Coco’s Affair No. 3- Coco Makes her Intern Cum

Title: Coco’s Affair No. 3- Coco Makes her Intern Cum

Author: SNwhatves

Celebs: Coco Austin

Codes: MF, anal, affair, oral, squirt, Fdom

Disclaimer: This story is in no way real, nor have I ever been a part of this. This is pure fantasy written for my own pleasure and for others. I do apologise if this fantasy does not live up to other people’s expectations.

Coco had to go back to her office this week. Her daughter was back at home with the sitter, and Ice had come back from his business trip. She picked out her office clothes, a black pencil skirt, white shirt and a blazer. She also decided to wear stockings with her formal heals. She kissed Ice and her daughter and headed out to work. Ever since she had those two amazing nights with Jason, her marriage was in much better shape.

As she entered the office, everyone’s faces lit up. She had that effect, her positive energy was infectious and obviously she was eye candy for the guys, which she didn’t mind at all. She walked straight into her meeting room to meet her team. She started the meeting off and started discussing their business ventures. As they continued discussing, a young man walked into the meeting room. He was apparently the new intern.

“Hi, and who are you?” Coco asked shocked and pleasantly surprised. He was a tall Hispanic man, with a slight beard. He was well built; she could see that he works out regularly.

“Uh..I am Philippe. I am the new intern, ma’am.” He stuttered.  He was clearly flustered by Coco’s presence. He had seen pictures of her and had always fantasized about that amazing body of hers. He could not look at her straight as he was worried that he would end up staring at her incredible boobs.

“it’s alright Philippe. Don’t be nervous, I won’t eat you. Why don’t you carry on with your work, and you can sit through the meeting and listen and learn? We also like to create an environment for everyone to be able to share their ideas, so if you have any ideas that you feel will be useful, please feel free to share them.” That immediately put Philippe at ease. He carried on working with what he had to do, and kept stealing quick glances at Coco’s amazing body. He could see how sexy those perfectly shaped muscular legs looked in those stockings. Her skirt looked so tight around that round booty of hers, that at points where she moved, it felt like it will rip, but didn’t. Her white shirt, which was see through enough to showcase her beautiful black bra and her shirt was open enough to showcase her massive cleavage. Her hair tied up in a knot, she looked professional but extremely hot.

Samantha, Coco’s assistant leaned in and started explaining Philippe’s situation to Coco, during one of the breaks. Sam had always been a bit of a gossip and she was leaving no stone unturned, she clearly had the hots for the intern. She told Coco, how she had seen him naked, and was mightily impressed by his size. He was going to be 21 years old and is currently in a steady relationship with a girl from university.  But Coco on the other hand could see that this boy clearly had no interest in Sam, and had been eyeing her up for most part of the meeting. Sam also told her that he was still unsure about a career in modelling and was debating that with the business side of fashion. Coco thought she could help him with this at the end of the day. Sam then quickly let Coco know that she was going to make a move on him at the end of the week, during their work drinks. Sam had a decent pair of C-cup boobs but she had a flat ass, and as a sex expert, Coco knew that Hispanics loved big butts a lot. She smiled wryly.

At the end of the day, Coco asked Philippe to stay behind for a little chat. Philippe did as instructed. She spoke to him about his life goals and what was causing him to debate between the two professions. They talked for a good half an hour, after which, Coco, asked him to take his clothes off and model some of her new designs. Philippe was taken aback and felt shy about taking his clothes off in front of Coco.

“Listen Phil, you will need to do this in the Modelling business a lot. You need to be confident about yourself and be strong enough to strip down whenever and wherever.” Coco warned him. He heeded her advice and started taking his clothes off. He stripped down to his underwear, and quickly placed his hand over his already semi hard penis. Coco decided to ignore the bulge that was clearly visible, even with his hands covering, and asked him to turn around and show off his body to her. He was definitely well sculpted, the perfected male model figure. She then asked him to try on some of the new shirts and jeans that Coco’s company had made. He tried them on and he fit into them like a hand in a glove. She made him try on couple of other different clothing to see what they looked like. With every change of clothes, he became more confident.

“Now, I want you to try on some of our underwear, here you go.” She handed him one of their latest designs. He was shocked, he didn’t know where to change. She wanted him to go fully nude, but he thought about what she had told him, and decided to go with it. As he took off his own underwear, his semi hard cock sprung out, as Coco looked at it gleefully. Sam was not lying, she did have tendency to over exaggerate descriptions, but she clearly did not here. He tried on the pair, and it was quite tight for him.

“Hmmm, that is way too tight for you. Take that off, and let me give you a bigger size. The bigger sizes are down here.” She bent down to show off her booty, which was too much for young Philippe, he was now fully erect, and he was no longer wearing the underwear to try and hide it. As Coco turned around, she handed him the new pair, glanced at his erect penis. She was impressed by that piece of meat. But she pretended not to have noticed. “Here try this one, it should be a more comfortable fit for you.” He was still embarrassed and didn’t know what to do. He definitely could not put on that underwear while he was fully erect and he obviously could not randomly start wanking off to relieve himself. He started thinking of his old ugly teachers to try and calm his erection. “What are you doing? Rather what are you saying?” Coco asked bemused.

“Uhh…I..I…I am sorry Ms. Coco. I have a bit of an issue. I’m really sorry. It’s so unprofessional.” He stuttered out an apology, while sheepishly pointing at his erect cock.

“Oh my!” Coco pretended to have seen it for the first time. “Well there is no need to be sorry. It is only human nature, in fact it is flattering to me, that I have this kind of an effect.” She winked at him and gave him a very dirty little smile. He was shocked. He didn’t know what to say or do. “You know there are other ways for you to get rid off that? Tell me Philippe, have you ever been with an older and mature woman?” Coco asked teasingly and moving slowly towards him to the point where his erect cock was rubbing up between her thighs.

“Uhhh…um, no Miss. I have never been with someone like that.” He could feel her muscular thighs around his cock. He thought he was going to explode.

“Well I promise to help you out with this problem, and at the same time teach you somethings that will be useful when you have sex with your college girlfriend.” She winked at him and squat down so that his penis was level with her mouth. She most certainly was impressed by his size and slowly stuck out her tongue to lick the tip of his head. She could taste his salty precum and loved it. She played around little bit more with his head, kissing it sensually and making popping noises with her lips around his head. Philippe was already moaning in pleasure. He couldn’t believe his luck, he was getting teased and about to get a full blowjob from Coco Austin! She finally started sucking him off properly, using both hands to wank him off while using her tongue to really make that rod wet. She started taking him whole into her mouth and started deep throating him. He was now moaning even louder. He had never been sucked off like this. Her sucking became stronger and she deep throated him longer. She was enjoying being in control, she really wanted to be the dominatrix. Her tongue and mouth were so soft and smooth around his cock; she knew exactly how much saliva to use. Coco picked up the pace more, tugging now at his balls, squeezing them, as now she was desperate for his cum. Soon enough, his cock began to shake, and he exploded in her mouth. “OHHHH, Fuck Mrs. Coco! That was amazing!” Coco kept sucking him and sucking out every last drop of his cum. She swallowed it all. Philippe was stunned. He had never seen a girl do that, only in porn. But this was the sex goddess Coco Austin!

“That was tasty. Good start Phil.” She stood up, licking her lips and using her fingers to lap up any excess cum around her mouth. She turned around, walked towards the table, turned back around and sat on the table and crossed her legs. She motioned him to come closer with her finger. As he walked up to her, “Now Phil, I want you to return the favour, I want an orgasm, just as good as the one you got.” Phil just nodded. He was going to do as instructed. She un crossed her legs, laid back slightly and spread her legs wide. Her tight skirt automatically rolled up to reveal a lacy black thong over her panty hose stockings. He was amazed at her sexiness and just taken aback. Coco new she had to guide this poor boy into pleasing her. “Now Phil, go down on your knees, slowly move the thong to one side and start licking my pussy. I know you have licked a girl’s pussy before, but I will teach you how to lick a woman’s pussy.”

“Now, I want you to slowly start kissing my pussy lips.” Coco instructed, and Phil did as instruct. Her pussy was already wet and loved kissing the glistening lips of her pussy. She started moaning softly. “That’s a good boy.  Now…oh my… Now I want you to use that tongue of yours and start licking my clit. That’s it. Oh yeah… that’s the spot! Ooo you are learning fast.” Coco continued to moan slowly as her breathing got heavier. “Now use your tongue…oh…and tongue fuck my pussy. That’s it! Don’t be shy, stick it in deep…. oh god! Yes, that’s good!” Coco stopped instructing and just enjoyed the tongue fucking she was receiving. She was extremely horny, turned on by the level of control she had over Phil. “Now take two fingers and starting fucking me with them, while licking my clit…OH FUCK! Yes!” She could not believe how good he was. She was now close to cumming, but she wanted more. Her hands were now running through his hair. Her body heaving with pleasure. “Oh my god! You are…good! Now I want you to take another finger and stick it up my tight little ass!” Phil was taken aback. He had never fingered anyone in the ass. But this was Coco Austin, he could not refuse and stuck his finger up her ass. “Oh YES! Now fuck both my holes while licking my clit!” She was now moaning louder than ever. Her body gyrating more. “I’m not some college chick! Really give it to me!” She demanded and she got, as he upped his fingering and licking. Her legs where now wrapped tightly around his head, her hands pushing his head harder on to her clit. “Oh FUCK! I am going to CUM!” Her pussy tighten and her body quivered as she came straight into his mouth and his fingers. It was delicious, sweet and sticky cum. Her body was still shaking from the orgasm. He was completely turned on, he could not believe he had made Coco Austin cum.

Once her orgasm subsided, Coco loosened her grip around Phil’s head. She was ready to take that cock of his into her dripping wet pussy. But before that, she wanted to taste her own cum. She sat back up and could feel his rod rubbing against her pussy. “Before you fuck me, I want to taste my cum.” She grabbed his hand and sucked his fingers like they were a cock. She sucked them clean off and enjoyed her cum. Phil was just in awe. He had never seen any girl do this. Once she had tasted her lovely cum, she laid back down, spread her legs wide, into a mid-air split and said “Now Phil, I want you to use that cock of yours and put it straight inside me…oh FUCK!” Phil was so excited that he was going to fuck Coco, that he didn’t let her finish her sentence. Her pussy was amazing, it was super wet and nothing like he had felt before. She definitely was not as tight as the girls he had fucked, but there was something so amazing about the velvety and warm nature of her pussy. “Ohh…Ok, now starting moving in and out with a good rhythm…oh yeah that’s it, keep going, that’s good. Oh god yes!” Phil’s girlfriend never managed to take his whole cock up her nor was she able to handle his motion. He was loving it and then “You seem too comfortable, this is how you please young girls huh? Well not me! I want you to put your whole body into and FUCK ME!” He thought he was doing a good job, but she wanted more and he obliged. He gave her the best he had. “Oh that’s it! C’mon fuck me more! I am fucking dirty slut! C’mon keep going. Fuck me more!”

He was going as hard as he could. “C’mon, I am no college girl! Drill me! Unh, Unh Unh! That’s it!” Coco was now playing with her clit as Phil was pounding away. He was could feel her body was heaving more and more, her hips started gyrating even more. He could feel her pussy tighten. “Fuck me, Phil, I am going to cum AGAIN! OH GOD! ARGH!” Her pussy coated Phil’s cock with her beautiful cum. He slowed down, as Coco continued to rub her sensitive clit. She finally stopped him with her hands and sat back up. She got on all fours and bent down to taste her cum on his cock. After enjoying her tasty cum, she leant back again, put her legs up in the air, took off her panties and placed them to one side. She turned back around, so that Phil could stare at her ass. She did a split on the table, her ass firm and looking absolutely fuckable.

“Phil, I want you to grab my waist, and insert that cock of yours into my pussy again. And I want you to really fuck me!” He did as instruct, and thrust his cock deep inside that sweet pussy of hers. “OH Yes! My god I have been in need of a good pounding. YES!” He pounded her as hard as he could. He had never pounded anyone this hard, no girl had ever been able to handle it. He then had the urge to smack that amazing ass of hers, WHACK WHACK WHACK! “OH MY! I didn’t expect that. Someone is learning. Give me more! I am a bad and dirty slut. Fucking spank like the slut I am!” WHACK WHACK WHACK! Her ass cheeks now red, but Coco was in sheer pleasure. The sheer force of his fucking, forced Coco to get off the table and stood up. She was now bent over the table and getting pounded. “Oh GOD YES! FUCK ME MORE! UNH UNH. Grab my tits!” He had been wanting to grab those beautiful breasts. He grabbed then over the shirt she was wearing. He moved his hands inside to feel those amazing globes. They were firm and soft at the same time. Her hips started to gyrate more and her pussy twitched again. He knew she was about to have another orgasm. “FUCK Phil! Keep going, make me cum again! ARGH YES YES YES!! I’m CUMMING!” Her pussy once again coated his cock with her amazing juices.

She was amazed at his stamina and was thankful for it. She then instructed him to get onto the table and lie down. It was her turn to fuck his brains out. Once he laid down, she crawled up to his cock, sucked it again, making it nice and wet for her pussy once more. Once she had had enough, she turned around so that he could stare at her gorgeous booty again, and inserted his tool up her once more. She started bouncing up and down his pole straightaway. There was no slow fuck, she wanted a good pounding and she was going to get it.

Phil was just loving watching that beautiful ass bounce up and down on his shaft. No girl had ever done that to him. Coco was moaning more and more in pleasure. But he was sure he was getting the most pleasure out of this. “Mmm, this feels good…You like staring at my ass bounce up and down on your big cock? Because I’m loving this monster of yours up my aching pussy!” She moaned more as she rode him harder. She started playing with her clit and using her other hand to fondle with her breasts. Her ass jiggled away in front of Phil, who was in heaven.

Coco, suddenly stopped, put her knees down to either side of Phil, and then turned to wink at him and started twerking her gorgeous boots onto his cock. “I bet nobody has ridden you like this… Oh god this feels good, doesn’t it? “

“No Mrs. Austin, you are incredible! Oh god this is awesome! “Phil exclaimed as he moaned from pleasure he was receiving from not only watching that beautiful ass effortlessly twerking and engulfing his cock, but smooth wet pussy of hers. He knew he wasn’t going to last long. “Mmm Phil! You feel so good inside me! Oh god fuck yes! “Coco was driven to fuck more. He could not hold it anymore.

“OH FUCK Mrs. Austin, I am going to CUM!” He exclaimed.

“Cum on my ass! I want that hot load all over this perfect ass!” She got off of him and started just twerking her ass in front of him. He got up and came straight on to that jiggling ass. “Oooo, that feels nice.” Coco waited till he had unloaded completely and then started to lick up her reward. She started putting some in her asshole. She was still horny and now was craving a pounding up her ass. Phil was drained, and thought this was it. He started to pick up his clothes, when Coco stopped him.

“Oh, your education is not done yet. You need to enter one more hole of mine.” She winked at him and grabbed his cock and tugged him along to her office. The office was adjoining the conference room and it was lavishly decorated and had comfortable looking sofa in the middle. Coco quickly pulled down the blinds to stop any peepshows. She went into her drawer and pulled out a bottle of lube. She then grabbed Phil’s cock again and tugged him over to the sofa. She bent over the sofa edge, sticking her ass out once more for viewing pleasure of Phil.

“Phil, my dear, have you ever had anal?”

“What? No, no girl has wanted to do it with me. I am too big for them!”

“Well, they are young college girls who have no clue on how to handle a cock like yours. I do. Do you want to fuck this ass?” She said jiggling it in front of him. It was the most mesmeric thing of beauty he had ever seen.

“Yes of course! It has been my dream!”

“Well good! That’s what I wanted to hear! Now use your tongue and starting licking my asshole” Coco instructed him again. He obliged and bent down to start licking that beautiful asshole. As he started licking her, she started to moan once again pleasure. “Mmmm that’s good. Now stick two fingers in my ass and start stretching it out. “He had never done this before but he was loving it. His fingers slid in smoothly and he started finger fucking that shithole of hers while licking away. Coco was moaning more in pleasure, she loved getting her ass penetrated! “AAHH GOD YES! Keep going harder and faster! Get that ass primed for your cock!” She moaned instructions in pleasure. She was not playing with her exposed nipples from her tight shirt. It turned her on, that she had not taken her top off at all throughout this fuck fest. Her breasts were like mystique teasers for Phil and maybe for future they could be unleashed upon him. She asked him to stop, she didn’t want to cum just yet. She wanted that cock up her ass first. She turned around and squatted down to come once again face to face with Phil’s impressive cock. She started sucking his cock with some ferocity, she wanted that cock to its full length to penetrate her craving asshole. She spat and used maximum saliva to properly lubricate his cock. He was already in pleasureville. “You like that don’t you? You like getting sucked off by an experienced, slutty woman? You like being a dirty boy, don’t you? Well I like dirty boys! I am aching for this nice rod to pump my tight little asshole! You wanna fuck me like a slutty little whore don’t you? Answer me!”

“Yes Ma’am! I do want to fuck you like the dirty whore!”

“That’s a good boy.” She turned around, and bent over the sofa again, and said “now put those words into action and fuck me! But first slowly insert your cock in my asshole. Use lube if you want.” She instructed him. He did as instructed and started to slowly insert his cock into that tight hole. He went in slow at first, and let her adjust his size. She was extremely tight, but he knew she had had cock in her ass before. “Oh Yes, that’s it! Stuff my little asshole!” Coco was super horny, she had Goosebumps all over her body. She was in absolute heaven. Phil started to slowly move in and out of her tight hole. He had never felt anything like this. It was sending tingling feelings all over him.

Her ass started to gape more and more, which meant he finally thrust his full length deep in her bowels. “OH GOD YES! FUCK ME! I love a nice strong dick up my ass! FUCK ME PHIL! Fuck me like the dirty whore I am!” Coco was in pure pleasure as Phil started pounding her ass. She was moaning louder and louder, she had not been this loud before! She was now vigorously playing with her clit. “C’mon PHIL! Give it to me! Make that ass yours! OH GAWD! UNH UNH UNH! Fuck I’m going to cum soon!” Sure enough her whole body was gyrating, her head flat onto the sofa, as her pussy dripped with her cum. Phil slowed down as her orgasm subsided. Coco was still rubbing her clit, as Phil pulled out of her asshole with a pop. “You think you are done Mister?” Coco enquired in between her panting.

“I..I..umm, no?” Phil stammered amazed at how sex crazed she was.

“Of course not! You still need to fuck me in my favourite position!” She retorted and moved into the said position. She got into the pile driver position, where her head was on the floor, her back up against the sofa and her ass looking straight up. Her legs were by her face, as she continued playing with her pussy. Phil had never seen this. He was shocked and in awe. “Well what are you waiting for? An invite? Come fuck me!” Coco demanded and Phil got on the sofa and got on top of the gaping asshole and inserted his cock straight in. “MMMM that’s it!” Coco cooed as Phil started to drill that tight hole of hers. He had never fucked anyone like this before but he was loving it! It was super-hot and kinky. “Oh my god you are good! Don’t stop! Keep going! FUCK!” He was now going at full pelt, Coco’s boobs had still not popped out of her, but her cleavage was even more massive in this position. His sweat had now mixed with Coco’s; it was the hottest fuck session he had ever had. “You like fucking me like this don’t you, you filthy boy? I want you to make me cum one more time!” Coco was close, but so was he.

He gave it one last effort and smacked her ass for good measure, WHACK WHACK WHACK! “YES YES! Spank like the slut I am! OH GAWD I’M CLOSE! ARGH!!!” As her whole body quivered and gyrated from the strength of her orgasm, that Phil was close now as well. This was the biggest yet, as she squirted for the first time today! He could not believe he made Coco Austin squirt.

“OH god Mrs. Austin that was so hot! I am going to cum!”

“Cum in my ass!” Coco instructed as he blew one last load straight into her hole, she could feel the warm cum in her body and she loved it. “Oh you dirty little fucker!” Coco was heaving still in pleasure. Her squirts had gone all over her and the carpet. “WOW! Phil you know you are only the second person ever to make me squirt. My husband could never get me to squirt!” Phil felt proud and also astonished by how forward she was about her sex life, but he shouldn’t have been especially after passionate session they had. He pulled out of her with a pop and saw his cum ooze out of her pink, gaping hole. She used one of her fingers to lick it out. Phil collapsed on the sofa absolutely drained.

Coco finally got up once she recovered from the amazing pounding she received. “That was amazing. Good job Phil! Now can you please clean up, especially the conference room and leave. I will see you tomorrow for work.” She told him nonchalantly. She herself went and got her skirt and some baby wipes from her drawer to clean herself up before she went home to see her husband.

“Uhh, Mrs. Austin, what about your panties?” Phil asked

“Keep them, they are your reward for pleasing me.” She replied with a little wink and left the room, with a look of pure satisfaction across her face.

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