Cock Goes Better With Coke

Title: Cock Goes Better With Coke

Author: Tori

Celebs: Landry Bender

Codes: Mf, MMMMf, cons, anal, oral, fist, drugs, ws

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen.  The story is purely fantasy and fantasy is legal

“Did ya get it….did ya get it….did ya get it?”  The cute little teen jumped up and down on the bed in anticipation.  “Relax junkie, I got it” he said as he took off his coat.  “I’m not a junkie.  I just like to get high, besides, you’re the one that got me hooked in the first place.”  The older man pulled out the baggie and dropped it on the bed.  “There you go baby, one magic eight ball.”  “YIPPIE!!!!!” she screamed and then he said, “OK, now you can do something for me.  Take off your clothes.”  “What?  I am not taking off my clothes” she replied.  He quickly grabbed the baggie and said, “Look here sweetmeat, either strip or you don’t get this.”  He smiled as she slowly pulled her t-shirt over her head.  She wasn’t wearing a bra and he was soon looking at the most perfect pair of breasts he’d ever seen.   As soon as she took off her jeans and panties he said, “See, that wasn’t so hard now was it?”  He poured the coke out on a mirror and cut some lines.  He handed her a straw and said, “Here, why don’t you do these two fat lines and then you can suck my cock.”  She hesitated for a moment and then snorted down the coke.  “Do I really have to suck your cock?” she said.  He pulled his jeans and underwear off and stepped closer to her and said, “I’m not giving this shit to you for free anymore baby now open up and suck.”  The young girl opened her mouth and started sucking him.  Her warm wet mouth felt fantastic on his hard cock.  He knew he had this little girl right where he wanted her.

Pretty 15 year old Landry Bender took her mouth off his cock long enough to snort down two more big lines and then she went back down on him.  She was bobbing her head up and down on his massive pole while he snorted some lines himself.  Landry sucked him harder and faster and within minutes, he shot his hot load into her mouth.  As soon as she swallowed, she snorted another line and laid back on the bed.  As he cut some more lines he said, “Who taught you how to suck cock sweetie?”  She smiled and told him how some old guy at Disney made her go down on him when she was auditioning for her show.  She also said this was only the third time she’d done it.  He handed her the straw and she snorted down another line.  He laid down next to the young girl and played with her tits.  Soon, his hand made its way to her pussy and he started fingering her.  Her wet pussy responded and he soon brought her off to her first orgasm.  “WOW…..that was fucking awesome” she told him.  “Get me hard again and I’ll show you awesome.  She opened her mouth and went down on him.  Once he was hard, he slipped his cock inside of her and took her cherry.  The effects of the coke allowed him to fuck the pretty starlet for almost thirty minutes before he finally filled her tight snatch with his hot load.  After they did some more lines, he fucked her again.  He made Landry cum several times before he pulled out and shot stream after stream of cum all over her pretty face.  “You’re a great fuck baby.  I can’t wait for my friends to get here.”  Landry either didn’t hear him or she simple didn’t register what he said.  All she could think about was her next line of coke.  A few minutes later, there was a knock on the door and when he opened it, three more men came in.  They took one look at the young naked girl snorting coke on the bed and got undressed.

Landry was soon sucking all four men.  They took turns fucking her face and making the pretty teen gag on their cocks.  One of the men laid on the bed and pulled her on top of him while another man got behind her.  “Ready for your first DP baby?” he said.  She had no idea what he meant but soon found out.  He spit on her asshole and slowly pushed his cock into her virgin ass making her scream out.  “NO, NOT MY ASS……PLLLEEEAAASSSSSEEEEE!!!!!!”  He ignored her and kept pushing.  The other two men got up on the bed and she was soon sucking them off as the other men filled her holes.  The men switched places and abused Landry for over an hour, making her cum over and over again.  One of the men took out a camera and they took turns defiling the teen while one of them continued to film the gangbang.  They produced more coke and kept feeding her line after line.  She was so fucked up, she didn’t care what they did to her.  The icing on the cake came when one of the men pissed in her mouth and she swallowed without saying a word.  By the time the men left, Landry was a gaping mess, passed out and lying on the bed covered in cum and piss.  Before they left, one of them had shoved a butt plug up her ass.  When she finally woke up, it took her several minutes to remember where she was and what she’d done.  The pain in her ass brought her back to reality, so she reached back and pulled the plug out, dropping it to the floor.  Gathering up all her strength, she made her way to the motel room bathroom and took a shower.  As soon as she dressed, she dropped to her knees and started crying.  Her high was gone and all that was left was the feeling of shame and the pain in her well used holes.

Landry called a cab and went home.  Her Mother screamed at her for almost an hour, wondering where she had been and who she had been with.  All Landry could do was deny she did anything wrong and ran to her room as soon as she could.  When she opened her laptop, she found an email with a video attachment.  What she saw when she opened it made her sick to her stomach and she was lucky she made it to the bathroom before she threw up.  When she looked in the toilet, she saw all the cum she’d swallowed and it all came rushing back to her.  The coke, the cocks, the debauchery performed on her was almost too much for the 15 year old to comprehend.  She cried for several minutes before going back to her computer to read the email.  “Hey there sweetmeat.  Great time tonight.  As you can see, you were the hit of the party.  Just so you know, you’re probably the best fuck we’ve ever had and that includes Selena Gomez and Olivia Holt.  Be back at the same room this Friday at 8pm.  Don’t be late.”  She quickly deleted the email and cried herself to sleep.

That Friday, Landry went to the room and when she walked in, she was greeted by the same four men that had fucked her several days earlier.  They were already naked and quickly stripped Landry out of her dress and panties.  It only took a couple lines of coke before she was on her knees sucking them off.  After they all came on her face, they picked her up and carried her to the bed where they tied her wrists and ankles to the four corners and took turns fucking her.  They gave her more coke and kept her high as they made use of her tight teen body.  Her long brown hair was matted with sweat and cum but she didn’t care.  She begged them to fuck her harder and they did.  One of the men even shoved his entire fist into the young girl’s pussy and made her squirt all over his hand.  It was a little after midnight when three of them left, leaving her alone with the man that turned her out.  He untied her and carried her into the shower.  “Let’s get you cleaned up.  I’ve got a special surprise for you” he told her.  When she walked out of the shower, there was a tall, black man sitting on the chair.  “I’m Deke, your ass belongs to me now so get dressed.  She looked for her clothes but discovered they had been replaced with a schoolgirl skirt and a blue sequined tube top.  He then had her put on black thigh high leather boots with six inch heels.  “Let’s go bitch, it’s time for you to earn some money.”

Deke drove Landry down to Hollywood Boulevard and told her what to do.  He gave her some more coke and a key to a room in a motel at the end of the block.  Landry Bender was turning her first trick ten minutes later.  She stayed with Deke in the motel room where he kept her high on coke and fucked her whenever he wanted.  She was no longer the cute Disney starlet, she was a full blown coke whore that would do anything her pimp told her to do.  She worked her corner for several weeks before she was busted by a vice cop for solicitation.  The cop booked her even after she sucked him off in his car.  By the time she was arraigned, her parents had been notified and they immediately came down and posted her bail.  They almost didn’t recognize their little girl and her mother cried during the entire ride home.

Landry was placed on probation and sent to rehab but it had no effect.  She hooked up with Deke within hours of her release.  He took her Vegas and set her up in a motel where she’s been turning tricks ever since.

The End.

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