Close Encounter – Part 2

Phillipa Forrester: Close encounter – part 2


Jack Anory (

Phillipa clicked the mouse on the word “mojo” The screen flashed up. Guy looks in”

Seconds later there’s an answering message, Toni, looks in”

“Hi, how are you today?”Asks Guy

“Fine, ok to meet shortly? Replies Toni

“Leaving now, same place”

Phillipa eagerly closed down her computer, anxious now to be ready for her next encounter with “mojo” man as she called him.

She bathed in luxurious bubbles and then drenched herself in her favourite perfume. She once again dressed carefully
for her meeting. This time she wore neutral colour stockings, so neutral it would look like she wasn’t wearing any. A short black wrap around skirt, wrap around as that gave her freedom of movement, and a black cardigan with lots of small buttons. She left the top three undone, giving her a nice cleavage. No bra.

As she had dressed Anthea Turner appeared in her bedroom doorway, “No need to ask where you’re going! Remember you’re playing with fire, if Mistress Carol finds out what you’re up to, you’ll pay for it”

“I know what I’m doing.” retorted Phillipa as she left for her rendezvous…

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

He tossed a handful of small objects across the table toward her; they skidded around the table surface, narrowly missing her coffee cup, before stopping in front of her. Phillipa looked down at them, then across at him.

“You know what they are, don’t you?” he asked

“Yes, of course I do” she replied. She picked one of the shiny items up turning it around and examining it fully between finger and thumb. As she did so, she felt a twinge in her pussy and looked up, he was smiling at her. He had picked one up “Vicious little buggers aren’t they? I bet they have quite a bite.”

“Mmmmm” was all she could utter.

He instructed her “Open your legs.” She did so willingly but full of trepidation. This was so different from being a slave under Mistress Carol. There she knew she had no choice but to obey, and she trusted her, but here, this was different, a whole new ball game… She was in control, wasn’t she..?

She cast a glance around her, there were very little customers here, and no one was paying them any attention. Thank goodness, she thought.

She spread her legs as wide as she could without attracting any attention: he leant forward and after taking in a lustful look at her pussy, took a generous fold of her labia, secured it with one of the small clamps. She felt an excruciating pain but after only a moment the pain subsided into an almost pleasurable ache. He slowly applied the rest of the clamps, closely watching her reaction each time until her whole nether area was throbbing. She regularly suffered pain, and enjoyed it, but not in public and it was adding an extra kick to the sensations she was experiencing. He sat back in his chair smiling at her and casually picked up his coffee…

“How long do I have to wear these things?

“Until I say you can take them off. Be patient. You’ll love taking them off.”

They sat there drinking coffee and sharing a chocolate muffin, he rambling about nothing in particular, but she was unable to concentrate fully due to the pounding between her legs. She hadn’t expected him to be this dominant and she wasn’t entirely sure about it. He was clearly enjoying this, enjoying her obvious discomfort, but at the same time it was really turning her on. Finally, after what seemed an absolute age, but in reality was only a matter of minutes he said:

“You can take them off now.”

“I can?”

“Yes, do it yourself. Slowly”

He watched her carefully as she put her hand between her legs and gingerly released a clamp. Taking them off hurt more than putting them on and as she did there was a flow of renewed pain as the blood rushed through the swollen area. When they were all off she felt relief which sent powerful shock waves through her body, sending shivers through her. He noticed and said “You want to come, don’t you?” he asked. She nodded weakly.

“I want you to make yourself come” he said leaning in towards hers conspiratously.

She didn’t need telling twice, and by now she didn’t care if the whole café was watching. It took only a few flicks with her finger on her clit before she came. As she hit the pinnacle she had to place a hand over her mouth to stifle a cry. It was a most intense orgasm. They smiled at each other. She was beginning to wonder, does he know things about me – things I like? No, she concluded, he couldn’t.

They finished their coffee and as had been arranged previously in the chat room got up and left the coffee shop, walking towards the underground. They descended escalators, reaching the trains. She followed him and as they entered the train they could have sat, instead he stood in the middle area where there were no seats. Without speaking she turned, so her back was towards him. As the train moved forward, it looked like in order to keep her balance she leant accidentally against him, but she actually did so quite deliberately, knowing the effect her backside would have rubbing up against him. She felt his erection and with the motion of the train used it to continually press hard against him… As they were of the same height they both felt his penis in the right place… Her pussy was still throbbing from its recent encounter with the clamps and she was desperate to feel him inside her.

She was also getting a thrill from once again doing things in public normally they wouldn’t. She guessed he was too.

They only went a couple of stops, and as he told her they were getting off she felt momentarily disappointed until she remembered where they were going.

They hurriedly left the train, almost running through the tunnels, so keen were they to get to his flat.

It wasn’t far from the station and as he turned the key in his front door, she felt a brief moment of trepidation and a touch of guilt. What about Mistress Carol say? After all the trouble she’d be in lately as well, still, her resistance was low…

They reached his kitchen and he straight away lifted her on the worktop and stood between her legs. He parted her skirt to look at her swollen labia; placing a gentle hand against her he said “I think you need a little something special…”

“Oh yes? She said eagerly.

He removed from his pocket a small box, without showing her what it was he opened the box removed an item from it and not speaking, popped something into his mouth then immediately put his head down between her legs and placed his tongue directly on her clit. She gasped! What as that! She had felt the sensations almost at once of both hot and cold, his wet mouth supplying moisture, the sensation was wonderful. Let it continue.

“What on earth is that in your mouth? Let me see!”

He stood up away from her, laughing. He showed her the packet “They’re American,” he said. She took the small container he offered, reading the label “Liquid Ice Instant breath Fresheners – Cinnamon”

She jumped down from the kitchen side, removed a strip from the box, and with a wicked grin she unzipped his trousers, again he wasn’t wearing underwear, so she had instant access to his already erect penis. She took out a strip, placed it on her tongue, felt an instant burst of cinnamon flavour, and lowered her body so her mouth was level with his erect cock. As she applied her mouth to his penis, taking him in as far as possible he groaned aloud at the feeling of heat, then cold, then heat, this time her mouth supplying the moisture to him. Unsure which one he was actually feeling, it changed so quickly and was so intense.

She removed her mouth and looking up at him remarked “I hope you have plenty of supplies of them” She was thinking that she’d like to take some home with her- would he let her? She’d love to show Mistress Carol, mind she’d have to come up with a good explanation of how she got them; still she could be inventive when needed.

“Of course, I’m rarely without them. Would you like some?”

Would she heck! He needed to ask!

He led her by the hand through to his bedroom, removed his clothes quickly stopping her from removing hers as he wanted to do that. He stood before her naked and began to undo the small fiddly buttons that women so favoured, wanting to savour the sight of this lovely, slender woman before him. As her breasts came into view he rang his tongue over his lips and bending his body slipped his tongue gently onto her nipple. She let out a small sigh, and then pressed his head forcing him to take more of her breast in his mouth.

He continued this for a while, then standing up removed her skirt and slipped the cardi off her slim shoulders… All she was left with was a white suspender belt and her stockings! He stepped back so he could admire her. He’d love to take pictures of her, but not right now. He’d talk to her about that another day. Right now he had to have her. He walked behind her; she stood absolutely still, not daring to breathe. What was he going to do now? He was full of surprises.

She loved it.

He turned her so that she was facing his bed, with her back to him: he inhaled the scent of her hair, unsure what it was, but he knew he liked it: he had her bend forward and placing his knee between her legs forcing her legs apart, he placed his left hand on her curvy hip and with his right hand guided his cock around her pussy, teasing himself and her, he wanted her bad. He put his right hand on her other hip, he now had full control of both his and her body. He increased the pressure and slipped inside her, she let out a low moan of pleasure, pushing her backside hard against him. He became aware that she had reached down to touch herself. He briefly put a hand against her breast, liking the feel of its shape like this, feeling its softness and malleable ness.

She wanted his cock and wanted it hard, he thrust against her, their bodies crashing together, he wasn’t going to be able to hold on. Soon he could feel himself begin to go over the edge. He began to ejaculate, his hands squeezing her flesh, he was forcing the sperm out of himself and into her, his hips bucking, he wrung his orgasm dry until there was absolutely nothing left and his thrusts slowed down.

He collapsed against her and as they both fell down on the bed, he fell out of her, she moaned softly “oh.” She’d liked the feel of him inside her and didn’t want it to end.

They lie quietly together for some time. Enjoying the relaxation phase of their sexual games, knowing it must end shortly.

“You look familiar to me, but I can’t place you. I don’t believe we’ve met before, I’d have remembered. Have we met?”

Phillipa‘s heart began to pound. Oh no, she’d better get out of here and fast.

“Er, no I don’t think so. I’d have remembered too!” she answered. Not too forcibly she hoped. “Anyway, I’m sorry, but I have to go now.”

“Yes, no problem, shall we “talk” later?”

“Yes, of course, I’ll look forward to it”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

As she ran up the stairs of her home, Anthea called out “Mistress Carol has been looking for you…I’ve covered for you…but, you owe me…”

“What do you want? Asked Phillipa with a sigh.

“Well, for a start, you can give me all the gory details of your sexual games today.”

“Ok, that’s no problem… we met and he had these tiny clamps…look”

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