Club Fucker 4 – Bella Thorne

Title: Club Fucker 4 – Bella Thorne

Author: RT Minotaur

Celebs: Bella Thorne

Codes: MF, cons, drugs, facial

Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction and the characters are either completely fictional or are fictional versions of their real selves. The events depicted are made up and any similarity to real life events is purely coincidental. This story is meant as a work of erotic fiction only and is not to be read by anyone under the age of 18. If you would like to provide constructive feedback, please send an e-mail to

The music blared around the club as Bella sat in VIP, she needed a night to chill after all of the magazine articles on her and Scott Disick recently. Sure, she’d fucked him but they were both single so who gave a fuck? She didn’t want to be caught in the Kardashian net, no one got out of that unscathed. Even Taylor Swift had fucked off for two years, though she was probably busy riding some farmhands back in the mid west.

‘Chronic’ was a shit pit, no Kardashian would ever set foot in here so she felt safe. The paparazzi wouldn’t even set foot in here, too skeezy for them despite that what happens inside would be a goldmine for them. It was only the other week that she saw Taylor Momson strip naked and ride a sybian in the VIP area, only privileged eyes got to see that show.  She’d not been here since so anything could have happened in her absence, Bella hated missing out.

“What is up kid sis?” she heard from behind her.

Bella turned around to see her older sister Dani walking up to her. She looked frenzied with her eyes being bloodshot and her hair messed up. She was dressed in a dark red dress that shimmered in the light.

“Hey Dani. What’s up?”

Bella hugged her sister tightly as she saw Dani’s boyfriend following her. She took the opportunity to check the guy out, he was in his late twenties, had long blonde hair and a trimmed beard. He was also topless for some reason with his athletic body on full display, he owned an impressive six pac that she had not seen on a guy that she’d fucked for quite a while.

“I’m just heading out actually. That stupid film I did needs me to come in and do ADR. I mean seriously, who the fuck does ADR ar 1am?” Dani shouted as they broke the hug.

“Really? But I wanna hang out with my sister. We could cause total carnage in here tonight.”

“Sorry babe, I’ll leave the fuck toy to keep you company. Fuck toy!” she shouted as she turned around to her boyfriend. “Look after Bella while I’m gone, go get her some vodka and some coke.”

Brian, the boyfriend, nodded and walked off to the bar leaving the two girls alone. Dani took Bella’s hand and pulled her in close. She placed her mouth to her sister’s ear and whispered.

“I’m not off to ADR, I’m off to fuck the director. I’m a bit bored of the fuck toy and need some different fun. I’ve never fucked an Asian guy before. Keep Brian buy for a few hours for me?”

Bella nodded her head before Dani walked off. She’d always covered for Dani when she was younger so today would be no different. Bella certainly couldn’t complain about someone sneaking off to fuck older guys, it was one of Bella’s biggest hobbies. She was feeling frisky though and leaving Brian with her wasn’t the best idea that her sister had ever had.

Bella sat down and waited for Brian to return, adjusting her dress slightly to show more cleavage. She’d shot a little video with her walking around in a lacy bra and pantie set with some stockings. She’d negotiated with the photographer to let her go home with them and she still wore them underneath her dress. She liked to feel sexy and felt she had enough confidence to seduce any guy here; she was sure they’d all love to see what she had close up. She was scanning the crowd when Brian joined her in the booth. He plopped himself down next to her and put the tray onto the table. He’d gone all out for Bella with a bottle of Ciroc, a Jack Hennessey whiskey, four lines of coke and a couple of tablets. Bella’s eyes lit up as she perused the tray,

“Why so much?” she asked.

“Dani told me to take care of you so I brought you a buffet. I know you Thorne girls are hard to please sometimes.”

“Only in bed.” Bella said with a wink as she took a shot of the vodka.

She was a bit nervous about overstepping the mark straight off the bat but he laughed at the comment before chucking one of the tablets in his mouth and downing it with some vodka. She watched him closely as he looked around the club. Although it was dank, it was the celebrity element that the owners wanted to bring in so the VIP area was refurbished to the max. The booths were all red velvet, the little tables were mirrored and there was enough space for people to move around. There were also more secure areas towards the back, ones that were enclosed.

Bella shot a look at them to see that the area was quiet, it would probably fill up as the VIP area got busier and she was sure it would be where Dani would have taken Brian for a ride had she not left to ride the director. She would do anything to get a slightly bigger role, something Bella herself was not too shy to do herself.

“So I can pick any one of these?” Bella asked as she returned her eyes to Brian

“Yeah, got them for both of us. Go hard or go home, am i right?”

“Is hard something you always go for?”

“Totally, do you?”

“I love it hard.” Bella replied as she put a tablet in her mouth. “I mean.. Going hard.”

“Well careful you don’t exhaust herself.” he said as she watched her down another shot of vodka.

“Oh, I can go all night.”

Bella raised herself off the bench and started to move her hips to dance around. She’d been thin all of her life due to acting and dancing but she’d always made sure her ass was toned and drew people’s eyes to it. She didn’t know if it would work exactly but she took her time to get into the motion before she shook her ass for Brian’s privilege.

She had chosen a tight blue dress to wear over her borrowed underwear and it showed off all of her curves. A decent amount of cleavage from her enhanced chest and her ass stuck out for all to see. As she dropped low to the ground to twerk her ass, she could see Brian’s reflection checking her out. She turned to look at him and he smiled as he wiped the remaining powder off. She returned his smile and returned to her standing position, forcibly sticking her ass out for him to look at.

“Dani teach you those moves?” he asked.

She strutted over to him and chucked another tablet into her mouth.

“Please, I’ve always been the dancer in the family. I taught her these moves.”


Bella nodded as she drunk more of the vodka, feeling the tablets start to take effect.

“Oh yeah. So when you see her dancing in the club, you can thank me. When you see her grinding her buttup  against another girl, you can thank me. When she’s on your lap, rubbing into your crotch, you can thank me.”

She gave a little giggle and spun in a circle to show off her body. Brian took a large gulp as he looked over the 19 year old’s body. He felt bad about doing it but Bella didn’t seem to mind.

“Is there anything you didn’t teach her?”

Bella knew this would be her queue so put her drink down. She walked around the table to where he sat and looked down on him. Her dress was too tight to straddle him so she moved to his side and sat down on his lap. Bella put her arms around his shoulders and gave a little chuckle. Leaning in, she placed her lips to his ears and whispered.

“I didn’t teach her how to suck cock, she taught me. But I improved on it.”

She moved her head back to see his face. He had a look of disbelief on his face that was quickly replaced with a smile and a laugh.

“And what would she say if she were to find her little sister sat on my lap?”

“Why would she need to find out? She chose to go do ADR when her hot boyfriend is in the club and seemingly DTF.”

“Why do you think I’m DTF?” he asked.

“Oh, just an inkling I have.” Bella said as she reached down to grab his cock, which was getting harder by the second.

“Maybe you should shake that ass for me.”

“I will, let’s go somewhere more private.”

Bella rose to her feet and started to walk to the back rooms. Knowing what was about to happen, he used a card to lift up the coke and put it into a clear plastic bag. Placing it in his pocket, he quickly followed in Bella’s wake and caught up as she reached the bouncer that guarded the rooms. They were shown to one room and locked it after entering.

It wasn’t the biggest room but the mirrors and purple lighting had made it seem larger. Brian sat down in the centre of the bench and placed the whiskey and the coke behind him. Bella stood with her back to the wall and looked over the guy, his six pac highlighted by the lighting. Music came out of the speakers as Bella fiddled with a dial next to her while Brian waited patiently.

“I think it would be a good idea to lose the jeans.”

Brian nodded and removed his jeans, shoes and socks; sitting down in only his boxer briefs where his erect cock was very apparent. Bella licked her lips as she looked at it, knowing what she was about to do would create a massive rift. She approached Brian and ran her finger along his chest as she started to swing her hips slowly. She didn’t want to rush into his lap and enjoyed teasing the athletic man she saw in front of her.

“I hope you’re wearing something sexy underneath.”

“You had no idea! It won’t be on long anyway.”

She spun on her heel and rubbed her ass into his chest. He could feel the curve of her ass as it rubbed up and down him. He had always thought of little Bella as jailbait but she’d really grown into herself recently. He now looked at her bent over in front of him, the dress slowly being lifted up to unveil her ass. The black pantines covered most of her ass but showed enough of the toned muscle for you to know the squats were worth it. Brian reached up and gave it a cup as she lowered it down some. Bella looked over her shoulder at him and smiled as she saw his eyes were fixated on it.

Bella reached around her back and lowered the zipper on the dress, it wasn’t the longest so she was able to undo it without any help. She unhooked the shoulders straps from her arms and removed them, lowering the dress to her chest. She took another glance at Brian to see he had leaned back against the bench and the bulge in his pants was increasing in size.

“Jesus, how big are you?” Bella asked as she looked over him.

“Why don’t you take it out and have a look!” he replied with a cocky smile on his face.

Bella turned around to face him and dropped the dress down her body. She stood there in a strapless black bra, her lace panties and the black stockings. She decided to keep her heels on as it added to the sexiness. She wanted to tease him a little more before taking him inside her so leaned over him and brought her lips to his ears.

“Why don’t you take them off and enjoy the view.”

Bella turned around and strutted away from him, shaking her hips from side to side to highlight her panty clad cheeks. Brian watched with his mouth agape at Bella’s teasing and slid the boxer briefs off, his nine inch cock standing on end for her. Bella removed her strapless bra and threw it on the floor, she was going to ride his cock and she wanted him to pay enough attention to her nipples, they were extra sensitive since the surgery. Brian wolf whistled at her as she spun around to face him, exposing her large breasts to him. Her small nipples stood out, exposing how turned on she was.

Brian licked his lips as he looked over Bella’s fine body. She leaned forward and moved the panties down her legs, her clean shaven pussy lips enlarged by how turned on she was. She strutted forward dressed in only the stockings and her heels and straddled her sisters boyfriend, bringing her lips down to his and kissing him passionately. Brian’s hands made quick work in reaching around her ass and cupping her cheeks. She let out a moan as she felt him grab her while she worked over his mouth with her tongue. As she pulled her lips away from him, she dropped her hips down and took his cock into her pussy.

“Mmm, good fit.” Bella moaned as she moved down to take half his length.

“Damn you’re nice and tight. Much tighter than your sister.”

“Who isn’t?” Bella asked as she moved his head down to her chest.

Taking the hint, Brian opened his mouth and took her right breast into his mouth, sucking on her nipple. Bella moved her hands around his head, gripping onto his hair as she closed her eyes due to the pleasure. In the meantime, Brian’s hands took a strong hold of her hips and helped keep the motion of her riding steady, Bella taking more of his cock as she started to bounce. It only took a few minutes but Bella was soon bouncing on him hard and able to take his entire length into her pussy. When it was settled into a consistent motion, Brian moved his hands around to her ass and gave the cheeks a big squeeze. The girl had constantly teased him with her posterior over the years and now he got the opportunity to get his hands on it.

“That’s it, grab my ass. Spank that thang.” Bella got out in between her moans of pleasure.

Brian bit down on her nipple gently as her followed her instructions and grabbed her ass. It was hard to keep a good hold as she bounced on his cock, taking it all in her pussy. He reached his hand back and gave her ass a little slap, hearing a good patting noise. The spank elicited a louder moan from Bella as she enjoyed the rough stuff more.

“Harder.” she moaned.

He pulled his hand back and smacked her ass harder, allowing another moan to come out. He smiled as he watched how much she liked it so continued to smack her cheeks until it started to get a red hand print to mark there.

“Oh yes, such a great cock. I need to cum hard.” she moaned as she leaned her head back, changing the motion of her riding so she could keep the cock inside of her. “I know what will get me over the line.”

She grabbed Brian’s hand brought it up to her throat.

“Are you sure?” he asked as he looked up at the nineteen year old.

“Yeah. I love being choked.” Bella replied as she bounced harder on his cock.

Brian shrugged his shoulders as he felt Bella’s tight pussy clamp around his cock. He squeezed both hands, the grip on her ass tighter as he didn’t want to push her limits too much. Bella closed her eyes as she felt it harder to breath but the pleasure flowing over her body. She kept her own hands gripped onto her breasts and squeezed them as Brian leaned back.

“Oh yes, yes, yes.” Bella moaned as her voice started to get louder.

Bella dug herself into Brian as her body started to get warmer, her orgasm approaching her. Her bouncing changed to short quick bounces as she rode him more, feeling more pleasure fill her body.

“Yes, I’m cumming! Yes, yes, oh yes, fuck!”

Bella pulled Brian’s hand away from her cheek as she looked up at the ceiling, enjoying the warmth of her pleasure flowing through her body. She tried to catch her breath as Brian looked up at her.

“Holy shit, that was a good fucking. No wonder Dani keeps that cock around. A big pleasure stick you’ve kept hidden from me for years.” Bella said with a giggle.

“Thanks but I think I need to have mine.” Brian said.

Bella jumped off of his lap and stood up in front of him. Brian immediately joined her upright and grabbed her around her hips. Leaning in, he placed a kiss on her lips and she gratefully took his tongue in.

“Bend over, I’ve always wanted to do this.”

Bella was unsure what he meant, she didn’t want to give him her asshole tonight. As she wondered what he wanted, Bella felt him pour some powder on her ass cheeks. She quickly realised what he meant.

“I know in the movies they usually mean snorting coke off a hooker’s ass but I think my girlfriends sister is a decent enough replacement.” he said as he lowered his nose and swept up the coke.

“Yeah and I’ve got a much nicer pussy than some hooker.”

“You damn straight.” Brian replied as he returned to a standing position and took hold of Bella’s hips.

“Now fuck me with that awesome cock.”

Brian didn’t want to disappoint and plowed his cock into Bella’s pussy without hesitation. She had recovered from her orgasm but it was still incredibly wet as Brian thrust himself into her.

“God this feels so nice and wet.”

“All your handy work big boy. I love how you feel.”

Bella dropped her body onto the leather material of the bench as she felt him push into her. She didn’t feel any guilt with Brian, helped by the fact that she knew her sister was currently getting plowed by a director. Brian raised his hand back and smacked Bella’s ass again, watching the skin ripple as he did so. She let out a little yelp as he continued to spank her money maker.

“Oh yeah, fuck me, fuck me.” Bella moaned.

“Oh God, I’m close. I cannot wait to cum.”

“I want you to fill me up!” she moaned as she felt more pleasure come over her.

“Not happening, I’ve got something more appropriate in mind slut “

Brian reached forward and grabbed a hold of her hair. He pushed into her as he yanked her hair back, making slight eye contact. He knew that she’d liked the rough stuff but It was sight to behold as a smile came across her face. He smacked her ass as they locked eyes and another moan came from her mouth.

“Oh yeah, I’m so close.” Brian said as he let go of her hair.

He pulled out of her pussy, much to Bella’s chagrin, and walked to the centre of the room. He yanked at his cock as Bella stood up and faced him.

“Come here and get on your knees Bella.”

She nodded her head and did as commanded. Growing up as a Disney starlet, she was used to being in this position. At least it was cock she had enjoyed rather than endured.

“Open your mouth and enjoy!”

Brian gripped his cock hard and pumped it as Bella waited. He put his spare hand on her head as he felt his balls start to tighten. The first spray came out of his cock and landed directly on her forehead. The cum continued to shoot out of his cock landing on Bella’s face. She licked her lips as the cum dribbled down her face onto her mouth.

“Fuck this feels good.” Brian said.

Bella grabbed his cock as the spray started to stop and put it into her mouth. She moved her mouth up and down to swallow the remainder of Brian’s cum. After it was licked clean, Bella popped the cock out of her mouth and looked up at him.

“Not only is it a pleasure stick but it tastes great too!” she said laughing.

“Wow, hope this isn’t gonna be the only time we get to fuck.”

“Hell no! I’m gonna keep you on retainer, as long you don’t mind fucking Danis sister behind her back.”

“Behind the back is the best way to fuck!” Brian said as he helped Bella to her feet.

“With an ass like mine, that’s so true. You’ll get to fuck it soon too!”

Bella leaned up and kissed him on the cheek before turning around and walking back to the bench. She leaned down to pick up his jeans, boxer briefs and shoes; ensuring to give him a great view of her toned ass. She walked back and handed them to him.

“Maybe you should put these on and get out there, we don’t want Dani returning to find you in here with me naked and covered in spunk.”

He nodded his agreement and put his clothes on. Before leaving, he grabbed Bella and kissed her passionately. She returned the favour and massaged her tongue along his. As they broke off, there was a little bit of cum on his face. Bella licked it off and swallowed it down with a smile.

Brian walked out of the room and Bella quickly locked the door. She picked up her panties and walked back to the bench. Noticing some coke and the vodka has been left. Bella grabbed them and sat down on the bench to prepare a line.

“One down, Kali’s next.” Bella said with a laugh.

The end

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