Close Shave, Part 11

Title: Close Shave, Part 11

Author: RandyPan

Celebs: Cara Delevingne, Daisy Ridley

Codes: FF, oral, mas, anal, con

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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Note: This is a spin-off of my Porno Chic series.  Picture this in the style of one of those porno compilations.

We fade in on a beauty shop, where Cara is brushing off a chair, when Daisy comes in. “Hello,” Cara says, without looking at her, “Take any seat.” Daisy sits a couple of chairs down from her, and Cara puts a gown over her, then wraps a paper strip around her neck. “So, what sort of look were you thinking?”

“I…don’t know.  I just want a new look.  I suppose I should’ve put more thought in before I came.”

“Well, that’s alright; I can help you out there.  Uh, we have a book of hairstyles, but it’s a little dated, I’m afraid.”

“Okay.  You know, I was thinking something bold and…unexpected.  You know?  Something like…” Daisy then sees Cara’s shaved head. “Shave my head!”


“Like you’ve got.  I wanna be bald.”

“You sure.  It will take a while to grow back.”

“Yeah,” Daisy smiles, “and in the interim I’ll have one of those cute little butch dos.”

Cara smirks. “Well, that’s a point.  Alright, a scalp-job it is.” Cara picks up her electric shaver, and, as we watch, shears Daisy’s head clean, her dark, neck-length hair falling to the floor.

When she finishes, Cara pulls the gown off, and Daisy immediately feels her head. “Oh, my God!  It feels so weird…”

“Wait until you go outside.”

“Oh, I’ll bet.”

“You know…” Cara starts getting a playful look in her eyes, “My head’s not the only part of me that’s shaved…”

Daisy looks at her sideways for a second, then says, “Oh, I keep that trimmed.”

“With an electric razor I’m guessing?”

“Uh, yeah.”

“What about foam and a safety razor?  You ever done that?”

“Um, no.”

“Wanna try it?” Cara grins.

“Um…Sure, why not?”

“Alright!” Cara picks up a can of foam and a razor, then turns Daisy to face her, and kneels in front of her.  She then pushes Daisy’s skirt up, and pulls down her panties. “Hm…” Cara says on seeing Daisy’s hairy twat, “Trimmed, eh?”

“So, I’ve let my grooming habits lapse a little.”

Cara holds up her razor. “Good thing for you I don’t cheap out on these.” She then passes the can to that hand, and sprays some foam into the other, which, in our first close-up, she proceeds to spread over Daisy’s bush, including her hairy labia, then begins to shave it off with the razor.  As Cara moves the blade over Daisy’s mound, we see naked, pink skin exposed.

“Ooh…” Daisy sighs, “This…feels a little funny.”

“Yeah, that’s why I do mine this way.” Back in the close-up, having shaved Daisy’s mound, Cara carefully shaves Daisy’s labes, then spreads parts of her pussy open to get in all the nooks and crannies.

“Uhm…Hmm…” Daisy twitches in the chair, and bites her lip.  Noticing how Daisy’s reacting, Cara pulls a paper towel out of her back pocket, and wipes the excess foam and hair off, and then, again smirking, starts fingering Daisy’s pussy.

“And this is why I love shaving other girls…” Cara then leans in, and, again in the close-up, begins to lick Daisy’s twat, spreading it open with her fingers.

“Huh!” Daisy whimpers, mouth gaping, and tilting her head back.  Once more in the close-up, Cara licks around her clit, while she two-fingers her cunt. “Ohg…Hmm…”

Now, Daisy’s kneeling backward on the chair, naked, while Cara kneels on the floor behind her.  In another close-up, Cara licks Daisy’s pink butthole, while she continues fingering her pussy. “Oh, God…” Daisy gasps, brow furrowing, as, back in the close-up, Cara pushes her tongue into her asshole, penetrating it slightly. “Oh, God, rub my clit…” Cara starts to rub Daisy’s clit in a circle with her thumb, as her fingers continue to pump in and out of her twat.  Before long, Daisy’s face contorts, and, again biting her lip, she lets out a high-pitched whine through her teeth.

We now see Cara lying on the floor, naked as well, head tilted to the side, and looking down at Daisy, who’s kneeling between her legs.  In another close-up, Daisy has her middle finger moving in and out of Cara’s sopping wet, clean shaven pussy. “Oh, God, you’ve done this before, haven’t you…” Cara feels herself up, while, back in the close-up, Daisy sucks Cara’s juices off her fingers, and then leans down, and starts to lick her drooling cunt. “Ooh!  God…” As Daisy licks Cara’s twat, her tongue works its way in deeper, between her lips. “Ohh…Lick right there…” As Daisy continues eating her out, Cara starts to squirm on the ground, and clutch at herself.  Suddenly, she digs her nails into her skin, and lets out a strained, raspy cry.

Moments later, Daisy lies on top of her, the two sharing a sultry tongue kiss. “So,” Cara says, when they stop, “you like your new look?”

“I love it,” Daisy grins.  She then leans in again, and they continue kissing, as the scene fades out.

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