Cock Teaser Larisa

Cock Teaser Larisa

Tony was trying hard to concentrate on the TV screen.
He was finding it very difficult though, as lying next
to him, snuggled against him was Larisa Oleynik.

He was baby-sitting for her and they had been watching
television together, she had become more and more tired
and had fallen asleep, resting against him. Her warmth against
him and the weight of her body was causing the wrong type of
feelings to be stirred within
him. Her breath against his neck wasn’t helping either. He gave
up trying to watch TV and looked her up and down. She was
a short flowery dress and the position that she had
come to rest in meant that the dress had ridden all the way up
her leg exposing her young thighs. He felt his pulse quicken
as he realised he could almost see her underwear.
He was ashamed, she was only thirteen years old and here he
was getting a cheap thrill out of eyeing her up. Without thinking
about what he was doing he gently moved his hand down to the
bottom of Larisa’s dress and raised it exposing her white panties.
He felt the sharp
thrill run through him from head to toe, his erection was almost as
immediate. He sat there for about five minuets staring at her in this
exposed condition. He was afraid of waking her but he couldn’t
help himself, he touched her knee then gently slid his hand up
her inner thigh enjoying its soft fleshiness. He moved his hand up
even further and touched her between her legs; she moaned. He
stopped frozen, shit what was he to do now. She kissed his neck,
then his ear and whispered into it don’t stop. When he hesitated
her small hand gripped his and guided it into her panties where he
touched her swollen wet rosebud. She groaned loudly this time, right
into his ear. Then she faced him and their lips met. They kissed
hard and passionately, something in the forbidden nature of their
physical contact gave it a heightened sense of urgency. Her tongue
sought his, her breath was in his mouth. She unbuttoned his shirt
then transferred her hands to his trousers, unfastening them then
unzipping them. He interrupted her progress by taking his hand from
her now sopping wet underwear and undoing her dress which she
quickly slipped out of. He kissed her budding pert young breasts,
causing her to shudder. She slipped her hand inside his pants and
took a hold of his stiff penis, he gasped as she squeezed it.

She took it out and he lent back enjoying the sensation as she slowly
began to masturbate him. She kissed her way down his chest past
his navel then, Christ could this be happening? she slowly lowered
her head onto his erect penis. She kissed it at first then licked him around
his glans. He pulled her hair back and gasped at the sight, the sensation
of her pretty little mouth working on him the sight of her cute young face
next to his ugly swollen cock. She opened her mouth wide and took him in,
swallowing his thick shaft, coating it with her saliva. Her head bobbed up
and down, sucking him gently blowing him like an expert. He felt his orgasm
rising and withdrew from her mouth, her saliva and his pre release semen
dripping from her mouth onto his purple helmet.
She smiled up at him with her slicked lips, that did it for him. He turned
her over, so that she was kneeling on the floor, resting against the sofa.
He tore off her white cotton pants and entered her roughly from the rear. He
fucked her urgently banging against her firm young buttocks enjoying her
suppleness. She was crying out now, ‘Don’t come inside me, I’m not on
the pill,” feeling his orgasm rising he replied, ”Right you cock teaser,”. With
that he withdrew, turned her over and forced his penis into her mouth again.
She sucked himlike her favourite ice lolly and within seconds he was coming.
Her cheeks bulged as he filled her mouth with spurt after spurt. She swallowed
some then spat the rest out onto her tiny breasts and rubbed it in with
his semen covered cock.

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