Clone Whores – The Making Of Nightworld

Clone Whores – The Making Of Nightworld

Starring Kate Beckinsale and Keira Knightley

By Dbud ( for feedback)

Codes: MF, cons, rape, BDSM
Disclaimer: Not real. Just a story. Don’t read if you don’t want to.

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Summary: A worldwide conglomerate has discovered a new technology that will change the world. It will certainly change the life of the beautiful actress Kate Beckinsale, among others.

Kate Beckinsale sat in the lobby on the 45th floor of Burke Tower. She was kicking the toe of
her boot impatiently against a coffee table. She was waiting to talk to Maxwell Burke. She was lucky she could get in to see him so quickly after she had called and requested a meeting. Part of being a celebrity though was getting in to see important people.

Burke was the CEO of Burke Industries and one of the richest men in the world. His company also owed Capital Studios, a movie production company. It was because of this that Kate was here to speak to him. She was sure once she explained the situation he would remedy it. Burke Industries had many such subsidiaries. One of them, Burke Medical Technologies, had recently discovered a wondrous new technology which most of the world, including Kate Beckinsale, was unaware of. But it was one that in moments would greatly affect the life of the beautiful actress.

“He will see you now,” Kate looked up and saw the receptionist beckoning her. The tall woman looked like she could be a model instead of a receptionist. Kate assumed that Burke, like most powerful men, liked to surround him self with beautiful women.

Kate was led into a massive and opulent office. As the doors were closed behind her, Maxwell walked in through to large double doors on the far wall and approached Kate. He was tall and well built, in his early forties and wearing an expensive business suit. Kate couldn’t help but think he was quite good looking.

“It’s so good to meet you Miss Beckinsale.”

“Oh, well, thank you for seeing me on such short notice Mr. Burke.”

“Please, call me Maxwell.”

As the two exchanged pleasantries, he led her to a plush sitting area and waved for her to have a seat on a large sofa. After a few minutes of small talk…

“So, I understand you have a problem you wish to bring to my attention.”

“Yes, yes I do,” Kate opened her bag and pulled a thick script out and handed it to him. “It involves this project. The head of your studio approached me about starring in it.”

He looked at the pages and read the title, “Nightworld…yes this is a movie going into production soon as I understand it. And yes, I do believe they told me they were hoping to sign you for the lead.”

Kate was surprised. She assumed he would be unaware of the script. But she was convinced that he had no idea what was going on with it. “Well, this script is appalling. I’m here to let you know what’s going on.”

Maxwell seemed a bit taken aback, “Well, what exactly is the problem with it?”

“Well for one thing, it is a rip-off of Underworld…”

“The vampire movies you starred in?”

“Yes. Instead of a vampire named Selene, the main character here is a vampire called Celeste. She’s a death-bringer instead of a death-dealer. Even the name, Nightworld, is a rip off.”

“Hmmm…well, there do seem to be some similarities, but I’m sure that the legal department vetted it. But I will be sure to look into the matter. Thank you so much for bringing this to my attention.”

Kate was surprised he didn’t seem more upset, “But Maxwell, that’s not the worst part.” She seemed to have his attention again, “Have you actually read this? It’s horrible.”

“Well, Kate, with all due respect, you’re not a script writer. Perhaps the writing isn’t Shakespeare but…”

“No, I mean the main character is nude for more than half the movie.”

“Well, Kate, I don’t have to tell you how well sex sells. I mean, why do you think you wore a skin tight rubber outfit in Underworld? I don’t think it was for artistic integrity.”

Kate’s face twisted in shock at his comment, “That was different! Being sexy is one thing being gross is another! She is nude for no reason throughout the entire movie.”

Kate began frantically flipping through the pages, apparently looking for a certain page, “In one scene she leads a group of soldiers, who are all fully clothed, into a battle while she is naked except for high heels. In another scene, she is meeting with several of her allies and while they are discussing their plan, she begins masturbating. This scene goes on for nearly ten minutes and ends with her having a screaming orgasm. The finale is Celeste, nude mind you, fighting six other vampire women who are all nude also.”

Maxwell tried to speak, but Kate cut him off…

“…and the main character is a vampire prostitute. The movie has at least five graphic sex scenes including one with two men at once. Celeste drinks blood by giving men oral sex and biting and draining them through their penises. It’s obscene. You can’t make this movie.”

Max finally got a word in, “Kate, I understand your shock, but I’m sure it’s not that bad. I mean if it’s tastefully done…”

“TASTEFULLY DONE! You can’t be serious!” Kate stood up and grabbed the script. She was visibly furious at his reaction. “Apparently I was wrong to come here and think you would do anything about this.” As she started to leave…

“Well Kate, what do you expect? I mean after all you have already agreed to star.”

She wheeled on him. Maxwell couldn’t help but think how she was even more attractive when she was angry. Her face even in a rage was flawless.

“WHAT?!? I have not by any means agreed to any such thing?”

Max stood up and slid a few papers across the table to her, “Actually, I’m afraid you have.” Kate snapped up the papers, which she recognized as a contract. She flipped to the last page and saw her signature, “OH MY GOD! You forged my name! You won’t get away with this. It’s a good thing you’ve got lawyers, you’re going to need them.”

“Kate, Kate, calm down, I did no such thing. Let me show you something.“ He walked towards the two double doors he had come in through. It was obvious she was hesitant, “Please. Just one minute will I’m sure answer all your questions.”

Kate slammed the contract down, “Fine, but there is no way I am starring in this movie.” She followed him through the doors if for no other reason than to hope she could convince him to reconsider this horrible film.

The adjacent room was just as large as his office and had a large conference table and chairs off to one side and a bar and sitting area on the other. At the table were three people. Two were seated facing Kate as she approached them, walking behind Max. They were wearing suits; one was a man and the other a woman who was also beautiful as all the women she had seen in the office had been. They looked like lawyers.

They were passing documents back and forth to the third person that was a woman but was sitting with her back to Kate as she approached. As Kate Beckinsale walked around Maxwell she saw the male attorney pass several papers to the third woman and indicate for her to sign.

“Is she almost finished?” Maxwell asked and the man looked up at his boss and nodded, “Yes, on the last few pages now.”

Kate’s eyes went wide in disbelief as she realized the woman sitting in the large high-backed leather chair was fully nude. She had pale white smooth skin and appeared to be in quite good shape, but she was completely naked. She had shoulder length straight brown hair that concealed her face from the side where Kate was standing. The woman’s nipples touched the top of the table as she leaned forward to sign the documents in front of her.

“What the hell is this!?” Kate was about to turn and leave when the brunette that was sitting at the table looked up and for the first time her face was clearly visible.


Kate took several steps backward as the nude woman stood and Kate got an even better view of her body and face. She nearly fell as her legs felt weak. She couldn’t believe this, it had to be a joke.

The woman who had just stood and was walking towards her looked like her twin. Kate Beckinsale was staring at a woman who looked just like her self, like her identical twin sister. The woman walked up to Maxwell Burke and the two embraced and gave each other a deep kiss. As she did, the two lawyers collected the papers, got up and walked out a side door of the room leaving Maxwell and the two Kate Beckinsale’s alone. Kate watched as Max’s hands slid down and he roughly grabbed the other woman’s buttocks.

“What the fuck is going on? Who is that?”

“Her?” Maxwell looked at Kate but indicated the nude woman who was smiling sweetly and did not seem surprised at all that Kate was there. “Well, I thought it would be obvious, this is Kate Beckinsale.”

“W-what? No, I’m Kate Beck…”she couldn’t even finish her sentence.

“Are you sure? She seems like you to me.” Max smiled as he intentionally twisted her words,

“She seems like me? What do you mean? I’m me. Who the fuck is she?”

Max laughed as Kate seemed to be on the verge of really freaking out.

“You’re right Kate, you are her too, but so is she. I know it’s confusing. Hell, even I get mixed up sometimes trying to sort it all out.” Maxwell chuckled and the nude Kate laughed out loud at his joke.

Kate watched in horror as Maxwell unzipped his pants and his cock flopped out. It was the biggest organ she had ever seen, a real monster. He spoke to the nude Kate, “Do me a favor babe, on your knees.”

The naked woman smiled wryly and dropped to the floor, kneeling before Max as he leaned back against his conference table. She took his cock in her hands and began stroking it up and down the shaft before wrapping her lips around the tip and sucking on it hard. His cock immediately stiffened and grew to a full hard-on, over ten inches. If the real Kate had not been too shocked she might have been turned on.

As the new Kate began sucking Max’s cock in earnest, the original began backing away. Max made no attempt to stop her, he was too busy enjoying his blowjob from her doppelganger. Once she was about halfway to the door she had entered Kate turned and simply ran. She wasn’t sure what was going on but she was terrified. She had to get out and then she’d figure out what was happening.

Maxwell laughed as Kate Beckinsale ran through the doors and into his office. He looked down at the smiling woman running her tongue up the underside of his cock, “She actually thinks she can get away. Pitiful.”

The kneeling Kate laughed out loud just before Max grabbed her by the hair and drove her head down onto his cock and he began fucking her mouth hard. She made no effort to resist as she gagged on his cock.

Outside the conference room, Kate ran through Max’s office and through the main door and into the hallway. She sprinted as fast as her spike-heeled boots would allow up the hall and past the receptionist to the elevators. Kate began frantically pressing the button to call the car to go down.

“Can I help you Miss Beckinsale?” The receptionist stood and looked at her with a quizzical look on her face at her strange behavior. As she began to step out from the desk…

“DON’T! DON’T YOU DARE FUCKING MOVE!” Kate screamed at her. The receptionist froze, seemingly in shock. Just then the doors of the elevator opened.


Kate jumped inside and pushed the button marked ‘Lobby’ and the button to close the doors. She felt only slightly safer when the doors closed and she felt the elevator moving.

It took a few seconds for her to realize the car wasn’t moving down but rather up. Kate pushed the Lobby button over and over, panicking, as she watched the number of the counter getting larger not smaller.


The car only moved a few floors when the doors opened again. Standing in the hall of the new floor were two burly guards.

“Please!” Kate cried out, “You have to help me! Call the police!”

The guards stepped into the car and grabbed Kate by the arms and began dragging her out. She realized they were not there to help her.

“NO! STOP! Let me go!”

Kate began struggling frantically and kicking and thrashing to break free as the guards tried to restrain her.

“Get your fucking hands off me!” Kate slammed her elbow into one of the men’s faces and he fell back holding his broken nose. Suddenly Kate’s body stiffened and she felt a terrible pain in her side.


Kate had never been tasered before and her entire body went limp. She was awake but could not move as she collapsed in a heap.

“FUCKING BITCH!” The guard she had elbowed grabbed her by the hair and was about to punch her in the face when the other one grabbed him.

“Dude, don’t, you’ll lose your job.”

“Yeah, you’re right. Besides, she’s gonna get hers soon enough.” He held his nose to stop the bleeding.

“I’ll take her. You go to the infirmary.”

As he walked around to corner dripping blood between his fingers the remaining man lifted the pretty British actress and carried her down the hall. She was beginning to stir as he reached the cells. Walking past a guard station and about a dozen metal doors, he stopped in front of one.

Using a key card, he unlocked it and stepped inside. The guard pointed his taser at the occupant in the cell, “Step back!” The person on the other side of the room complied and made no attempt to threaten him.

“Looks like your going to have a room-mate for a while.” The guard dropped Kate’s body onto a bed and walked out. The heavy metal door made an ominous sound as it slammed shut.

Kate was in a daze still and rolling back and forth and moaning on the bed. As her vision cleared she began to take in the room, or rather cell, she was in. It was about 30 by 30 feet and was certainly not furnished like a prison. The bed she was lying I was plush and frilly with thick comforters and soft pillows. Along the walls was a make-up table, sink and desk. Behind a screen in the corner was a toilet. On the opposite wall was a large flat screen TV with a muted episode of ‘Seinfeld’ being shown. But the true nature of the room was obvious by the cinder block walls, the vault like door and the several security cameras watching constantly.

Kate felt something warm and refreshing on her forehead. It was a wet washcloth that someone had placed there. She looked up and saw the figure of a nude woman sitting on the bed next to her.

“It’s okay. Be still for a minute. They tased you. Give it a minute and you’ll feel better.”

Kate suddenly shot up and leapt from the bed in a panic. She ran to the cell door and tried in vain to open it. “FUCK! LET ME OUT OF HERE!”

“Calm down, please,” the woman’s voice behind Kate startled her.

Kate wheeled, “FUCK YO…” Her voice trailed off as she finally looked at the young woman sharing her new home.

The other woman was now standing and totally nude. She was thin and tall, about 5 feet 7 inches and most likely not weighing more than 105 pounds or so. She was in great shape, with a flat washboard stomach and defined, although small biceps. Her breasts were very small, A cups only. She had no pubic hair and the cleft of her pussy was visible as well. Kate realized when she had been speaking she had a British accent, like Kate.

She was pretty with sharp features and a striking face. Her skin was smooth and pale and flawless. She had medium length, light brown hair and her face has a small amount of make-up on it.

Kate stared at the young woman, who appeared to be in her early twenties and about ten years younger than she was. After a few seconds, Kate’s mind cleared from its panic somewhat and she realized she knew the girl.

It was Keira Knightley.

“what…the…fuck!” Kate collapsed and passed out.


Kate’s eyes flickered open. She looked around and saw Keira sitting on the edge of the bed watching TV. Keira muted the sound when she realized Kate was awake. Kate sat up and looked as if she was going to freak out again.

Keira raised her hands, “Please. Calm down and I’ll try to answer your questions.”

Kate eyed her suspiciously but agreed, “Okay. But I want answers. What the hell is going on!?!”

Keira turned to face her and Kate sat up as well.

“Well, in case you can’t guess, you’re a prisoner here. A prisoner of Maxwell Burke.”

Kate couldn’t believe it. Suddenly she remembered the other woman she had met earlier. “Who was that other woman? The one who looked like me?”

“That’s the hardest thing for me to tell you Kate,” Keira answered, “That was you, in a manner of speaking. She was your clone.”

Kate was stunned and wouldn’t have believed it if she hadn’t seen it with her own eyes. “B-but, they can’t do that. They clone sheep and cats, not people.”

“Burke Industries can. They discovered the way to do it a few years ago. Look, I’ll tell you what I know. I’ve picked up a few things by listening to the guards and technicians over the few years I’ve been here.”


Keira nodded solemnly as she took a deep breath and continued…

“Apparently, the medical division of this asshole Burke’s company found a way to flawlessly clone a person. But they also realized when they cloned someone, they didn’t just get a physical copy. They learned that in each cell are contained everything about you, including your memories and personality. It means that when they clone someone they get a perfect copy. A second person that is exactly like the original. They can even speed up the growth process and make a whole new person in a matter of days, not years.”

Kate almost passed out again, “So, you mean the woman who I met in Max’s office was actually…”

“A clone of you, yes. They got your DNA somehow and cloned you.”

“But why? What possible reason would they have? But they can’t just kidnap us. We’re, I mean we’re famous. I’ll be missed. My family and friends will report me missing.”

Keira spoke up, “They cloned you so they can kidnap the real you and replace you with her. She’s probably been programmed to follow all Max’s orders. By now, she is back in your house, living your life.”

Kate began to tear up, “And you’ve been here years you say?”

Keira began to cry as well, “Y-es. I was replaced after I made the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie, back when I was 18. I’ve been were for over four years now.”

The gravity of Kate’s situation sank in. “But why? What do they want with us?”

“What do you think they want? Maxwell Burke is a total whackjob. He has a harem of every famous woman in the world. He keeps us here as his personal playthings. He has raped me more times than I can count. And…”

Keira sat down on the cot and pulled her knees up to her chest and began sobbing…

“And he’s done other things. He’s a sadist. He likes hurting and torturing us. He could just use the clones for his perversions if he wanted, but he likes having the real thing here, serving him. He likes to gloat over us. But the copies, he uses for entertainment. He’s even had some women cloned just so he can torture and kill them. Each of them thinking they are the real one as they die. And I haven’t even mentioned the prostitution ring?”

“Prostitution ring? What the bloody hell do you mean?

“How much do you think some men would pay to fuck a famous actress? Huh? To fuck Kate Beckinsale or Nicole Kidman or Angelina Jolie? They’d pay plenty. Burke makes copies of us and sells us to the highest bidder, sometimes for a night, sometimes forever. We’re his property. As long as he leaves at least one copy out in the real world to live her life so no one’s the wiser he can do whatever he wants with the rest. I saw a warehouse once filled with hundreds of copies of some blonde girl named Hayden. They were being loaded on trucks and shipped all over the world.”

Keira obviously didn’t feel like going on; it was too difficult. Both women stopped talking as they sat quietly in their cell trying to accept what had happened to them.


Neither woman was sure how long exactly it had been since Kate had arrived. There was no clock in the cell. They were finally dozing off when they heard a beeping that indicated the door was being opened.

“Oh god!” Kate was panicked.

Keira turned and grabbed her by the shoulders, “Look Kate, they are probably coming for you.”

Kate appeared terrified.

“It’s important you don’t fight them. Look, when I arrived I was very stubborn and I learned first hand what that gets you. I’m not saying it will be easy for you, but if you don’t give them a reason to hurt you it will be better.”

Just as Kate started to respond, the cell door opened and three large burly men stepped into the room. The lead man pointed what looked like a cattle prod at the two women, “Up against the wall, both of you! NOW!”

Kate was shocked when Keira immediately put her hands on the cement wall and appeared quite submissive. Kate looked at the rod in her face and did the same. She flinched when she felt the prod against her back and she assumed she was going to be shocked but none came.

Kate did feel the men take her wrists and twist her arms behind her, “Oww! She cried out as they wrenched her arms. One of the men grabbed her hair and yanked her head back, “SHUT THE FUCK UP!”

Kate Beckinsale was spun to face him and he grabbed her shirt and tore it off her. She began bawling as tears burst from her eyes as he ripped her bra off as well, practically yanking her to the floor. Her skirt and boots came off next and were tossed into the hallway. Kate was totally naked within seconds.

“Let’s go.” Two of the men took her by the arms and dragged her from the cell. Kate looked back, “K-keira, please.” But there was nothing her cellmate could do. In fact Keira had her own problems. The third guard grabbed Keira and pushed her down on the bed.

“You guys go on, I’ll be along in a few minutes.”

Kate looked back and watched as he began unbuckling his pants as Keira laid on the bed sobbing. Both women knew Keira was going to be raped in a few seconds, but the younger women seemed to accept it while Kate wanted to help her but couldn’t.

As Kate was carried down the hall, she heard Keira cry out and she assumed the guard had begun fucking her.

Kate was taken to the elevator and to a new floor of the building that was sterile and bare with tile floors and white, bare walls. Neither guard spoke to her but they both eyed her lustily; she felt several hands on her ass cheeks as she walked.

Kate was led to a room that looked like a doctors office but larger and with more elaborate equipment. In the room was a small nerdy looking man in a white lab coat. Kate started to call out to him for help, but he barely looked up as the guards brought her in and the actress realized he was not an ally.

“On the table,” was all he said and the guards pushed her towards a metal table with several straps on it. Not knowing what exactly they were going to do but she knew she didn’t like it, Kate began to struggle with them but it was useless. Kate was laid on the table against her wishes and strapped down with leather restraints across her legs and torso. Her hands were still cuffed behind her.

“Please, stop this. You can’t treat me like this.”

“Gag her,” the man in the lab coat told the guards and they slapped a piece of tape over her mouth. Kate watched with wide eyes as the man went to work around her. She frantically tried to keep him in sight.

“Hold her legs open.”

“MUUUUMMPPHHHHH! NNNAAAAAA!” Kate was screaming through the gag as the guards grabbed her knees and pulled them apart as wide as the ankle restraints would allow. The lab coat wearing man approached with what looked like a gun but Kate realized it was actually a syringe.

He smiled wickedly at her as he felt the soft inside of her thigh, “This is going to hurt,” he told her and jabbed the long needle into the tender skin. He was right, it hurt horribly. She squealed as he squeezed the handle and Kate began convulsing as it felt like her leg was on fire.


He twisted the device and then finally pulled it out. He leaned over Kate’s face and grabbed her chin to look in her eyes, “In case you’re wondering, I just implanted you with a micro-chip tracking device. We can find you anywhere in the world. Oh, and don’t bother trying to dig it out or cut your leg off. It was just implanted in your leg. It is already in your blood stream. It will find a new place, somewhere you can’t live without, to settle down.”

Kate was lifted to her feet and the gag was removed. She was humiliated and terrified. Just then Maxwell Burke walked on and her fear became rage.


Kate began flailing wildly as she fought to get at him. Maxwell found the whole thing amusing actually. She was naked and had her hands bound behind her, but she didn’t care. Max eyed her as she fought the guards trying to get free.

“She is a tiger, isn’t she?”

All the men laughed.

“Over the table please. I think we have time for a small taste.”

The guards slammed Kate against the metal table and bent her over. Holding her down as she felt the cold steal against her tits.


It took her a few seconds to realize she was being raped. Max had her by the hips and was fucking her hard from behind. Kate’s insults became squeals as she was violated and she realized how helpless she really was and how laughable her threats had been.

“No, stop, please.” Now Kate was begging, not commanding as she felt Maxwell drive the tip of his monster cock deeper into her.

“UUGGHHHH!” She grunted as the tip pushed into a part of her that had never been touched before and she felt a shot of pain shoot through her from her pussy.

“No, Oww, you’re hurting me. Please no more.”

“Shut up bitch! I thought you were going to kill me.”

He yanked her head by the hair as he fucked her harder. The two of them were grunting together as she was fucked. Kate felt him getting faster and she had been fucked enough to know when a man was going to cum. She made one last plea, “P-please, don’t do this.”

“OH GOD!” He cried out, totally ignoring her as cum burst from the tip of his cock inside her.

Kate lowered her head, pressing her forehead against the metal of the table as Max let go of her hair and grabbed her hips to help him get deeper as he rode her pussy, savoring his orgasm. Kate was whimpering as her violation was completed as she took his semen inside her.

She felt him pull out and she was allowed to turn to face him as he zipped up.

“You bastard! I swear, I’m going to make you pay for this.”

Max grabbed her by the hair and smiled, “My dear, somehow I doubt that. I have very big plans for you.” He turned to the guards, “Take her to the baths and get her cleaned up.”

Max left and Kate was dragged through another door, down a hall and into a side room. The air was wet and steamy. It was a large room with pillars and a high ceiling, covered with murals. The floor was marble and located around the room were half a dozen hot tubs. In the center of the room, was a large tub, more like a pool, with steam rising off it.

In the room, were about twenty nude females. All beautiful and tanned, with long lean bodies. Three of them approached Kate. The men had looks on their faces as if they had entered heaven.

“Out you two, no gawking.”

Looking disappointed but complying, the men left.

The women led Kate to the edge of a pool and one of them spoke to her, “If we untie you, will you behave?”

Kate was so humiliated and beaten down, she simply nodded.

“If you fight, we will call the guards. You don’t want that.”

They took her cuffs off her hands and helped her into the pool, “What are you going to do?”

“Shhhh,” one of the women pressed her lips to Kate’s lips and then followed it by a deep longing kiss, which shocked her. Another four women entered the pool and Kate felt feminine hands all over her. At first she was frightened but they felt so good, she simply melted into the water.

The women began scrubbing and cleaning Kate, washing her skin with cloths and sponges. Every inch of her was cleaned thoroughly, including her pussy. Her hair was washed and rinsed half a dozen times. Finally, after the most heavenly hour of her life, she was lifted and toweled off.

The women sat her down and began brushing her hair while another did her makeup. Every time Kate would try to speak, they would ‘shoosh’ her. Finally, she was perfumed and was shocked when one of the women parted her pussy lips and another sprayed a strawberry mist into her vagina and then repeated the process between her ass cheeks.

Kate’s hands were then bound again, but in front of her. She began to protest but a ball gag was forced between her lips, prying open her mouth as the ball was pressed between her teeth, silencing any hope she had of making sound. Her fear came back as a leather blindfold was also lowered into place over her eyes and she felt a collar and leash snapped around her neck.

“Is she ready?”

Kate flinched as a deep male voice asked and she felt her leash lifted and she was led away from the bathing room. She had no idea where she was but could do nothing to fight, so she simply followed. When she stopped she could hear the sounds of people all around her. She suddenly was ashamed at being both naked and bound in front of strangers.

Kate was lead up several steps and she felt her hands lifted and pulled up over her head. Just then her blindfold was removed. She looked around. Kate was on a small platform, about three feet off the floor. It was lighted, like it should have been in a strip club. Looking up, Kate’s cuffs were attached to a rope and her arms were stretched straight up over her head.

Once she realized she was bound there, her surroundings became her focus. It was a cocktail party. The room she was in was large and filled with people, both men and women, at least 200. They were elegantly dressed, in suits and evening gowns. As they walked past her, the party guests eyed her up and down. Several even rubbed her legs.

All over the room were other nude women as well. Some were similar to Kate’s predicament, being bound and on display. Others were walking through the crowd. Some were nude; others had on various bondage outfits or lingerie. Most were carrying trays and serving food or drinks to the guests while they were groped and ogled.

Kate suddenly realized she recognized several of the other women. One woman, wearing a red bustier, and high heels, but nothing else and carrying a tray of champagne flutes, was Jessica Biel. Jessica had a chain hanging between her breasts, attached to her pierced nipples. Looking past Jessica, Kate saw a woman chained to a marble column with a ball gag in her mouth. It was Katherine Heigl. She was naked except for knee high leather boots.

Around the room, Kate Beckinsale recognized several other famous women. Monica Belluci, Kristen Bell and Scarlett Johansson were all providing various services.

Suddenly the chatter of the room was broken by a sharp ‘CRACK’ sound followed by a shrill scream. All heads turned and a circle formed around two nude women in the center of the room. One woman had chains attached to cuffs on her ankles and wrists and her body was pulled into the shape of a large ‘X’. Her feet were a good three inches off the floor. She was completely naked; not even shoes on her feet. She was thin and pale, except for the red welt across her should blades.

This bound woman was the one who had squealed. Kate could see a large red line across her back and she was shuddering as if in pain. Standing behind, preparing to deliver a second blow with a large whip, was a petite young woman. Thin with flame red hair and very large breasts and shoulders covered with freckles; she too was nude. As she brought the whip across her victim’s back again with vigor, Kate realized the girl wielding the leather strap was Lindsay Lohan.

A second, but much louder scream came out of the girl who was being pummeled. She had an English accent, Kate could tell. Then, the girl looked back over her shoulder and Kate’s eyes went wide when she realized it was Keira. Her cheeks were red and tears were running down them. Her face twisted again as Lindsay slashed at her buttocks with the tip of the 9-foot whip she was wielding.

Keira looked up, still looking back over her shoulder when hers and Kate’s eyes met. Keira quickly turned away, seemingly ashamed. Kate couldn’t bear to watch, but she couldn’t block out the sound of the cracking of the slashes of leather, each one followed by a scream of anguish from Keira’s pretty mouth.

The party continued even while Keira was brutalized. The party guests seemed to tire of even her cries after a few minutes. Finally, after a half hour or so, Maxwell Burke stepped up in front of Kate and addressed the crowd.

“May I have your attention?” They gave it.

“As you can see, behind me is the newest addition to my little harem. This is the real,” he emphasized the word ‘real’, “Kate Beckinsale. I am sure you all recognize her.”

He waved his hand towards her and Kate felt all the eyes of the room on her bare skin.

“I have decided to do something I normally don’t. Usually I only auction off my copies. But tonight I am going to give one very special person, and by that I mean the highest bidder…”

The crowd laughed.

“…a chance for a night with this beautiful succulent woman. Now, do I hear one hundred thousand?”

“Yes!” An Arab man spoke up.

“Two hundred,” another followed.

A woman raised her hand and Max indicated her, “Three hundred.”

The bidding continued to almost two million dollars. Kate was terrified but she also was a bit flattered. About an hour later, she was led away, bound, gagged, naked and helpless. She was led to a bedchamber to await her buyer who she was told would arrive shortly.

One year later…

Kate Beckinsale sat down in an overstuffed chair waiting for her next interview. She was doing press for her most recent movie in a large hotel suite. The journalist sat down across from her and began her questions.

“Kate, the movie is getting trashed by the critics who call it one step from porn. What do you think about that?”

Kate flashed a wide smile; “I don’t care what any pathetic little critic says. They can all kiss my ass!”

“So, you like the movie?”

“I have never been prouder of anything in my life than I am of this film.”

“Really? I’m a bit surprised. I wouldn’t think an actress of your caliber would want to be nude so much in a film. Don’t you think it’s gratuitous?”

“No, of course not. I am very proud of my body. The nudity is part of the character. It shows how she is defiant of the world’s conventions.”

“Uh huh, really. Okay. How about the violence? This movie has more deaths than any movie in history. And they are depicted incredibly graphically.”

“Well, it is an action movie. You always have to up the ante with these things. You know, to give the audience a thrill.”

“But in one scene, you character castrates over fifty men who all have massive erections.”

“Yes, but those are vampire warriors who are coming to rape my character. I think that scene is important to show her as a strong independent woman. We don’t have enough proud female characters in movies.”

The interviewer asked a few more questions before Kate shook her hand and walked out. That night, Kate and Maxwell walked arm in arm down the red carpet of the premiere. She was wearing an ultra low-cut and ultra short dress and super high heels. The entire Hollywood community had come out to see this movie. Kate and Max moved between the A-list celebrities in attendance.

After they had found their seats, the screen lit up with the words, ‘NIGHTWORLD’ in blood red letters, followed by ‘Starring KATE BECKINSALE as CELESTE.’

Kate squeezed Max’s arm, “I’m so excited,” she whispered.

The movie made one hundred million dollars in its opening weekend and went on to be the biggest grossing movie of all time, more than doubling the revenues from the previous number one movie. Two years later, ‘NIGHTWORLD 2’ starring Kate Beckinsale, Natalie Portman, Angelina Jolie and Hayden Panettiere as lesbian vampires who fight and fuck together, was released. It was the first triple X movie ever made with a budget of over $100 million. It became the new number one biggest movie in history earning more than one billion dollars in just four weeks.

The End.

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