Claire’s Solo

Claire entered her dressing room, she was feeling really horny.
She got her dildo out from her top drawer and ran it across her
She felt her nipples harden and slipped a hand inside and
She sighed as she felt her nipples.
She lifted her skirt up and pulled her panties aside. She felt a
tingle as
she explored her wet pussy.
She explored the folds around her rosebud, then pulled it aside and
her rosebud. The sensation was almost unbearable.
She worked faster until the twinge of orgasm approached, then she
stopped and
let it subside before sticking the dildo into her wet love hole.
She worked it slowly and then
a little faster. She continued to tease
She felt orgasm approach and stopped again. She was going to make
this orgasm
She took the dildo out and ran it across her nipples, covering them
with her
juices, before licking it off. She loved to taste herself.
She rammed the dildo back into her cunt, faster and faster until she
felt the
orgasm approach. She let it wash over her and let out a big groan as
Lisa was stood at the door, watching her.
She suddenly felt flushed. Lisa just smiled!

The End.

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