Clause And Effect

Clause and Effect


Don’t read this if you’re under 18 and don’t try this at home. An old idea
I hope can

The pressure to go nude was something every beautiful actress felt at one
point or another
in their careers. In a male-dominated industry, the impetus to get a gorgeous
woman to ditch her
clothes was always around and it was a miracle a lot of actresses managed to
avoid it. For Sarah
Jessica Parker, that pressure was multiplied a hundredfold by her current role.

Sarah had felt pressure before to go naked in movies but had avoided it. In
the last few
years, however,
she had found that nudity was becoming more a requirement than
ever with her
lead role in the hit comedy “Sex and the City.” Given the show’s title and how
HBO was able to
cross the boundaries being a cable station, nudity was pushed a lot, not just
from guest stars but
on the show’s stars as well.

Natural for playing the sexpot, bed-hopping Samantha, Kim Catrell had no
problem doing
it, reveling in showing off her gorgeous now in its 40’s body. Cynthia Nixon,
the red-haired
Miranda did it now and then. Kirsten Davis, the brunette Charlotte, had resisted
but had finally
gone topless in an episode in the last season. That left Sarah as main
character/narrator Carrie, the
one person on the show who wouldn’t doff her clothes on camera.

Sarah just wasn’t comfortable with it, with the idea of sharing her body
with millions of
men. It was just her feelings, that was all. She knew it wasn’t the most
widespread of views and
in fact had even sent herself up as an actress refusing to go naked in a recent
movie. As far as she
was concerned, her body belonged to her husband and no one else but she still
got the pressure to
go naked, especially now that the show was entering a new season. The producers
knew getting
her to go naked would raise the ratings but Sarah had resisted, even after they
had offered her
more money.

Sarah had little doubt that this meeting was going to involve that issue
quite a lot. The
studio had asked her to meet with Victor Nording, a freelance agent who worked
with quite a few
stars. In fact, Kirsten had met with him just before she had decided to do the
nude scene so
evidentially Victor was able to get the right price from HBO for her. Sarah
didn’t care how much
money they threw at her though. She was hanging onto her principles and not
doing this on
camera, no matter what.

Victor was a nice enough guy, standing up to shake Sarah’s hand as she came
in. He was
wearing a dark suit that went well with his handsome build and dark hair. “Ms.
Parker, thanks for
coming,” he smiled.

“Call me Sarah,” Sarah nodded as she sat down across from him. She was
dressed in a
loose pale blue dress with her nice legs showing, her blond hair in curls
surrounding her pretty
face with a wide grin at Victor. She watched him step around his desk and sit
before her, looking
past the various gizmos and decorative items on his desk.

“Look, we both know what’s going to come up here,” Sarah said. “And I’m
sorry, I just
refuse to go naked during the next season. I’ve made it clear to the producers,
the network, I just
won’t do it.”

“Well, I can understand you feelings, really,” Victor nodded. “But I hope
you can
appreciate my position as well. The network’s are putting pressure on me to
convince you and, to
be frank, offering me quite a monetary incentive if I do it.”

Sarah was somewhat taken aback by how honest Victor was, a rarity in a
agent. “Well, look, I know you got Kirsten a great deal but it’s not about the
money with me, it’s
a matter of principle. We do have those, you know.”

“Oh, I know,” Victor nodded, sitting back in his desk. “And as I said, I
appreciate your
principles. I just think sometimes you could use a different point of view.
Like, take this for

Victor reached behind him and pulled out a piece of jewelry attached to a
stand. He
placed it on the desk and before Sarah’s field of vision, then flicked the gem,
letting it spin in
place, catching reflections of light in its many cuts of glass. “This is a good
way to see how people
see things differently, Sarah, it really is a good way to see things
differently. Just watch the
crystal, Sarah, just watch it spin around and around, around and around, just
watch it spin, Sarah,
just watch it spin around and around, around and around, watch it catch the
lights as it spins,
Sarah, watch it catch the lights as it spins, around and around, catching the
light as it spins, it
catches the light as it spins, around and around, watch the gem spin and shine,
Sarah, spin and
shine, watch it spin and shine, spin and shine, Sarah, watch the gem spin and
shine, let your eyes
fix on the gem, Sarah, let your eyes fix on the gem spin and shine, spin and

Sarah’s eyes fixed upon the spinning gem, flashes of light hitting it and
playing into her
eyes, waves of quick lights flashing over her face. “Just keep your eyes on the
gem, Sarah,”
Victor said. “Just keep your eyes on the gem, let your eyes see the gem, let
your eyes see the gem
and take in all the lights, Sarah, feel the lights come into your eyes, Sarah,
feel the lights come
into your eyes, feel them come into your eyes, Sarah, feel the lights come into
your eyes, feel the
light in your eyes, Sarah, it relaxes you, the spinning lights relax you, Sarah,
the more you look at
the spinning gem, the more it flashes into your eyes, the more relaxed you feel,
Sarah, more
relaxed with every spin and flash, more relaxed with every spin and flash, more

“Relaxed…..” Sarah said softly, slumping in her chair as the lights
played into her now
drooping eyes. She had held on a little longer than Kirsten did but she was
going under, no doubt
about it. Seeing she was hooked now, Victor continued to speak. “Now your eyes
are feeling
tired, Sarah, your eyes are feeling tired now as you look into the spinning gem,
your eyes feel
more and more tired and so does your mind, Sarah, your eyes are tired and so is
your mind as
you look at the gem, as you let the spinning gem flash the light into your eyes,
you feel so tired
with every spin and flash, spin and flash, you feel so tired, Sarah, so very,
very tired, you just want
to close your tired eyes, Sarah, you want to close your tired eyes and let your
tired mind rest.
Close your eyes and let your mind rest, Sarah, close your eyes and let your mind

Sarah’s eyes fluttered closed as she slumped in her chair, Victor stopping
the crystal as he
looked at her, nodding. “Listen to my voice, Sarah,” he said. “Listen to my
voice and you’ll feel
yourself growing more and more relaxed, Sarah, more and more relaxed as you
listen to my voice,
relax more and more, Sarah, relax more and more……”

After a few minutes, Victor was satisfied Sarah was under deep enough and
got ready.
“Now, Sarah, listen to my voice. You are feeling very warm right now, Sarah,
very warm, you
feel so very, very warm. Hot, Sarah, you’re actually feeling very hot right now,
so very hot,
Sarah, so very hot.”

“Hot….” Sarah whispered, frowning as sweat appeared on her brow.

“Yes, Sarah, you feel so very hot, so very, very hot, so hot in that dress,
Sarah, so very
hot. You should take the dress off, Sarah, you should take that dress off right
now, take the dress
off, Sarah, take it off so you won’t be as hot, take it off so you won’t be as

Victor watched as Sarah slowly rose, her fingers sliding to her back,
unzipping her dress.
She let it fall to a pool at her feet, revealing herself to be wearing only a
white bra and panties.
“You’re still very hot, Sarah, still very, very hot,” Victor intoned. “You have
to take it all off,
Sarah, you have to take off all your clothes, Sarah, you have to take off all
your clothes.” Slowly,
Sarah obeyed, unsnapping her bra and letting it drop, revealing her pert
breasts, nipples stained
slightly with sweat as she bent over to slide off her panties, revealing her
nice patch between her

“Very good, Sarah,” Victor said, feeling his cock stir. “Very good. You
feel very relaxed
and warm, Sarah, very relaxed and warm. You enjoy being nude, Sarah, you very
much enjoy
being nude, you really enjoy being nude, Sarah. You want to be nude before
cameras, Sarah. You
are comfortable being nude and you want others to see you nude, Sarah—-”

“No ” Sarah said, shaking her head. “No—-not—–on camera—–not on

Victor frowned, unused to such resistance. “Yes, Sarah, you want to be nude
on camera,
Sarah, you want to show yourself on camera—–”

“No,” Sarah said, shaking her head more. “Not….nude…..not

Victor tried again for the next several minutes but just couldn’t crack it.
On this one point,
Sarah was unbudging and not even Victor’s hypnotic prowess could crack her
refusal to doff it all
for a film. Sighing, Victor sat back, running his hands through her hair.
Dammit, the one time he
meets an uncrackable egg and it would cost him a hefty bonus.

Victor glanced over to Sarah and it suddenly hit him how he had a gorgeous
naked in his office. Well, if he couldn’t get her to go naked before a camera,
he could find another
way to make this worthwhile.

“Listen to my voice, Sarah, listen carefully. You’re asleep now, Sarah,
asleep and having a
wonderful dream, a very wonderful dream, Sarah, a sexy dream, a very sexy dream.
yourself becoming aroused, Sarah, very aroused, you’re naked and you’re very
aroused, Sarah,
having a very arousing dream.”

Victor began to undress as he saw Sarah’s hands move over her body as he
spoke into her
mind. “Yes, Sarah, feel yourself become more and more aroused, so very aroused,
Sarah, so very,
very aroused, so very aroused, Sarah. When you feel a man’s touch on you, just
surrender to this
arousing dream and enjoy yourself.”

Naked by now, Victor moved forward and to Sarah, bringing the small woman
into his
arms and kissing her hard. Sarah answered back, wrapping her arms around his
neck as he lifted
her up, kissing her long and hard on the mouth, hands running down to her ass,
pinching the

Victor picked Sarah up and pushed her against the wall, using her ass as
handholds to hold
her up as he pressed her against the wall. Sarah broke off the kiss and moaned
as she felt Victor’s
cock enter her, sliding into her passage. She hooked her legs around his waist
and held on tight,
bringing herself onto his rod as he pressed her against the wall, pumping into
her. He pulled her
up a bit, enough to kiss her pert breasts and cause her to moan louder, careful
to keep his cock
pumping away at her passage, spreading her ass a bit to widen her pussy for him.
For such a small
woman, Sarah was filled with erotic energy, holding onto him tight and working
herself against
him with eagerness, wanting to feel him in her as much as possible. The surface
of the wall rubbed
against Sarah’s back as Victor kept at her, his cock slamming into her over and
over again, finally
letting loose, Sarah’s legs clenching hard around his waist and her mouth in an
orgasmic “o” as
she felt him come inside her.

Victor would have loved to have kept this up, moving to another position
but a glance at
the clock showed that the induction and the failure to convince Sarah to undress
on camera had
bit into the meeting time and he knew Sarah had other appointments. He swiftly
had her redress,
then sat across from her, watching as she fell back into a trance state. “Sarah,
listen to me
carefully. When you wake up, you won’t remember anything that’s happened here
between us.
Nothing. You will be refreshed and relaxed and will recall only a simple
meeting. Now, should
you ever hear me say the words ‘spinning gem’ again, you’ll once again be asleep
and listen to
what I have to say. Wake up, Sarah.”

Sarah blinked, her face coming back alive as she looked up at Victor.
“Sorry, zoned out
there for a minute, what were you saying?”

“I’m saying that, while I am disappointed, I do understand how strongly you
feel about
this and hope you can still work on the show,” Victor smiled.

“Well, thanks,” Sarah said, a bit taken aback at how easily this had gone.
“Hope we can
work again sometime.”

“No problem,” Victor said, shaking hands and watching her leave. Ah, a
shame most men
would never be able to see that great body but Victor would carry the memories.
Still, now that
he had a partial hold on her, maybe he could “persuade” her to open up a little
more on camera. If
not, well……it would be just one more of his own tales of sex in his city.

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