Club Fucker 3 – Olivia Holt

Title: Club Fucker – Part 3 Olivia Holt

Author: RT Minotaur

Celebs: Olivia Holt

Codes: MF, oral, anal, inter

Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction and the characters are either completely fictional or are fictional versions of their real selves. The events depicted are made up and any similarity to real life events is purely coincidental. This story is meant as a work of erotic fiction only and is not to be read by anyone under the age of 18. If you would like to provide constructive feedback, please send an e-mail to

Fresh from filming Cloak and Dagger, Olivia felt she had to party. The downside was being 18 in the US limited her options. It was easier a few months ago when she had an older boyfriend and he could buy the drinks for her. It was probably the only time she regretted dumping him.

“Come on Dove, come with me! We can drink, we can dance. Hell we can even find some guys to fuck.” she said on the phone to her friend.

It was no good though as her best friend resisted her request. She hung up the phone and sat on her bed dejected. She’d not made any friends filming the Marvel television show due to her bratty tantrums and Dove was the only friend currently still in town.

Olivia thought that having her own place would be great but she was stuck at an age where she was too old to do teenage things, too famous to hang out at the mall and too young to go to bars.

“Fuck it, I’m hot! I’ll get in on my own.” she said to herself.

Olivia stood up and immediately stripped off her clothes. She looked over her body, deciding her pert ass would need a tight fitting dress and her breasts would need a cleavage revealing top.  A quick shower later and Olivia put on a baby blue dress with a matching navy bra and thong set underneath. She didn’t intend on finding someone to show it off to but she had to be ready just incase.

A quick uber ride to the club and she was standing in line for the club. If she was with her friends, she would have walked to the front and demanded VIP. Instead she didn’t want to deal with the humiliation of rejection on her own so stayed amongst the general public, making small talk with the guys in front of her.

Her plan worked and she was shuffled in without any ID check. The guys even bought her her first drink so she decided to have a dance with them. It was obvious that both guys wanted her, trying to out do each other with their dance moves.

Olivia didn’t intend on sleeping with either but the grinding she’d done with one of them had turned her on a little, his cock felt big but she didn’t find him attractive. She excused herself to visit the ladies but her main intention was the scope around and see what other guys were available.

Olivia exited the toilets but didn’t look where she was going and walked into what felt like a brick wall. She looked up to be greeted by a large black man, muscles bulging from his red t-shirt and a hearing piece hanging from his ear.

“Shit!” Olivia said to herself.

“Follow me.”

She didn’t want to cause any problems and the bouncer had over a foot in height over her so could just pick her up and chuck her out if he wanted.

“He could dominate me…” Olivia thought to herself and a smile came across her face.

They walked out into a back alley behind the club and we’re alone. She’d taken a look at him as they walked out and his body appealed to her, his body looked toned and his butt seemed muscley.

“I’m sorry Miss Holt but you’re too young to be here.”

“But I’m behaving? No one has noticed me and I’m only… wait, how do you know who I am?”

“My little sister is a fan.”

“Oh cool, do you want an autograph for her?” Olivia said as she smiled, leaning forward slightly to highlight her cleavage.

He stared at her blankly.

“Okay, look what can I do to convince you to let me stay?”

“You’re what? 19?”

Olivia nodded.

“Age two years!” he said matter of factly.

She knew she wasn’t getting much back but she was determined to convince him.

“Are you sure?” Olivia as she asked as she turned around so her back faced him. “Absolutely nothing?”

She grabbed the hem of her dress and started to slide it up, revealing her pert ass to him. When her entire ass was exposed, Olivia bent forward, assuming a position to show off the delight in full, wiggling it to try and entice him more. Olivia looked over her shoulder and saw the bouncer lick his lips at the view.

“And as you can see, a nice smooth hole for you to enter.” Olivia told him as she reached around and moved her thong to the side, exposing her pussy to the cool air.

“You’re making this a hard decision.” the bouncer said.

Olivia turn back to face him, adjusting her dress to cover herself.

“I like making things hard. What’s your name?”


“Well Brandin, you have a choice. I can go home and that hard cock of yours can go unsated. Or you can understand that I’m DTF and you let me stay.”

Olivia leaned back against the crate and watched as Brandin decided on what to do. Making sure the coast was clear, Brandin walked up to her and grabbed her hips, lifting her up onto the crate.

“If you’re DTF,  you’re gonna do what I say little girl.”

Olivia nodded understanding the power had gone back to him.

“Show me your breasts, I want to see that milky white skin.”

Olivia smiled as she knew she was going have a nice time. She’d not been dominated by a man for a long time, her last boyfriend was always the submissive.

Olivia lowered down her strapless dress to her stomach, giving Brandin his first view of her bra. She saw his eyes focus in on her cleavage and didn’t see any reason to delay. She unhooked the bra at the front and dropped it to the side, her pink nipples exposed to him. Olivia’s B cup breasts were very pert but she was always nervous about having small areolas and nipples.

However, any worries were quickly eradicated as Brandin leaned down and took her right breast in his mouth. His tongue ran around her nipple to make it harder as he sucked on her breast.

“Oh that feels nice!” Olivia said as she felt a wave of pleasure from her sensitive nipples.

Brandin quickly swapped over breasts as Olivia grabbed his head, closing her eyes to enjoy the pleasure. He ran his tongue along her nipple, growing it’s size as he licked her soft skin.

“Oh yeah, so good!” Olivia moaned as she felt his tongue.

Brandin removed his head from her breast and kissed her on the lips. She pushed her tongue into her mouth eagerly, sinking into his body as he kissed her. Her breasts pushed into his  chest as passion started to overtake her body.

“You’re a good kisser for your age.” Brandin said to her as he broke the kiss.

“Thanks.” Olivia replied as she blushed, a shyness starting to come over.

“You ever fucked a black guy before.”

Olivia was taken aback by his question, she’d never thought about it before. When she had started rehearsing for Cloak and Dagger, she had made a move on her co-star but he rejected her as he’d had a girlfriend.

“No, you’ll be my first. Am I your first…”

Brandin chuckled as Olivia broke off the question halfway through.

“My first white chick? Nah, you milky bitches love some black cock. Come take a lick.”

He took a step back and watched as Olivia’s eyes dropped down his body to his crotch. She licked her lips as he undid his trousers and whipped out his cock. At 10 inches and already hard, it was the biggest one that Olivia had seen in real life. Brandin laughed as he looked at her shocked face. Following his instructions, Olivia jumped off the crate and walked over to him with her breasts still out.

Knowing what he wanted, Olivia dropped down onto her knees and took a hold of his cock. Brandin let out a little moan as he felt Olivia start to stroke his cock. The cocky attitude had been completely dropped as she was mesmerised by the cock in her hand. The length was intimidating to her but the girth was enticing.

After a few minutes of stroking, Olivia decided to take the plunge and put the cock into her mouth. Swirling her tongue along the head, she started to time the strokes her hands were doing with her mouth moving onto the cock.

Brandin looked down at the starlet as she took his cock in her mouth. He knew he didn’t have to take her offer but he thought the sight of the innocent blonde chugging on his cock would be a great view. He was just disappointed he didn’t have a camera to take a picture.

Olivia was gulping as she sucked on more of the cock, taking a surprising amount into her mouth. Brandin thought she was surprisingly skilled for one so young. He looked down as she took the cock out of her mouth and stroked hard, occasionally stopping to hit it on her tongue.

“You’re a good little cock sucker!”

“I’m a young actress, I’ve needed to suck plenty of cock to get the roles I’ve wanted.”

“You’re a naughty girl really, aren’t ya?”

“Only when I’m turned on. Do you want to cum in my mouth?“  She asked before licking up the top of the cock.

“Nah, I don’t want to cum yet. Why don’t you go bend over that crate.”

Olivia looked a little disappointed that she couldn’t get more time with his cock but she didn’t let her bratty nature take over. Slowly Olivia stood up and walked back to the crate as commanded. She bent over, pressing her bare breasts against the top,and waited for him to presumably come and fuck her.

Brandin approached the back of Olivia as he looked over her body. He dropped down to his knees and pulled her dress down leaving Olivia clad in only her thong.

“Shame there’s no CCTV back here, I bet the gossip sites would love to see their little starlet in just a thong about to be fucked.”

“They would but this is all for you.”

“Damn right it Is”

Brandin pulled his hand and spanked her ass. Olivia let out a little moan to Brandin’s surprise. Her rubbed her ass cheek before giving it another hard slap.

“Looks like we found a little butt pleasure fan.” he commented as he moved her thong down to her knees.

Olivia started to move her foot to take it off but he kept her leg in place.

“No, I want you to keep it there.”

Brandin put his hands onto her ass and moved his face close, placing some kisses onto the back of her thighs. Olivia felt a tingle inside of her as he kissed her body, moving closer to her pussy.

“Mmmm.” Olivia moaned as she felt his lips on her body.

Brandin used his hands to spread Olivia’s legs a little more and ran his tongue along the slit of her pussy towards the clit. Feeling a little bit of pleasure go through her body, Olivia started to grind her hips onto his tongue. He rounded her clit with his tongue as he started to compensate for her immediate movement. There was enough silence around that it heightened Olivia’s moans as she felt Brandin’s tongue rub her.

Brandin found it surprisingly easy to reach the blonde’s clit from behind. It started to peek out of her pussy more as he coaxed it with his tongue.

“Oh my! Brandin, this is so nice.” Olivia said as her fingers gripped into the wood.

Her took her moans as encouragement to try other things so he pushed his tongue into her pussy, starting to mouth fuck her quickly. Olivia was shocked by how much she enjoyed it and her moans started to turn into screams.

Brandin could feel the young girls pussy start to get wetter and got the impression that she was starting to get close. Not wanting her to orgasm from his tongue, he pulled himself out and stood back up, his cock rubbing her ass as he did so.

“Why did you stop?” Olivia asked as she looked over her shoulder.

“I want to see your face when I make you cum and judging by that pussy, you’re primed.”

“I am, you’re so good at this.”

“Told you, milky bitches love it. Get on your back slut!”

Olivia followed his command and moved herself around so her back was on the crate and legs in the air. Brandin licked his lips as he saw her enlarged pussy, her clit poking out to show how turned on she was. Her hand went to her breast and started to rub it and pinch her nipples.

“Come on, fuck me with that big black dick!”

Not wanting to delay, Brandin walked up to Olivia and plunged his cock directly into her pussy. She let out a loud scream as his full length went into her, he could feel a good combination of tightness and wetness. He took a moment or two to get into a rhythm of fucking her, his thrusts sliding his cock in and out of her pussy.

Olivia reacted with utter pleasure as she enjoyed the fucking he was giving her. There wasn’t a lot Olivia could do except enjoy the pleasure. She gripped the crate with one hand while her other worked it’s way down to her clit, rubbing it in a circular motion as Brandin’s cock worked it’s way in and out of her.

“Oh God, yes yes yes.” Olivia screamed as she struggled to keep her eyes open.

Brandin could tell that she wouldn’t last long with her stimulating her clit while enjoying his cock. To allow him to thrust into her with more pace, he grabbed into the crate and pushed in harder.

“Ohhh… I’m… so… Oh…”

Olivia closed her eyes tightly as the pleasure was taking over her body more, her pussy getting wetter. Brandin could feel her pussy get warmer as her orgasm started to approach.

“God! Such a nice little pussy you got.” Brandin said as he pushed in harder.

Brandin watched as Olivia’s breasts bounced up and down with the force of her thrusting. She looked a wonderful sight with her face contorted in pleasure, her hand eagerly massaging her clit. With the force of the pleasure, Olivia threw both hands above her head and grabbed the crate.

“Yes! Yes! Yes! I’m cumming, yeah, just there.”

Olivia screamed so loud as her orgasm hit her that he would be surprised if no one could hear her. Certainly no one came around the corner to look for the noise.

He continued to thrust into Olivia through her orgasm as she settled with a smile on her face, feeling the glow of the oxytocin go through her body. Brandin pulled his still erect penis out of her shaved glistening pussy and looked over the blonde’s relaxed body.

“Didn’t look too much before but that body of yours is crazy hot!”

She looked up at him and smiled.

“Thanks but you don’t need to be nice, I hate my breasts.”


“They’re too small and my nipples are tiny. I want bigger ones like Dove. Why? Do you want to cum on then?”

“No. I want to cum in the part of your body you seem most proud of.”

Brandin pulled Olivia up with a lot of force that she flew off the crate into his arms.

“I hope you’re flexible.” Brandin said as he turned her around in his arms so her front faced away from him.

Showing his strength, he carried her to the nearest wall and leaned her forward so her hands could rest against it. Licking his middle finger to wet it, he ran it along her ass cheek before reaching her hole. As her shins rested against his thighs, Brandin started to thrust his finger into her ass to get her used to the feeling.

He’d thought that she had had some experience of anal from the way she’d showed off her ass earlier and her reaction to being spanked but he was taken aback by how easily her hole had taken to his finger movements. Despite how easily her arse got used to one finger, Brandin knew he’s need three in there to get her ass ready for his girth.

It wasn’t going to be a quick process for her to get ready but Olivia helped by balancing with one hand and reached down with her second to grip his cock. She’d only just got over her orgasm but was already feeling some pleasure from Brandin’s finger, it soon increased when he added a second into her.

“Oh God, that ass is tight.”

“All squats, but fuck, your cock is going to feel big in there.”

Olivia started to stroke harder as he continued to finger fuck her ass. She’d already had her orgasm and thought she could have a second, all she knew was that she wanted him to cum.

Olivia loved to fuck older guys, she got a perverse pleasure from men who’d seen her on Disney and desired her. Brandin was younger than what she usually wanted but more than made up for it with his ability.

“Fuck!” Olivia exclaimed as a third finger entered her.

Brandin continued to slide his three fingers in, expanding the 19 year olds hole so she could accommodate him. He was already getting pleasure as the girl played with his cock but he wanted to fuck her ass hard. He’d wanted to from the first moment she’d lifted her dress up.

He decided it was enough time preparing the starlet and withdrew his fingers from her, grabbing his penis out of her hand. It was still slick from her earlier orgasm and he slowly slid it into Olivia.

“Oh God, that’s so big!” Olivia said as she felt the cock slide in.

With his fingers free, he moved Olivia’s legs to wrap around his waist and he pushed her body further forward so that she was almost horizontal. Being much taller allowed him to move her the way he wanted and he started to move her body to allow him to thrust into her ass.

“Damn, thats such a nice tight ass! I’m gonna enjoy cumming in here.” he said as he felt pleasure go through his body.

Olivia closed her eyes as Brandin pushed into her, soaking in the combination of pain and pleasure it was giving her. The tightness was loosened a little and Brandin started to increase the speeds of his thrust, causing the friction to push him further.

“Fuck yeah, this is so nice. I’m gonna burst!”

Olivia barely heard him, her eyes closed enjoying the pleasure. She’d snuck her hand down to stimulate her clit, starting to tease out a second orgasm.

Neither seemed to ignore the other and focus on their own pleasure which had started to sneak up.

“Ohhh yeah, fucking yes. I’m so gonna cum in this ass “

“Oh God, fuck me. Fuck me.” Olivia moaned into a scream.

Her eyes closed as her orgasm started to take over her body, the warmth from her pussy radiating throughout.  She let her body go and was only being held up by Brandin pounding into her.

“Oh yeah, come on! Come on!”

Brandin pushed further into her ass as his balls started to tighten. He moved forward and pressed Olivia into the wall as the force of his finish pushed him into her neck. He wrapped his arms around the girl as he pushed through, pushing all his cum into her arse.

“Oh my fuck!  That was so good. I need to fuck more bouncers.” Olivia moaned as she started to recover from her orgasm.

Brandin stayed silent as he pulled his cock out of her and moved her into his arms, carrying her back to the crate.

“That was an incredibly nice pussy. Think I’ll fuck that again.”

“You’re welcome to!” Olivia giggled.

Brandin wiped the sweat from his brow and returned his cock into his pants,getting himself ready to go back to work. Olivia took her time, choosing to ogle Brandin instead.

He was a little bit disappointed when Olivia returned into her clothes, her tight young body encased by the baby blue dress.

“Do I still have to leave?” she asked as she followed Brandin back to the door.

“I think we can overlook it this one time, I’ll take you into VIP as well so you can drink illegally in peace.”

Olivia smiled as the two entered the building and walked towards VIP. Brandin opened the curtain and let Olivia walk in, giving her a hug as she passed.

“You ever want to come in for free again, come to the front and ask for me. We can make a little arrangements to do it somewhere better.”

“No,I liked alley, made me feel really hot and dirty. Until next time big boy!”

Olivia winked at him before walking to a corner booth and grabbing a complimentary glass of wine. She took out her phone and dialled Dove’s number.

“Dovey,  oh my God! You’ll never guess what just happened!”

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