Club Fucker 5 – McKayla Maroney

Title: Club Fucker 5 – McKayla Maroney

Author: RTMinotaur

Celebs: McKayla Maroney

Codes: MF, cons, oral, anal, bukkake

Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction and the characters are either completely fictional or are fictional versions of their real selves. The events depicted are made up and any similarity to real life events is purely coincidental. This story is meant as a work of erotic fiction only and is not to be read by anyone under the age of 18. I am always looking for feedback and conversing about my stories. If you would like to, please send an e-mail



The music was pounding when McKayla finally walked into the club. She had been sitting in her car shivering with nerves for several minutes but had to drag herself out of the car so that she made the appointment. It would not be a good start if she turned up late. Regardless of her nerves, McKayla knew she had to go through with her plan now she was here.

The meeting with Carston Graves had been set up by her friend Ariana Grande, she credited Carston from helping her move from Disney to the mainstream. She did advise the former gymnast to be careful, he was known to have certain tastes and demands. Ariana had admitted having to go down on him several times but she could not stand it due to his size. That didn’t deter McKayla.

She had dressed to impress him, red velvet mini-dress, black bra and thong and fishnet stockings. Due to her career as a gymnast, McKayla had toned legs and she loved to show them off. Her get up had been paired with a pair of 7 inch heels, helping boost her 5 foot 3 height to a more noticeable level. Being short helped in gymnastics but didn’t do much in singing arena, everyone was looking for the next Taylor Swift. McKayla wasn’t sure if her and Ariana put together would be taller than the blonde.

McKayla was escorted by a large black bodyguard as soon as she entered the club to ensure she got to Carston very quickly., The place was full and looked very intimidating for to the privileged girl. The tall man knocked on the door and a deep voice commanded them to enter. The bodyguard was a gentleman and he held the door open for McKayla. She couldn’t help but brush up against him as she entered the room and could feel the bulge in his pants. To her surprise, he closed the door and stood in front of it. This wasn’t going to be the private meeting as there was another man sat opposite Carston.

Carston Graves was a tall man, about 6 foot 3, and towered over McKayla as much as the bodyguard. His outrageous style was obvious by the purple suit he wore, a bit reminiscent of David Tennant in ‘Jessica Jones’. He approached McKayla and kissed her on the cheek as he shook her hand. McKayla was motioned to sit down and he poured two glasses of scotch for them to drink.

“Oh, I didn’t think we would be drinking.” McKayla said

“You’ll need it.” Carston said before pulling something out of his desk.

McKayla felt a bit awkward at the silence in the room as Carston read his notes. She attempted to study his face but it wasn’t showing anything that she could read. He eventually put the paper down and looked at the girl.

“So Ariana sent me your demo and asked me to work with you. Now I’m not going to lie to you McKayla, I’ve got plenty of other girls with more talent who want me to produce for them. Why should I pick you?”

“I thought it was pretty much a done deal.”

“Why would you think that?” Carston asked with quizzical look on his face.

“Well… the way Ariana was talking… she…”

McKayla stopped short as Carston held his hand up. He rose from his chair and walked over to the two sided window that overlooked the club floor. He motioned for McKayla to join him and the two looked over the busy club. There were numerous people dancing, a fight that was quickly stopped and plenty of people hooking up in the VIP area.

“I took a long time to build this club up, when I took it over it was a shit hole. Shootings every week, a toilet area known as rape alley and the lights barely turned on. Fifteen years later, look at it. Much improved, don’t you think?”

McKayla nodded her head.

“On that bar top, I fucked Bella Thorne and then her sister. In the DJ box I fucked Kylie Jenner. VIP area I had a very drunk Letitia Wright. And this office, I ass fucked Ariana, Victoria Justice and the blonde one, whatever the fuck her name is. I took this meeting as a favour to Ariana but if you want me to produce your drivel and turn it into a hit, you gotta prove you’re as worthy as those names.”

“I can do whatever you need me to. Ariana has told me some of the stuff she did and what I might have to do and I still came.” McKayla said as she looked at the producer.

He gave a gruff laugh before walking back to his desk with McKayla quickly in his wake. He stopped at the front of the desk and leaned back to look at the former gymnast. He was impressed by how she was dressed, Ariana must have told her about his weakness for fishnets and heels. McKayla walked seductively across the room for Carston, she knew there were two other men staying silent and just watching but she only had eyes for him.

“If you are willing to do whatever is needed, lose the dress.”

“Are they leaving us on our own?” she tried to say powerfully.

“Lose the dress.” he replied solemnly.

McKayla bit her lip as she looked at Carston. She knew it was likely the dress would be lost but she had expected to be alone with the man in front of her. She cockily thought she would have more power in negotiation than she did. McKayla took a moment before sliding the dress straps over her shoulders and moving it down onto the floor. Carston looked over her lingerie clad body and smiled, McKayla had an excellent body and it was even better with it being in front of him rather than on Instagram.

He moved his hands in a circular motion gesturing for her to spin. She followed his command to allow him see the thong material settle between her toned ass cheeks. As she completed the full 360, he grabbed her, pulled her forward into him and placed a kiss on her lips. She slid her tongue into his mouth as she felt his hands move down her back, his left hand taking a big grab of her ass cheek. She moaned into it as her tongue played with his before finally pulling away.

“You really are in the mood to play, aren’t ya?”

McKayla nodded as a smile came across her face.

“Good girl. Drop to your knees.”

The brunette did as she was asked and expected Carston to take his cock out for her. She was taken by surprise as the large bodyguard who had escorted her to the room moved to the front of her. He unzipped his trousers and pulled out his hard cock for her. It was only about five inches in length but seemed quite girthy. She looked up to Carston who had moved to the side of the desk.

“You want my cock, you need to prove you’re worthy slut. Suck his dick!”

McKayla listened to him and brought her hand to the bodyguards cock, wrapping her fingers around the thickness. She gasped as her hand was barely able to go around and started to pump it up and down. The two other men laughed as they watched the thong-clad girl play with their friends dick.

Leaning close, McKayla stuck her tongue out and licked the head of the cock. The man himself chuckled as she coated it in saliva. He moved her hair clear of her face as she opened her mouth wide and moved the cock in. She knew how to play to the audience and let out a moan as she sucked on the cock. This made the two men chuckle as the second bouncer took his cock out for her.

Before Carston could utter a word, McKayla reached over and started to jerk her hand on his cock too. The two men high fived each other as the former gymnast worked over both of them. McKayla had her eyes closed as she forcefully sucked the black man’s cock, able to take the full length inside her mouth without gagging.

“Good girl, I like a slut who works a cock without command.”

She shot her eyes to the producer and nodded, a smile hidden by the cock in her mouth. McKayla continued to work her lips along one cock while her hand worked on the white piece of meat next to her. The black guy was starting to grunt with pleasure so McKayla brought her other hand to his balls, massaging them softly as she sucked. He started to move his hand to her head but wasn’t prepared for McKayla moving it back quickly and sliding the cock out of her mouth. She looked up to the man and gave him a wink before taking the second cock into her mouth and repeating the process.

McKayla could hear the two men laugh as she sucked along the second cock, the two bodyguards were loving what was happening that she wasn’t sure if they had had this opportunity before. She tried to look toward Carston but he view was blocked by the torsos of the two men. Her hand was stroking the first bodyguards cock and she could feel the precum start to coat the head of his cock. She knew he wouldn’t last and really wanted to impress Carston. She took the second bodyguards cock out of her mouth and paid all attention to man number one. She stroked his cock as hard as she could, her eyes drifting up to his to encourage him. He nodded to her to notify he was about to cum.

McKayla looked to the cock and paused a moment, unsure on what to do. Instinct took over and she lowered the cock to her chest before he spurted cum all over. She’d paid a lot for the underwear but didn’t care that it was covered with the man’s which liquid. She continued to jerk his cock to empty it all over her before moving her hand to her chest. She scooped up some of the cum before sticking her hand in her mouth and swallowing it down. The black bodyguard moved to the side and Carston came into sight, he had moved back to the edge of the desk and had taken his jacket and tie off.

“Come close McKayla, let me see.”

McKayla rose to her feet and walked over to Carston. Shorter than the producer, she looked up to him with a pleasing smile, watching him observe her. He seemed happy with the result of her work on the bodyguard.

“Good start gym slut. Mike, go rehydrate and prepare yourself.” Carston said as he threw a hand towel to the man she had just satisfied. “You, on the other hand, can lose the bra and make Steve cum.”

McKayla turned around to see the second bodyguard standing in the middle of the room with his erect cock still out. He was massaging it himself while staring at her. She wiped the cum into her skin before taking the bra off and tossing it aside. She was already turned on and her nipples became erect as they met the fresh air. Her breasts weren’t the largest but they were pert and she had always received compliments about them.

She dropped down onto her knees in front of Steve and decided to mix it up. She looked up at him with an innocent face and widened eyes.

“I hope you’re not going to cum too soon, I want to enjoy your cock.”

“Why don’t you put that mouth to good use then?” he asked

Her face then dropped the innocent look with something a bit more devilish.

“I have a better idea.”

She saw him smile as she bit her lower lip and grabbed hold of the cock. It was a bit hard for her due to his height but she guided his cock in between her breasts. She pushed them together started to stroke his cock with cock with them. There was a look of delight in his eyes as he watched McKayla jack his cock with her tits.

“God, you’re amazing little girl.”

She looked up to him with a little smile as she pushed her tits around even tighter and squeezed his cock between her. There was enough popping over that she stuck her tongue out and started to lick the head as her breasts moved up and down. There were moans coming out of his mouth and McKayla started to laugh at the noises. She was sure he wouldn’t mind considering where his cock was.

“You hear that Steve?” Carston shouted from behind her. “She’s laughing at you Steve! Maybe you shouldn’t take that! Maybe you should slap her!”

McKayla looked around him with a confused look on her face. Ariana had said many thing but had never mentioned anything about violence. She watched Steve take his cock away from her breasts and take it in his hand. He slapped her across the cheek with his erect cock, the head making contact with her noise. She laughed again as she felt her pussy get wetter with it. He slapped her again on the other side of her face and she grabbed at his cock. Something burned inside her and she started to suck on the cock hard. The entire length was swallowed but her mouth as her nose started to hit into his stomach. He moaned a little moan as she sloshed the spittle in her mouth around his cock.

She slid tongue over the head of his cock as she felt her hair being moved out of the way. She didn’t know who did, there could have been several guys in the room for all she cared, her attention was solely on the cock in her mouth and trying to make it cum.

“Excellent McKayla, just like a good little slut should, sucking a nice big cock. You close to it Steve? You going to cum down her little throat?” Carston shouted from the other side of the room.

Unsighted to McKayla, Steve stuck a thumbs up at Carston as he thrust his cock further into McKayla’s mouth. It was the furthest she had taken a cock into her mouth, it was hitting the back of her throat and helping her discover a new gag reflex. She ran her tongue along the head of his cock as she pulled it outwards and she could feel the precum. She swallowed it down as she continued to cock on his cock, wanting to make him cum. To support this, her hands dropped down to his balls and massaged both to excite him more.

Steve looked down on her through strained eyes as he approached his vinegar strokes. Just by the look on his face, she knew he wouldn’t be able to contain himself much longer. She had already had the first bodyguard cum on her tits and she wanted Carston to cum inside her so she was left with one option for Steve. She took the cock out of her mouth and licked along the bottom of it from top to bottom.

McKayla took one hand off his balls to jack the cock while sucking down on it. The balls on Steve started to tighten and the bit of precum fell onto her tongue. This allowed McKayla to prepare herself before the first wad of cum shot out of his cock. It landed towards the back of her mouth and allowed her time to swallow it down before the second wad landed. McKayla continued to suck through as the cum came out of his cock and was swiftly deposited down her throat. She had swallowed a lot of cum in her teens but this was one of the biggest loads she had to deal with.

The cum finally stopped and Steve stepped back, taking his cock out of her mouth. She swallowed the final bit as she watched him walk the same the first bodyguard had gone to leave her on her own. She was still on her knees as Carston approached and held out his arm to help her out.

“I bet you’re a little bored of being on your knees.” he said as she joined him standing.

“How can I ever be bored with all this cock to play with?” McKayla replied.

She knew it sounded slutty but she wanted to please him. The producer smiled and led her back to his desk which had been cleared. He lifted her up to so she was sat on the desk and kissed her on the lips. McKayla wrapped her arms around Carston as she sank into the kiss, their tongues intertwined with each other Her bare breasts pressed into his chest and she could feel his muscles underneath.

“Do you want to fuck me?” he asked.

McKayla nodded and Carston pushed her backward so she was lying down. The fishnet tights were over her thong but Carston wanted her to keep them on. He ripped some of the material and started to slide the thong down her legs, keeping eye contact with the former gymnast.

McKayla usually had some sort of bush down below but Arianna had tipped her off that the producer liked his women hairless. He took the thong off her legs and took a moment to look at her bald pussy, her lips slick with her excited juices. This time Carston licked his lips to see her completely nude.

“You look fantastic.”

“Thank you, I work out a little.” she replied with a giggle.

Carston took off his shirt and trousers in a quick motion and McKayla saw the bulge for the first time. She wanted to exclaim her surprise but kept it inside as he took his cock out for her.

“I’m sure you’ve heard enough about it.”

McKayla nodded as he took the erect cock into his hand and took a step forward to her. She expected him to push it straight in but Carston rubbed the head of his cock along her pussy lips. A moan came from her mouth as he moved the cock to her clit and rubbed the head into it. McKayla felt a wave of pleasure go through her and he started to move her hips to add to the rubbing. Carston move his cock down and started to slide his length into her. McKayla closed her eyes to enjoy the pleasure from the cock and her hands went down to her breasts to play with her nipples.

Carston reached to her shoulder and held it as he pushed his length inside her, McKayla’s moans got louder as he started to thrust his cock inside the gymnast. He kept his eyes on her face as she kept her eyes closed, enjoying the pleasure of his cock inside her and her fingers playing with her nipples.

“Oh, you feel so tight. Much tighter than you friend.” Carston said in between thrusts.

“If you think that’s tight, you should try my ass!” moaned as she continued to play with her nipples.

Carston thought over that for a moment before pulling out of the gymnast. He flipped her over onto her stomach and watched how she stuck her ass out to him. He could see her bite her lip as she looked at him with desire. She knew what she liked and he felt like she had played him a little. He didn’t mind though as he was looking to ass fucking the little slut. He grabbed some lube and rubbed it over his cock, mixing it with her pussy juices that currently covered him.

“Play with your pussy while I do, I’d prefer it if you came.”

She nodded her head as she felt his hand start to lather her ass with the lube. She hadn’t had a cock in her ass for months and was feeling quite excited that he would be doing it. She heard the door open and close but as she tried to turn to see, Carston put his hand on her back and pushed her back down. Her breasts felt the cold wood press into it as Carston slid a finger into her ass. He thrusted it in and out to start loosening her up.

McKayla wanted to show Carston her willingness to listen so slid her right hand down her body and started to massage her clit. The excitement of the situation had really got to her and her pussy was already really wet. Her fingers moved over her clit in a circular motion and she moaned as she felt the pleasure of her stimulation. Her eyes were now open and looked over the partying club, she enjoyed the fact she was performing these acts so close to the public.

A yelp exited her mouth as she felt Carston push his cock inside her ass, it was a lot thicker than any other cock she’d had in it before. There was a pain as she felt him push his length inside but it was outweighed by the pleasure from her clit play. Carston increased the speed of his thrusting as he held onto her hips, careful not to move her hand as he enjoyed that she was pleasing herself.

Carston looked back to see that the two bodyguards had returned and had brought two other men with them. They looked like young guys from the club, he would enjoy watching her be covered. He signalled for them to start jerking to get themselves ready and concentrated back on McKayla.

“Are you close girl?”

“Ye…yeah..” she got out in between moans.

McKayla increased the speed of her masturbation to get her close to orgasming. She wanted to show she could do it with him pushing her to her anal limits. Her moans started to get louder and quickly turned into screams as her orgasm rocked through her body. The shaking added to the pleasure of Carston and he could feel himself close to cumming as well. He saw McKayla panting hard as she started to recover from the orgasm. He gripped her hips and thrusted his cock quicker to ensure he could finish. Carston grabbed a load of her hair and pulled back as he shot his load into McKayla’s ass.

He thrusted his cock into her with speed as he attempted to finish his entire load inside of her and let go of her hair. He looked down to the gymnast who had recovered from her own orgasm and started to look over her shoulder.

“Have I proved my worth to you?” she asked

He pulled his cock out and allowed her to roll around on her back, her eyes looking up at his with a haze.

“Almost. You have just one more thing to do.”

He moved aside to show her the group of men standing in a line and jerking their cocks.

“You want me to fuck all of them?” she said with a look of surprise.

Carston shook his head and walked around the desk to sit in his seat.

“All you have to do is go over there and kneel.”

McKayla sat up on the desk and looked at the four. The first two men she recognised at the bodyguards she had pleasured earlier. The other two were new and have fairly average cocks. McKayla jumped off of the desk and walked to the four. She moved her hair behind her shoulders as the four men made a semi-circle around her. They continued to jerk their cock as they looked over the naked gymnast. Her body glistened with sweat and she smelt of cum and orgasms. It was a rare feeling for her to feel pleased with the amount of sex work she had done, even if she had been used for the whims of the producer.

The black bodyguard seemed to be taking the lead and nodded to the other three men. He aimed his cock at McKayla as his hand moved to her face to open her mouth. She instinctively closed her eyes and his cock shot out the cum and it landed on her forehead. The other three men joined in with cumming and their loads shot over at different places. McKayla felt cum land on her mouth, her neck, her tits and her stomach as they seemed to be told to cover her as much as they could. This lasted for a minute or two as all four men emptied their sacs all over her.

As the cumming session came to an end, McKayla opened her eyes to see the men walking away. They clearly didn’t want to hang around after cumming all over the gold medalist. She turned her eyes to the side to see Carston had got dressed and was watching her. He bent his finger to call her over, she stood up so he could fully take in her naked form and approached him. He look over to see the cum dripping all over her, he had never been able to get a celebrity involved with a bukkake before.

“Excellent little show McKayla. You’ve done all I asked, you are very obedient slut.”

“Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed it.”

“I’ve signed the contract for you. Sign it and get yourself cleaned up. We’ll make you a star soon and then I have other plans for you.”

“This wasn’t a one off?”

“Why do you think Ariana still comes here? I like keeping my fuck toys.”

McKayla looked down at the contract as Carston stood from his desk. He spanked her ass as he walked past and headed to the exit of the office. She wasn’t sure if she wanted to carry on with fucking him but she did have fun. She grabbed the pen from the desk and signed on the dotted line. At least she got her producer.

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