Coco’s Second Sexual Tryst- Kim Lee’s Pre-Bachelorette Celebration

Title: Coco’s Second Sexual Tryst- Kim Lee’s Pre-Bachelorette Celebration

Author: SNwhatves

Celebs: Coco Austin, Kim Lee

Codes: FF, MF, MFF, anal, affair, oral, DP, squirt, Femdom, dildo

Disclaimer: This story is in no way real, nor have I ever been a part of this. This is pure fantasy written for my own pleasure and for others. I do apologise if this fantasy does not live up to other people’s expectations.

Coco woke up late next morning after the fucking she had received from her high school crush. Jason had left, but left a note on her bed with his number. She smiled, knowing that she could have him whenever she wanted now.

She slowly got out of bed, still smelling of sex and dried cum. Both her holes were aching, the sort of pain from a good workout. She laboured to the shower and cleaned herself out. She got changed into a comfortable tank top and some leggings. She went about cleaning the mess from last night in all three areas. It took her a while to get everything cleaned and get rid of the sex smell from the house.

Once everything got cleaned, she made herself a quick lunch and nice cocktail to drink by the pool. After last night, she wanted to have a relaxing day. She went upstairs to her room, pulled out a nice bikini with a thong and put it on carefully, as she was still sensitive around her pussy. She went back downstairs to get some much needed rest and tan.

While tanning away, she got a text from her friend, Kim Lee, that she will be coming over for a quick yoga class before the two ladies would head out. Coco had completely forgotten about taking Kim as her yoga student. Kim would be over in an hour. Coco decided to lay out the yoga mats out in the garden, as the weather was perfect. She quickly got changed into her yoga clothes, a tight tank top and her leggings.

Kim came over, dressed similarly in a kinky tank top and leggings. Just like Coco, her boobs were just about hanging inside her top. As she walked into the house, Coco couldn’t help checking her out. She could see how much she had been working out. Her body looked tight and her ass was amazingly shaped and quiet big for an Asian girl.

“Its great weather today babe, so I thought we could have the yoga class outside on the grass. It would be easier to stretch our bodies with the heat.” Coco told her. Kim agreed and they went out to the garden. Coco led her through the yoga class, watching intently at her student. They got into some very sexual positions, and Coco was starting to feel the heat. Even though she got the pounding of her life, her pussy started to become wet. Her mind started racing, naughty and dirty thoughts streaming in about Kim. It had been a while since she had been with a woman.

They both now got into the split position, Coco behind Kim, she slowed pushed Kim’s body forward for the stretch, as did she. Coco’s face was on her ass. She wanted so much to bite that nice toushie.  Now they bent the other way, which meant Kim’s face would be on Coco’s crotch. As Kim stretched backwards, she saw a glimpse of the wet crotch of Coco. She was getting horny herself thinking about what she was doing to Coco. Kim hadn’t been with a woman since she got engaged and she had always wanted to fuck and get fucked by Coco.

Once the hot Yoga session got over, Kim went upstairs, stripped down and entered Coco’s shower. Coco was behind her, peaking at her tight and shapely body. Coco went into her wardrobe, grabbed her strap on dildo, a different one from the night before. She stripped out of her yoga clothes, strapped on her dildo and entered the bathroom. She walked slowly in, pushing open the glass shower door. Coco pushed Kim against the shower wall, and started kissing her neck slowly.

“Ooo, I was wondering when you would come in! Babe I’ve been wanting you for a while.” Kim cooed with a kiss planted on her by Coco. Coco didn’t bother to reply. She carried on kissing her lower back. She made her way down to her ass, she grabbed Kim’s waist and pulled her ass close to her face. She started licking her butt hole and her juicy pussy. “OH GOD! Someone is hungry! OH GOD! Only a woman can lick a pussy so good!” Coco used her tongue to play and suck Kim’s clit. It tasted sweet, it tasted different to what she had had before. She slowly started inserting her finger up Kim’s asshole. The movement quickened and kept working its magic. She now inserted another finger into that tight pussy. “OH FUCK COCO!!” Coco could feel her about to climax.

“Oh no you don’t! You have been a bad girl, cheating on your fiancé, you don’t get to cum that easy.” And without warning, she stood up and inserted her dildo straight up her tight wet pussy.

“OOHH GOD YESS! I am a BAD GIRL. Treat me like the dirty slut I am. FUCK ME GOOD!” Coco grabbed her waist started thrusting her dildo into Kim’s tight snatch. Coco loved being dominating and she could feel the power in her. She used her waist to thrust deeper into Kim as her pert ass jiggled with the thrusts. Coco then grabbed Kim’s shapely boobs and starting squeezing and playing with her tits. She increased the speed of her thrusts. Kim was really enjoying it, her moans of pleasure became louder and louder. “Babe, I’m CUMMING!!” But Coco did not stop. She kept going, Kim trying to slow her down, but her orgasms were so intense she had no strength. She was at Coco’s mercy. She loved it! Coco finally stopped, grabbed Kim by her hair, forced her down, and she immediately started sucking on her strap on. She sucked up all of her juices. Once she had had enough, she got up and the two ladies started making out. Coco could taste Kim’s tasty cum from her mouth, it was turning her on even more. She then grabbed her hand, cleaned up a bit more. Now Kim took charge, grabbed Coco, pulled her out towards her bed.

Kim pushed Coco on to the bed, and got on top of her. The two started making out passionately as their boobs rubbed up against each other. Coco had her hands on Kim’s ass, while Kim had one of her hands in Coco’s hair, while the other playing with her tits. Kim started moving down Coco’s body and started sucking her gorgeous tits. “Oh God Coco, your tits are beautiful!” Coco was just moaning from the pleasure. Having a woman’s touch was so sensual, Kim’s soft boobs grazing every bit of Coco’s body, her soft hands providing the right amounts of sensual pleasures. Kim finally came down to Coco’s crotch. She untied the strap-on off of her and started slowly kissing her inner thighs. Instead of going straight into her pussy, she started rimming that gorgeous ass of hers. Her ass was amazing and she couldn’t get enough of it. Coco was loving it. She was playing her nipples and starting to moan more in pleasure. Kim continued licking Cocos shit hole and she then inserted one finger in her ass and two fingers up her dripping pussy!

“oh yes Kim! You know exactly what I want! Finger fuck both my holes! “Coco was extremely turned on and wanted an orgasm. Kim obliged and increased her intensity of finger. Coco was moaning in pure pleasure now, but Kim thought of another idea, she grabbed the dildo and started teasing Coco’s clit with it. “Wait, I want that up my ass! “

“Oh you dirty little anal whore! “With that Kim took the dildo and slowly inserted it up Coco’s gorgeous asshole. There was already so much lube with her own pussy juice and Coco’s that the dildo moved into her asshole with easy. Coco didn’t scream, she just moaned in pleasure. After the pounding her ass took last night, it was perfectly primed for anything. She was a proper anal whore now, and she loved feeling that dildo up her ass.

“Oh God Kim! Fucking give me more!” Kim now inserted the whole 9” dildo up Coco’s ass and this time she let out a louder moan of pleasure. Kim was now licking Coco’s clit and fucking her ass with the dildo. Coco was enjoying Kim’s tongue so much that she was about to orgasm. “Oh GOD! Keep going! I am going to cum!” Within seconds, Coco had orgasmed in Kim’s mouth. Kim licked up all the delicious pussy juices and crawled up Coco and started making out passionately. Their tongues wrestled intensely as they shared pussy juices.

After the intense make out, Coco and Kim were heaving in pleasure. Kim finally got off of Coco and went to grab her clothes for the night. “I needed that Coco! There is nothing like a woman’s touch on my pussy!” She took out a sexy and lacey corset and a pantyhose. She slipped those on and then wore a strapless, figure hugging red dress. The corset made her boobs look even more desirable and she already had an extremely perky ass.

Coco went into her wardrobe and thought for a bit about her outfit. She decided to wear a pink and black bralette top and pencil skirt. Her top had lingerie look and gave her very deep cleavage, not that it is very hard for her to put up a cleavage display. She wore sexy thong underneath that matched the bralette. She came out looking absolutely ravishing and she was impressed with Kim as well. The two girls complimented each other and shared a nice passionate kiss once again.

“Mmm, Kim, I can’t wait to get you out of this dress and fuck you more tonight!”

“Tell me about it Its going to be tough keeping my hands off of you! And anyway, I am not wearing in an underwear! Easy access babe!” The two ladies giggled at the naughtiness of the night and walked out of the room.

As they headed outside, Coco called for an uber, but while waiting, a car pulled over in front of her house. “Hey! I am Amanda! I am Jason’s fiancé. I am so sorry I could not come for  dinner yesterday. It was really sweet of you to invite us!”

“Hey no worries! That’s what neighbours are for!” Coco replied in kind, though she was glad Amanda did not turn up.

“Listen, I am heading home and we are making some cocktails, do you ladies want to join us for a bit?”

“I ummm, well we were just heading out for dinner.” Coco replied

“No Please, I insist!” Coco and Kim looked at each other, and just nodded in agreement. There is no harm in having  a few drinks before heading out anyway.


Once they arrived at Amanda’s house, Amanda asked the two ladies to become comfortable, as she went to call Jason. The moment Amanda left them, “Hey Kim, listen, her fiancé is one of my high school crushes!”

“Oh really?? Good looking?”

“Oh fuck yes! He is an absolute hunk. And….” Just as she was about to tell Kim about the sex of her life, Amanda came back with Jason. Jason and Coco greeted each other normally, though Jason couldn’t help but linger his hand on her ass.

“You weren’t wrong! II’s a pity he is engaged!” Kim whispered. Coco just smiled to herself and thought about how useless the engagement was. Amanda kept up a conversation, which Coco was barely interested in. She kept looking at Jason and Jason at her. Jason would also exchange glances with Kim.

After a bit, Jason left to go make cocktails for everybody. Amanda took the girls outside and her house for a quick tour of their garden and pool. Kim and Amanda kept talking and Coco decided to use this opportunity to excuse herself to go help Jason with the cocktails.

Coco walked into the kitchen to see Jason shaking away the cocktails. Coco was turned on, she loved a man who could handle a kitchen. She slowly walked up towards him and hugged him from behind and using one hand to grab his groin.

“Woah! Coco! What are you doing?!” Jason was shocked and a little nervous given his fiancé was just outside.

“What? You aren’t happy to see me?” Jason turned around to see this ultra-hot vixen standing in front of him. Her boobs were basically popping out of her top and her skirt perfectly hugging her gorgeous ass.

“I am so happy to see you. But Amanda is just outside!”

“I know! Isn’t this super-hot and exciting!”

“Yeah I guess! You are crazy aren’t you”

“You bet!” without further warning, she squatted down and unzipped his jeans and pulled out that growing beast of his. She put that thick meat in her mouth and started vigorously sucking him off. She sucked him harder and longer until he had reached full length. “Oh GOD! You have an amazing cock!”

“Well you know how to take care of it!” Coco wanted more, and so pulled her barely covered boobs out of her top and placed his cock between her globes and started tity fucking him.

“Oh god, you cock feels so good between my tits!” As Jason picked up the pace of fucking her tits, he heard Amanda coming back and quickly stopped. Coco hastily put her boobs back inside her top. She stood up and started crushing mint leaves. Jason still was rock hard and his bulge was very noticeable. He hid behind the counter so that Amanda could not see.

Amanda and Kim walked back into the kitchen. “You guys are still not done yet?”

“Well good cocktails take time. Trust me the reward is going to be spectacular” Coco replied. The two girls headed back inside towards the living room. Kim was looking at Coco quizzically, but Coco gave her nothing. The moment they left, Coco unzipped his trousers once again and started jerking him off. “Listen, I need you inside of me now!” She bent over the counter and started twerking her ass. “C’mon, give me that cock!” She whispered.

Jason stood behind her, pushed up her tight skirt to reveal a sexy thong. He moved it to one side and started teasing her pussy with his head. Coco moaned softly and turned her head around with a look of pure lust. Jason gave in and pushed his cock into her wet pussy. Coco yelped and then moaned away. Jason covered her mouth with one hand and used the other to grab her waist and started to drill her. Coco was doing really well not to scream out in pleasure. Jason let her mouth go so that he could fondle with her breasts. Coco was now moaning more in pleasure. Jason increased his speed even more and pounding noise got even louder. Jason decided to switch on the blender to mask the noise.

“OH fuck babe! I am going to cum!” Sure enough, Coco squirted big time! She was panting heavily and her legs were weak. Jason bent down and started licking up her juices from pussy. Coco cooed more in pleasure. Jason was enjoying this even more. Coco suddenly stopped him. Jason was surprised as well. “Babe, I want your cum now!”

“What now? I can’t so fast!”

“Don’t worry, I will help you! Plus we need to go out with cocktails soon!” She started vigourously sucking him off and using her tits as well to get Jason to cum fast. After about 5 minutes of intense blowjob, Jason was finally about to cum. “Do it straight into my mouth!” And he did, let out a big load into her mouth.

Coco didn’t swallow it, instead mixed it in with the cocktails! “You dirty girl!” Jason said in shock. They finally fixed each other up and went out to the living room with the cocktails. Amanda, Kim and Coco all had the ‘special’ Jason cocktails.

“Mmm this is different! What’s in it?” Amanda asked. Clearly, she had never tasted her own fiancé’s cum.

“It’s Jason’s special ingredient!” Coco replied with a naughty smile on her face and winked at Jason.


After the cocktails, the girls headed out to the restaurant they had planned to go to. Once they finished their meal, they headed straight to their favourite bar. They got more drinks and started dirty dancing away with each other. There were quite a few people staring at the slutty show being put on display, but neither of the two ladies cared so much.

Coco had not told Kim, but she had texted Jason where they would be and he decided to turn up. Kim was surprised and thrilled to see him there. The two ladies then sandwiched Jason and started dirty dancing with him. Whichever way they Jason turned, one of the ladies would start twerking their ass on his groin. Kim who had never felt Jason’s cock, could feel how big it was and it was turning her on even more. She was hoping to get time alone with Jason, so that she could see for herself and play with his huge cock.

After a good hour of dirty dancing, Coco invited Jason back to her place. Throughout the taxi back, Kim was constantly flirting with Jason and rubbing her hands on his inner thigh. He obliged and did the same. Kim was one stunning woman as well and Jason really wanted to fuck her as well tonight, Coco on the other hand was much more sober and was just observing and thinking about a wild night lay ahead of them.

Once they had reached Coco’s home, Coco asked the two of them to get comfortable, as she head upstairs. She actually just wanted Kim to experience Jason’s cock. Coco knew Kim, and Kim wanted a pounding that she would never forget before she got married. As Coco left, Jason poured Kim a glass of wine and sat down on the sofa.

“Jason, you move well on the dance floor.”

“Thanks, you are not so bad yourself. Your body is absolutely stunning!”

“You liked what you saw? Well you will enjoy this even more!” She unzipped her dress and wriggled out of it to reveal the sexy lingerie she was wearing. The strapless bra and corset with her pantyhose made her look even more stunning.

“Wow! Are you sure you want to do this though?” Jason enquired, acting all concerned.

“Oh Stop it now! The whole night you have been dying to fuck me! Stop pretending like you are a faithful fiancé” He grabbed Kim’s hand and followed her into the guest bedroom. She got on the bed as Jason started to unbuckle his belt. She took over and quickly pulled down his jeans and boxers to reveal his monster cock. “Oh MY!!!Aren’t you a big boy! I could tell you were hung well when we were dancing.” She kissed the top of his head and then slowly started to insert his cock in her mouth. She had never had a cock like this before but she was super excited to suck it. She used her saliva to lubricate and started sucking his cock. She had not started to use her hands, she was just using her mouth and tongue to really suck that cock well.

After sucking that cock for a good 10 minutes, she was now absolutely craving it up her tight wet pussy. She pushed Jason on to the bed and straddled him. “Oh Jason, I want you stretch my tight little pussy!” She grabbed his cock and guided it up her tight wet cunt. She slowly sat down onto his cock, taking it all the way up her whole. “Oh my GOD! You are so huge!” She was right, as this was by far the tightest pussy Jason had entered. She slowly started riding him with soft moans of pleasure escaping her mouth. Slowly she increased her rhythm as she got used to Jason’s fat cock. She started to bounce up and down that huge cock, “Oh My GOD! Stretch that tight pussy!” She was already close to an orgasm. “Fuck I’m cumming!!!!” Her juices coated his large cock as she played with her clit. She was still gyrating her hips on his cock. She was speechless, she had never experienced such an intense orgasm before. Her hands were running through her hair and pinching her erect nipples.

“That..was fucking amazing!” She panted and bent over kissed Jason passionately. She got off of his cock and started sucking him off to taste her own cum. She had her pussy on Jason’s face, as he licked away all the pussy juices. He started to lick her tight little asshole as well. “Oh my! You dirty man! Lick that ass good!” Kim was moaning away with a large cock in her mouth. He inserted two fingers up her asshole as he continued to suck her clit. Kim could not believe how good he was, she stopped sucking his cock and just let out moans of pleasure. “FUCK! You really know how to take care of a woman! OH GOD YES! That’s the spot!” She was basically sat on his face, enjoying every bit of his touch.

She stopped him, to his surprise and turned around and straddled him again. “I want that cock inside me again!” She slowly sat down on his cock again and started riding that cock. “My god you are stretching me out!” She started riding him faster and moaned louder. She was playing with her clit as she continued to bounce up and down his cock.

Coco had slipped out of her dress and put on sexy pantyhose with fishnet stockings and high heels. She also strapped on her dildo and went back downstairs. She could her Kim in sheer pleasure as she walked downstairs. She wanted this to happen. She walked slowly into the guest bedroom where she saw Kim bouncing up and down on Jason’s fat cock. Jason saw her walk in and got even more excited. Kim had not noticed as she was still enjoying his cock.

“Fuck me Jason! OH GOD you feel so good!!” Coco came up behind her slowly and grabbed her boobs from behind.

“Enjoying yourself babe?” Coco whispered sensually in her ear.

“Oh my god Babe! It’s so damn good! You need to fuck him babe!”

“I know, I already have…I have my bachelorette surprise for you…”

“huh, wait what?” Without further delay, Coco inserted her lubed up dildo up Kim’s tight little asshole. “OHHH FUCK!! Babe, what the fuck!”

“Shhhh, Take it in slowly babe!” Kim was speechless. She had stopped riding Jason and just felt Coco slowly push her dildo up her tight asshole. Jason could feel the dildo as well, but he started to fuck Kim as Coco went deeper into Kim.

“Fuck babe! I’ve never been DP’d! Go slow!” Coco did just that, as she slowly started getting into her rhythm. Jason too, was moving in and out of her slowly. Kim had stopped saying anything, she was just moaning in pleasure. She was breathing heavily as her tight little holes were getting stretched out. Coco had now started to slowly move in and out of her.

“That’s it, take it like the dirty slut you are!” Coco was herself turned on, as she moved her hand down to Kim’s very sensitive clit. She started to rub her clit slowly, with Kim now moaning louder. “You like that don’t you? You like having both your holes stuffed! Tell me you love it!”

“OH GOD I love it! Treat me like you sex pet!” Coco had now quickened her pace as Kim’s tight little Asian ass started to gape and Jason also sensing the understanding, started to pound that tight pussy of hers. “OH GOD YES! FUCK ME! FUCK BOTH MY HOLES! ARGH!” Kim was now just shouting in pleasure. She was not going to last long, as she was about to cum again. “FUCKK!!! I’m CUMMING!” Her whole body shook as she had one of her biggest orgasms.

Coco continued to play with her boobs now and pulled out of her ass. Kim also got off of Jason’s dripping wet cock. Coco immediately took Jason’s cock into her mouth to taste Kim’s tasty juices, as Kim caught her breath. She was still a bit dazed. Once Coco had sucked Jason off, Jason got up and kissed Coco and then both of them grabbed Kim and pushed her down to suck Jason’s cock and Coco’s dildo. “That’s it Kim, suck that cock and dildo.” Jason instructed her, as she went from one pole to another. Jason and Coco looked at each other and knew they both wanted more of Kim. “Babe, it’s my turn to fuck that tight little ass!” Jason exclaimed. He lied back down and positioned his cock for penetration. Kim turned around to face Coco and to kiss her passionately.

As they kissed, Coco guided Jason’s cock into Kim’s asshole. “OH MY GOD! FUCK he Is so BIG!” Kim exclaimed. Jason could feel how tight her ass was. Even though she had Coco’s dildo up her, Jason was a different ball game!

“Shhhh, take it in slowly!” Coco whispered as she kissed Kim on her neck and started to suck and play with her perky boobs. Kim slowly started to ride that hard cock and moaned in deep pleasure. Coco had now moved down to her wet pussy and started to lick her clit.

“Mmmm, that’s the spot!” Kim was now playing with her nipples as she started to ride that dick. Jason realised she was now comfortable and grabbed her waste and started to really fuck her.  “OH MY GOD YES! JASON FUCK ME! UNH UNH UNH!” Kim was definitely now in pleasureville as Coco continued to suck her clit while her ass got pounded. She was close to another orgasm, but Coco stopped licking her clit, got up, looked into her eyes and inserted her dildo up her pussy. “OH YES! Stuff both my holes! Fuck me like never before!” Kim screamed in pleasure. Her orgasm came and it was the biggest yet! The orgasm pushed Coco’s dildo out, as Kim squirted for the first time.  Coco was turned on by that, as Jason pulled out of her. Kim was now flat on her back on the bed and Coco now went down and started licking her pussy to taste her juices. Her body still shaking from her orgasm. Jason had moved towards Kim’s head and shoved his cock in her mouth. She automatically started sucking him while her pussy got licked.

Coco once had had enough, she grabbed Kim by her waste and lifted her up, as her legs wrapped around her waist and arms around Coco. The two girls kissed passionately, as Jason came in from behind and started kissing Kim on her back.

“I want more! I want more!” Kim whispered, and the two duly obliged and Jason inserted his cock up her ass, while Coco pushed her dildo up her pussy and the two started bouncing Kim on their poles. “That’s it! Fuck me like the fuck toy I am! Fuck me like my fiancé has never fucked me!” Kim moaned more in pleasure, as she bounced up and down two very large poles. Her ass had stretched enough to take Jason’s huge cock. Coco was also really pounding Kim’s pussy, while making out with her. Kim was close to another orgasm. “FUCK I am going to cum again! FUCK!!!!” She screamed as her orgasm hit! She squirted everywhere again. Jason was also close to cumming himself.

Kim had gone on her knees and had started sucking on the dildo and her pussy was aching from pleasure. “I am going to cum too”

“Oh yes! I want more of that cum of yours!” Coco bent down as well and stuck her tongue out.

“Oh, god yes! Give me that warm cum!” Kim exclaimed as well, as she took her stuck her tongue out as well. Within second, Jason busted a big load and it went into Coco’s mouth and Kim’s and all over their faces and boobs. “Oh, MY god, that was huge!” Kim exclaimed in excitement and shock. The two girls sucked every last drop out of Jason and then started kissing each other and licking his cum off each other’s bodies.

Jason collapsed on the bed as he watched the two dirty sluts cum swapping and making out passionately. After a bit, Jason left to go get a drink from the kitchen, as the girls continued to kiss each other.

“Babe, thanks for this amazing night! I don’t think I am ever going to be this satisfied!” Kim thanked Coco for the night of her life. “I have never experienced orgasms with that much intensity before…I am so sensitive down there, it’s unreal.” Kim exclaimed.

“I am glad babe. I am so glad I had my first threesome with you.” Coco and Kim kissed more passionately. Coco took Kim back on the bed, with Kim on top, the two girls started kissing more passionately. “Babe, I am still so turned on! I could go all night with you.” Coco whispered to Kim, as her breathing quickened, because Kim had inserted two fingers up Coco’s wet pussy.

“You horny bitch! I know you are dying for more sex!” Kim teased her as she slowly went down Coco’s amazing body. She took off her strap on and started teasing her vagina.

“You bet I am fucking horny! Ever since ICE broke his cock, I have been unsatisfied till this weekend!” Coco was now desperate for the same pleasure that Kim had got. Kim slowly started to lick Coco’s pussy as she cooed in pleasure.

Jason meanwhile had walked back into the room to be greeted by a pleasant surprise of two extremely hot girls going at it. Just by watching them he started to become hard again. He started to jerk off to the show in front of him.

As Kim continued to lick Coco’s wet pussy, she looked up to see Jason jerking off to the two ladies. Kim smiled and said, “ Babe, our friend is back and is equipping himself well..” Coco turned her head around to see Jason’s growing penis and she smiled as well. Coco got up and got on all fours and the two girls motioned him over. Jason walked up to the foot of the bed, where Coco pulled him towards her.

“It’s my turn to enjoy this cock again.” She slipped that cock into her mouth and started slowly sucking him off. She was not using her hands as she bobbed up and down that cock using her mouth. Kim continued to lick Coco’s pussy from behind and she started to lick her ass as well. Coco came off the cock with a pop, “Fuck that’s it babe, get my holes primed for this cock.” Coco started twerking her ass on Kim’s face as she continued to suck cock.

Jason was now fully hard and Coco could not wait any longer. She turned around and faced Kim and made out with her as she shook her ass invitingly. Jason took the invitation, and pushed his hard cock into her wet pussy. “Fuck, that’s it Jason, you know how I like it! Give me that cock of yours!” He started ramming her wet pussy as he watched her boobs jiggle away. “That’s it baby! Right in there! Give me that big dick! I’m a cock hungry slut!”

“That you are! Now eat my pussy as well!” Kim instructed her as she shoved her wet pussy in Coco’s mouth. “Oh yeah! That’s it, lick that clit good! Go on Jason, smack that perfect booty of hers!” Jason didn’t need telling twice as he smacked that perfect ass.

“Oh GOD yes!” Coco moaned in pleasure. She knew she was about to cum soon. “Keep going! I’m going to cum! FUCK!” She once again squirted everywhere. Her body was gyrating from the sheer force of the orgasm. Kim was super excited, she crawled under Coco and started sucking Jason’s cum coated dick and Coco’s dripping wet twat. “Mmmm, how does that taste babe?”

“Fucking perfect!” Kim continued to lick and suck as Coco softly moaned. Kim then grabbed Jason’s dick and started teasing Coco’s pussy.

“Babe, I want it up my ass!”

“You anal whore!” Kim exclaimed and gleefully guided that perfect cock into that perfect asshole.

“OOO yes! God I love that dick up my ass!” Jason started to slowly pound her ass with Kim jerking him off at the same time. “Oh GOD JASON!” Coco was in pure pleasure.” Babe lick my pussy!” Kim gleefully took that invitation and started licking that dripping wet pussy. “Oh FUCK me! Fuck me harder!” Jason increased his penetration as Coco moaned away in sheer delight. Her moans got louder with every thrust, she knew was going to cum soon again. Good anal always made her cum quick, “ Fuck I’m going to cum again!” Once again she let out a big squirt all over Kim’s face. Coco was gyrating like crazy, her body felt weak, but her ass wanted more.

Jason pushed his cock into Kim’s mouth as Kim sucked on that perfect cock. Coco turned back around, still on top of Kim and now both girls started sucking that nice big hard dick. Kim was now sucking Jason’s balls as Coco tasted her sweet ass. Jason could not believe how well he was being treated, Best two girl blowjob he had ever had. “Kim, I want a dp as well! Wear that strap on now!” Coco continued to vigorously suck that cock, as Kim got up and put on the strap on. She got behind Coco and inserted that dildo up her wet pussy as Coco continued to suck Jason’s cock. “Oh babe! Stop! I want both of you!” Coco got up, threw a couple of pillows on the floor at the foot of the bed, put her head down and her ass vertically up in the pile driver position. “ Now fuck me!”

Kim was shocked at how hot Coco looked in that position. Jason got on the bed, and got ready to penetrate her ass. Kim moved to come face to face with Jason, as she position herself on top of Coco’s pussy. Together, the two of them inserted their poles inside Coco. “FUCK! Oh MY GAWD! This feels amazing! Keep fucking me good!” Jason and Kim made out as they pounded away in Coco’s holes, as Coco continued to be in dreamland. She was close to another orgasm, “OH GAWD!” With that she came again, again her orgasm pushing Kim’s dildo out of her pussy. Kim squatted down, with her ass on Coco’s face as she licked Jason’s cock and her Coco’s pussy.

Jason had started to tire now. He had never gone this long into the night but he knew he was with two cock hungry whores. He was not going to stop now! Kim had stopped licking both of them, and got up while helping Coco up as well.  The two girls made out again passionately and then Kim dragged Coco to the bed once more. “babe, I want you to ride this dildo now!” Kim lied down and Coco got on top of her and the two ladies kissed once more. Kim guided her dildo up Coco’s pussy as the two continued to make out. Coco used her hips to twerk her pussy on to the dildo as the girls continued to make out and fuck. Jason came in from behind, grabbing Coco’s ass and pushing his penis into her ass. Coco did not say anything, but just moaned in pleasure. Jason went full throttle and really started pounding that ass. Coco broke the kiss off and screamed, “FUCK! THAT’S IT! I LOVE IT WHEN YOU go full animal on my ass!” Jason continued to drill Coco and he could feel he was about to cum again.

“Babe, you look so hot getting pounded in both holes!” Kim exclaimed. Coco climaxed again, and Jason was close as well.

“FUCK BABE, I am going to cum!”

“Do it in my ass, I want to feel that warm cum inside of me!” Within a minute more, Jason let out a big load inside Coco’s asshole. Once he jerked everything off inside her hole, he pulled out and collapsed on the bed. Coco got off of Kim and Kim crawled towards her asshole to lick that warm cum out.

“Coco, you are such a dirty whore! I love it!” Kim licked all of Jason’s cum from her ass, crawled up to Coco’s mouth and sluts began to cum swap and make out, The two ladies continued to lick and clean each other’s holes for another 2 minutes before finally stopping.

All three finally got up and went into the toilet to clean up a bit and head upstairs to Coco’s room. Jason collapsed and the two girls did likewise either side of him, with all three looking at each other for a second and then laughing at their surreal night. Kim could not believe how good her bachelorette month had started and it would be difficult to top this, while Coco could not believe how satisfied she finally was after a long time. With that, all three passed out and got some well-deserved sleep.

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