Club Skank

Title: Club Skank

Author: Tori

Celebs: Bella Thorne

Codes: MF, MFF, cons, oral, anal, drugs, BDSM, WS

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen.  The story is purely fantasy and fantasy is legal.


John stood up and downed the last of his beer and said, “I’m out.”  His buddy was bobbing his head to beat of the extremely loud music and yelled, “Come on dude.  The night’s still young.  I promise the action’s gonna pick up any minute now.”  John grabbed his jacket and said, “Nah, I’m gonna drain the lizard and head out.  Take it easy and good luck.”  His friend just nodded and went back to looking at the prospects on the dance floor.

John made his way to the men’s room and pissed.  As soon as he zipped up the door flew open and two guys pulled a hot redhead inside with them.  John looked closer and recognized her immediately.  She looked older then her age and she had a pieced nose, studs all along her ears and he could see the bars in her nipples through the fishnet top she wore.  Bella Thorne was totally fucked up and was soon on her knees sucking a big cock.  She stroked the other guy with her hand and then switched over to his cock.  She was going at it pretty hard when two more guys came in.  John and the new guys stood and watched the former Disney teen suck off the other guys and within minutes, she was swallowing her first load.  As soon as she took the second guy in her mouth, he came too, causing massive amounts of cum to run down her chin and cover her hard nipples.

John just stood there looking at her and said, “I’ll bet you love getting fucked in your ass, don’t you?”  Bella stood up and grabbed him by his shirt and pulled him in for a kiss.  John let her and then realized he was tasting cum and quickly pushed her away.  As he spit out the nasty spunk on the floor, Bella started to laugh and said, “So, you want to fuck me in the ass, do you?  Think you can handle it mother fucker?”  John grabbed her by the throat and held her tight as he spit in her face.  Bella started choking and when John released her, he turned her around and bent her over one of the filthy sinks.  “I won’t have any problems handling a skank whore like you bitch.”  He pushed her down as he reached under skirt and ripped off her thong.  He was fishing his cock out of his jeans when one of the other guys said, “I call sloppy seconds.”  The other guys all chimed in as well and as they pulled their cocks out and started jerking off, John slammed his up her ass with one hard push.

Bella screamed out and tried to get away but John just held her down and slammed his cock deep up into her asshole.  He told two of the other guys to hold her arms and as soon as they grabbed her, he pushed her skirt up around her thin waist and started pounding away.  Bella had her head down and was grunting like a dog in heat so John pulled her by her hair and made her look in the mirror as he fucked her.  “Look at yourself slut.  Just another fucking club skank getting ass fucked in a filthy men’s room.  Watch me while I make you my whore.”  Bella watched and saw the look of animal lust in his eyes as he pounded her.  John put his hands on her mouth and fish hooked her, causing her saliva to run down her chin.  Her eyes were wide open, staring into the mirror and then she felt it.  She started to cum uncontrollably.  Her entire body shook and then John slammed home one last time and filled her bowels with a huge hot load.

As soon as John pulled is cock out of her ass the second guy took over.  John stepped back and watched.  The second guy started slapping Bella in the back of the head as he ruined her already gaping ass.  Bella had stopped struggling and was just staring into the mirror with blank eyes.  She was somewhere else as the third guy and then the forth took her.  John stepped out into the hallway and lit up a cigarette.  He leaned back against the wall and as he smoked, three more guys went in.  John could here them laughing and yelling as they fucked her.

He waited there for awhile and after the last man left, he walked in and saw that they had ripped off her stockings and tied her wrists to the faucets.  Her limp, worn out body was slumped down and her sweat covered hair was matted to her face.  John untied her and splashed some cold water on her face.  Bella mumbled something and dropped to the floor.  John reached down and pulled her to her feet.  “Stand up skank” he said.  Bella wobbled on her heels and then steadied herself against the sink.  She looked at him and said, “Didn’t think I could take it, did you?”  John laughed and said, “No, no I didn’t.”  He turned her towards the mirror and said, “Look at you.  You’re a mess.”  Bella leaned over and washed her face off.  After drying off with some paper towels, she reached behind her and wiped the cum that was still dripping from her ass.  When she finished, she pulled her skirt down and said, “It’s been fun.”  John smiled and said, “Where’re you going?”  Bella said, “Nowhere.”  John smiled and said, “How about going nowhere with me and my buddy.  We’ll make it worth your time.”  Bella licked her lips and said, “Sure, why the fuck not.  I am just a skank, right?”  John laughed and said, “Come on.”

On the way out, Bella went over to her friends to get her jacket and purse while John got his buddy.  “Come on Danny.  I got us a fuck toy for the night.”  Danny gulped down the rest of his drink and followed John outside.  Bella came stumbling out a minute later and as John hailed a cab, Danny looked at Bella and couldn’t believe his eyes.  “Jesus fuck.  You’re Bella Thorne, aren’t you?”  Bella smiled and said, “In the flesh sweetie.”  She wrapped her arms around Danny and started kissing him.  When the cab arrived, John said, “Let’s go skank.  Time’s a wasting.”  The three got in the back seat with Bella in the middle and as the cab pulled away, John said, “Take us to the cheapest hotel nearby.”  The cabby dropped the flag and drove a few blocks down the street and pulled into the first place he found.  It was one of those rent by the hours dives that hookers use to service their tricks.  John gave the cabby a twenty and went in to get a room while Bella and Danny continued making out against the wall.

As soon as they were in the room, Bella stripped off her clothes and said, “I need a shower.  I’ll be just minute.”  While the water was running, John looked at Danny and pulled out a plastic baggie and dropped it on the dresser.  “The clerk sold me an eight ball.”  He then dropped a roll of duct tape and said, “We’re going to use this bitch all night.  Hope she enjoys herself.”  Danny cut some lines while John got undressed.  After snorting them, he handed the rolled up bill to John and stripped too.  John was cutting more lines when Bella cam out, drying her hair with a towel.  She saw what they were doing and screamed, “OH GOODIE.  I JUST LOVE COKE!!!”  She ran over to the dresser and grabbed the bill and snorted down three big lines of coke.  John cut some more and when he turned around, he saw Bella on her knees sucking off Danny as he sat on the edge of the bed.  Danny looked at John and winked and said, “Mother Fucker this bitch can suck a cock.”  Danny put his hands on Bella’s wet hair and pushed her all the way down on his cock and held her there.  He did this a few more times and then pulled her up on the bed and layed down.  Bella got on top of him and slammed her pussy down, impaling herself with Danny’s eight inches.  She was fucking him like her life depended on it, tossing her head back and forth and screaming for more.  John snorted down another line and got behind her.  He slapped his hard cock against her ass and said, “DP time skank.”  Bella laid flat against Danny and reached behind her and spread her asshole open.  “Come on mother fucker.  Fill my ass with that meat.”  John happily obliged and sunk his cock balls deep into the former Shake It Up star.

John and Danny got into a rhythm and were fucking Bella as hard as they could.  Bella was screaming out as orgasm after orgasm hit her sweaty body causing her to soak Danny’s cock with her juices.  After almost twenty minutes of non-stop pounding, John finally pulled Bella off of Danny and rolled over on his back, keeping Bella impaled on his cock.  Bella put her hands on his chest and leaned back while John grabbed her thighs and spread her legs wide.  He was driving his cock deep up her ass when Danny got in front and started pushing his cock into her ass as well.  Bella started grunting and screaming as Danny joined his friend.  The two fat cocks stretched Bella’s ruined hole to the limit and when Bella came again, she squirted all over Danny.  When her orgasm ended, she fell back on John like a limp doll.  Danny saw her eyes roll back in her head and then pulled out, showering her body with thick ropes of cum.  John slammed his cock balls deep into her ass and pumped his hot load into her.

After a minute, John’s limp dick slipped out of Bella and he pushed her off of him.  Both Danny and John went over and snorted more coke before turning their attentions back to Bella.  John smiled and high fived Danny and said, “Look at the cum bucket dude.  Her ass is done.”  Danny shook his head and said, “Hell no it isn’t.”  He turned her over on her stomach and pulled her legs off the bed.  As soon as he was hard again, he pushed his cock into her ruined ass and fucked her again.  John stroked his cock hard and got in front of her and forced his filthy cock between her lips.  He held her head and throated the gorgeous redhead as his buddy brutalized her asshole.  Danny pulled out and went over and got the roll of duct tape.  He pulled one of the wooden chairs over by the bed and put Bella on it backwards.  Using the tape, he secured her ankles and wrists to the chair and then got in front of her.  He slapped her across the face and said, “Open up slut.”  Bella looked up at him with glazed eyes and opened her mouth.  Danny shook his cock and started to piss.  John got behind her and pulled her by the hair, forcing her head back while Danny filled her mouth with his piss.  Bella coughed and choked on the rancid liquid, swallowing some in the process.  When Danny finished, John pulled her ass to the edge of the chair and sodomized her once again.  Danny shoved his cock down her throat and face fucked her.  Every few minutes the two men would change places and continue their assault on Bella.  By the time they both came, Bella was nothing more than a piece of meat.  Her mind was somewhere else.

After taking a break, the two men snorted a couple more lines each and then Danny went over and pulled Bella’s head back.  He looked into her eyes and said, “Man , this skank is gone.  I don’t think she knows where she is man.”  John took off the tape and picked her up out of the chair and tossed her on the bed.  The only sounds she made were a few moans and then she said, “Had enough asshole?”  John smiled and said, “No, but I think you have.”  Bella rolled over and pushed her hair out of her face and said, “I can take it if you can.”  John helped her off the bed and cut some lines of coke for her.  He held her steady as she snorted them down and then pushed her back on the bed.  Danny pulled one of the sheets off the mattress and tore it into strips and started tying her wrists to the headboard.  As he did, John did the same to her ankles, spreading her legs wide open as the two men secured her.  She laid there looking up at the ceiling and said, “More.”  John leaned in and said, “What was that skank?”  Bella looked right at him and said, “Fuck me more.  I need your big cocks inside me.”

Over the next several hours, the two friends took turns fucking Bella.  The drugs kept both men hard.  By the time the sun started coming in through the window, they’d had enough and so did Bella.  Their cocks were sore and they had no cum left to give.  Danny finished the last of the coke while John took a shower.  When he was done, Danny went in and did the same.  They looked at what used to be Bella Thorne lying tied to the bed and Danny said, “What should we do with her?”  John pulled her head up off the bed and then let it drop.  Her eyes were open but the blank stare on her face told him she was totally gone.  John tossed Danny his clothes and said, “I say we call a cab and get the fuck out of here.”  Danny said, “Should we?  I mean, she’s famous right?”  John said, “What do you think we should do?’  Danny finished dressing and said, “I’ll be right back.”

A few minutes later, Danny came back with the hotel manager and said, “See, I told you.”  The manager looked at Bella and slapped her a few times but she just moaned.  He looked at the two men and reached into his pocket.  “I’ve only got a couple hundred.”  John looked at Danny and said, “Got anymore coke?”  The manager pulled out a couple of grams and said, “Do we have a deal?”  Danny grabbed the coke while John put the money in his pocket and said, “Have fun dude.”  As they were leaving the room, they looked back and saw the manager getting undressed.  They went down to the office and called a cab and went home.

About a month later, John saw a story on the news about Bella.  They said she’d been picked up in a drug raid at a hotel in Hollywood.  The reporter said she’d been turning tricks for several weeks and was caught in possession of cocaine and heroin.  When they showed a picture of her being led away in handcuffs, John hardly recognized her.  He turned the channel and said to himself, “Once a skank, always a skank.”

The End

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