Close Shave, Part 8

Title: Close Shave, Part 8

Author: RandyPan

Celebs: Amanda Seyfried, Elizabeth Olsen

Codes: FF, oral, anal, mas, con

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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Note: This is a spin-off of my Porno Chic series.  Picture this in the style of one of those porno compilations.

We fade in on Amanda and Elizabeth laying on a bed, making out.  A close-up of their mouths shows a lot of tongue, from both of them.  Amanda moves down, and starts squeezing Elizabeth’s tits, and, in another close-up, sucking on her nipples. “Uhmmm…” Elizabeth moans, smiling.  After half a minute of that, Amanda moves up, and waves her boobs in Elizabeth’s face.  We then get yet another close-up, as Elizabeth grabs Amanda’s tits, and sucks her nipples, causing her to bite her lip and moan in turn.  They then return to kissing, their tongues visibly wrestling between their mouths.

“Do you want me to shave you, baby?” Elizabeth asks.

“Hm…” Amanda says, smiling, “Yes…”

We now see Amanda lying on her back with her legs spread.  In another close-up, we see her hairy pussy, which Elizabeth is trimming with a pair of heavy duty scissors.  After cutting the hair down some, Elizabeth rubs the tip of the scissors up and down Amanda’s twat. “Huh…” Amanda moans, and twitches in response to the cold metal touching her vagina. Back in the close-up, Elizabeth rubs the tip of the scissors around Amanda’s clit, causing her to moan and twitch even more. “Oh, fuuuuck…” Finally, Elizabeth inserts the scissors into Amanda’s cunt, and fucks her gently with them. “Oh, God…”

We then see Elizabeth kneeling in front of Amanda, with a safety razor in one hand, and a bottle of shaving gel in the other; next to her on the bed is a big bowl of water, with a washcloth hanging over the side.  Back in the close-up of Amanda’s hairy snatch, Elizabeth sprays some gel onto her bush, then massages it in with her hand.  We then see her place the end of the razor on the edge of the foam, and pull down slowly, leaving a patch of bare skin.  She rinses the blade, and does it again, causing Amanda  to moan, and lick her lips. “God, that’s making me so hot…”

“Yeah,” Elizabeth smiles, “it’s the motion of the razor.  That’s why I always have someone else shave me, so I don’t have to get off by myself.”

Elizabeth gets the last patch of hair off, then dips the washcloth in the water, rings it out, and uses it to wipe any errant hairs or foam residue off Amanda’s mound.

We next see Elizabeth bend down, extend her tongue, and, in another close-up, bury it in Amanda’s sopping pink pussy. “Ohhh, God…” Amanda moans, tilting her head back. “Fuck, I’ve never had a woman’s tongue in my pussy before…Feels so good…” Back in the close-up, Elizabeth spreads Amanda’s lips, and licks up her juices from the pink inside. “Oh, baby, you’re making me so wet…”

After a couple of minutes, Elizabeth places her hands under Amanda’s thighs and lifts them, pushing them up against her body. “What are you gonna do?” Amanda smiles and snickers.  In another close-up, Elizabeth starts to lick around Amanda’s moist, quivering anus. “Hoh!” Amanda gasps, brow furrowing, as Elizabeth’s tongue swirls around her butthole.  Back in the close-up, Elizabeth inserts her index finger, up to the first knuckle, into Amanda’s butt, causing her to moan breathily, before continuing to eat her ass out.  Amanda, meanwhile, starts diddling her twat, as Elizabeth’s tongue penetrates her asshole. “Oh!  Oh!  Oh, God!” Before long, Amanda cries out, and her body shudders, as she cums.

We now see Elizabeth on her back, propped up on her elbows, watching as Amanda kisses around her belly. “I should let you know, I haven’t masturbated in, like, a week, so I’m probably going to cum very easily.”

“Mm, nice!” Amanda smiles.  We then get yet another close-up, as Amanda kisses all around Elizabeth’s bald pussy, then slips her tongue between her lips, and starts to lick her cunt.

As Amanda licks the outside of her twat, Elizabeth starts to breathe hard and moan. “Oh, God, I already feel like I’m gonna cum!” Back in the close-up, Amanda slides her tongue inside Elizabeth’s oozing slit, and moves it up and down, massaging her clit. “Oh!  Oh, God, here it comes!” Elizabeth cries out, as she cums hard.  Again in the close-up, Amanda spreads her lips, and inserts her first two fingers in Elizabeth’s hole.  Amanda then directly licks Elizabeth’s clit, while she finger-fucks her. “Oh, God!  Oh, baby, here it comes again!” Elizabeth’s whole body jerks this time, as she experiences another intense orgasm.

Elizabeth is now lying on her stomach, and we see Amanda kiss and fondle her round butt-cheeks.  In one more close-up, Amanda spreads Elizabeth’s cheeks, and starts to perform analingus on her. “Oooh…” Elizabeth moans, brow furrowing. “God, play with my ass…This is actually making me wet again…” Back in the close-up, Amanda inserts her first two fingers in Elizabeth’s asshole, and Elizabeth winces, face tightening up. “Now, finger my pussy…” Again in the close-up, Amanda turns her hand, so the other two fingers can go in Elizabeth’s snatch. “Oh, fuck!  Just like that, baby!” Amanda then starts finger-fucking both holes, which causes Elizabeth to shriek and cry out shrilly, soon cumming for the third time.

We next see Amanda lying on her back, as Elizabeth, lying on her side next to her, shoves her tongue in her mouth.  The two kiss until the scene fades out.

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