Coco’s First Affair- Part 2 The Sex Crazed Night Continues

Title: Coco’s First Affair- Part 2 The Sex Crazed Night Continues

Author: SNwhatves

Celebs: Coco Austin

Codes: MF, anal, affair, oral, DP, squirt

Disclaimer: This story is in no way real, nor have I ever been a part of this. This is pure fantasy written for my own pleasure and for others. I do apologise if this fantasy does not live up to other people’s expectations.

The living room, especially the sofa was covered in the juices and sweat of Coco and Jason. They were going to leave stains but Coco, had only one thing on her mind, more sex! Jason and her went straight into her bathroom. The shower cubicle was large enough for two people to fit very comfortably. Coco switched on the shower, waited till it was nice and warm and started to wash off. Jason joined in as well. She gave him some soap and a shower sponge instructed him to lather her up. He did so, he lathered up her back, giving her a good scrub and then went down to her ass and started scrubbing her ass cheeks and her hole. After cleaning her booty, he moved down to her shapely legs, which he suddenly thought were much underrated and deserved more attention! He started massaging her legs and her inner thighs and it started to turn Coco on even more.

She stopped him, and turned around, so that he could clean her front now as well. He lathered up her front and starting kneading and massaging her globes. They were amazingly soft for fake ones which enticed him to play with them more. But Coco stopped him and urged him to move further south. He did as instructed and slowly massaged her taut stomach and then moved towards her pussy once again. He massaged her clit, really slowly, to the pleasure of Coco. This time he kept going until he could feel her quivering again with pleasure and she let out another loud moan, “OH FUCK BABY! YES! Clean that pussy out with my juices! Make me CUM!”ARGH!!!” His fingers were now mixed with her juices and soap. He continued on lathering up her legs when she stopped him. She was still all lathered up from top to bottom.

“Baby, now it’s my turn to clean you up!” He gave her shower sponge, but she didn’t take it, instead she used her lathered up boobs and started rubbing them all over his torso. She started grinding her way down his body. They were so soft and sexy lathered up against his own skin. “I’ve never been cleaned like this before babe!” She got down to her knees, took up his now hardened cock up between her big globes and squeezed them together around his big rod. “OH FUCK BABE! I have been wanting to fuck your tits for so long!” He started pounding her boobs and she stuck her velvety tongue out so that she could lick his tip. The soap acted as a great lube and Jason fucked Coco’s tits with great ferocity.

“OH yeah baby, you like how my tits feel around your cock? Oh I know you do. Fuck my tits!” Jason just kept going, and then he stopped. Coco looked surprised and slightly upset. Jason grabbed arm and pulled her up and against the shower stall. He pulled her ass towards him, took his cock and went deep into her cunt once again. “OH FUCK BABY!” This time there was no slow fuck, he went all in and started pounding her like an animal. Out of nowhere this animal instinct was in him and all he wanted to do was fuck the living daylights out of Coco.”OH FUCK FUCKKKKKK! Goodness, I have NEVER BEEN FUCKED LIKE THIS! KEEP GOING!” As she said that, a huge gush of her cum forced his cock out and she squirted all over the floor. She was breathing heavy, but he didn’t let her orgasm subside and went straight back into her asshole this time. “FUCK ME! WHATEVER has gotten into you, I’m LOVING THIS!!!” Her ass had stretched enough to take him again. Her pussy had not stopped squirting. For the next couple of minutes, it was regular squirts from her incredibly sensitive pussy. SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! He was treating her now like some slave slut and Coco by this point just had no voice. The constant orgasms had drained her. The thought that he had fucked Coco Austin into an orgasm coma turned him on so much that finally busted a massive load onto her ass cheeks.

The water washed away the cum and they cleaned up once more. Coco had very dazed yet satisfied look on her face. They got out of the shower, dried up and sat down on the bed, just to catch their breath. “Jason, what got into you there? That was one animalistic fuck session! I didn’t stop cumming! It was amazing! I have never experienced that before.”

“I don’t know, I just wanted to really give you good fucking. You are probably the only woman who has been able to take a full pounding from me, otherwise I have to be very careful every time. I just went all in, releasing all the frustration over the years. Coco, you are fucking amazing! A bloody sex goddess!” Coco blushed and gave him a deep passionate kiss. While they were kissing, Jason realised, they hadn’t actually kissed yet.

“Wait right here. I have a surprise for you. A kinky one…” She whispered and winked at him. She went into her walk in wardrobe and closed the door. Within 20 minutes, the door opened, and Jason looked stunned. Coco was standing there in knee high black leather boots, fishnet stockings covering her butt and a black corset that barely covered her boobs. She had a small whip and a pair of handcuffs in one hand and black dildo in the other.

“WOAH! Babe you are fucking hot in that. You weren’t wrong about being kinky.” She cat walked her way towards Jason with a lustful look in her eyes. Coco wanted to be the dominating one. She knew Jason would be able to handle it. She tied a blindfold on him and handcuffed him behind his back. Coco had always been a strong woman, and she was enjoying being in control of this hunk of a man.

She bent him over on his knees, his head down on the bed, and started smacking him on the ass with her whip. She could tell he was enjoying this, but she wanted to tease him more. She then tied his mouth up, made him stand on his knees and started slowly sucking his cock. He couldn’t see but her tongue was working wonders on his tip. She was working her mouth in circular motion and moving up and down his large member. He could start to feel himself twitch indicating he was very close to blowing another load. Coco sensed this as well, but she wanted to be a tease for a while longer and suddenly stopped. Jason couldn’t believe it! He was left hanging. Coco quickly got back up, pushed him down on the bed and started spanking him again.

“Oh baby, you have been a bad boy, haven’t you? Here you are cheating on your fiancé with me. But its turning you on isn’t it? Knowing that you get to bang this hot piece of ass?” Coco could hear him mumble something. She giggled to herself, pushed him back against the headboard. She then put some music on and started dirty dancing on top of him. Jason could feel her body move on him, and felt tortured he couldn’t do anything! He could feel her shapely ass grinding away on his body and all he could do was just imagine the movements. She finally took pity on him, and removed his blindfold. He was greeted by her amazing dirty dancing skills. At the foot of the bed, she bent down, did the splits and twerked her ass! It was amazing! She crawled up his body, up to his face, giving him a sniff of the leather of her corset. He was close to exploding. He wanted to grab her and fuck her brains out, but she was the dominatrix at the moment. She quickly turned around, moved her body so that her ass was on his face, and her mouth over his throbbing cock. She started slapping his throbbing cock on her tongue and face and at the same time started bouncing her booty on his face.

“Oh you like that don’t you? Slapping your massive cock on me. Making me your dirty little slut! How’s my ass? I’m going to fucking smother you with my ass! Take it all in!” She devoured his cock like the sex crazed slut she was and he was absolutely smothered by her amazing booty. He could feel himself about to unleash another load, and let out a huge moan as he reached climax. Coco took every last drop of his cum into her mouth. She swallowed it again and got more protein in her body. She sucked every last drop.

“Oh, you bad boy, now look what you have done! You have gone all soft. I’m going to punish you for that!” She blindfolded him again and took out her vibrator and her dildo and started playing with both of them. One stuck straight up her stretched asshole the other vigorously on her clit!  She started gyrating vigorously and moaning louder and louder. Jason was getting tortured. He was getting turned on but couldn’t do a thing about it. Coco continued to play with herself, her two holes stuffed and extremely wet. “Oh you like hearing me play with myself, don’t you, you little pervert! I bet its killing you not knowing what I am doing to myself? You would love to see, won’t you? TOUGH! You are just going to have to listen to me being pleasured!!” She continued dirty talking, and saw it was having the effect she wanted. Jason had sprung back up, his penis throbbing away again! She was getting even more wet just thinking about how easily she could turn him on! Even Coco couldn’t resist anymore, she took away her vibrator, crawled slowly up on top of Jason, straddling him and then inserting him into her wet twat. The other dildo still deep up her ass, she was enjoying taking it up both her holes.

Jason could feel the dildo in her ass, but this turned him on more. He started moving his pelvis, but Coco stopped him. “What do you think you are doing Mister? I didn’t say you could fuck me! I’m in control and you do not move! I AM going to FUCK YOUR brains out!” Coco started riding him harder! She was bouncing up and down on his rod so hard, that the bed was shaking vigorously. His balls were being slapped up against her juicy booty, with the force of her fucking, they were starting to become even more sore, if that was possible! Coco always wanted to be DPed and she knew she was going to enjoy it and boy she was! She felt her orgasm come and boy did she cum! She gushed all over Jason, spraying her cum all over the bed and some even getting to his face. Her whole body was shaking from the force of her orgasm. Her eyes had rolled back into her head, her breathing extremely heavy and her pussy sore from the pounding. She turned around and started twerking on his cock. Jason could feel her amazing body moving up and down on his shaft. She let out another loud moan of intense pleasure as she reached another of her intense climaxes. She gushed out everywhere, drenching whatever dry area there was left in the vicinity. Her pussy was super sensitive, and her asshole was stretched out nicely. Coco could feel herself starting to run out of energy, but her mind was wanting more and more.

“Well, haven’t you been a good boy? She cooed. I think now you have earned yourself a treat for pleasing me. Now I am going to untie you and set you free.” Coco knew, with her tiring, she needed to be controlled now, and knew she was going to unleash a beast! Rightly so, as Jason was tortured and teased and had been begging to be set free. As his eyes adjusted to the brightness, he saw a sexy Coco, just shaking her booty in front of his face. A beast inside of him rose, all the pent up frustration came rushing out. He grabbed Coco, shoved her face down on the bed, took out her butt plug and started slapping and teasing his cock on her asshole.

Öh fuck yeah baby! Man handle me like the dirty little slut I am!” Coco was begging to be given a proper fucking. Without further ado, Jason went balls deep into her anus! No slow insertion, this was going to be a proper fuck. The butt plug had sufficiently stretched Coco out enough, but it was still a tight hole for his member. He started ploughing into her with full force. His thrusts were making her fake boobs bounce and vigorously shaking the bed. He then decided to use the dildo and shove it up her pussy at the same time. He used his right hand to fuck her with her dildo while pounding her in the ass with his cock! She was definitely now in some serious pleasure, as her whole body was gyrating vigorously, as if she was trying to use her holes to engulf anything that came her way. He felt her twitch and knew she was about to unleash another shower. He felt a push come from within her pussy, as she squirted once again. He didn’t stop thrusting, which elongated her orgasm even more. She was shaking vigorously, and was trying to use her hands to stop Jason’s thrusts. He was going to torture her as she had done to him. He kept on thrusting deep in her ass, by now she had stopped resisting and basically gave herself up. Her breaths were heavy, her energy levels completely sapped. The dirty talk had stopped. She was now just letting out soft moans of pleasure.

Coco felt like she had reached an orgasm coma. She suddenly felt another rod go up her pussy. Jason again inserted the dildo in her pussy and simultaneously fucked both her holes. Even in her pleasured coma state, she moved her hips back and forth on to the two poles. It didn’t take long before she reached another intense orgasm. Her eyes were closed tight, her body absolutely quivering with the intensity of the pleasure running through her body. She had no more energy to say anything. Jason finally pulled out, as he was close to popping his load. He grabbed her head, pulled her face towards his cock. Without even saying anything she began sucking him off. “OH FUCK COCO! I’m going to cum again!!” True to his word, he did, most of it going down her throat, she let some go over her chin and tits. Her face had a look of satisfaction on it. It was the dream fuck session she had wanted and Jason delivered it. After sucking every last drop out of Jason, Coco collapsed on the bed, panting heavily. Jason collapsed next to her. He looked at her cum and sweat covered face, she looked dazed and happy.

“I told you I could keep up with you! I guess I tired you out!” Jason quipped.

“Well thank goodness for that! I was hoping you were the sex machine I was craving for. I wanted to go into the orgasm coma. I was hoping that you were able to fuck me all night!” Coco replied with a slight look of naughtiness. They both giggled a bit. “I bet your fiancé is hardly able to go this long? Doubt she can even handle you!”

“No shit! She is a massive prude! I have to go slow with her. She really can’t take it all.”

“Well, every time you need a good fuck session, I’m only a few doors down!” Coco came close and cuddled up and they fell asleep. A sleep well deserved!

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