Claire’s Solo 2

Claire studies herself in the mirror, she can’t understand why people
she’s a sex symbol, she’s thinks she’s pretty average.
She starts to undress, still looking at her reflection. Her fingers
touch her breasts and she feels her nipples harden.
She becomes increasingly aroused.
Her hands grab both breasts and feels them gently, teasing her
She takes one breast in her mouth and licks and gently bites her
She feels a warm sensation in her groin area.
She unzips her trousers and pokes a hand inside her panties. She
notices her
panties are soaking wet and suddenly feels ashamed.
‘Who cares?’ she thought,
‘No one can see me’
She gently caresses her swollen clit, shuddering as the sensation
takes over
her body.
She moves her hand down to her wet pussy hole and slides her fingers
adding one more at a time. Her other hand still caressing her
She flows with the rhythm, getting faster and faster till she nears
She lets the sensation take over her body and groans loudly.
After, she takes her fingers out and rubs them over her nipples, and
licks it off. She liked to taste herself.
Feeling very wet and very satisfied, she slips into bed.

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