Close Shave, Part 2

Close Shave, Part 2
by RandyPan
Story Codes: FF, oral, anal, con
Celebs: Hayden Panettiere, Lily Collins
This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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Note: This is a spin-off of my Porno Chic series.  Picture this in the style of one of those porno compilations.

We fade in on the two sitting in a full bath, with Lily behind Hayden, kissing her neck, and feeling up her boobs.

“So,” Hayden starts, “Lily here’s patch seriously needs gardening.”

“Yeah,” Lily adds, “when you saw it, you said it looked like I had Questlove in a leglock.”

“Yeah, so I decided, why not just shave the whole thing, you know, start fresh.  And then she said…”

“I said, well, if I’m doing it, you should do it, too.”

“So, here we are.” Hayden turns her head. “Baby, we should start with you, so they can see what I mean.”

Lily gets up, and sits on the corner of the tub.  The camera zooms in on Lily’s considerably hairy bush. “See what I mean?” Hayden says, kneeling in front of her, “Look, it’s about to start growing on her inner thighs there, see?”

“Oh, bite me,” Lily laughs, “Look, just start, okay?”

“Alright.” Hayden grabs a bottle of body wash, squirts some on Lily’s bush, and rubs it in, creating a lather.  She then picks up a safety razor, and starts shaving Lily’s twat with it.  We see in a close-up as each stroke exposes more naked skin.  As Hayden shaves, we hear Lily start to moan.  “Okay,” she says, breathing hard, “that feels…funny.”

“Oh, yeah?  Getting a little tickle in your pussy, baby?”

“Something like that.”

Hayden finishes shaving Lily, then rinses it off with water from the bath.  We then see in close as Hayden sticks her tongue out, and buries it in Lily’s snatch. “Uhm…mmm…ah…” Lily’s moans get more vocal, as Hayden’s tongue probes deeper into her juicy slit.  Lily starts pinching and pulling on her nipples, and her brow furrows.  Finally, Lily’s legs start to shake, and then she cums, letting out a high-pitched whine.

We then see Hayden sitting on the opposite corner of the tub, as Lily starts lathering her bush.  In another close-up, we see the razor exposing more and more skin on Hayden’s mound.  With each stroke, Hayden twitches a little. “God, you’re right, that does feel weird.”

Lily finishes, and rinses Hayden’s twat off.  We then see up close, as Lily sticks her first two fingers into her hole, and then starts licking and sucking on her clit. “Oh, God…fffuck, that’s good…” Hayden feels herself up as Lily works her cunt, then bites her lip and tilts her head back. “Oh…oh…ohmygod…ohfuck…” Hayden’s body starts to shake as the orgasm approaches, and she grasps Lily’s head.  When it hits, Hayden lets out a vocal gasp, and pulls hard on Lily’s hair.

We now see Lily on her hands and knees, as Hayden kneels behind her.  We see in close as Hayden’s tongue caresses Lily’s butthole. “Mmm…God, I can’t believe how good that feels.” Hayden starts rubbing Lily’s hole with her middle finger, then inserts it and her index finger, and starts fucking her with them, causing Lily to moan even more.

Hayden then spits on Lily’s ass, while, unseen by Lily, she grabs the bottle of body wash. “Uh, what are you doing?”

“Just…relax…” Hayden presses the tip of the bottle against Lily’s asshole.

“Waitwaitwait, what are you gonna do?” Hayden pushes the bottle, and it goes in a little. “Ow!  What are you…OW!!!” Lily grimaces, then we see in close as Hayden slowly pushes it in further, and then starts working it in and out. “Ah, fuck that hurts!”

“You want me to stop?”

“No, but I’m still gonna kick your ass for this.” Hayden laughs. “Just wait till it’s your turn, you’re gonna be bleeding from the asshole when I’m done with you.  Ssshit!  God, play with my pussy.” Hayden starts fingering Lily’s cunt, while fucking her ass with the bottle. “Yeah, that’s…a little better.” Lily’s whole body contorts as she cums.  Hayden pulls out the bottle with a wet pop.

“So,” Hayden chuckles, “how does your butt feel?”

“You’re a cunt!” Lily says, catching her breath, and Hayden laughs out loud.

“Here, let mama make it all better.” We get another close-up, as Hayden’s tongue massages Lily’s raw, gaping ass.

We now see they’ve switched positions, and Lily is eating out Hayden’s ass. “Mmm, yeah…” Hayden is clearly enjoying the rimjob, which we see in another close-up, as Lily switches from her tongue to her fingers.

Lily then grabs the bottle, and spits on Hayden’s ass. “Okay, bitch, time to pay!” We see up close as Lily slowly pushes it into Hayden’s asshole.

A shot of Hayden’s face shows her clenching her teeth. “Ooh, fuck, that does hurt…” she whines.  Lily starts fucking her ass with the bottle. “Ow!  Oh, jesus, that’s…OW!  Oh, God, clenching just makes it hurt more.  Oh, fuck…” Lily starts playing with Hayden’s clit. “Yeah, play with the clit…Mama likes the clit playing…” Hayden almost buckles when she cums.  Lily pulls the bottle out with the same wet pop, then we see one more close-up, as Lily eats out Hayden’s red, swollen ass. “Oh, fuck, that feels good.  Uhmmm…”

The two now lie side by side in the water.

“So,” Hayden says, “would you do this again?”

“The shaving or the ass stuff.”

“Uh, either one.”

“The shaving, yes.  The other…just…give my ass time to recover.” Hayden giggles, then gives Lily a peck on the lips.

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