Claire’s Birthday Gift

WARNING: This fictional story contains scenes of beastiality.

Do not read if offended.

This in no way affects the real Claire Richards! Enjoy!

It was Claire’s 24th birthday.She awoke to a banging on the door.

It was H carrying a box.

She opened it to find a puppy inside. It was looking at her with big brown eyes.

She immediately fell in love.

‘Aww..thanks H’

She took the puppy in her arms and said ‘I’m going to call him Benji’

Later that day, when everyone had gone home, she had a bath.

After slipping on her bathrobe, she went into the living room.

She sat
on the couch and Benji saw the opportunity to jump up.

As he did, her bathrobe fell open.

He started licking her face and then moved down to her pert breasts.

She was about to stop him when she could feel herself getting wet.

The feel of the dog’s rough tongue on her breasts was making her horny!

She let out a low sigh.

She didn’t move in fear of interrupting him, she didn’t want him to stop.

He moved over to the other breast, his pace faster. She rubbed her other breast and teased her nipple.

The dog made no attempt to stop. It was as if he knew that his master enjoyed it.

He moved down to her flat stomach, licking her belly button, then moved further down just above her pubic hair.

She couldn’t help but groan, she was loving it!

She knew it was wrong.

The dog was now moving closer to her love nest. She opened her legs to accommodate him.

He licked her pubic hair. She could feel a slight touch on her clit and it made her shudder.

Suddenly, he was on her clit, using quick rapid movements with his tongue.

He was hitting the spot! She let out a loud sigh and the dog continued.

This felt so good! The feeling of his rough tongue on her rosebud!

It wasn’t long before she climaxed. The dog, on instinct, lapped up her womanly juices, getting a taste for her scent.

As he was doing this, she noticed that he was getting aroused.

She could see his cock poking out. She’d never seen this before and was partly disgusted and partly curious.

She put her hand on the dog’s cock and rubbed it gently.

It reached it’s full length within seconds.

‘I wonder what it tastes like’ the thought.

Then quickly dismissed it ‘Ewww…that’s disgusting’.

But the curiosity got the better of her and she lay down so that her face was inches away from his shiny cock.

She could see the pre cum dripping out.

She stuck her tongue out and tasted the dog’s juices.

It wasn’t unpleasant, and the more she licked it, the more she got a taste for it.

The dog was panting, obviously enjoying what his master was doing to him.

Soon she has his whole cock in her mouth, sucking fast and hard.

The dog whined slightly and Claire took this as a sign that he liked what she was doing to him.

Within seconds the dog’s cum came gushing out and she struggled to lap it up.

When she finished she sat up and wiped her mouth.

She was glad no one was here to see it.

As she sat there, she wondered what it would be like to have a dog inside her.

She called Benji over and he willingly obliged, wondering what his master had in store for him this time.

She rubbed his cock and felt his arousal.

Within seconds he was to full length again.

She got up and bent over, her lovely arse inches away from the puppy.

She called him up and on instinct, the dog climbed up on to his master, his paws on her hips.

She could feel his hard member brushing against her arse.

She took his cock and guided him in, the dog instantly started humping his master.

She rocked with his rhythm and could feel his cock inching in with each thrust.

Soon all 9 inches of him was inside her.

She reached down and fingered her clit.

She could feel an orgasm building up inside her.

She let out a huge gasp as the orgasm enveloped her and shook her body.

She couldn’t believe she was having orgasms from a dog’s cock.

The dog was still humping his master frantically, his rhythm geting faster as his orgasm approached.

He let out a loud yelp as his juices gushed out and entered his master.

It wasn’t long before Claire was having a second, a third orgasm.

They all rolled into one as the dog continued humping her.

Finally the dog disembarked his master.

He sat down and licked his cock clean.

Claire found this a turn on and watched whilst fingering her clit gain.

Soon she found herself having another orgasm, maybe several.

The dog came over and started licking her face.

His tongue lapped at her mouth and she opened it to let it in.

His rough wet tongue felt good inside her mouth and she could taste his and her juices combined.

She poked her tongue out and the dog licked it.

They ‘kissed’ for a few seconds before he jumped down and went to his food bowl.

Claire was still reeling from the experience. She was glad H brought her that puppy.

This was going to be a regular occurence from now on………


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