Club Fucker 2 – Josephine Skriver

Title: Club Fucker 2 – Josephine Skriver

Author: RT Minotaur

Celebs: Josephine Skriver

Codes: MF, oral, drugs

Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction and the characters are either completely fictional or are fictional versions of their real selves. The events depicted are made up and any similarity to real life events is purely coincidental. This story is meant as a work of erotic fiction only and is not to be read by anyone under the age of 18. If you would like to provide constructive feedback, please send an e-mail to

Thunder rumbled around Milan as the Lombardi city was struck by another storm. Milan Fashion Week had been a wash out and the shows that Josephine had been booked in had been cancelled. She knew it was a risk doing only outdoor shows but they had sold her with their spectacular plans. Spending one of the biggest weeks on fashion calendar on the sidelines was going to hit her income hard, luckily she had a Victoria Secrets show the next day to give her some exposure.

Although the rain was pelting down, Josephine needed a night out to drown her sorrows. The disastrous week had been paired with her break up the month before, she had been dating a French rugby player but had caught him cheating. She had been too busy to have a man since and knew that tonight she would find one.

The taxi pulled up outside of ‘Il Pappagallo Grigio’, one of the newest clubs to open in the Northern city. She had heard a few of the local girls rave about it and, although she was on her own, she intended on checking it out and having fun. The driver held an umbrella above her head and walked her to the entrance to ensure she didn’t get soaked. As they reached the entrance, Josephine leant over and kissed the older man on the cheek, she knew he would remember it and be to her advantage if she needed a taxi later on.

Entering the club, Josephine looked around at the mass of people. It may have been new but word must have got around as it was already at capacity. The time was only 11.30 so it would be open for a few more hours and the people queuing outside would have a wait. She was greeted by two bouncers who escorted her through the club to the VIP area.

“Miss Skriver, benvenuto! Welcome to our little club. Will you be joining your fellow models?”

The VIP host pointed over to where some of the models were sat. She noticed Kendal, Gigi and Joan were sat down with a bunch of other people; most likely friends, staff and hangers on. Outwardly she smiled and nodded her head but inside she sighed. Josephine found most of the other models to be rather vacuous and egomaniacal; not the type of people she’d spend her time with.

Three hours had passed and Josephine had not seen anyone who interested her. She preferred the rough grungy type but the club was full of over-muscled posers, she’d rejected a couple of men to the surprise of Gigi and Joan. Instead she spent her time drinking prosecco and snorting the freely available cocaine. Josephine was leaning down and snorting along the next line when the music changed. Unsure if it was the powders effects or hearing the familiar scratch, Josephine popped upright and looked around the club disorientated. She put down the rolled up note and looked to the person next to her.

“Who is this?” Josephine pointing upward.

“Who is what?”

“The music! Who is the deejay?”

The person looked down to a sheet of paper in front of them. Their finger followed the words along to the time schedule.

“DJ Crisco.”

A smile came across Josephine’s face. Jacques,  DJ Crisco to everyone else, was a friend of her ex boyfriend but had always been kind to her. During bad times in the relationship, Josephine had always thought about getting her revenge by sleeping with him but she had always backed down. She had fantasised about it but just couldn’t bring herself to be that person. However nothing was stopping her now.

Josephine stood up and walked to the edge of the VIP area, tapping on the shoulder of the bouncer. He slowly turned around and looked up at the tall brunette.

“Yes ma’am?”

“How do I get to the deejay booth? He’s a friend.”

“I can walk you there.” the bouncer replied.

He nodded his head to call his colleague over to take his place and undid the velvet rope that cut off the area. Josephine followed him as he drove through the crowd towards DJ Crisco. Josephine walked around the back of the booth and entered the concealed area.

“I’ll wait for you here.” he shouted to her as he turned to look out to the crowd.

The latest song had just started to die down and she watched him prepare for the next song. Thinking on her feet, Josephine reached up under her dress and grabbed the sides of her panties, a lace pair of half cut French knickers. She pulled them down her legs and stepped out of them without taking her eyes off Crisco. He still hadn’t turned around to see her, which was understandable due to the headphones he wore.

As the next song started, he moved to the other turntable to prepare the next song and Josephine spotted her chance. As his hands went to the vinyl disc, she launched her panties over and they landed directly in the middle of the disc. DJ Crisco span around on heels and a look of joy came over his face as he saw Josephine standing on the spot.

“Jojo, it’s so good to see you!”

Crisco walked over and walked her into a big hug. He wasn’t the biggest guy in the world but was of equal height to her. He also didn’t have the most muscular of figures, which DJ did?, but he was rumoured to have one very big part and Josephine wanted to find out if it was true.

“It’s good to see you too Jacques. As soon as I heard the scratching I knew it was you. You know it’s fashion week right?”

“Ofcourse I do!” DJ Crisco replied. “wherever beautiful ladies go, I go! And I appear to have hit the jackpot with you here.”

“You are always so nice! Let me help!”

Josephine ran forward to the turntable and stood in between it and DJ Crisco. She grabbed the vinyl disc and moved it to the packaging. Looking around for the next one, she took a disc out of DJ Crisco’s hands and put it on. She knew what to do next but wanted Crisco to stand closer to her.

“You’re the Deejay Ja…  Crisco.  You have to help me!”

Josephine grabbed his hands and pulled him towards her; she felt his crotch bump into her arse and already felt excited. As his face appeared next to her, his hands started to set up the disc and she allowed her hands to drift over them. She smiled about standing this close to him and started to grind her arse into him.

Initially he didn’t respond to her advances, probably conflicted about his friend, so Josephine increased the pace of the grinding.

“Come on Crisco, dance with me.”

“I’m not sure Josephine, you’re my frie…”

Josephine turned around and put her finger to his mouth.

“No, he is Jacques’ friend and he treated me like shit! You are DJ Crisco, acclaimed deejay and playboy, and these are yours to take home. “

Josephine grabbed the panties and forced them into the pocket of his jeans. Her hand idly brushed his penis and she could feel it was starting to get hard. She could hear the song was about to end so turned around again and started the next one to play.


She turned around hearing Crisco say her name and was shocked to see him standing there topless.

“That disc is a medley; 15 minutes long. Are you sure you want this?” he asked her.

Josephine nodded her head.

“Then sit up on the bench. I want to taste you.”

Josephine sat down as instructed and looked at Crisco as he walked towards her. He had a glint in his eye that she’d never seen before and it excited her. Crisco dropped down to his knees and started to kiss up her long left leg.

“Mmm, that feels nice.” Josephine moaned.

“There’s more to come cherie!”

As he reached her thigh, he skipped over to her right leg and repeated the process. Josephine felt his hard lips on her skin as he moved his way up.

“You’re so exciting!” she said before leaning back.

Josephine gave a little giggle as he softly bit her thigh and looked up at her. He smiled at her as he kissed up her thigh; getting closer to her pussy. Josephine grabbed the side of her dress and shimmied it up past her arse, exposing her wet pussy to the air. She spread her legs allowing Crisco to move up and kiss around her pussy. She felt a tingle sweep over her body as she felt him teasing her.

“Oh my God, that feels so nice.” she moaned.

“You have such a pretty pussy! I’m going to enjoy it eating it.” Crisco said as he licked down besides her pussy,knowing it was driving her wild.

“Then enough teasing, eat me!” Josephine commanded.

Taking her words on, Crisco leaned in and ran his tongue along her pussy slit,feeling her flower open up a little. He noticed her clit was exposed so softly blew on it. Once the warm air settled, he placed his tongue on her pussy and motioned it on a circle on her clit.

“Oh yeah, so nice…” Josephine moaned as she leaned back.

He continued with the motion on her clit as he felt her getting wetter. Crisco could feel her juices on his tongue as the she started to buck her hips. She tasted much sweeter than he had expected and he closed his eyes as he continued to run his tongue along her clit.

“Oh yes, yes, yes!” Josephine moaned louder, masked by the music.

Instinctively,  Josephine started to massage her breasts through her dress as DJ Crisco licked her pussy. An overwhelming sense of pleasure took over her body as she stared at the ceiling above.

“Oh my God yes, lick me!” she moaned.

Josephine closed her eyes as she was overcome by the pleasure, bucking her hips harder into Crisco’s face. He wrapped his tongue around her clit as he could feel her getting wetter.

“Oh, I’m so close. Yes, just there!”

Josephine’s moaning got louder and louder and only the two of them could hear. She grinded harder into Crisco as she could feel his tongue attack her clit and occasionally popping to her slit. She lowered her hand down to his head to keep him in place.

“Yes, there… I’m cumming! Ohhh ohhh ohhh!” Josephine screamed.

She kept Crisco’s head between her thighs as the orgasm rocked her body. It felt like an explosion as heat shot through her body. Her pussy was soaking and she could feel that his face had been covered in her juices. He’d happily lapped up her juices as she leaned back and laid down on the table.

Without missing a beat, DJ Crisco stood up and walked over to the table. Quickly flicking a switch, he played the next track as the megamix finished. He looked at Josephine and her pussy was glistening with her juices. Looking up her body, he saw that she was leaning up on her elbows looking at him.

“That was a great orgasm, thank you Dj Crisco!”

“You gave me a great tool to work with!” he replied.

“Maybe you should let me work with your tool.”

Josephine brought herself up into a seated position before jumping up onto her feet. Strutting towards him, Josephine lowered her dress down to cover her modesty.

“That sounds good, I can play the records while you keep that mouth busy!” he replied as he undid his belt.

“Yes! That’s what I want! It’s been months since I’ve had a cock in my mouth.”

“You’ve never sucked on one like this before.”

A smile came over Josephine’s face as she listened to his confidence. She was going to find out if the rumours she’d heard were true and all of the evidence was pointing to the positive.

“We’ll see!” Josephine exclaimed as she dropped down to her knees.

Crisco whipped his belt off and chucked it onto the floor next to her. Josephine looked up at the topless deejay expectantly and he slowly undid the buttons on his jeans. Impatiently, Josephine tugged at his jeans and brought them to the floor. He chuckled to himself as he looked down at Josephine who stared at the outline of his penis.

Crisco had got very turned on by going down on her and his penis was at full length. Josephine looked astonished at its size and lowered the shorts to allow it to pop out.

“Wow… that is… “

“Big? I know. Are you sure you can handle it?” DJ Crisco asked.

Josephine looked at him and matched his stare. She knew he was challenging her to back down but she has no intention to.

“Shut up and let me suck.”

Josephine grabbed hold of the large penis and started to lick down the side. Crisco moaned with pleasure as he felt the model’s tongue on his cock. Looking down; he saw her concentrating hard on giving him his pleasure. As Josephine felt his cock get wetter from her saliva, she felt a tingle inside of her. She knew she wanted him to fuck her before the night was out.

“Your tongue feels nice Jojo. You must do this often.”

“Not as often as I’d like.” she replied in between licks.

Josephine’s hands dropped down to his balls and massaged them as she took the sides of his cock in her mouth. His groaning became louder as she skillfully played with his balls.


Crisco looked up for a moment to change the music, enjoying the feel of her oral skills as he played his music. After spending time licking his cock, Josephine wrapped her arm around and started to pump on it furiously. As she pumped his cock, she lowered her head down and took Crisco’s balls in her mouth.

“Oh, that feels good!”

Josephine continued to suck on his balls without breaking eye contact with the French deejay. She ran her tongue along his hairless skin as she felt her arm start to get tired from pumping his length.

“Do you want to cum in my mouth?” she asked.

“No. I want to fuck you and cum in that pretty little pussy of yours.”

DJ Crisco extended his arm and helped Josephine to her feet. She leaned in and kissed him hard, her tongue forcing its way into his mouth. His arm reached down and lifted the bottom of her dress up. Forcibly grabbing her arse, he kissed her passionately as they moved towards the mixing desk.

“Bend over like a good little slut!”

Josephine turned around to the desk and leaned forward in between the two turntables. She knew he would have to multitask to play the music and fuck her but felt confident he could do both well. She leaned at a 45 degree angle but Crisco approached her and pushed her down flat.

“A great view!” DJ Crisco said as he looked over at the Danish beauty bent over his table.

He pulled her dress up to expose her pantieless arse to him, it was small but very firm. Josephine instinctively spread her legs and he could see her pussy lips inviting him towards her.

“Come on,” she encouraged him “I want to feel it inside me.”

Listening to her command, Crisco lined his cock up with her pussy and slid the head inside of her. She let out a slight moan as she felt him, he was already feeling large despite not much of his cock being in there. Keeping the motion smooth, Crisco started to push more of himself inside her.

“Oh God, you’re so big!” Josephine moaned as he pushed more of himself inside her pussy.

After getting half of his length in, Crisco started to thrust into a settled motion. He could feel Josephine’s tight pussy encase his cock as he pushed into her. Deciding to get a better angle, he grabbed her hair and pulled her head back hard. She out a little yelp as he started to thrust into her harder.

After flicking over to the next song, they looked at each other’s eyes for a moment and smiled. Crisco closed his eyes as he enjoyed the feeling of her pussy, it started to get easier to fuck her as her juices filled more of her pussy.

‘Finger… arse…cum…”

He only slightly understood her broken words between the moans. Crisco let go of her hair and she immediately dropped back down to the table to start pushing back. He took his finger and slid it into her pussy next to his cock, there wasn’t a lot of room but he got enough of her juices on his finger.

Withdrawing her finger, he looked down and spat some saliva directly down to her arsehole. Slowly; he slid his finger into her tight hole.

Josephine rolled her eyes into her head as she enjoyed the feeling of getting fucked and having a cheeky finger. She’d never told anyone of her anal fetish but enjoyed the fact she could be free in her secret dalliance.

“Fuck… I’m gonna have… a second!”

Crisco could feel her pussy getting wetter by the second as her body shook. He was surprised by the effect the combination had on her but it helped her loosen up more so he could thrust harder.

The song was coming to the end so he quickly turned his attention to switching over the music. He clicked play just in time and looked down to see Josephine still pushing back as she capitalised on her orgasm.

“You enjoying yourself there?” he asked.

Josephine looked back over her shoulder at him and smiled.

“No one has given me two orgasm on a first fuck, your cock must be magical.”

He smiled at her reaction.

“Well you relax, my set is almost over and I want to cum before the next guy arrives.”

Josephine turned around to face the turntables as Crisco took a hold of her hips. Feeling the wetness from her juices, he pulled back and started to thrust into her. The pleasure was immediate for Josephine as Crisco forced himself inside her harder, her pussy gripping tightly to his cock.

He could his balls tighten as he stared at her little arsehole, considering finishing in there. He knew he didn’t have enough time so place his hand on her shoulder blade and pushed down hard. The extra leverage gave him what was needed and he spurt his cum into her tight pussy. He thrust through his climax, moaning slightly as it mixed in with Josephine’s own juices.

“What the fuck!” someone yelled from behind.

Instinctively, they both looked back to see a short bald man staring at them. Crisco looked at the clock before returning his gaze to the man.

“You’re early Enzo!”

“Well clearly you weren’t expecting me Jacques. Maybe I should give you a moment.”

The man walked around the corner as Crisco withdrew himself from Josephine’s pussy, running his cock along her arse as he did. He pulled up his jeans and watched Josephine adjust her dress, hiding her shaven pussy from him.

“Well that’s been my best gig for a while.”

“I know,” Josephine replied. “if I knew you were that good I would have had you before.”

“Next time we’ll have more time. A hotel, a jacuzzi, champagne and maybe some more of your holes!”

He walked forward to Josephine and kissed her directly on the lips. As they broke away, Josephine walked to the exit to go around the booth.

“What about your…”

“Yours.  A memento until next time.” Josephine replied.

She crossed paths with the other deejay as she left the booth, shooting him a wink as she walked to the bouncer. He escorted her through the club and returned to the VIP area. Most of the people had left so Josephine sat down next to Kendal and grabbed herself a glass of champagne.

Kendal gave Joseph an odd look as she sat,  which was nothing unusual, but Kendal leaned forward and scooped something off Josephine’s thigh. She brought her finger to her mouth and sucked on it.

“Mmm,someone’s been a naughty girl. Tell me all about it!”

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