Claudia Gets Hers


By Khan

Celebrities: Claudia Verela; Lucia Tovar

(ff, fDom, viol)

Disclaimer: All events appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real events are purely coincidental.


Claudia Verela angrily ripped the poster off the wall. She couldn’t believe that of all people, her sweet, innocent nephew would have a poster of that slut Lucia Tovar.

“What are you doing with this thing?!” She demanded, as her cousin reeled back, stammering for an answer.

“I-I-…” but he was so paralyzed with
fear at his goddess-like auntie’s anger that he couldn’t say a word. And indeed, Claudia Verela was an imposing figure. A gorgeous one, to be sure, with her voluptuous 34-24-33 figure, but when she was angry, the shrew in her came out. And she was pissed.

“That slut is bringing down Hispanic models everywhere flashing her pussy to anybody who’ll pay for it,” she snapped, “and now she’s corrupted my own flesh and blood! Well, I’ll tell her what’s what! Yeah, that’s what I’ll do!”

And as she rushed out of the room, her nephew breathed a sigh of relief, smoothed out his poster, and got out the Vaseline…

Claudia, meanwhile, had already flipped open her cell phone and furiously dialed her agent.

“Get me Lucia Tovar’s number!” She screamed it out before he could say hello.

“Why?” Asked her agent, “are you trying to do a photo shoot with her?”

“NO,” bellowed Claudia, “I’m giving that bitch a piece of my mind! I’ve worked my ass off to prove that Latinas can be sexy without giving up all the goods, and this little puta is selling it to the highest bidder! Well, I’ll show her…!”

Claudia’s agent wasn’t sure he liked where this was going (or maybe he did?) but he knew better than to argue with his best client. He had his secretary find him the number and passed it on to the livid Claudia.

“Hello?” Lucia Tovar had the sweetest little voice, almost as sweet as her Heavenly Latin ass.

“Listen bitch,” Claudia bellowed, “you need to keep your damn legs closed, before I close them for you!”

Immediately Lucia flipped. She’d been attacked for stealing boyfriends by whores before. She knew this was just another pussy waiting to get fucked.

“Please honey, if your man was happy, he wouldn’ta been looking at me.”

“My man?! What the fuck are you talking about, ho?!”

“Who is this?” Now Lucia was confused.

“This is Claudia Verela, you cunt! And I’m tired of you showing off your cocha! My fucking nephew had your nekkid picture on his wall!”

“He has good taste,” Lucia smiled. She had to admit, this was hilarious. Claudia Verela was sort of a hero of hers, and to hear that Verela’s own nephew was stroking it to one of Lucia’s pictures was too delicious.

“You’re bringing down the image of Latinas and making it hard for the rest of us!” Claudia screamed.

“Actually, I think I’m just making it hard for your nephew.”

“ARGH!” Claudia screamed. “That’s it! I’m taking you out, BITCH!” And she slammed her phone shut. Lucia laughed about it, decided to have a little wine and watch a movie, and curl up in front of the TV. It was so difficult with her boyfriend away. As she got cozy and started dozing off, she lightly began playing with her pussy. Lord, it had been so long since it’d been taken care of! If only there was something she could do about that…


Lucia bolted up. Somebody was banging on her door!

She looked through the peephole. Holy shit, it was Claudia Verela! And she looked hot! In every sense, because not only was Claudia fuming with rage, but she was wearing a low cut tank top, some booty hugging cutoff shorts, and a pair of really high hooker heels. (“Yep, she’s Latina,” Lucia thought.)

Lucia opened the door. “Claudia!” She said, “what are you-“

SLAP! Claudia Verela clocked her. HARD.

“Don’t say a word to me, bitch. I’m going to teach you a lesson yo mama should have taught you a long time ago!” And she kicked the pretty other girl in the ribs as she crawled on the floor, reeling from the sucker punch.

“BITCH!” Lucia reached up and grabbed Claudia, intending to throw her across the room, but instead ripped off her top, exposing Claudia’s 34D’s for all to see.

“Oh, so you want to see my tetas, is that it?”, demanded the now topless goddess. “Well here, have all the tetas you want!” And she grabbed Lucia’s face and rubbed them into her ample chest, hoping to smother her. But instead of insulting the vivacious vixen, it kind of turned her on. As she reveled in Claudia’s chest, Lucia reached up and yanked Claudia’s silky black hair suddenly, flipping her onto her ample ass. Claudia cried out in pain, and as she sat there, Lucia pulled down Claudia’s shorts in one swift motion too. To her delight, the other model wasn’t wearing any panties.

“Who’s bringing down Latinas now, Claudia?” Lucia hissed, trying to hide her arousal. “Going commando like a slut?!”

Claudia got up and took a swing at Lucia, but Lucia was expecting it, and sidestepped, then drove the buck naked supermodel face first into the floor. This exposed her gorgeous ass, and unable to resist, Lucia took a bite out of it. Claudia screamed out in pain, and as she did, Lucia got on top of her, pinning her to the floor.

“For a famous model,” Lucia said as they both breathed heavy, their beautiful faces inches away from each other, “you’re not much of a fighter. Let’s see what kind of a lover you are.” And to Claudia’s utter surprise, Lucia Tovar gave her a nasty French kiss. And she liked it.

Before Claudia could react or say anything, Lucia started kissing down Claudia’s pretty face to find her beautifully big breasts. Almost immediately Lucia began sucking on them, causing Claudia to put her hands in her hair and instinctively arch back.

“Oh,” she cried, finally able to say something, “Oh God, I… OH!”

Lucia didn’t care what Claudia was saying or how she would react, because she had her idol’s humongous hooter in her mouth and had decided to put her fingers in Claudia’s pussy. Within seconds it was dripping wet and Lucia wasn’t letting up. She frigged and frigged until she felt Claudia shake with her first orgasm. Claudia had never expected this.

“Now,” Lucia said, standing up, “before you go judging it,” and she started to remove her pretty bra, “maybe you should see firsthand what you’re complaining about.” Lucia let her own 34D’s fall free as she started to work her panties down also. Though she personally always thought Claudia’s globes looked better, she had to admit, she hadn’t spent her money on her moneymakers for nothing. They looked damn good, and she cupped them seductively in her hands so Claudia could see.

“Did you want to taste them, Claudia?” She offered. “I made them just like yours.” Claudia was in a daze of pain and sexual arousal. This had taken her totally off guard. Like a zombie she began obediently lapping at Lucia Tovar’s big breasts. They were so soft and delicious she could not get enough of them.

“Oh my goodness,” she moaned, “they’re perfect.”

Lucia had resumed fingering Claudia’s cunt as Claudia licked her lasciviously. Then she put her hands on Claudia’s head to encourage her sucking while wryly moving toward a side table’s drawer. While Claudia kept suckling, Lucia opened the drawer and produced a nine inch dildo. She was about to live out one of her fantasies.

“Your turn,” she commanded the other model. Lucia got on the couch and spread her legs, posing just like the poster Claudia had ripped off the wall. Then she handed Claudia the dildo.

“Your nephew only got a sample,” Lucia beamed. “But you, my lovely, can have the whole thing. Make it work.”

Again, in a daze, Claudia Verela got on her knees and began eating the other model’s pussy. It was already soaking wet so she just kept going, lapping up those sweet juices, preparing for the main event.

“Ohhh yes,” Lucia moaned, “that’s it, baby. Spice up this Latina pussy.”

Hearing Lucia talk dirty made Claudia even hotter. She began rubbing her own clit while she worked Lucia’s with her other hand, creating a bigger and bigger space for the dildo to creep into.

“Oooh yeah, baby!” Lucia squealed, “you eat a GOOD cunt! Give it to mama.”

Claudia giggled a little, thinking of the petite neophyte calling her “mama.” But in this case, it was true. She was ready to tear Lucia a new asshole, and now she just wanted to lick it. Which gave her an idea.

“Turn over,” Claudia commanded, taking control for the first time. Lucia did as she was told, getting even hotter at what Claudia might do next. “Face down, ass up,” Claudia continued, and Lucia was only too quick to oblige, letting her gorgeous ass open wide. Claudia was on it in moments, licking and eating like a dirty whore while driving the dildo into Lucia’s soaking pussy.

“OH FUCK!” Lucia screamed out. “Oh that feels so good! Fuck me! Fuck me baby!”

And Claudia did just that, sliding the giant artificial cock in and out of her horny lover while lubricating every inch of her private area with her saliva. It didn’t take long before Lucia’s body suddenly tensed up, and she began to shudder with a powerful orgasm. As wave after wave of pleasure oozed out of Lucia Tovar, Claudia hungrily lapped up every last drop of her now freely flowing juices.

“YES!” Lucia screamed as she continued to convulse, “Yes yes yes YES!” Her orgasm lasted for a good two minutes, shooting jolts of pleasure from her crotch throughout her body. She got up on her tip toes to relish it as more and more of her orgasm hit and before finally collapsing in a sweaty heap.

Claudia crawled on top of her exhausted lover and began making out with her passionately, rolling around with her, rubbing their pussies together. It was absolute bliss.

The two of them fell asleep then, and when Lucia awoke at least an hour later, she found nothing but a pair of shorts and a note:


Lucia laughed. She hoped she would. But she’d get licked again, that was for sure.

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