Clash Of The Blonds

Jenny McCarthy cried out in pain as her head was snapped back by a powerful punch to the jaw. Turning her head
back, Jenny watched in horror as Heather Graham flattened her tits with punch after punch, groaning with each
blow. Getting backed against a wall, Jenny frantically brought her leg up and kicked Heather in her stomach,
bending the blonde over as she screamed in pain. Grabbing the blonde’s hair, Jenny slammed Heather’s head into
the wall, stunning her as she fell to her knees. Jenny slammed her knee twice into each of Heather’s tits, reveling
in the blonde’s cries. Jenny cocked her fist back, but before she could throw
her punch Heather slammed her fist
into the blonde’s cunt, as Jenny screamed in agony and stumbled backwards against the wall. Rising, Heather
grabbed Jenny’s hair and began punching her in the face, her powerful blows slamming into Jenny’s nose as blood
flew everywhere.

Jenny and Heather’s feud all began with a movie. Both were auditioning for the same part, and naturally they both
thought that they were the best actress for the job. As the two learned that they were finalists for the part,
their pride began to take over. Both were insanely jealous of the other, which soon became full-fledged hatred.
Finally, they got into a long and heated argument over the phone. The two agreed to fight at a beach house one
of Jenny’s friends had lent her. Arriving soon within one another, they stripped to bras and panties and were
prepared to beat and humiliate the other.

In pain, Jenny lunged forward and tackled Heather, as the two of them struggled back and forth across the floor.
Grabbing her bra, the blonde ripped it off and exposed her breasts, but Heather wraps her legs around Jenny’s
midsection and locks her ankles together, squeezing her mercilessly. Jenny screamed as she tried in vain to pry
Heather’s legs apart, but her cries were silenced as Heather began slapping her in the face. Grabbing Heather’s
tits, Jenny started raking her nails across them, as Heather screamed in pain. Tearing off Jenny’s bra, Heather
grabbed her boobs and began pulling and squeezing them, as Jenny cried out in agony. “I’m gonna shred your fake
tits to an ‘A’ cup, bitch!” Heather shouted as she reveled in her foe’s pain. Desperate, Jenny gouged Heather’s
eyes with her fingers, as the bigger blonde rolled away holding her eyes. Crawling on top of her foe, Jenny began
punching Heather’s tits, shouting “Your pathetic breasts already are an ‘A’ cup, whore!” In pain, Heather reached
up and slammed her open palms into the outside of both of Jenny’s tits, slapping and smashing them together as
Jenny screamed in pain. Reaching up, Jenny grabbed hold of Heather’s nipples and began pulling and twisting
them, throwing her off as the two of them began rolling around on the floor.

They continued rolling until Jenny finally slammed her fists three times into Heather’s cunt, as the blonde
screamed in agony. Standing, Jenny cupped her tits and began massaging them, watching Heather get to her
hands and knees. Suddenly, Jenny came down onto Heather’s back, knocking her back to the floor. As Heather
rose again, Jenny reached around and latched onto her tits and taunted, “Now we’re gonna have some fun, you
dumb cow!” She then began squeezing Heather’s tits viciously, grinning as Heather screamed at the excruciating
pain. Grasping her nipples, Jenny began pinching and twisting them, as Heather’s cries filled the air. Desperate,
Heather bucked wildly, trying to unseat her dominating foe. However, Jenny let go with one hand and began
punching Heather, digging her fist into her sides as the blonde collapsed on the floor. Reaching back, Jenny pulled
hard on Heather’s panties, digging them into her pussy as Heather began sobbing in agony.

Rising to her feet, Jenny pulled Heather up by her tits, enjoying herself as Heather screamed the entire way up.
Jenny then put her in a full nelson and marched Heather over to a sliding door, slamming her against it. Heather
screamed as she crashed into the door, her tits flattened and mashed against the glass. Jenny then began
twisting the blonde back and forth, her tits rubbing harshly against the glass as Heather began sobbing
uncontrollably. Finally, Jenny pulled Heather away from the door and threw her into a wall. Grinning, Jenny
grabbed Heather’s tits and pressed her against the wall, squeezing and twisting as Heather cried out in pain.
Reaching down, the blonde ripped off Heather’s panties and began pulling out her c— hair, as Heather howled in
agony. Jenny shouted, “You’re mine, bitch! I’m gonna enjoy hearing your screams as I destroy your pathetic little

At the end of her rope, Heather desperately slammed her fist twice into Jenny’s cunt. Jenny screamed in pain as
her hands dropped from Heather’s tits, trying to protect her c— from any more abuse. Seeing her opening,
Heather threw a right to Jenny’s face, her punch crashing off her jaw as she then slammed a knee into her belly,
bending her over. Raising her fists, Heather began pounding on Jenny’s face with a barrage of hooks and jabs to
the face, splitting her lip with her powerful blows. As the busty blonde brought her guard up to protect her face,
Heather began pounding on Jenny’s big tits, as the blonde cried out in pain. Jenny managed to backhand Heather
across the face, snapping her head back as her hand smacked painfully against her cheek. Staggered, Heather
managed to slam a powerful blow to Jenny’s face, blood flowing out of her mouth as she collapsed flat on her

Kneeling beside the blonde, Heather ripped off Jenny’s panties and tossed them aside. She then slammed a right
punch into Jenny’s cunt, as the blonde’s body shuddered in pain. Heather threw another punch to Jenny’s pussy,
parting her pussy lips as her fist buried itself inside. She began twisting her fist around, as screams escaped
Jenny’s lips. Her legs spread as she was badly weakened by Heather’s onslaught, Jenny screamed in agony again
and again as the blonde’s punches rained on her defenseless cunt. The blonde then began ripping out handfuls of
Jenny’s c— hair, partially balding her as Jenny moaned and tried to rub the pain away.
Crawling on top of her battered foe, Heather began punching Jenny’s tits, using them as speed bags as the blonde
cried and howled in pain. Latching onto her breasts, Heather began wrenching her globes around her chest with all
her strength, as Jenny screamed in utter agony. Digging her nails in, Heather pushed down into Jenny’s tits with
all of her weight behind them, as Jenny’s screams bounced off the walls. Jenny’s cries of pain grew louder as
Heather began twisting the swollen breasts around, smiling as her foe suffered tremendously beneath her.
Grabbing Jenny’s nipples, Heather began twisting and pinching them with her fingers, relishing in Jenny’s cries.
“You goddamn whore!” Heather shouted, “You’re gonna pay for what you did to my breasts!”

Suddenly, Heather grinned cruelly, as she knew just the way to get her revenge. Grabbing the blonde’s tits,
Heather began kneading her fingers deep into Jenny’s right tit until she finally found what she was looking for:
Jenny’s implant. Heather’s fingers were clamped tightly around it, and with one mighty wrench she shifted Jenny’s
implant out of position. Jenny let loose anguished scream that would wake the dead as she felt the silicone
displaced inside her boob. Devastated by her opponent’s vicious tactic, Jenny cupped her right tit as she sobbed
weakly. Looking up in horror, Jenny watched as Heather began repeating the move with her other tit. Desperate,
she grabbed Heather’s tits and yanked down on them, as Heather moaned and was forced to bend down to
alleviate the pain. Jenny then grabbed her hair and headbutted her, knocking the blonde off her as the two rolled
away from each other in pain.

Both blondes were lying on the floor, dazed as they slowly tried to recover. Both Heather and Jenny had been hurt
by the headbutt, and victory now depended on who would come around first. Jenny was bleeding from her lip and
nose, and her left eye was starting to close from Heather’s punches. Her tits were a mess after all of the abuse
they’d taken, battered and bloodstained. While Heather had fewer scars from their battle, she was still in bad
shape, as her entire body ached. Her breasts were red and raw, bruised from taking the full brunt of Jenny’s
assault. Slowly, Jenny managed to crawl on top of her foe, straddling her. As Jenny grabbed her hair, Heather
managed to reach up and latch onto her tits, but the blonde slammed her head into the floor again and again, as
her hands dropped from her breasts. Her eyes blazing with fury, Jenny began punching Heather in the face,
battering her as she blackened her eye and split her lip. Jenny then started punching and raking her nails across
Heather’s tits, bruises and welts covering her breasts as Heather sobbed in agony.

Triumphant, Jenny shouted, “Now you’ll get to see a real woman’s breasts, bitch!” Lowering her chest, Jenny
slapped Heather a few times in the face with her breasts, relishing the look of humiliation on her face. Grabbing
the back of Heather’s head, Jenny pulled her into her mammoth breasts as she draped them over her face. Jenny
began rubbing and grinding her tits into her face, moaning in pain from the effort as her battered breasts were
pressed into Heather’s face. Heather kicked and bucked wildly as her cries were muffled by Jenny’s massive tits,
her resistance fading as she struggled less and less. Smiling, Jenny mashed her breasts harder and harder into
Heather’s face, ignoring the pain as she enjoyed her victory over her foe. Having a lot of fun beating and
humiliating the bigger blonde, Jenny’s began daydreaming of all of the ways she could further humiliate her foe…
Suddenly, Jenny’s face became twisted in pain as she screamed in total agony. Not about to let the blonde beat
her in such a fashion, Heather had sunken her teeth into Jenny’s left tit, biting down as hard as she could. Jenny
pulled on Heather’s hair as she tried to pull the blonde away from her, but Heather refused to let go and began
tugging her tit back and forth as Jenny continued to shriek loudly. As Heather rolled Jenny off of her, she reached
down and began ripping out handfuls of her c— hair, as Jenny howled in pain. Pushing Jenny on her back,
Heather crawled on top of her with her teeth still imbedded into her tit. Jenny continued pulling on Heather’s hair,
but was useless in pulling her mouth away. Jenny continued to thrash around beneath the blonde, but was
completely at Heather’s mercy, crying loudly. Finally, Heather let go, straddling her foe as Jenny sobbed

As the two blondes looked into each other’s eyes, a sudden look of fear spread through Jenny’s body as she
suddenly knew that she was soon going to be in the worst pain of her life. With a huge smile on her face, Heather
grabbed Jenny’s tits and pulled them upwards, as Jenny screamed in utter anguish. Letting go, Jenny’s relief was
short-lived as Heather started pounding on her breasts with her fists, smashing them into her nipples and driving
them deeply into the flesh, as Jenny screamed in agony. In tears, Jenny desperately reached up and grabbed
Heather’s tits, pulling and twisting them as a small cry escaped Heather’s lips. However, Heather reached back
with one hand and began pulling on Jenny’s pussy lips and raking the inside of her cunt, as Jenny’s hands soon fell
from her breasts. Heather grabbed Jenny’s nipples and began tugging her tits around by them. She then sank her
talons deep into Jenny’s and wrenched them all around, as the blonde started bawling loudly. Within a few
seconds, Jenny was at Heather’s mercy, unable to take the breast mauling anymore as she bawled sobbed
uncontrollably and tried to pull Heather’s hands from her ravaged breasts. Grinning, Heather shouted, “You’re mine
now, bitch!” as Jenny continued to cry, begging for mercy.

Heather jammed her fingers even deeper into Jenny’s tits, almost pressing against her implants, Jenny sobbing
loudly as the blonde’s nails were digging into her tits. Twisting her tits back and forth, Heather suddenly yanked
up on them, as Jenny’s screamed in pain. Heather continued yanking on Jenny’s tits until the blonde finally passed
out from the pain. Heather slapped Jenny’s tits a few times, capping off her victory as she left a few red
handprints on her breasts. Sliding up her foe, Heather sat on Jenny’s face, really enjoying her victory. Grabbing
Jenny’s hair, Heather began humping her face, moving faster and faster as her moans grew louder and louder.
Finally, Heather screamed aloud as she came all over Jenny’s face. Rising, Heather left Jenny to fend for herself as
she grinned triumphantly, dreaming of how the new movie would make her the biggest star in Hollywood.

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