Coco’s First Affair- Part 1 of a Night of Passion

Title: Coco’s First Affair- Part 1 of a Night of Passion

Author: SNwhatves

Celebs: Coco Austin

Codes: MF, anal, affair, oral

Disclaimer: This story is in no way real, nor have I ever been a part of this. This is pure fantasy written for my own pleasure and for others. I do apologise if this fantasy does not live up to other people’s expectations.

Coco Austin had recently celebrated her anniversary with her long-time husband Ice-T. They had been married for 12 years now and it seemed like nothing could break their marriage up. However, Ice was getting older and Coco was coming into the prime of her sexual libido. With Ice well past middle age, he was slowing down in bed and was not able to keep up with her sexual needs anymore. The issue was so severe, that one day while riding Ice hard on their sofa, she broke his penis because she just wasn’t getting off. The broken penis resulted in a surgery and reduced his size by 3 inches and made him slightly bent at an awkward angle for Coco. Every day since, she has been playing around with dildos, just so that she can feel an orgasm, as Ice has become useless.

Obviously she has not mentioned her sexual frustrations to him, because she does not want his feelings hurt, but her frustrations were affecting their marriage. This weekend, Ice is away on a trip for 4 days, and Coco decided that she would leave her daughter in the capable hands of her sister and actually enjoy the weekend to herself.

That Friday morning, she woke to find her bed empty, and having dropped her daughter off at her sisters, the house was empty. Taking the opportunity, she grabbed her hitachi, switched to it to medium power and pressed it against her aching clit. The sensations of tingling and warmth swept through her body as her pussy started to drip with cum. She increased the power and her orgasm hit, and probably woke every neighbour. She felt good and weak at the same time. Her bedsheets were stained with her cum, and her nipples were pointy and hard. She played with herself just to let her orgasm subside. At the back of her mind, she knew this was not as good as having a real strong cock in her.

She got showered and got dressed in skimpy red bikini that barely covered her massive boobs and a thong that was swallowed up by her curvaceous booty. As she was about to head to the poolside, she realised there wasn’t enough alcohol and sun tan oil for the weekend. She decided to go shopping. She threw on a skimpy red tank top that barely contained her assets and a pair of denim shorts, which just about covered her ass. As she left in her car, she saw a moving truck a couple of doors down. New neighbours, she thought, hopefully some eye candy for her to get off to.

In the grocery store, she was trying to decide between her alcohols of choice, when she saw him. He was the one person in school she could not get as one of her close friends back then was dating him. She remembered what a massive crush she used to have on him, and how she used to fantasize about him all the time while in high school. The years had been kind to him, he sported a bearded look, with wavy hair. His body looked strong and well built. Just looking at him got Coco going again.

“Hey Coco! How are you?? Fancy seeing you here!” Said Jason. Coco had seen a fair share of good looking men in her life, but for some reason she was taken aback and was blushing a bit. It took her a few seconds to compose herself before responding.

“Hey Jason!! It’s been a long time!! I live in this area, just a couple of streets down! Wow it’s been a long time! What are you doing here?”

“Wow, that’s a coincidence, I just moved into this neighbourhood”

“Oh was it your moving van I saw then? At number 69?”

“Yeah that’s us! My fiancé and I just moved here. Are you down the road from us?”

“Yeah I am, I am house number 60. Fiancé? Congratulations!” She said with a bit of a disappointment at the back of her mind. But for some reason her mind started racing and she started to feel hot, thinking about a steamy affair. They talked for a good 25 minutes, catching about their lives. Throughout the conversation, Coco kept noticing Jason checking her out, and she him. Maybe it was her horny state, but she felt there was a slight bulge every time she moved her hands, thus shaking her tits, in Jason’s pants. She invited him back to her place for a catch up that night, and luckily for her, his fiancé was not able to come because of prior commitments. She told him to drop by at 8ish, and in her mind that gave her plenty of time to have fun.

She was super excited and nervous at the same time. Coco had always wanted to go out for dinner with Jason and it was finally happening. She was not sure what was going to happen that night, but regardless, she wore a tight figure hugging dress, that just about contained her boobs. Her ass looked amazing in that dress as well. She decided not to wear any panties or a bra for that matter. Her boobs did not need to be held up anyway. She had cooked a light meal earlier in the day, and waited anxiously for Jason.

Jason arrived on time, looking very casual, but extremely good looking. He brought a nice bottle of wine, and they had dinner. All throughout dinner, Jason was mesmerized by Coco’s beauty. He was glad his fiancé could not make it. He could sense something might happen, and he was still torn between being faithful or to enjoy one of the great nights of his life.

“You know, I don’t know if I ever told you, but I used to have a massive crush on you during school. In fact the only reason I didn’t act on it, was because you were dating my good friend back then” Coco mentioned. “But I heard all sorts of amazing details about your love life…” she said with slight wink towards Jason.

Jason was slightly taken aback, but smiled back and said, “Well I’ll be honest as well, I always wanted to be with you when we were in school. But I couldn’t come around the thought of cheating…” Jason replied feeling the tension was building between them.

Coco could sense the same, and ‘accidently dropped’ one of her cutlery on the floor. Jason being the gentleman, bent down under the table to pick it up, and in that moment, Coco decided to copy Basic Instinct’s famous scene by Sharon Stone. Jason saw and looked amazed at the lack of panties covering her amazingly shaved pussy. Jason got up, smiled put the cutlery back on the table, and acted as if nothing happened. Coco motioned him over to the sofa. They sat down, Coco looking even more inviting than ever. They drank more wine and as the glasses emptied, Coco’s dress had slipped a bit, exposing her gorgeous nipples for a second. Jason did not mention it for a while, and Coco knew that, however, Jason finally let her know.

“Thanks, you are such a gentleman!” Coco said, with a bit of sarcasm in her voice.

Jason replied, “well, you have to respect a woman’s privacy, to a certain extent! Hey I heard you are an exceptional dancer, do you think I could get a sneaky show of your moves?” Jason asked.

“Well I thought you would never ask!” With that she switched on the music, and started moving her body in a beautifully seductive motion. Her hips moved in a mesmeric way, her hair looked gorgeous, but the most beautiful thing was her luscious ass, swaying away. She turned around and started twerking that famous ass of hers. Jason was gobsmacked, and looked enchanted but that luscious thing of beauty. Coco got closer to his lap, and started grinding and twerking Jason’s groin. “Is this now a lap dance?” Jason asked stunned.

“Just sit down and enjoy it!” Coco retorted. She could feel his cock getting hard with each motion. She turned back round, saddled him, and twerked more on his groin, feeling his cock rubbing on her wet pussy. Her boobs were close to his face, just teasing him more, as they were just about covered. Her hands moved through her hair and then through his. She moved her body in a wave, making her boobs grind up his chest on to his face.

“OH COCO! This is amazing!!God how does any man resist you?”

“I like being a tease. During my Vegas performances, I have seen many boners. I know I have that effect. But this is the first time I’m going through with my urges.” Jason”, she whispered in his, slowing her amazing lap dance down, “I want you to fuck my brains out! My husband can’t get me off anymore. He is too old. I still love him, but I still want to be fucked.”

“Coco…I uh, I am flattered, but I am engaged. I am already feeling guilty about this.”

“Jason, you just said you can’t resist me.” Coco turned back around and started twerking her ass again on his groin. “Let me persuade you more. I am enjoying this challenge of hard to get.” With that she pulled up her barely there dress, and gave Jason his first sighting of her bare smooth ass. ”Go on Jason, touch it, you know you want to.” Jason grabbed her ass with hesitation, but once his hands were on her ass, he couldn’t help himself anymore. He started to massage and knead her ass. “Go on Jason, don’t be shy. Spank me. I’m being a bad girl tonight. SPANK ME!”WHACK WHACK WHACK! Jason gave her a good spanking, and with each spank, Coco let out a moan.

Jason could see Coco’s pussy lips shining with her own cum. She was really horny, and obviously he was as well. “I can’t take it anymore, I want that famous cock in my mouth!” She unzipped his jeans, and liberated that beautiful piece of meat. She stared at it, looking amazed and excited at the prospect of taking that 10” fat and perfectly shaped dick in every single one of her holes. She was so glad that all the stories were true about Jason. She used the precum to lubricate his shaft and started stroking it. She got into a very good rhythm and used her tongue to play with the tip of his head. “This feels amazing Coco.”

“You haven’t seen anything yet. Trust me, this will be a night to remember.” With that she took the whole of his cock deep inside her warm velvety mouth. Her soft lips and tongue were amazingly comfortable around his girth. She gagged but continued to bob up and down his dick with some gusto yet it was pleasant. Her blowjob was the best he had ever had, and she kept using her to tongue to tease and circle his head. It sent shivers down his spine, while the use of her hands jerking him off in sync with her mouth made him grow even harder. “OH MY GOD! COCO this is..FUCK! You are amazing!!”Coco picked up the pace more, tugging now at his balls, squeezing them, as now she was desperate for his cum. She could tell he was close as his dick started to shake. She did not want to let up, she had been wanting this for a long time and she wanted every last drop in her mouth. “FUCK COCO, I’m going to CUM!!UGHHH!” His cock released a massive load right in Coco’s amazing mouth. “Fuck I can’t stop!” It was a heavy cum shot, his knees became weak. It felt like all of the stress in the world had left him. Coco continued to suck him off, squeezing out every last drop of his nectar. She finally pulled his cock out of her mouth, and Jason could see the amount of cum he had released, she gulped as much of it down in one go like a pro. Some dripped to the sides, but she used her fingers and scooped up every last drop and drank it like the thirst slut she was.

“It’s true what they say, big boys do cum big! Now Jason, I want the same pleasure that you just got. Could you do it? Can you me cum?” She said as she was jiggling her butt in his face. Jason obliged, and grabbed her and threw her on the sofa. He turned her around and began to slowly kiss her neck. Coco cooed with pleasure. Her pussy was already dripping wet but she wanted an orgasm. She was craving it. Jason moved down slowly on to her boobs, and playfully bit her nipples and then started sucking and kissing them passionately while at the same time using his hands to fondle with her breasts. He knew she was enjoying this, her hips began to gyrate. He was going to enjoy it, and tease her, as she had done the same. He could not get enough of her breasts but knew it was time to move on. He moved slowly on to her taut stomach kissing her softly and sticking his tongue into her belly button. Coco was enjoying this so much. The slow soft nature of his movements were so sensual, she was craving for the rough handling.

Jason moved on to kissing and caressing her inner thighs. Coco was just craving him, but he still held out going straight for her dripping pussy. Her hips were gyrating even more. Jason finally kissed her beautiful pussy lips and started playing with her clit. Coco moaned in pleasure. He rubbed her clit slowly with his tongue and then went tongue deep in her wet hole. He stuck one of his fingers into her asshole. “OHH FUCK JASON!! YES!! That’s what I needed!” Jason took that to go harder in both holes. “OHHHH BABY YESSSS! FINGER MY ASS FASTER! FUCKING STICK ANOTHER FINGER! PRIME THAT ASS FOR YOUR COCK!” Jason went quicker and he knew she was about to cum and it was going to be a big one. Sure enough, “FUCCCCKK JASON! I’m CUMMING!!” Her body shook, Coco kept pinching her nipples and biting her lips. Her head was thrown back and her legs kept shaking. Jason licked up all the wonderful juices that kept flowing out of her wet hole. They dripped down her thighs and Jason licked up every last drop, just as Coco had done to his.

Her orgasm was just about to subside when Jason flipped her over and started licking her beautiful asshole, while stuffing three fingers deep inside of her pussy. ” FUCK Jason, you naughty bastard! You know exactly how to please a woman…OH FUCK!” He had now stuffed a finger in her asshole as well. He could tell she wasn’t going to last long, she was going to climax again and within seconds she let out a window shattering scream of pleasure. “FUCCKKKK!!!!FUCK ME JASON!” Her whole body was shaking and she let out another gush of cum, but this time she SQUIRTED!

“Fuck Coco, that was hot! You squirted so much!”

“Baby that was the first time I have squirted. You were that good. I’m still shaking from that orgasm. Baby I can’t wait to have you inside of me. If you can do that with your mouth and fingers, I can’t wait for your cock. Jason I beg of you, just give it to me already!!Stop teasing! ”Coco was playing with her own pussy and her boobs. She was even hornier than before. Jason was already primed to penetrate her. He went behind her, rubbed his rod on her pussy, teasing it before inserting the tip. Coco’s head whipped back and she let out a moan. Jason knew she could take it, unlike his prudish girlfriend. He slowly inserted his full length deep inside of her. She was extremely tight and extremely wet. There was definitely no need for lube tonight.

Jason got into a nice rhythm, he wasn’t going too fast. “Jason, what am I, a teenager? God dammit, FUCK ME!” And with that, Jason grabbed her waist and started pounding Coco. He drilled his thick tool into that tight pussy like it was his last fuck. “OH GOD YESSS! FUCK ME LIKE THE DIRTY SLUT I AM! MAKE ME FUCKING CUM AGAIN!” She was super tight, but to him most girls are tight. But her pussy was different, it was velvety smooth and he could tell it was one durable pussy. He felt her pussy tighten more and within seconds, “OH YESSS FUCCCCKK!!!I’m GOING TO CUM!!!” Her body shook violently again, her head whipped back and then back onto the sofa. The force of her orgasm pushed his cock out, and Coco squirted everywhere again! ”OH FUCK BABY! I’M STIILL CUMMING!” Coco was rubbing her clit even more, her head down, ass in the air. It was tempting, but patience, thought Jason. Coco’s orgasm was just about subsiding, when Jason grabbed her, flipped her over and started fucking her missionary style.

“Oh Yes baby, I knew you were as sex crazy as I am! Your cock is heavenly, FUCK ME MORE!” With that, Jason picked up the pace once again and started ploughing into her like a crazed animal. “UNH UNH UNH FUCK YES YES YES YES!!DRIL THAT TIGHT HOLE!” Her legs were wrapped around Jason like a vice, her boobs were bouncing around from the force of his ploughing. Her hands were stretched above her head, holding on to the sofa. He could feel her body start to quiver again and he knew what was about to come. “FUCK ME! YOU ARE AMAZE…..ARGH!” Her body tightened and shook vigorously, and her juices came with full force again, forcing his hard member out of her. “ARGH FUCK ME!” It was a shower once again, her legs got even tighter around him. She was a thing of beauty, a true sex goddess.

“Are you tired babe?” Jason asked looking at her sweaty and cum covered body.

“Don’t be silly!” She said panting, “Baby, I’m just getting started.” She winked at Jason, she pushed him back onto the sofa with her feet, she got up and turned around so that he could stare at her ass. She bent over and started sucking his cock again. “Oh FUCk baby!” Jason groaned in deep pleasure. But the sucking stopped, as she squatted down and placed his thick meat up her tight snatch again. “Oh Fuck babe! You are so tight!”

“You have worked so hard to make me cum, now let me return the favour.” She started riding him slowly, while playing with her breasts and rubbing her clit. Jason’s full length was deep inside of her and he was loving every minute of it. She started bouncing up and down his rod like an excited cow girl, as her amazing buns jiggled away in front of him. He wanted to grab her and pound her more, but she stopped, moved her knees down onto the sofa, and turned her round and said, “I have a surprise for you.” She winked and then started TWERKING her ass onto Jason’s cock. The movement and motion of it all was surreal and Jason’s cock felt amazing. He was right, she was a sex goddess! “OH FUCK COCO! You are AMAZING!!” Watching her ass bounce on his hard dick gave tingling sensations all over his body especially the tip of his cock. “ FUCK COCO I’m GOING TO CUM!”

“Baby do it inside of me! I want that warm cum deep in me!”

“FUCK COCO!!ARGH!” Jason felt a massive load shoot up Coco’s vagina and he felt like he was not stopping. She got off of him, and sucked all the excess cum out of his cock. She smacked her lips and enjoyed the shake he gave her. She reached inside of her pussy and scooped out a mixture of Jason and her cum and licked it all up. There was a devilish look on her face. She was loving every minute of it.

“I love a good thick cumshot. Now, are you tired?” She giggled and winked at him.

“Coco, I can go all night. (He saw an expression of glee come across her face). And besides, I have yet to enter that booty of yours.”

“I thought you would never ask!” She grabbed his semi hard cock and tugged him along to the guest bedroom. She pushed him onto the bed, and started sucking him off again to erect that beast of his again. In no time, he reached his full length that was the magic of Coco. She turned around and took up the doggy position and started shaking her booty. It was a like a hungry beast craving its meat, and Jason was not going to deny it. He stepped behind her, “Baby, you have no idea how long I have been craving for a nice meaty cock in my asshole!” Jason placed his tip onto her hole and slowly pushed it in. “OHH FUCK JASON! GO in slowly. Let me adjust to your SIZE!” Jason did as instructed. She had a point, she was extremely tight, but all lubrication helped in reducing the friction and just providing pure pleasure. Her ass was amazing, in fact better than her pussy. It had a similar velvety soft feel inside, but there was something mesmeric about it that he could not place a finger on.

He started to push in deeper and then pulling back. He got into a nice slow comfortable rhythm so that her ass could adjust. “Ohh Yeah Jason. Make that asshole yours baby!” And it was becoming his, as the ass started to gape and loosen for him to enter his full member into her. “OH YEEAAHHHH!” Coco screamed as she felt Jason’s full tool up her asshole. She knew her ass would be able to handle a cock his size. All that work out was paying off finally she thought. The best part, she was close to another orgasm. Jason could tell as well, so he decided to really drill her. His pace quickened as her ass ate up his cock more and more. *SPANK* *SPANK* *SPANK*. He gave her three hard spanks, her cheeks becoming red. “Oh fuck yeah Jason. I am a bad girl! Spank me more! I want to be man handled like the dirty slut I AM!”

SPANK, SPANK, SPANK, SPANK! “OOOO YEAH BABY! I’m GOING TO CUMMM!!!!ARGH!” He felt her body shake uncontrollably again, and her pussy clenched again and let out another massive gush of cum all over the bed. This was a massive one because the gushing didn’t stop. Jason wanted to see more of it, so he played with her clit as well as pounding her ass. Coco’s whole body was moving in rigorous wave like motion. There were tears of pleasure coming down her cheeks, while her whole body was sweating from the workout.

Once the orgasm had finally subsided, Coco got back up, grabbed a pillow and put it beside the bed. She put her head on the pillow, her back against the side of the bed so that her luscious booty was vertically facing upwards. “Baby, I have been dreaming of someone fucking me in this pile driver position! Please make my fantasy come…FUCK” She didn’t even complete her sentence as the whole position was such a turn on, Jason immediately penetrated that gaping hole once again and started pounding her tight ass once more. Her ass felt like it was elastic, able to stretch comfortably to take in his tool. The pounding continued for another 5 mins, Coco’s legs were now horizontal, she was doing a complete split in MID AIR! This made her even more fuckable, if that was possible! He felt her pussy clench again and she let out another scream and more squirts of cum gushed out of her pussy, landing all over her! “FUCK BABY! Don’t stop!! Keep pounding me! I want your cum inside of me. Don’t stop till you unload in my ass!” He didn’t need any invitation, the moment she had managed to do her splits, he was close to busting a load. With a few more hard thrusts, he unloaded all his sticky seamen inside her shit hole. He pulled out with a pop, and his cum oozed out of her butt hole. Coco was still playing with her pussy and her asshole and licking up all the cum that she was getting. She was one dirty slut!

“You fucking dirty slut!”

“You know it!” Coco said with a little wink, while licking more cum. Jason knew he wanted more of her, but his knees were still weak from his own orgasm. He stumbled out to the kitchen to grab a drink. He was dehydrated and was sweating quite a bit. “Let’s get cleaned? Coco asked.

“Are you done already?” Jason asked shocked.

“Oh God NO! We are going to shower together and I want to show you some more of my flexibility and more of my kinky side!” Jason smiled and drank an energy drink, he knew he will need it. As he drank it, he followed Coco upstairs to her bathroom to get ‘cleaned up’

To be Continued….

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