Close Distance

Close Distance

Don’t read this if you’re under 18 and don’t try this at home. Enjoy.

It was amazing how much a mid-life choice could do for you. In Hollywood, a town
where youth was the obsession and forty was considered over the hill, Sela Ward was a major
success. She’d done what many had thought impossible: Made herself look sexier at forty than she
had in her twenties. Her new show "Once and Again," was a major hit with her character seen as
a role model for middle-aged women looking for love. And judging from her fan mail, a lot of
men enjoyed
the sexy persona she showed in her Sprint commercials, particularly the one that had
her dressed in a tight leather outfit and flipping around on wires.
Sela was happy about her newfound success. She was proving you didn’t need to be
twenty-something, surgically enhanced and blonde to be a star in this town. She’d been forced for
some years to put up with the prejudice against older woman in Hollywood and lost far too many
good jobs because of it. But she hung tough and waited for her chance and it finally came. She
was on the rise now, even having Entertainment Weekly naming her the "It Siren" in their annual
"It" list. An older woman was a success and it was about damn time, in her mind.
The summer hiatus was always good to catch up on relaxing time. She’d forgotten just
how grinding the weekly shooting schedule could be but it wasn’t too bad. A small price to pay
for success, right? And the love scenes with Billy Campbell were nothing to sneeze at either. It
was a nice day to just sit back and relax, catch up on some reading and enjoy her privacy. Her
husband was out with the kids and probably would be gone for a while so it was a good day to
take off. It was not the sort of day you’d want interrupted by a phone call.
Somehow, Sela knew what it was going to be before she picked up the phone. "Hello?"
"Hello, I’m from AT&T and am I speaking to one of the parents of the house?"
"Yes," Sela said. Before she could say she wasn’t interested, the male voice plowed on
through with the pitch.
"Ma’am, we here at AT&T would value your input as a customer," the voice went on in
that same annoying, condescending tone they always used when trying to pitch their wares. "In
fact, joining now will enable you to hear a brand new CD of special music, a free gift with your
"I appreciate the thought," Sela said, trying to be polite about this. "But I’m really happy
with my current service plan and I don’t feel the need to change it, all right?"
"Well, ma’am, I can appreciate your loyalty to your current carrier, but if you could just
consider what we have to offer you, including our free CD, which we have a sample of right here,
if you’d like to hear it."
"That’s really not….."
"Here you are, ma’am." Immediately, the voice cut off and a burst of music began to play
over the phone. Sela closed her eyes and shook her head. God, some people just wouldn’t take
the hint. Well, at least the music gave her the chance to hang up. That was pretty much the only
thing that could convince these guys they weren’t wanted. Well, she figured she’d listen to the
music for a few minutes at least, just to give it a try. It was nice, she had to admit that, piano and
violins mixed together in a soft melody. Must be one of those mood relaxation CD’s. Cheap but
still not too bad.
Sela closed her eyes again and listened to the music, amazed by how it seemed to get
better the more she listened to it. It was so soft and comforting, she felt more and more relaxed
the more she listened to it. Her body swayed slightly as the music played, her long dark hair
sweeping around her shoulders as it flowed through her mind, relaxing her more and more with
each melody. Sela could feel her entire body lose tension as the music continued to play, the
relaxing feeling accompanied by something else as well, something that Sela would have found
odd if she wasn’t lost in music. An arousal sweeping through her body, accompanying the relaxing
feeling that flowed through her, causing her pussy to wetten slightly.
Without warning, the voice came back, this time much more forward and commanding
than before. "Sela, are you alone?"
"Yes," the actress said, straining to hear the music and not noticing the use of her first
name. The mere presence of the man’s voice and making her more aroused.
"Good, good. Go to the door and open it, Sela." Sela opened her eyes, which were
slightly glassy, and padded towards the door of her home. Opening it, she saw a young man in his
twenties, blond hair cut short, snapping closed a cell phone. He held up a large watch attached to
a gold chain and began to swing it from side to side. Instantly, Sela’s eyes began to follow it,
tracking the gold watch’s movements as the man continued to speak, telling her to watch the
watch, to feel relaxed and calm and relaxed, so very relaxed……
It had taken Carl a while to find the right subliminal CD’s but that had been easy
compared to getting Sela’s phone number and finding a time for her to be alone for him to have
his fun. He’d grown infatuated with her on those commercials so he just couldn’t resist using a
phone to set things up, the CD lowering her defenses, igniting her desires and leaving her open for
a hypnotic induction that would send her into a deep trance. As her eyes drooped more and more,
Carl could feel his cock rising harder and harder and knew he was close to having some fun.
"Sleep, Sela," he intoned and watched her eyes slam shut, her head falling forward as she fell
under his control.
"Let me in, Sela," Carl said and watched the hypnotized actress shuffle aside to let him in,
Carl swiftly locking the door behind him. He looked over Sela, who swayed in place slightly
before him, his mind racing with ideas. "Sela, take me to your bedroom." He followed her, her
robotic steps leading him towards her room. The moment inside, Carl began undressing,
commanding Sela to do the same. He watched her slowly disrobe, each item of clothing falling to
the floor, her bra and panties lying at her feet as she stood naked before him. He was amazed. She
had a better body than a lot of women half her age. Maybe there was something to this older
woman thing.
"Sela, you are under my control. You will obey my every command. Do you understand?"
"I am under your control. I will obey your every command," Sela said in a flat voice.
Carl moved forward and kissed her hard. She was slow to respond but soon felt the
arousal too overwhelming to resist. She wrapped her arms around Carl and let him push her down
onto the bed. They rolled around on it, Carl coming out on top. He pushed himself up a bit and
admired the beautiful body beneath it, the breasts pert and showing no sag, the nipples already
tight. He pushed himself back down on her, kissing her again as he slowly pushed his cock into
her passage. Sela moaned as she felt him enter her, her slim legs wrapping around his waist and
pulling him into her, her legs pulling back and forth with every thrust of his cock into her body,
every ache of pleasure electrifying her from teeth to toes. His hands scooped under the sheets,
gripping her firm buttocks and squeezing them hard as he continued to push into her, his cock
working into the reaches of her pussy. Sela cried out as he came into her, his wad shaking her
body as it blasted through, Carl’s hands tight on her ass as they orgasmed with mutual cries.
Carl took her twice more, again marveling at that incredibly sexy body and the way Sela
could make him feel alive more than ever with each orgasm. However, time was getting short and
he had to get going before her family came home. He swiftly redressed and had Sela do the same.
He watched her, sitting on the edge of the bed, eyes closed, still entranced. "Sela, when the door
shuts, you will awaken. You will not remember my being here or anything that has occurred this
afternoon. You will immediately begin to wash the sheets and notice nothing odd about the stains.
If you ever hear my voice, and only my voice, say the words ‘close call,’ you will instantly fall
back into this trance and do whatever I say. Do you understand?"
"Yes," Sela whispered. Satisfied, Carl headed out towards the door, shutting it behind him
and quickly moving towards the door. A pretty good afternoon, an excellent test run and an
afternoon of passion tied into one. Now, it was time to extend his new service around town. Who

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