Close Shave, Part 4

Close Shave, Part 4
by RandyPan
Story Codes: FF, oral, con
Celebs: Felicia Day, Zooey Deschanel
This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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Note: This is a spin-off of my Porno Chic series.  Picture this in the style of one of those porno compilations.

We fade in on Felicia and Zooey sitting on a couch, naked, with their hair already cut to butch shortness.

“So,” Felicia starts, “you’re probably wondering why we’re doing this.”

“They’re wondering why you’re doing this.  They probably figure I’m just doing this because I’m weird.”

“Well, anyway, this is part of a bet.  Two other girls bet us we wouldn’t shave our heads, and…” she points with her thumb, “this chick says, ‘We’ll do you one better!’.”

“‘But, if we do this, you have to do something for us.’ Well, we’re doing it.”

“As for who the other two are, and what they’re doing, well…”

“You’ll find out when their video comes out.  I mean, unless they pussy out.”

“Oh, I am so kicking their asses if they pussy out.  So, you wanna go first?”

“Hell, yeah!  Where’s the foam?”

Zooey sits on the floor in front of Felicia, who sprays some shaving cream into her hand, then smears it into Zooey’s hair. “Ooh, that feels weird.” Felicia covers Zooey’s whole head of hair with the stuff, then picks up the razor, and starts to shave it off. “No, wait, that feels weird.” We see Zooey’s scalp gradually exposed, as Felicia shaves more and more off.  Finally, Zooey’s head is completely clean shaven, and she holds it over the wash-basin, as Felicia rinses it off.  Holding her newly bald head up, Zooey says, “Okay, your turn, Red.”

Felicia now sits on the floor, as Zooey squirts some foam on her head. “Ooh!  Cold!” Zooey smears it into Felicia’s hair, then starts to shave it off.

“Oh, my God, and I thought the skin on the rest of you was pale.” Zooey continues to expose more and more of Felicia’s scalp, as Felicia giggles at the feeling of the razor.  Once she’s completely bald, Zooey rinses off Felicia’s head.

Feeling her freshly shorn scalp, Felicia says, “God, it feels so weird.”

It now cuts to Felicia kneeling in front of Zooey, who has her legs spread. “Now, remember she said we’d do one better?” Felicia says, “Well, this is doing one better; we’re also going to shave each other’s twats.”

“Right.” Felicia starts smearing on the foam. “Now, seeing as you’re working around my genitals, I trust you’ll be careful not to cut me.”

“Dude, don’t jinx me.” Felicia starts shaving Zooey’s bush, again exposing more naked skin with each stroke of the razor.

“Okay, the head felt weird, but this feels…funny.”

“What do you mean, ‘funny’?”

“I mean…I think this is making me wet.”

Felicia sniggers. “Really.” Felicia continues shaving, until Zooey’s pubes are completely gone, then rinses her mound off.

Now, Felicia sits on the couch, as Zooey foams up her bush. “God, I can’t believe I have to shave off this beautiful ginger pussy hair!”

“Hey, it was your idea!”

“I never said my ideas are always gold.” Felicia laughs at this, as Zooey proceeds to shave Felicia’s bush off.

“God, you’re right, that does feel funny.  Mm…”

Zooey shaves all the hair off, then rinses Felicia’s twat.  Once it’s clean, Zooey leans in, and starts to eat Felicia’s pussy.

“Hey, that wasn’t part of the bet.”

“No, this is for me.” Zooey slides her tongue into Felicia’s now dripping pussy, and Felicia starts gasping and moaning, while feeling up her boobies.

“God, that feels good.” Zooey inserts two fingers into Felicia’s hole, and starts directly licking her clit. “Oh, fu-” Felicia’s brow furrows. “Fffuuuck!” Finally, Felicia cums, clutching at herself. “God, I wanna do you, now.”

Zooey lies on the couch, as Felicia buries her tongue into her moist, hairless snatch. “Oh, jeeeez…” Zooey moans.  As Felicia eats her out, Zooey bites her lip, and pinches and pulls on her nipples. “Oh, God, play with my clit…” Felicia pinches and rubs Zooey’s clit, as she continues probing her cunt with her tongue.  Finally, Zooey begins bucking her hips, as the orgasm starts to hit her. “Ooooh, fuck!” Zooey cries out, as she cums.

Zooey and Felicia now lay side by side on the couch. “Well, ladies,” Zooey says, somewhat seductively, “now it’s your turn.  Don’t chicken out on us.” She and Felicia then tongue-kiss as the scene fades out.

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