claire to shower and dry and dress herself quickly. That job done the beautiful Steps star left knowing that she had the contract in the bag but not knowing the price she had unwittingly paid.

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