Colby And Jerri, The Last Survivors

Colby and Jerri, The Last Survivors

Colby and Jerri were now the last two survivors left, after a rough
day battling in the outback they spent the next day resting. When they awoke
they both found out that they were getting a special present for being the
last two. They would both enjoy dining together in a lush indoor hotel back
on the mainland. Jerri couldn’t believe her luck, not only was she one of the
finalist, but now she would be spending an evening with Colby, who she had a
huge crush on. She was shown to her room at the hotel and told she had an
hour to get ready. On her way to the shower she noticed
a suitcase of clothes
that she could pick from, after she showered she rumbled through them and
found a long slender black dress. She also found matching stockings, garter
belt and silk panties. She smiled at herself as she thought of Colby’s face
when he saw her in them. Jerri knew tonight was the night. She first slid
into her silk panties and pulled them against her body, they felt wonderful
against her freshly shaven pussy. Next were the black stocking and garter
belt. She looked into the mirror and said to herself “my my you are a slut”
She then slipped into the dress. It was a bit tight, whoever picked it out
had never seen Jerri’s well-endowed chest. She lastly slipped on a pair or
black heels and fastened the straps. “He is not going to say no to me this
time” she said as she walked out the door. Colby was meanwhile sitting on his
bed dreading the evening. The last person he wanted to be with was a bitch
like Jerri. He looked over at the clothes he had and picked out, a pair of
khaki pants and a sweater, which was tight against his tanned body. He heard
a knock at the door and when he opened it he could not believe what he saw.
He had to play it cool, it was a good thing that his pants had plenty of room
in them or he would have given it away immediately! He closed the door and
they went to dinner. The dinner was very good and now they were done and were
both walking up to their rooms, Jerri had once again turned off Colby with
her attitude and selfishness, he could only think about how good the bed
would feel. Jerri had enjoyed the evening very much and was ready to put
phase 2 of her plan into action. They reached Colby’s room first and Colby
was about to say goodnight when Jerri asked if she could come in for a while.
“Its late and I need some sleep” he said, “but you slept all day yesterday,
lets just talk for a little longer” Jerri said as she walked into Colby’s
room. Colby was too tired to argue and closed the door behind him. He sat on
a large couch that lay in the corner of the room, Jerri took a seat on the
edge of the bed facing Colby, she had let one of the straps of her dress fall
away from her shoulder. “So what next Mr. Colby?” Jerri said as she watched
Colby get comfortable in the plush sofa. “You do realize you don’t have a
chance in hell to win this thing.” Colby blurted out. Jerri stood up and
moved towards him and got right in front of him. Looking down she said “I’m
not only going to win, I’m going to enjoy doing it.” Colby smiled and watched
Jerri as she walked away to use the bathroom. When Jerri returned she found
him asleep with his arms spread out on the top of the couch. His legs were
spread and she knew that this was the moment to get her revenge. She went
over to the suitcase and found a Turkish robe. She took the belt out and cut
it in half. She then went over to Colby and carefully tied the ropes around
his wrists and then to two wall lamps that were hanging above the couch, she
barely had enough rope for the job, but had enough to make it work. She used
two belts to fix his legs apart tying them to the legs of the couch. Jerri
sat back and looked over her handiwork and smiled, she then stood up and blew
lightly in Colby’s ear. He quickly jumped but the bonds held strong “what the
hell is this?” He yelled. “This is pay back for being such a jerk to me” she
answered. Colby protested again and Jerri stuffed a sock into his mouth. “Now
if you are a good boy I won’t call room service and let them see you like
this,” Jerri said with a smile on her face. “Do we understand each other?”
she asked. Colby mumbled something and Jerri took that as a yes. Jerri moved
a chair in front of her helpless slave and undid the straps on her heels. She
then reached over and undid Colby’s pants pulling both the pants and his
underwear down to his ankles. “Is that all you have to show me tonight Mr.
Colby” she mocked looking at his 4 inch softened cock. “Let me help you with
that” she said moving her feet to his cock. She rubbed her foot against his
cock and looked him right in the eye “Does that feel good? I bet it has been
a long time since you
have felt this.” Colby strained against his bonds trying to escape this, but
the more he tried the worse it got. Jerri then moved one of her feet to rest
under his balls and the other along the shaft of his cock. She now rubbed
both at the same time and it wasn’t long before Colby was stiff as steel.
Jerri stood up and slowly removed the dress from her voluptuous body. She
then turned around and bent over putting her ass right in Colby’s face then
slowly slid her soaked panties down her legs. “I think you have gotten me a
bit wet…of course it isn’t the first time” she said Colby strained again
and mumbled something under his gag. “Oh you want to say something” she
reached over and pulled the sock out of his mouth, but before Colby could
utter a word she replaced it with her soaked black thong. Colby was now irate
and was pulling at the ropes. Jerri grabbed his hair and pulled his head
back. “I am in control here now and I’m going to do whatever I want to you!”
Jerri sternly whispered in his ear. She then traced her hands down his body,
stopping at each nipple to massage and then pinch them. Jerri then moved her
hands over his thighs. Colby put his head back and closed his eyes, he knew
he just had to give in. The feeling of her long curly hair against his legs
was enough to make him dizzy. Jerri knelt in from of him and took his ball in
her left hand. She worked the tips of her fingers against the soft flesh
making her captive jerk. She then took her tongue and swirled it around the
head of his cock. She could feel the bulging veins in her right hand as he
strained his cock against the movements of her tongue. Jerri parted her lips
and worked her mouth slowly down Colby’s cock. She had never in her lifetime
attempted to suck such a huge cock. Colby’s mind started to clear and he
realized just how good Jerri could give head. She gave a very wet blow job,
occasionally looking up at Colby with saliva all over her mouth and in her
hair. A trace made a thin line from the head of Colby’s cock to Jerri’s lower
lip. Colby’s cock now was glistening with the color red, each vein now
pushing against the surface as Jerri’s lips slid against them. Jerri knew
that she wasn’t able to go all the way down on his massive cock so she put as
much as she could, several times she would gag and have to come up for air.
She could tell he was close and now gave him a special treat. She dipped her
middle finger in the saliva that had accumulated at the base of his dick and
then slid her finger into his asshole. Now she had him three ways, her lips
against his cock, her hand rubbing his balls and her finger sliding in and
out of his asshole. It didn’t take long for him to blow weeks of cum into
Jerri’s hot mouth. Jerri swallowed quickly but it kept coming. When she had
milked him to completion she looked up and let some cum run down her chin.
She licked her lips and made one final plunge down to clean his cock. “Now it
is my turn to get off” she said as she stepped up onto the couch were she
stood straddling Colby legs. She reminded him of her threat to call room
service and then removed the gag. ” You little whore” he said. Jerri just
smiled and turned around so her ass was in his face. She then bent over and
put her hands on the chair in font of her. Her pussy was right in his face.
Colby now worked his tongue deep into her, not leaving any spots untouched.
Jerri bent down a little more and Colby worked his tongue into the crack of
her ass. He reamed her tight hole and made Jerri moan deeply. Soon Jerri was
cumming and when she finally got down off the couch she saw what a mess she
had made of Colby’s face. “Did you ever think that you would have my pussy
juices all over your face tonight” she said laughing. “Only if you had my cum
running down your lips” he quipped. Jerri hated that he always had a
comeback. She got in his face again and pulled at his hair. “You think you
can handle me or are you going to cum in 30 seconds like a school yard geek?”
she said as she straddled his enormous dagger hardened again from hearing
Jerri’s moans. Slowly she worked the tip into her drenched pussy. Colby’s
cock split her pussy lips like never before. She felt like she was a virgin
again, bent over in the locker room getting fucked by the schools black
quarterback during half-time. Colby broke her out of her spell by jerking
against her forcing his cock further into her. She let out a yelp and looked
down at him. “Do that again and I will cut off your balls” she then reached
down and yanked on his left nipple causing his to jerk in pain. Jerri resumed
her position on his cock and fucked him for what seemed like hours, always
stopping right before Colby could cum again each time reaching down and
pulling on his balls, sending his cum back into his sack. Jerri was in the
middle of another orgasm when she heard a loud noise, she opened her eyes
only to see that Colby had now broken away from his ties. He grabbed her by
the hair and held her down. He undid the ropes on his ankles and used them to
tie Jerri to the chair. She was weakened by the orgasms she had just had and
couldn’t fight, she tried to scream but Colby was fast to stuff her mouth
with a sock. “Now look who is in control now” he said. Jerri couldn’t believe
she had let this happen. It was another 8 hours until someone would come for
them to go back to the island, she knew that Colby was pissed and feared now
for the worse………

The End

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