Close Shave, Part 9

Title: Close Shave, Part 9

Author: RandyPan

Celebs: Alex Kingston, Melissa McBride

Codes: FF, oral, mas, anal, con

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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Note: This is a spin-off of my Porno Chic series.  Picture this in the style of one of those porno compilations.

We fade in on Melissa walking in from outside, covered in dirt and sweat.

“God,” Melissa sighs, “What a day.”

Alex looks up at her from a book she’s reading, and reacts to Melissa’s appearance. “Good lord, what did you roll in?”

“Nothing, it was just a really dusty day.”

“Want me to draw you a bath?”

“Oh, I would love that, baby.”

“Okay, coming up…” Melissa cricks her neck, as Alex goes off to run the bath.

Minutes later, we see Melissa, now naked, step into a large tub.  She eases into it, and her breasts float above the water line, as Alex kneels behind her.  Alex reaches for a large sponge, floating in the water in front of Melissa, and proceeds to scrub her shoulders. “So, it was dusty today?”

“Yeah, we were working in this really dry soil, and it was windy.”

“Lean forward, let me get your back.” Melissa does so, and Alex scrubs her back, while she continues talking. “Did any of it get in your hair?”

“God, you have no idea.”

“I’ll have to shampoo you, then.”

We now see Melissa with her hair lathered up, and Alex massaging her scalp. “Hmm…I love feeling your hands in my hair.”

“How long has it been since your bush was trimmed?”

“You should know,” Melissa smirks, “you were down there last night.”

“I know, I was trying to nicely suggest you let me do it.”

“Hell, why don’t you just shave it all off?”

“Oh,” Alex smiles, “I like the way you think.”

It cuts, and Melissa’s hair is rinsed, but still wet, and she’s sitting on the edge of the tub, while Alex, now naked, sits in the water.  In our first close-up, we see Alex pour body wash onto Melissa’s bush, then massage it in.  Alex then picks up a safety razor and, back in the close-up, drags it over Melissa’s soaped up pussy hair, leaving bare skin, then rinses the razor off in the water, before repeating.  Finally, she removes the last patch of hair, then cups some water in her hands, and rinses Melissa’s now bald pussy clean.

Alex then leans forward, sticking her tongue out all the way, and, again in the close-up, buries it between Melissa’s pussy-lips, and licks the inside of her cunt. “Oh, fuck…” Melissa moans, closing her eyes, tilting her head back, and feeling up her tits.  She looks down at Alex, now pinching and pulling on her hard, pointy nipples.  Back in the close-up, Alex holds Melissa’s lips open with her fingers, and licks around her clit in slow, rhythmic circles. “God…” Melissa smirks and snickers, “Remember what they used to call you in college?”

“You mean ‘Cunnilingus Queen’?” Alex says, then continues licking Melissa’s pussy.

“And you haven’t lost a bit of it, baby.” Melissa then leans her head back, and moans throatily. “Ohhh!” Back in the close-up, Alex fingers Melissa’s pussy, and flicks her tongue on her clit. “Fffuck!” Melissa says, again smiling a little, “You’re gonna make me cum!” As Alex continues to lick and finger her, Melissa makes a low groaning sound, and has one hand on Alex’s head, and the other squeezing her tit. “Oh!” she then cries out, brow furrowing, digging her nails into her breast.

Now, Alex sits on the opposite edge, eyes closed, head tilted back, as Melissa sits back in the water in front of her.  In another close-up, Melissa has two fingers inserted in Alex’s bald pussy, and is licking vigorously around her clit. “Oh, fuck…” Alex moans softly, squeezing one breast in her hand.  Back in the close-up, Melissa licks up Alex’s dripping pussy-juice, while continuing to finger her. “Oh!” Alex moans, tossing her head forward.  Catching her breath, Alex says, “Sweetie?”


“Could you lick my arse?”

“It would be my pleasure to lick your ‘arse’, baby.”

Alex is now back in the water, bent over the edge of the tub.  Melissa sits behind her, holding open her voluptuous cheeks, and, in yet another close-up, licks around Alex’s moist, quivering asshole in slow circles, causing her to twitch and moan.  We see a shot of Alex’s head, as she cranes her neck up, and bites her lip.  Back in the close-up, Melissa again fingers Alex’s twat, while continuing to eat her ass, even penetrating it with her tongue.

“Oh, fuck, I’m almost there, sweetie!” Suddenly, Alex’s whole body shudders, and she lets out a loud, throaty moan.

We now see Melissa and Alex sitting in the water together, kissing and sucking each other’s tongues, as the scene fades out.

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