Close Shave, Part 6

Close Shave, Part 6
by RandyPan
Story Codes: FFF, oral, anal, con
Celebs: Jessica Chastain, Bryce Dallas Howard, Deborah Ann Woll
This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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Note: This is a spin-off of my Porno Chic series.  Picture this in the style of one of those porno compilations.

We fade in on the three kneeling in a circle, naked, trading tongue kisses, groping each other’s bodies.  Jessica leans back, grinning as the other two squeeze her breasts and suck her nipples.  Once she’s on the floor, Bryce and Deborah take swipes at her twat with their tongues, then Bryce picks up a can of shaving foam, and we see a close-up as she sprays it onto Jessica’s bright orange bush, then massages it in.  Still up close, Deborah picks up a safety razor, and starts to shave off Jessica’s pubes.

“Mmm…” Jessica moans, “that feels weird.”

“Yeah?” Deborah responds.

“Yeah, it’s making me really wet.”


Once Jessica’s mound is bare, Bryce wipes it clean with a damp washcloth.

We now see Bryce on her back, as Deborah, again up close, rubs the foam into her pubes, then Jessica starts to shave Bryce’s thatch clean, leaving only her alabaster white skin.

“Uhm,” Bryce now moans, “you’re right, this is really turning me on.”

“I told you.”

“God,” Deborah grins, “now I can’t wait for you to shave me.”

Once Bryce’s bush has been shaved and wiped clean, it cuts to Deborah lying back, as Jess rubs the foam into her pubes, and Bryce then shaves them off.

“Ouhm…” Deborah bites her lip, and starts squeezing and fondling her tits.

“Wow,” Jessica grins, “she’s loving it!”

Once again, after Deborah’s pubes are shaved off, her mound is wiped clean with the damp cloth.  As soon as it’s clean, we see another close-up, as Jess leans in, and buries her tongue in Deborah’s moist quim.

“Uhm…is my pussy nice and wet for you?”

“Yes,” Jess says between licks, “very wet.”

As Jess eats Deborah out, we see up close as Bryce sucks and even gently bites Deborah’s pink nipples.  We then see Bryce crawl up and straddle Deborah’s face, and get another close-up as Deborah’s tongue probes Bryce’s pink pussy.  Bryce feels herself up and bites her lip as Deborah eats her out.  We then see another close-up of Jess two-finger banging Deborah’s slit, and then Deborah stop eat Bryce for a second, and grimace, clenching her teeth, and moaning, “Oh, God, yesss…!” as she cums.

Bryce has now turned around, and Deborah has her tongue in her asshole, while Jess two-fingers her in another close-up.  Bryce’s face screws up, and she tilts her head, and moans, “Oh, God!” Suddenly, Bryce climaxes clawing her tits, and screaming, “Fuck!”

Deborah is now on her hands and knees, and we see up close, as Bryce and Jess take turns licking her pink butt-hole. “Oh, wow,” Deborah smiles and snickers, “that feels amazing…” We then see, back in the close-up, as Jess sticks her middle finger all the way in, then we see Deborah’s mouth gape. “Ohhh, fuck!” she groans, as Jess finger-fucks her ass.

Next, we see Jess straddling Bryce’s face, and in a close-up, we see Bryce holding open Jess’s cheeks, and eating out her asshole, while Deborah eats her pussy. “Oh, my God, don’t stop!” Jess moans, and squeezes her breasts, as both her holes are being licked.  Bryce and Deborah then both substitute their tongues for fingers, and Jess throws her head back, and moans loudly.  We again see up close, as both Jess’ holes are fingered, faster and faster, until we hear Jess shriek, then grunt, as her pussy squirts all over the place.

Deborah laughs, and then licks Jess’ pussy juice off of Bryce.

“Oh, fuck!” Jess sighs, grinning, as she lies down behind Bryce. “I think I’m spent.  How about you guys?” The other two laugh, as the scene fades out.

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