Coercing Camila

Title: Coercing Camila

Author: Kicks

Celebs: Camila Cabello

Codes: reluc, oral, anal

Disclaimer: This is purely fiction, it in no way represents real life.



I had been working with Camila Cabello’s performing group for a few months, when I picked up the most important job of any of us. None of the public knew, and only a few crew members, but Camila had begun to suffer from stage fright when she went solo. She had finally found a solution to her problem, in the form of cocaine. She would do a line or two before she went out, and all would go well. I was the guy she had tasked with getting it before each show.

It was the night before one of Camila’s shows, and she had texted me earlier to make sure I had been able to get her some coke, as she had used the last of her supply at the last stop. I left my room and hopped in the elevator, as I texted her to tell her I was coming. While on my phone, I got an alert that my bank account was very low. It was Camila, since she never paid me the full amount, and sometimes nothing at all. I totaled up what she should have owed me, with it coming in at nearly $6,000. I began preparing my thoughts, wanting to make sure that I would actually get my money this time.

When I reached her room, I knocked sharply on the door. It opened quickly, revealing the beautiful singer, wearing jeans and a tank top. She ushered me in immediately and closed the door so we could make the exchange.

“You got it, right? Where is it?” She asked nervously.

“Don’t worry, I got it. But first, can you actually pay me for it?” I replied.

She smiled at me as she turned to a bag and rifled through it. The smile faded into a frown as she put down that bag and looked through another.

“Uh, I don’t have any money with me.”

“Camila, you owe me almost $6,000! I can’t give it to you if you can’t pay me!”

She stood quickly, pleading, “You have to, I can’t perform without it!”

At this point, I realized how much power I had over her. She owed me money, but for one of the first times, I realized how damaging it would be if I leaked her addiction to the media. The twisted part of my 24 year old brain, the part that had always wanted to sleep with her, kicked into gear. I smiled widely, as I said, “Alright, I’ll give it to you. On one condition.”

“Oh, thank you so much! Anything, name it,” she responded gratefully.

“You’d have to do everything I tell you,” I said, stressing the word everything.

“What do you mean?” She asked suspiciously.

“Everything,” I repeated with a glance at my crotch.

Her face fell as she realized my meaning. “No, I’m not gonna blow you over a $6,000 debt!”

“Well, it wouldn’t just be a blowjob. If you don’t do this, I’ll tell the media about your little coke habit.”

“Fuck you, you bastard! I’m not doing that” She hissed angrily as she realized my full plan.

I merely shrugged, set in my plan. “If you want the media not to know, you have one minute.” I looked at my watch and began counting down quietly as Camila stood thinking. With ten seconds left of her minute, she made her decision.

“Fucking fine, I’ll do it, you asshole! What do you want?”

“I’m glad to hear it. Kiss me.” I stepped forward and roughly kissed the 21 year old, immediately running my hands over her body. She didn’t reciprocate, so without fully removing my lips from hers, I said, “If you don’t at least pretend to enjoy it, the deal is off.” She growled in anger, but began to kiss me back. Both my hands had reached her butt, and were now caressing it through her jeans. I slipped my tongue into her mouth, but it took a strong squeeze of her ass to make her use her own tongue. We continued to kiss for a few minutes, as I explored every inch of her body with my hands and every inch of her mouth with my tongue. When I couldn’t stand my own impulses anymore, I broke the kiss. “Take off my shirt,” I ordered. Camila stepped forward and slowly unbuttoned each button of my shirt, glaring at me all the while. I knew the glare was from anger, but she looked so sexy, it turned me on. As she slipped my shirt off my arms and onto the ground, I continued. “Your shirt. Off.” She took the tank top off and tossed it aside, leaving her in a black lace bra. She glared at me again, the purpose of which I ignored. “Jeans.” She huffed angrily and rolled her eyes, but unbuttoned them and slid them down her legs before stepping out of them. The singer was now clad in only her bra and black thong underwear, and I made a motion with my finger for her to spin around. I whistled, impressed with her body, and got just the barest hint of a smile. “Take off the rest.” She stripped completely, showing all of her gorgeous figure. But my erection was straining to be relieved so I moved on quickly. “On your knees.” She knew what I meant and began to unbutton my pants as she hit the floor, before fishing my cock out of my boxers and pushing it all to my ankles. Camila glared up at me, unintentionally turning me on, as I rubbed my sword across her soft, full lips. Her warm breath felt great as she softly exhaled. I nodded at her, and she took control from there. She immediately took my length into her throat, as roughly two thirds of my dick went down her gullet. I groaned at the incredible sensation as she swirled her tongue across the underside, while still holding the deep throat. She bobbed her head as she jacked me off with circular motions of her smooth hand. Camila continued with her hand as she licked and kissed my balls while staring at me with those beautiful brown eyes, nearly making my knees buckle in the process. My cock was throbbing as she continued to work my nuts and twitched with every move she made, a fact not lost on her. Finally, I couldn’t stand it anymore. I grabbed a handful of her long hair and unceremoniously stuffed my tool into her mouth, briefly gagging her as she swamped me in saliva. I slowly pushed her head down, marveling at her cock-sucking abilities, as she could easily take 7 inches into her throat. I let her come back up to regain her breath before moving to what I knew would be the final act. Before Camila figured out what was coming, I placed my hands on both sides of her head and began to face-fuck her. Even as skilled as she was, having 9 inches of man meat stuffed down her throat repeatedly was more than she could handle.

“MMMPPPH, unngh, ugh,” she spluttered as she gagged loudly. I knew I was close to cumming, so I sped my pace even more as I rammed Camila’s head to take all of my length into her throat over and over. Finally, I held her down as I exploded in the back of her throat, forcing her to swallow what was likely the largest load of my life. Camila struggled, but began to choke and was forced to swallow, at which point I finally let go of her head. She looked incredibly sexy to me, with spit and makeup all over her face. She coughed, clearing her lungs of the last remnants of my load, before glaring at me. “You’re an asshole.” I barely even registered the insult as I cupped her face and raised her chin to look at me. “Lead the way to the bedroom,” I told her.


Camila led me through her suite, and I was briefly distracted from staring at Camila’s ass by how much nicer her room was than mine. As we walked through the full kitchen, I stopped. “Hang on, stand next to that counter.” Camila walked over and did as I said. “Bend over it a bit.” She did, and to my luck, it would work perfectly for what I had in mind later. “Alright,” I said as I saw the bed, “get on all fours for me.” She hopped onto the bed and did as I said, and which point I walked around behind her and admired the view of her derrière. “Spread your cheeks.” She reached behind her and did as I ordered, giving me a fabulous view of her shaved cookie and perfect rosebud. I moved closer, and even as my cock screamed to penetrate her, I couldn’t resist teasing her. I placed my dick between her butt cheeks and rubbed it along her smooth skin, stimulating her pussy. Camila pressed back against me in time with each thrust as she moaned quietly. Unable to stand it myself anymore, I entered her for the first time. The feeling was indescribable, as the heat of her combined with how tightly her pussy wrapped around my shaft. I slowly thrust in and out of her, taking my time, and watched her ass quiver with each contact. “Goddamn girl, you have got to be the finest export of Cuba ever,” I commented. I began to pick up the pace and really give it to her, giving her tight ass a few slaps in the meantime.  I continued to drill the singer from behind, but switched it up a bit as I pushed her flat to the bed for a prone bone. This new position tightened her honeypot even more and felt absolutely amazing. I pounded her for a few minutes as I raced toward cumming a second time. I continued at a frenzied pace, when with a groan, I shot my load into her. I pulled out and admired my handiwork as Camila glared  me, asking, “Are we done?”

“No, but we’re onto the finale. Doggy style or standing for this? Ladies choice.” I replied.

“Oh come on! You just came in Me! What more are you doing?”

“I’m going to fuck you in the ass,” I replied.

“No, no, fuck you! You already got to fuck me, I’m done!”

I shrugged and began to get up. “If you want the press to know you do coke, then fine.”

I could see the indecision on her face as she tried to tell if I was bluffing. To convince her, I grabbed my phone and began to type a message.

“Alright, fine, you bastard. Do it.” She said angrily.

“What am I doing exactly?” I asked pointedly.

She glared at me again as she realized what I wanted, and she muttered, “Fuck my ass.”

“What was that, Camila?”

“Fuck me in the ass!” She said loudly this time. My cock twitched just hearing the words. I pulled her onto all fours again as I knelt behind her and swirled my tongue around her rosebud.

“Ugh, God, you fucking pervert,” she hissed angrily, as I stuck my tongue fully into her butt.

“Do you know how many guys, just in the crew, wanna do this? All of them.” I answered as I continued to eat her delicious ass. As much as I wanted to continue all night, I moved back and aligned my throbbing erection with Camila’s now-twitching bunghole. I pressed in slowly, even after my tongue, her ass was like a vise. Once I had embedded myself to the hilt, I held my position, feeling her muscles clench around my tool. I slowly withdrew, then quickly thrust in again. I continued in that pattern, adding a spank each time I thrust in to tighten her muscles even more. Finally, I grabbed a handful of her hair, placed a hand on her hip, and began to rapidly thrust in and out. I went as quickly as I could, the sound of skin slapping filling the room. Like a freight train came the need to cum again, but I just continued. I felt my eyes roll back as I blasted my load deep into her rectum, at which point I slowly pulled out. Camila stayed where she was, catching her breath, as I watched my cum ooze out of her gaping, and occasionally twitching, asshole. I saw my phone on the table nearby and took a quick picture from behind as I was, saying, “This won’t get shown to anyone. This is just my protection. If you fire me, then I’ll show people.” Camila began to protest, but decided to just accept as I got off the bed and prepared to leave. The clock on the table showed that we had fucked for nearly an hour and a half. I grabbed my clothes and put them on, while Camila lay on the bed, exhausted  from the session. As I finished, I leaned down and gave her one last long kiss, which she seemed to barely register, before I set the bag of coke on the table.

“G’night Camila. Pleasure doing business with you,” I said over my shoulder as I left the room.


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