Clubbing with Chloe

Title: Clubbing with Chloe

Author: MiamiLyfe

Celebs: Chloe Bennet, Hailee Steinfeld

Codes: MF, oral, anal, public

Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction and is nothing but a fantasy


I was using some of my remaining time of before the end of the year to make my first trip to LA in a several years.  I was out there to visit a college friend of mine, Eddie, who had recently come into his own as a movie producer in Hollywood.  While I lived a good life, I had to admit Edde was one of few people whose lives I was totally jealous of.  In college he went from hooking up from one hot chick to another, then he won the lottery, then he became a producer, and now he was hooking up with one actress after another.  Currently he was hooking up on the regular with Hailee Steinfeld, who he had introduced me to the previous day.  I found her both incredibly friendly and sexy, plus based on the sounds I heard through the walls last night she sounded like a real wildcat in the sack.  I’m a little ashamed to admit I beat off while listening to them and fantasising about Hailee.


I had now been in LA for a few days and had done most of tourist stuff during the day, and at night Ed and me just hung out some local spots. Tonight, though, Ed and Hailee were going to take me out to a new club that was becoming really popular among celebs.  In college I had gotten lucky to be able to hookup with girls who Ed would pass over on any given night out, and now I was hoping for that same kind of tonight treatment with some actress I might know.


And even before we left Ed’s house I did get a little lucky.  While we were all getting ready to go out, I went to the guest bathroom and as I stepped to the door, it opened and out walked a wet Hailee dressed only in a towel.  She said that her and Eddie were using separate showers because if they shared one we might never leave.  I don’t remember what I said back to her, I just remember watching her step out into the hallway and walk towards the master bedroom.  She was almost at the bedroom when all of a sudden the towel came loose and fell to the floor, exposing her nude rear end to me.  I watched as she bent down to pick up the towel.  As she took hold of it, she looked back to the bathroom and caught me ogling her. Rather than be mad, she gave me a wink then stood up threw the towel over her shoulder, and continue on her way to the bedroom.  Feeling a little guilty about what happened I told Ed about the incident while waiting for Hailee to finish getting ready.  He just laughed saying that Hailee has a bit of an exhabitionist side and that she likes to tease.  Hailee eventually came down stairs, and gave me almost instant wood, as she was dressed in all black in a dress that showed off her modest cleavage and her legs which were covered in thigh high black boots.


The lyft ride over to the club was uneventful and when we got there unlike the suckers in line, we were let in right away by the bouncer. Going in the club reminded me a lot of the clubs I had been in in my home town of Miami.  It was very nice, very chic, and thankful unlike most clubs I had been it was not packed so full of people you could hardly move around.  Instead they seemed to do a good job limiting the amount of people inside so that while still full you, could easily move around.  The three of us walked up the the bar first before heading over to the VIP area where they had a booth reserved for us.  I looked around the room to see if there were any other celebrities there that I recognized, but I didn’t real see any one.  Hailee pointed out some reality stars and some musicians I’d never heard of.  I broke away from Ed and Haiz to do a lap around the room myself.  It was at the far end of the dance floor I saw Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Hailey Baldwin dancing with each other.  I hated everything that the Kardashian family stood for, but I still could not deny that I still found Kendall hot as hell.  I approached the group but when they found out I was a nobody I was quickly dismissed, and I returned to the booth.


“You meet anyone?” Eddie asked.


“Kendall Jenner and some other models, but they wanted nothing to do with me” I replied.


“Their loss” Hailee said.


“Amen.  And beside models are weird. They are either total freaks into kinky shit or dead fish in the bed who expect you to do all the work.”


“Thanks Ed,” I said “But I rather have found that out for myself than hear it from you.”


We three sat around laughing and drinking for awhile, but eventually Hailee wanted to go dance.  Ed refused, but she got me to reluctantly agree. Hailee moved quickly and dragged me out to the dance floor.  It started out fun, the girl could really move her body, but within 10 minutes it got somewhat uncomfortable.  With her ass repeatedly rubbing and grinding against my crotch, it was only a matter of time until I had a full hardon in my pants.  While I knew I didn’t measure up to Ed’s rumored size, I was a respectable 7 ½ inches and was very girthy (I’ve had more than 1 girl complain about how much their jaw hurt after blowing me). And right now I knew Hailee could feel my dick pressing up against her.  As the DJ switched to the next song Hailee spun around and gave me a very sultry look before leaning in and saying into me ear, “Too bad I like Ed so much, feels like we could have had some real fun together.”  She ran her fingers across the bulge as she said that.  Hailee then backed away giving me the same sultry look with her big brown eyes.  We just looked at each other for a few moments before she total switch gears and yelled over the music that we should go find Ed.


Ed was over at the same rounded booth as before, though he was not alone.  He was speaking with an actress I instantly recognized from one of my favorite shows, Chloe Bennett. I quickly took a seat next to Chloe, while Hailee snuggled up next to Ed.  I don’t know if Hailee was just horney or if she was marking her territory in front of Chloe, but Hailee pulled Ed in for a deep long kiss right as she sat down.


Ed introduced me to Chloe and the fanboy in me leapt out and I told her what a big fan I was of both Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D. and her character, Daisy.  She thanked me and told me how much she enjoyed meeting fans of the show.  It was clear within a minute or two that had had quite a few drinks up until this point.  Chloe was wearing a short dress with some thigh high boots and she also had a leather coat around her shoulders which she took off after a couple of minutes.  We were all just shooting the shit for a while and at some point someone ordered a bottle of tequila.  We all started taking shots, and soon we were all starting to feel loose, though I all of a sudden had the overwhelming need to take a piss.


I excused myself to go to the restroom.  I walked back down the dark back hallway to the men’s room which I was happy to see was empty.  I was finishing up at the urinal when I heard the door open followed by the heel-toe footsteps that clearly belonged to a woman.  I thought it was just some woman sneaking into the Men’s Room to use the stall, but then the footsteps stopped right behind me and as I shook it off I could feel someone looking over my shoulder.  That is when I heard “Oh wow, that things not half bad.”  I quickly looked over my shoulder when to see who that voice belonged to, only to see Chloe Bennett peering over my shoulder and looking at my flaccid cock in my hand.  “How big does it get?” she asked as the look of shock slowly dissipated from my face.


“Wouldn’t you like to know.” I replied.


“Actually, I think I would.” She now had taken her eyes off my cock and was looking me dead in the eye.


“Really? Aren’t you worried someone might come in? Not sure ABC & Disney would like having reports of one of their stars blowing some dude in bathroom.”


“You’re right, follow me,” she said as she grabbed me by the elbow “Oh you may want to put your cock away, but down worry about zipping up.  It’s just going to be undone again soon enough anyways.” I tucked my dick back inside my boxers as Chloe began to pull me with her.  We walked out of the men’s room but then went further down the dark hallway before Chloe pushed open another door.  Walking through the door, we were now both outside in the narrow empty alley behind the building.


“Wedge the door with that brick so we don’t get locked out” Chloe told me.  I did as I was told and when I was done Chole shoved me hard up against the wall and began kissing me.  We made out for a few minutes, she was extremely aggressive and a little rough, but who was I to complain.  She sunk down and squatted, not wanting to kneel on the pavement.  With my belt and zipper already undone, she made quick work of my pants and began stroking me,


“We need to make this quick. I’m gonna get you hard, and as soon as that happens you’re gonna live out a fantasy and fuck me.”  With that she took a deep breath and put her mouth to work on my cock. She sucked my cock with full force and was pretty sloppy with her spit.  As I became harder I put my hand behind her head and began fucking her face. My cock began swelling up and soon  her mouth could barely fit around the thing.


“Gawk,” She gagged as she pulled me out of her mouth and wiped some of the excess spit off her chin, “Holy shit, that is one seriously fat cock.”


“Well, we can always see if it fits better in a different hole.”


“That sounds like a challenge.”  Chole then quickly stood up and kissed me, we also rotated around while we made out so that her back was to the wall.  She had one hand stroking my cock while I had one hand rubbing her clit after I had moved her thong to the side. She then jumped up wrapping her legs tightly around my waist and I grabbed onto her great shaped ass for leverage.


“You’re not one of those fans who are going to want to call me Daisy, or Skye or Quake while we fuck, are you?” She asked before going back to kissing me.


“No, not unless… wait how often do you do this with a fan.”


“Usually only at a Comic Con or something.  It’s hard not to get turned on after spending hours meeting men you know have had masterbatory fantasies about you.”


“And here I thought I was special” I teased.


“Why don’t you stick that thick cock of yours in me, and we’ll find out if you’re special or not.”  I reached down and took hold of my cock, rubbing it around until I finally had us lined up and then stabbed the Marvel TV star’s twat with my meaty dick.  It was a slow go at first, between her tightness and my thickness, but we soon found out rhythm and I began bouncing her on my cock.


“Oh God! Shit!” she yelled out “I fucking feels like you’re splitting me in half!”


“Do you want me to slow down?” I asked nervously.


“Fuck no! Fuck me harder.”


I tried my best.  Gripping her ass as I fucked her and she tightened her legs grip around my waist.  Soon, with her back up against the wall, I was pounding so hard into her pussy it was like I was trying to fuck her through the wall.  After a couple more minutes though my arms began to tire.


“I gotta put you down, my arms” I said as I placed her down “but spin around I want to see that infamous ass of yours.”


She did what I asked, spinning around she bent over a bit and placed her hands against the wall.  I lifted her skirt up and tucked the back of it into the waistband of her thong.  I now had a clean view of her thick shapely butt, and it was glorious.


“Aren’t you supposed to be half chinese or something?”


“Yeah” She turned her head around to look at me as she responded “Why?”


“I’ve just haven’t ever seen too many asian girls with an ass like that.”

“Then I guessing you haven’t seen too many that can do this either.” She said as she began to twerk.  I’d seen her do this on social media before, but that did not compare to watching her basically nude as jiggle in person.


“That looks amazing, but I wonder what it would feel like if you did that while I we had sex.”


“Only one way to find out” She said with a big smile, before I slid back inside of her.  Feeling her ass twerk while siding in and out of her pussy did feel great.


“Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck!” she yelled out as I fucked her from behind.  The girl had a filthy mouth, and was very demanding. Normally I liked to play with the girls tits while we had sex, but between her yelling for me to spank her, fuck her harder and even telling me to stick a finger up her ass (which caused her to finally cum) she was keeping my hands pretty busy.  It was during her second orgasim that I was finally getting ready to burst.


“Shit, Chloe I’m getting close.”


“Pull out, you can’t cum in me right now.” I pulled out and she reached around and began stroking me off. “Cum all over my ass.” She said while stroking me.  She moved her hand up and down my pole as fast as she could until I finally popped off.  I shot several ropes of cum all over her ass.


Despite just blowing my load all over her ass, I remained hard as a rock and Chloe continued to stroke me.


“Wow, you’re still hard, I’m impressed.” I didn’t say anything I just enjoyed feeling the Marvel TV star stroking me behind her back.  Looking back down at her lovely cum covered ass, I leaned forward and began rubbing the the head of my cock lightly up and down along her butt crack.  Chloe turned her head around and looked me in the eye. She gave a dirty smirk before telling  me “Go ahead, do it.”


She released my cock and again braced herself up against the wall again, bending over more than before and sticking her ass up high.  I rubbed my cock up and down from the top of her ass down to her sex, lubing up her rosebud with a mixture of her juices and my cum.


“Stop teasing me and fuck my ass!” She demanded so I took aim and began to push forward, but my girth was causing difficulties.  She may have been fucked in the ass before but it was obvious she never had a cock as thick as mine up there.  I backed off and jammed my dick into her dripping wet pussy once again to lube up some more.  After a couple of strokes I returned to her ass hole, this time I was able to get my cock head in and I slowly began to slide in the rest of my shaft.


“Holy shit! Is that your cock or a soup can your shoving up my ass?”


“You all right? Want me to stop?” I asked, she wouldn’t have been the first girl who’d gotten scared and backed off.


“Stop asking me that. Don’t stop. I wanna see how much you stretch me out.”  With that vote of confidence I gripped her hips harder and really forced the rest of my tool down her poop chute.    “OOhhhhhh yeeessss” she groaned as I stretched her ass to its limits. “Yes fucking tear my ass apart!” she yelled out after a few more minutes.  I was fucking the Marvel TV stars ass with everything I had and she was twerking her ass right back on me.


“I’m going to cum, I’m going to right in you ass.” I told her.


“Then do it! Don’t tell me, just shut up and cum in my ass!”  I pounded her ass with a few more strokes before I impaled my full length into her tight ass and shooting all the jizz I had left in my balls into her bowels. I came so hard I literally almost passed out.


It took us a while to compose ourselves and get redressed, but eventually we look presentable enough and were ready to head back inside.  She asked for my phone and I gave it to her.  She entered her number into my phone and told me that if I texted her tomorrow she’d see if she could get me in to visit the Agents of Shield set. She then smuggly said that no matter how big of a fan of the show I was, that my favorite part of the tour would probably be her trailer. That put a huge smile on my face as I took my phone back and we went inside.


Chloe ducked into the women’s room as we passed it, and I continued on but as I went by the men’s room I almost walked right into Ed as he was coming out.


“Oh shit, hey man I was just on my way to find you,” I said, but before he had a chance to respond he was followed out of the bathroom by Hailee Steinfeld, who was wiping something off her lip.


“Oh my god, hey” Hailee said when she saw me.  “So you have fun with Chloe?” she asked with a knowing look.


“We were heading out that way ourselves when we say you though the opening of the door” Ed said, answering my question before I could ask.


“Yeah, I thought we should go out and join you, but Eddie thought it’d be best if we just gave you both your privacy.”


“Thanks, I guess.” I said.  We all just stood there for a moment not sure what to do next.  “So should we go get another drink.”


“Whooo! Let’s do it!” Hailee yelled leading the way.


“Told you, you enjoyed LA” Ed said quietly to me as we followed his friend to the bar.


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