by tevok

Celebrity: Gemma Arterton

Content Codes: MF, anal, oral, cons, spank, MDom

Note: This is set during the filming of ‘Clash of the Titans’. Gemma Arterton isn’t one of my favorites, but she is hot and there is no stories about her so I decided to try. English is not my first language, so forgive any minor problems, and feedback is always welcome at

Disclaimer: This is purely fictional; the events depicted never happened, nor do the celebrities depicted act in such ways. This should, in no way, be considered a true story; despite that, minors should also not be reading further. I take no responsibility for any injuries you may suffer while reading this, especially not hand injuries.

“And that is a wrap! The scene is good, thanks everyone!”

I looked on as the actors allowed themselves to relax, breaking character as the cameras stopped recording their every move. Even as a mere extra, I could see this was a difficult thing; after all, if it was already difficult just having to wear this Ancient Greek-like armor, imagine the ones having to wear it AND act, or the women wearing those loose dresses that felt like they would fall off at any moment…

“Damn, it sure is hot around here.”

As I turned to the voice, I gave a brief smile at seeing one of the film’s female stars, Gemma Arterton. “Taking your clothes off certainly helps cooling off. I don’t think anyone would mind if you did that.”

She promptly hit my arm, but the smile on her face showed she hadn’t actually been offended. She started walking away and I watched her go, enjoying the view.

It was hard to believe that a mere extra like me could end up getting this close to the one of the main stars. Fortunately, sometime after shooting started I had helped her in rehearsing her scenes and also helped her practice her stunts; through our practice we started getting to know each other better.

We spent our free time between shots talking about ourselves, found out we both loved soccer—and of course I got to make fun of her team, Charlton Athletic—talked about things we both liked, and quickly we ended up forming a sort of friendship on set. As we got comfortable with each other, As we started getting comfortable around each other our conversations started getting… more steamy.

I would be lying if I said I didn’t find her attractive, or that I never fantasized about fucking her. She was a Bond girl, for God’s sake! How could I not fantasize fucking such a hot actress?!

Of course, it never got more serious than just harmless teasing from both our parts. I was somewhat afraid to be more forward and destroy our friendship; ‘course I wanted to fuck her, but being around her made me see she was more than just a mere piece of meat. She was fun and charming; despite the little time together, she had become a friend.

As such, I had made a resolution…

I found Gemma later, leaving the set after having finished her scenes for the day. With most of the scenes needing soldier extras over, I too was mostly free myself—unless Leterrier decided to reshoot some scenes, otherwise I could very well pack up my things and leave. It was somewhat sad, mostly cause this meant I would soon have to leave Gemma.

“Are you finished for today?” She asked me, smiling.

“Most of my scenes are over by now, I’m gonna go change and then get a rest.” Looking over at her, I saw she was still in her dress. “So, are you gonna take my advice and get naked?”

She gave a chuckle at this, before adopting a sultry smirk. “I might. Want to come to watch?”

“Oh, I would love to.” I answered with a laugh of my own. I was talking the truth, though.

She laughed too, a small and controlled, lady-like laugh that made me twitch. “Seriously though, want to come over? I can get you something to drink, watch a game or something.”

“You are up. But I don’t think second division teams are playing today.” She gave me a glare at that comment, and all the way to her trailer we kept teasing it other.

“Make yourself at home.” She said once we got there. The trailer was surprisingly spacious, and I promptly sat down on the seat by the TV. “You can take off that thing if you want. It must be quite heavy and hot in there, tin man.”

I mock glared at her, before smirking. “Only if you take off yours first, princess.”

She looked at me with a grin. “You really are persistent, aren’t you?” I merely shrugged, and she got a thoughtful look on her pretty face as if considering my proposition. “You do know I’m not a princess, right? That is Alexa’s role.”

“I know that, but to be fair you are much more beautiful than her.” I saw her blink in surprise, not expecting the compliment. “Andromeda is supposed to be so beautiful the Goddesses themselves felt jealous, right? Maybe you should have been the one getting that role.”

I knew she was used to being handed compliments, but she still blushed a bit. My smile widened; that is just what I hoped for.

Suddenly a smile formed on her face, so malicious looking it made me shiver. “You know what? I might just accept your proposition if you ask nicely.” As I opened my mouth to ask her what she meant, she beat me to it. “Take off your costume first, though.”

“I’m gonna need a little help with that, though.”

Raising an eyebrow, Gemma came closer to help me. The prop guys really did a great job in making those things as realistic as possible, and it was very cool wearing them, but they were awfully difficult to take off. Instructing Gemma on how to help, we eventually managed to take off the armor plate in a few minutes.

Beneath the plate was a common tunic, similar to the ones we usually envision ancient greeks wearing. It felt very comfortable being out of that, even more so since now I could feel Gemma’s hand on my chest when she helped taking off the last bit of armor.

“Well, tin man, I think that is the first time I see you without that.”

“Too bad I’ve never seen you without that too.” I said, pointing at her dress. Again she gave a small blush, now followed by a sultry smirk that made me hot.

“Most of the filming is over by now. Do you still have any scenes?” She asked.

“Not really, unless they want to reshoot some of the palace scenes I don’t think I will be needed anymore.” I said, a hint of frustration in my voice.

“I see. Then I think it is about time I thanked you for everything.”

“Seriously, you don’t have to thank me. If anything I’m the one who has to thank you, having a star like you give me the time of the day made all this more than worthy enough.”

She blushed a bit and came closer to me. “I usually feel lonely while filming, but this time it was different. You were a real friend, a gentleman almost, and I really enjoyed it. I really, reaaaally have to thank you.” I felt myself shivering as she touched me, her fingers tracing over my clothed chest. She came closer, whispering in my ear. “Besides, I think we both want the kind of thanking I have in mind.”

My mind pretty much shut down at the implication, all its power being redirected downwards as I felt myself getting hard. I made no complaint as she guided me to her bed and had me sit down, looking down at my face with a sultry smirk as she moved seductively in front of me. Though I came to my senses, I still kept immobile as I took in the sight in front of me; especially when Gemma crawled into the bed, straddling me before keeping her little dance.

I had planned to finally throw caution to the wind and try seducing Gemma today; hell, it was probably my last day on set and it was very unlikely we would keep in touch anyways, so I decided to finally act on my feelings—or my cock’s instincts, more likely. Yet even in my best case scenarios I would not expect receiving a lap-dance by Gemma Arterton.

Gemma started moving the straps of her dress, letting them fall from her arms but quickly lifting her arms before her breast were exposed. I let a frustrated groan at that, while she laughed at my reaction. “What is the matter, getting impatient?”

“You fucking tease.” I said through gritted teeth, making her laugh more. “What you are doing should be a crime, I’ve waited so long to see those in person and then you go and tease me like that…”

“Oh, really? How long have you fantasized about me, if I may ask?” She moved forward, her cheek brushing against mine as she whispered huskily in my ear. “Was that ‘Quantum of Solace’? Did you imagine yourself on Daniel’s place, me naked in a bed while you fucked me hard?”

“Of course, who wouldn’t?” I said, turning my face slightly so I could brush against her. “Though I’ve fantasized about you since ‘St. Trinian’s’, and then even more after ‘The Boat that Rocked’. Hell, since we started going around I’ve had to control myself not to just grab and kiss you all the time.”

“I’m flattered. Since I first came to you I’ve always hoped you would do just that, grab me and fuck me so hard I would be unable to film for over a week!” At this she pulled back, eyeing me with lust in her eyes as she finally let go and allowed her dress to slip completely. Her supple breasts stood to attention, her nipples showcasing her excitement. “Can you do that? Would you, please, fuck me hard?”

I did not answer her, merely shooting forward to grab her globes in my hands, squeezing them hard as if to make sure they were real. She gave a sharp moan at the action, even more so when I pinched and twisted her nipples. I looked up, smirking in challenge at her; she looked down at me, her face twisted in a mix of pain and pleasure, her hazy eyes glaring at me.

Suddenly one of her hands went to the back of my head, grabbing my hair and pulling me closer to crash my face on hers. Her pouty lips mashed hard against mine, wasting no time in forcing my mouth open and shooting her tongue into it. I felt her tongue explore and dance inside my mouth and quickly countered myself, our kiss becoming like a battle; I smirked in the kiss, liking her aggressiveness. Pinching her nipples harder, she gave a small yelp of pain; distraction enough for me to force her back and ‘win’.

“No fair, you cheater!” She said, soon losing her voice as my mouth descended from hers and started kissing her neck. She moved her face upwards, giving me more access to her sensitive skin; meanwhile my hands kept on her chest, fondling her breasts.

Suddenly, much to my pleasure, Gemma started moving on my lap; more specifically, she started bouncing. The feel of her bouncing off my covered but still extremely hard cock put my concentration to test, as my licks and kisses along her neck started becoming more irregular. Of course, Gemma didn’t let that escape.

“What is the matter, losing control already?” I could hear a hint of laughter in her voice.

Without warning I bit on her neck, not violently but enough to make her yelp and shut her up. Licking on the little mark it left, I started trailing my mouth lower; stopping to spend more time on the junction between neck and shoulder—which elicited a bigger response—and then her collarbone, before delving my head to substitute one of my hands in the handling of her breast.

I felt her hold her breath as my lips trailed up her mound, kissing till they reached their center; then she let out a deep moan as I took it in my mouth. I sucked hard on her tit, letting my tongue play around the nipple and occasionally biting—this seemed to elicit the stronger responses from her. I looked up while continuing my ministrations, seeing her head thrown back as she bit her lip to stop herself from letting louder sounds.

“Am I the one losing control now?” I smirked, changing breasts and sucking her other tit in my mouth. They were just as I expected: not very big, but still a solid globe that fit just right in my hand. I sucked her hard and harder as I delighting myself on her moans, my hand handling her wet boob roughly as she kept bouncing on my lap.

“Enough!” Gemma suddenly screamed, grabbing my hair and pulling it from her chest. “I can’t stand it anymore! I need your cock inside me now; I need you to fuck me!”

That was the last straw for me too. I roughly pulled her to me and kissed her before standing up, grabbing her by the thighs to bring her with me, then spinning around and breaking the kiss to throw her back on the bed. She squealed at the action; taking this chance I removed my clothes—the tunic and also the skirt-like thing from the costume. Once I finished I was completely naked and standing in fro not the bed, I looked back at her, I was delighted to see she had finished taking her dress too; the way she laid there, totally naked, kinda reminded me of those old Renaissance paintings. I couldn’t believe my luck at having this goddess wanting me to fuck I her.

And from the way she licked her lips as she looked me over, I could see I wasn’t the only one enjoying the view.

“Damn, I can see why you were chosen for the soldier role.” She said; crawling to the edge of the bed on all fours, she starting trailing my abs and then coming closer to kiss them. True enough, my physique had been the motive I was accepted as a soldier extra.

Her hand came down to my groin, slowly trailing along my now uncovered hard-on. “I didn’t know Greek soldiers used swords that long, though. It must have been uncomfortable, having that heavy piece of armor covering it…” Bringing her head down she started plating small kisses along the shaft. I groaned a bit as it twitched whenever her delicious lips touched it, and she looked back at me with a devilish smile as she kept kissing it. Finally she went for the tip, giving it a peck as her hand gripped the shaft and starting stroking it.

“Oh fuck!” I groaned, not believing she was doing it. She kept looking at my facing, her hands getting faster and faster as they jerked me off.

“We waited so long, I guess we can wait a little more. Right now I want to see how sharp that sword is.” After that lame pun, she looked back at my ‘little’ friend and promptly blew it before sucking it in her mouth.

“OH FUCK!” This time it was almost a scream as I felt her mouth work on my cock just like mine had her breasts before. Her tongue twirled around the head, her mouth sucking it hard as her hand kept stroking what she could grab. I felt as if on heaven, throwing my head back as I moaned. “Damn you, you little cock-teasing slut!”

I had no control of what I said, but seeing from the fact she just sucked harder it seemed she didn’t mind the name-calling.

As she kept sucking me, I felt myself losing more and more control. Damn, not only was she fucking hot she was also extremely talented; I had to wonder how often she used that talent, and how much she had achieved through it.

Suddenly she stopped, letting go of my cock with her hands and also taking her mouth off. I looked at her, enjoying the view of her red-tinted face and the slight glint in her lips. “Don’t you think it is over yet, soldier.”

She held my cock again, making it point straight at her face as she approached it. My eyes widened as her mouth moved further than before, engulfing more and more of my cock till it had difficulty going further. I could see her eyes widen as she was unable to go further and started to gag, having to pull back for air. “My God, I couldn’t take it all!”

“I get that sometimes.” I boasted, moving my hand to her hair and grabbing it. “You just have to get used to it.”


She didn’t finish as my fist on her hair pulled her forward, making her once again take me in the mouth. I slowly pulled it closer, making her take me in the mouth despite her protests. I managed to make it go all in, her nose burying in my pubic hair as my cock was squeezed by her tight throat. I groaned at the feeling as she adjusted to the invader, the excessive salivation helping to lubricate the act. As I felt her start to panic from lack of air, I let her go so she could breath.

“You bloody motherfucker!” The Brit screamed at me. Her face was very red, her eyes a bit tear-stained and a bit of spit on dripping.

“Sorry, I get carried away sometimes.” I apologized. Shit, did I fuck it up? Did I go to far?

As she regained her breath, she looked back at me. “You can get carried away as much as you want, I love some rough sex. Just didn’t expect you to.” She gave me a wink. “Now go ahead and fuck my face, you motherfucker.”

“I didn’t know Brits could be this vulgar.” I remarked, grabbing her hair roughly and yanking at it, eliciting a yelp of pain from her. “You kinky slut.”

She deepthroated my cock again, and once again I held her there. This time I allowed her free movement and soon she started bobbing her head up and down, my own hips moving along as I literally fucked her mouth. I kept mumbling as it went own, spewing ‘Fuck yeah’ or ‘That’s it slut’ as she kept sucking me like a pro. I eventually took her by surprise when, as she tried pulling back, I instead grabbed her hair roughly to keep her head still and promptly pushed my hips forward to put my dick down her throat again.

The feeling of her esophagus milking me, complete with the natural lubrication of her saliva—which was dripping from her mouth—had me almost on the edge. I barely noticed as she tapped me in the thigh, signaling for me to let her go.

“Bloody hell, that was intense.” She said, looking at me. Her face was a complete mess; by now her face was so red I couldn’t understand how she was still alive, and tears were rolling down her cheeks as she coughed.

“Sorry” I said, pulling her up so she was on her knees on the bed. She looked at me, her eyes a mix of sheer animal lust with a bit of fear too.

“Hey, I told you to go all the way. I like that, it’s just…” She chewed on her lip for a moment, making her face even sexier despite her current state. “God, it’s been so long since I’ve been fucked like this. And I really like it is you doing that.”

She moved forward quickly, giving me a quick peck in the lips—thankfully, it was fast enough that I didn’t taste myself—before letting herself fall back against the bed. “Now come on. I want you to be as wild with my pussy as you were with my mouth!”

Not needing her to ask twice, I jumped in the bed alongside her and quickly buried my face again in her chest, biting her tits while my hand went lower to her pussy. At first she squealed, then started to moan as two of my fingers entered her pussy without warning and I right off the bat fell into a brutal pace, making her scream in ecstasy at my eagerness.

She wanted rough? She would get it.

“Oh fuck! Finger my pussy raw!”

As I started feeling an increase in the wetness, I suddenly stopped my ministrations and stood with my knees on the bed. Giving a brief slap at her breasts, which made them bounce deliciously, I grabbed her by the hips and pulled her closer, bringing her rear end off the bed; understanding, she circled her legs around my waist as my cock stood ready at her entrance.

Pushing forward hard, without gentleness, I delighted myself at her hard and long moan as my cock penetrated her insides. I started moving, thrusting my hips with force as I drilled in her. She did nothing, merely letting herself be dominated and grabbing the bed sheets as she moaned like a whore getting pounded.

And pounded she got.

Her pussy was incredible, still so tight I had to question her experience. Her mouth had certainly been around; my guess was that they rarely got past it. Well, their loss my gain.

Gemma was arching her back, trying to get her hips higher to increase the penetration; the back of her head was pressing so hard against the bed, trying to bury itself, that I wouldn’t be surprised if she made a hole through that. Her mouth was perpetually opened, such high-pitched sounds coming out that I was sure she would be getting hoarse later.

“You like that, you little slut? Getting pounded like a cheap whore?”

“Yes! Yes, I love it!” She moaned out as I increased my tempo. “I love cock! And I love yours even more!” One of her hands left the sheets and went to her chest, pinching and rubbing her nipples to increase her pleasure. I groaned at the sight, enjoying the view.

I pulled her closer by her hips, allowing my cock to bury balls-deep into her pussy—by now she was almost on the vertical, upside-down. I almost considered getting up and placing her fully upside-down; in the end I decided not, as that would mean having to stop fucking her. I just drilled into her pussy harder, feeling myself start hitting my limit.

“Oh fuck, you are so fucking sexy and tight, I’m gonna cum soon!”

“Hhhhmmm, don’t stop! Keep going, cum in me if you want but don’t you dare stop!”

“You dirty slut… I’m cumming!”

With a last, mighty thrust I buried myself in her upside-down pussy, the position allowing for my cum to flow out easier. She moaned as I emptied myself in her, my cock jerking inside her. I eventually pulled out, breathing ragged, and laid down by her.

As soon as I did that, Gemma rolled and climbed over me. “You sure did fill me up.”

I raised an eyebrow, surprised she still had stamina to go on. I rarely got spent after cumming just once, but most women did; I might have just found my match.

“Well, I’m ready for another round if you want.”

It was her turn to raise an eyebrow, as she looked at my crotch and found my member still hard. “Bloody hell, and here I thought you would need some convincing.” Smiling seductively—well, any of her smiles was seductive—she moved so she was straddling me, her pussy inches from my cock.

“Wait, you want to ride me?” I asked. “I was thinking of another position, considering your tastes.”

She smirked. “I think I know what you are thinking about.”

Getting off me, she got down on all fours as I approached her on my knees. My hand went to her firm buttocks, squeezing it before smacking it hard. Gemma yelped and gave a brief jump, but turning her face to try and look at me. “Wanna be drilled from behind, slut?”

“Yeah, I’ve been a bad girl lately.” If I wasn’t hard yet, I would have just gotten so just from the way she said that.

“You have, haven’t you?” I smacked her again, and once again she jumped. “A big star like you, sucking off an extra and letting him pound your little pussy raw. You are worse than a whore, you know that?”

Another smack, and now a moan. “Yeeees, I know! I’m a whore, nothing but a dirty whore who loves cock! Fuck me, take me hard like you want to!”

“How is it a punishment, if you want the cock, you British whore?” I smacked her again, and this time pushed my hips forward to tease her clit with my cock.

“I will let you take me whichever way you want” She said sultrily, pushing her butt back. “Go on; teach me a lesson, make me your slut, your whore… Fuck me hard!”

I understood what she was implying and, with a final smack, positioned my cock at the crack of her ass. Without giving her any warning I shoved forward, sinking most of my cock inside her backdoor. It was VERY tight, almost painfully so.

“OH MY GOD!!!” Gemma bellowed; if it was difficult for me, I could only imagine how unbearable the pain was to her. “Take it out!”

Instead of complying, I grabbed her by the hair and made her rise, making her lean on me and kissing her hard on the mouth. Her cries of pain were drowned in my mouth as I kept kissing her while moving inside her ass, trying to get my cock nestled.

“Come on, you bitch, you know you want it!” I said in her ear, surprisingly more gently than it sounded. She kept her eyes shut tightly, biting her lip not to cry out as she tried relaxing her ass. I started moving slowly, moving my cock back and forward into her ass.

“It hurts…” She whimpered, though I could feel from her voice it was getting better. I trailed kisses from her neck to her ear, then following her jawline, then she turned her face to the side so I could kiss her on the mouth; it was still hard and passionate, though with a hint of gentleness this time. My hands went to her front, starting to massage her breasts; one of her hands accompanied them, helping to give her pleasure, while another went to my face as we kept kissing.

“Fuck me…” She said between kisses, indicating it was ready to go. I started moving my hips, thrusting in and out, and soon I was moving as freely as when I fucked her pussy. She started moaning like crazy again, her hand helping me squeezing her breast while the other grabbed my hair, making me keep my face close to her.

“How is that now, huh bitch?” I asked, slapping her breast and making her jump a bit. “You liking having your ass fucked?!”

“It is great!” She probably wasn’t even hearing what she was saying, what with the sound of her moans and the skin-smacking sound of my hips hitting her ass.

“You are so fucking tight back here, don’t even look like the whore you are!” I buried my cock harder in her ass to prove my point. “Tell me, have you been fucked back there before?”

“Oooohhh… No! I’ve never let anyone fuck me there before!… Only you!” She screamed, turning her face to kiss me again. “I’m your whore now! You have taken me completely, made me your slut!”

“I like that!” I could feel her ass muscles start to contract again; she was close. “I like the thought of having you as my personal whore! My own sexy fucking slut!”

As her moans intensified I pushed her forward so she was in the traditional doggy-style position, allowing me to reach better her insides. Pounding her ass even harder than before, now with the added bonus of having my balls slapping against her pussy with each thrust, helped push her to the edge.

“That’s it! I’m gonna come too! Fuck my ass even harder, yeeeess!”

A moment later she let out a loud scream as her orgasm hit, causing her muscles to contract and squeeze my cock harder. That also gave me the last push as I groaned and came too, shooting my load inside her ass. As her muscles started to relax I managed to pull out, still shooting a bit on her cheeks as I lied down.

“Fucking hell, that was even better.”

Shutting my eyes, I soon opened them again as I felt a weight on me; Gemma was laying over me, her flushed face smiling. “Was that worth the wait, soldier boy?”

“I hate myself for not approaching you sooner. That is how worthy it was.”

“If I remember correctly, I approached you.” She said, smirking.

“Well, yeah. But I was going to do it anyway.” I replied. “So… What now?”

“’What now’ what?”

“I should get the costume back to the set, else they will think I stole it.”

As I started sitting up, Gemma pushed me back. “You ain’t going nowhere. There isn’t much left to film, so I want to spend as much time as I can with you. That means you get to stay here.”

“So, are you my personal whore or am I yours?” I asked, and she laughed at that.

“I can be yours if you be mine. I will suck you off by the morning, you can come and help me relieve some stress between scenes, and by night I let you fuck my ass. Deal?”

I made a mock-thinking face for a moment. “Deal. But next time we fuck I want you to wear that Charlton Athletic shirt you have.”

She quirked an eyebrow. “Starting to like them?”

“Nah, but since they seem to like getting fucked so much by the other teams, it might as well be your uniform as my whore…”

Next I knew she pounced on me and we both started to laugh as she ‘attacked’ me for the insult. I could only pray that the shooting lasted longer than expected.

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