Clearing His Name

Title: Clearing His Name

Author: jjgarces

Celebs: Erin Andrews

Codes: MMF, cons, oral, anal

Disclaimer: “This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.” Comments or questions, find me at

When we saw the unmistakable figure of Erin Andrews come walking into our police station one night, not too long after we had busted her hockey-playing boyfriend on serious drug charges, we weren’t really sure what to expect.

To be honest, it put all three of us that were working the night shift at the station a little on edge, since nearly everything you hear about Erin seems to suggest that she is a bitch.

But of course you also hear rumors that she is just as easy between the sheets as she is easy on the eyes, so we were just hoping that “bitchy” Erin wouldn’t be the one we would have to deal with so that maybe we could get somewhere with her.

“I’ll handle this fellas,” I told them as Erin walked up to the desk in a white shirt and a tight black skirt that showed off a lot of leg and waited for me to turn my attention to her.

“How can I help you Erin?” I asked her as I ushered her behind the desk, if only to have her sit down in one of the chairs in the station so we could get a good look at her legs.

“I think you know how you can help me, Officer?” she asked me, unsure of how to address me.

“Why don’t you just call me John, Erin. That’s Nick, and that’s Jerry,” I told her as I pointed to my two muscular coworkers, all three of us looking her tight body up and down as she continued with us.

“Well John,” she told me, smiling her sexiest smile at me as she pushed the hair out of her face, “I know you all have jobs to do, and I know Jarrett broke the law. But what I want you to do for me is sweep this under the rug.”

“Erin, those are extremely serious charges and you know we can’t do that. Unless…” I told her, purposely letting my voice trail off as I placed a hand on her thigh, hearing her moan softly under her breath as she pulled away.

“I’m willing to pay any price I have to pay to keep this from blowing up more than it already has, John. This won’t be the first time I use my body to get out of this, and it won’t be the last,” she told me, moaning softly again when I placed my hand on her thigh again and slid it further up as Nick and Jerry sat down on the other side of her.

“How bad do you want your man’s name cleared Erin?” Nick asked her as he locked eyes on her, Jerry rubbing her arm as we moved in for the kill on her, “because if you’re willing to do a little something for us, we’d be glad to do a little something for you.”

“I guess a couple of blow jobs won’t hurt anyone,” Erin responded to us, her eyes giving away her true feelings at the moment as she stared at the growing bulges between our legs and licked her lips.

“I’m first,” I told the others as I pressed my lips to Erin’s and made out with her, her hands going to the back of my head as she started getting into it.

“This never leaves the station right?” she whispered as we made out, my hands going between her legs as I assured her that we would keep this between the four of us.

“MMM,” she hissed as we swapped spit, Nick and Jerry coming up on either side of her and taking off her shirt, then sliding her skirt down as I pushed her to her knees and felt her fishing for my dick.

“Trust us baby. The last thing we want to do is ruin your reputation too,” I told her as she pulled my pants down and went to work on my dick, stroking it a few times as she led it to her mouth and smiled up at me.

“In that case, I’m willing to do ANYTHING to clear Jarrett’s name,” she whispered as she stroked her cunt through her panties a few times and gobbled up my dick, beginning to suck on it.

“MMM, suck it Erin. God your lips feel good around my dick,” I hissed, my hands running through her hair as she worked me over, Nick and Jerry beginning to undress off to the side as they walked over and locked the front door of the station.

“SHIT, just wait until you see for yourselves how great of a cock-sucker she is boys,” I told my fellow cops as Erin sucked my dick, slurping on it as she cupped my balls and started deep-throating it.

“Look at her go,” Nick said to no one in particular, going on to say that this was the best idea we had ever had as Erin worked over my dick a little longer, her eyes closing as she started to pull off of it.

“Swallow it Erin,” I told her, pushing her face back onto my dick as she sucked away on it a little longer, her hands wrapping around it to keep it in place as I thrust my hips into her face and came down her throat.

“Cumming Erin,” I whispered to her as I lurched my hips into her face, her lips still sucking away on my dick as she swallowed it all down in one gulp and let me exit her mouth, only to have Nick slide down her throat to take my place.

“SHIT. You weren’t lying dude,” Nick moaned, trying to catch his breath, as Erin started to suck on his dick, her hands stroking it as she bobbed her blonde head back and forth on it.

“Maybe we’ll get lucky and find out how her other lips feel tonight, too,” I said to him as Erin lost herself in her second blow job of the night, wanting to plant that seed in her mind now so that we might get to plant our own seed inside of her later.

“OHGOD. Suck it Erin baby,” Nick hissed as he threw his head back, her hands cupping his balls and occasionally playing with them as she ran her tongue along the underside of his dick.

“Gonna cum,” he softly whispered as he jerked his hips into her face a few times, grunting as he fired his cum to the back of her throat.

“FUCK YEAH. Swallow that seed baby,” Nick hissed as Erin hungrily drank down his seed, winking at him and licking her lips as he pulled out of her mouth, pivoting to the left and taking Jerry’s thick dick down her throat as she wasted little time going to work on it.

“OHGOD. You sure know how to suck cock Erin,” Jerry hissed, his fingers running through her hair as he pushed his dick to the back of her throat and held it there.

“MMM,” she moaned, struggling with Jerry’s size before readjusting and going to town on it, her hands stroking it as her tongue ran along the tip of it, causing him to jump as she worked over the sensitive area.

“Gonna cum soon Erin. Be a good girl and swallow me down like you did them,” he softly whispered to her as she closed her eyes and cupped his balls, his hips slamming into her face as he let loose with a thick, sticky load of cum.

“MMM,” she hissed as she sucked away on his dick, guzzling down his cum and kissing the tip of his dick as she got up to turn around and gather her clothes.

“Erin, you did say you would do “anything” to clear his name,” I whispered to her as I kissed her neck, stopping her in her tracks.

“I mean, it’s just that,” she started to say, feeling three sets of hands feeling her up as we led her over to the desk.

“Erin, you do want him free don’t you?” I whispered as she looked around the room, letting me push her down on the desk as I straddled her naked frame and undressed myself.

“This better not leave this room,” she whispered again as I made out with her and lined my dick up with her warm wet pussy, sliding it into her as I threw her legs on my shoulders.

“Erin, trust me baby,” I whispered to her as she arched her back, her walls stretching out for me and taking me deeper into her snatch as I drilled her with my dick.

“OHGOD, YES. Fuck me,” she moaned as she began to rotate her hips, her back arching yet again as I battered her pussy with dick, tearing up her walls with it.

“Gonna make you cum for me, aren’t I you horny bitch?” I teased her as she closed her eyes and threw her head back, her elbows digging into the desk as I pinned her to it.

“OHGOD, YES. Make me cum for you like the  dirty slut I am,” Erin hissed, her eyes rolling back into her head, pushing her hips into mine as she came for me, painting my dick with a few streams of her creamy cunt juice.

“Gonna cum Erin. Hope you’re protected, because it’s going in your pussy,” I warned her as I started to suck on her tits, her hands going to the back of my head to hold me there as I sped up my thrusts into her and came deep inside of her, gobs of my thick, sticky cum basting her insides as I held myself within her, filling up her cunt with a few more loads of cum before pulling out of her.

“I’ll fuck all of you to get what I want if I have to,” she softly whispered as she fingered herself, Nick coming up between her legs and sliding into her as he began thrusting away inside of her.

“You sexy little slut. I always knew you were easy,” Nick teased her as he drilled her pussy, her walls wrapping up his dick and taking him deeper and deeper inside of her as he drove himself balls-deep inside of her.

“Damn right I’m easy. How do you think I’ve gotten this far in life? OHGOD, there,” she hissed as Nick hit her g-spot, causing her to throw her legs around his waist and pull him into the depths of her pussy as she threw her head back and came for him, coating his dick with another fresh load of her sex juice.

“You’re gonna make me cum in your pussy sweet thing,” Nick warned her, giving her one last chance to have him pull out of her as he drove himself into her one last time and shot his load into her.

“UH, YES, OHGOD. In me,” Erin hissed as Nick unloaded the rest of his cum into her, her walls massaging his dick as he filled her womb up with his seed and started to back out of her, twisting her nipples and slapping her cunt as he pulled out.

“Come on big boy. Bring that thing over here,” Erin teased Jerry as he eased his rock-hard cock into her steamy cunt, placing her legs on his shoulders and pinning her into the desk as he worked his way in and out of her.

“SHIT, so tight Erin. You’re going to wear us out, baby,” he whispered to her, straining every muscle in his body as he drove all of his weight into her, her back arching and her hips swaying from side to side as she threw her head back and started to go limp.

“Cum for me Erin. Let me feel this tight little cunt squeezing my dick as I’m fucking you with it,” he told her, attaching his mouth to her tits and sucking on them as she arched her back and cried out in orgasm.

“FUCK, FUCK, OHGODYES. Cumming,” she hissed as she shot another load of her cum out, this one painting Jerry’s cock as he rammed in and out of her, grunting as he shot his load into her well-fucked cunt.

“OHGOD, cumming Erin. I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t always dreamed of this,” he told her as he made out with her and finished filling her pussy, strings of his cum still shooting into her as he slowly guided himself out of her.

“Since you’re so into this now, why don’t you let us have some of this tight little ass too, Erin?” I whispered to her as I picked her up off the desk and bent her over it, grabbing her hips as I slowly slid into her anal cavity.

“Fuck my ass. Pound it. OHGODYES,” she shouted as I drilled her ass, her anal ring starting to pull and squeeze on it as she pushed her hips back into mine, throwing her head back as my dick cut its way through her ass.

“Almost there Erin. Gonna let me cum in this tight ass, aren’t you?” I whispered to her as she moaned out in orgasmic bliss, squirting out some more of her love juice down her legs as she went limp.

“Cumming Erin,” I whispered to her as I shot my cum deep into her bowels, her anal muscles squeezing down on my dick as I buried it in her ass and blew my whole load inside of her before pulling out.

“I feel so sexy and slutty right now. How about you two? You want a shot at my ass, too?” she teased Nick and Jerry, wiggling her cum-filled ass in their faces as they pushed her to the dirty floor of the police station and stood over her.

“Actually Erin, we have something else in mind for you baby,” they teased her as Nick stood over her and slid his dick into her mouth while Jerry climbed on top of her and slid his dick into the crevice between her tits while I slid into her pussy and started fucking her again.

“Suck it baby. I’ll tell you when to stop,” Nick told her as she started sucking on his dick again, moaning from around it as she felt herself being triple-teamed, all three of us going thrusting at the same rhythm as I pounded on her pussy, Nick fucked her face and Jerry fucked her tits, all of us doing our best to get there at the same time, since we knew what we had in mind for the big finale with her.

“MMM,” she moaned from around Nick’s dick once again, her hands wrapping around it to hold it in place as she sucked away on it, Jerry’s dick sliding back and forth between her tits as my dick nestled as far into her as it could go as she started to cum all over it again.

“Erin, stop sucking baby. I think you’re going to enjoy this,” Nick whispered to her as he pulled his dick away, Jerry thrusting between her tits a few more times before he also stepped away, while I pounded on her cunt a little while longer, using all the willpower I had not to cum in her again.

“Open wide Erin,” I told her as all three of us started to stroke our dicks, Erin doing as she was told and opening her mouth as we started to cum all over her face and tits, Erin taking her hands and rubbing it into her skin as we unloaded three loads of cum all over her upper body before stepping away from her and returning to our posts behind the desk as we got dressed.

“So, you’re going to release Jarrett now, right?” she asked us after she got dressed, feeling some amount of shame in doing what she had just done without some kind of assurance beforehand.

“Of course, Erin,” I told her as I looked at her sexy, sweaty, thoroughly-used body and handed her the paperwork that would release him into her custody.

“You held up your end of the deal, so we are going to hold up ours,” Nick informed her as she started bounding for the door, “you can see your man tomorrow morning. It would be sooner, but no judge will be around until then.”

“Thanks boys,” Erin purred as she winked at us and left the station, leaving us to wonder how many times she had used her body to get out of situations like this before and thanked our lucky stars that we were in the right place at the right time.

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