College Concert Series: Shakin’ It Up

College Concert Series: Shakin’ It Up

By HanselHot

This is part one of a series of what I hope to be great stories. Please comment or e-mail me at thank you and enjoy.

For has long has I could remember I could make people do what I want just by saying it. It’s what got me thru high school with straight A’s and then getting me in to college were I was ready to make every guy’s dream come true. First let me tell you what I look like, I am 6’3 185 brown hair green eyes and I go to Glenwood St. University. The G-Wood (Glenwood for short) concert series is once a month event on campus
that brings in the hottest acts today. This month Shakira was set to perform and I was ready to start with my master plan.

I am on the board of students who help get the stage and everything ready for the show. So the show went off great and Shakira brought the house down! She was all sweaty and hot after the set and was asking if there was a shower she could use. I was backstage when I overheard she say this so I went to her manager and commanded him to bring to my apartment. (Which I live in rent-free thanks to my power) I got to my place before her limo got there and set up everything.

“Is the place I can take a shower?” The pop star asked.

“Yes it is come in; I am Nic nice to meet you, great show tonight.”

“Thank you, were is the bathroom I am really hot”

“Right over here, but first can I ask you one thing?”

“Sure what’s up?”

That’s when I looked right in her eyes and said “sleep!”

She froze in her tracks and closed her eyes. I told her to follow all of my orders. First I want you to took a shower and has you get cleaner you will get more and more horny till you have to shave your pussy so you can get some relief. Then you will come to my bedroom and wait for your next order.

“Yes Nic.”

“3..2..1..wake!” I ordered.

She then walked to the bathroom and started the shower. I then headed to my room and waited. about a minute later I hear moaning getting loader and loader from the shower. I was ready to start with my own College concert series in my bedroom.

The water stopped running and the sexist’s singer in the world walked out of the bathroom with only my bathrobe on.

“I am ready for my next order Nic.”

“did you shave your pussy Shaki?” (my new nickname for her)

“yes and I all most had a orgasm”

“very nice, now I need you to make love to me but you will wake from your sleep and seduce me. You are you look at me like I am the sexiest man in the world.

“yes Nic”


“wow that shower was great I feel wonderful.”

“glad I could help have fun the rest of the tour and come back to G-Wood U. anytime!”

“what is your rush? I have time if you want to see a surprise I have for you?”

“sure I would love to”

“great wait right here, I’ll be right back.”

She then went her tour bus that was waiting out front. I thought my plan had failed. I looked out the window and saw the bus take off. “Shit” I yelled aloud.

“what’s the matter stud?”

I turned and looked at my apartment doorway and saw Shakira with my robe still on.

“I thought you left?”

“I told the bus to come back in an hour or 2, I still need to show you my surprise.”

She then untied the robe and she was wearing a black teddy with no panties so to see hear newly shaved pussy. Wow I thought she must of changed on the bus. this is working better then I could every hope for. Just then she walked up to me and kissed my left ear and whispered “I want to fuck you soooo bad!”

that was it I had to have her right now. I ripped all of my clothes off and picked up my first victim and headed for my bed. I started by kissing her legs and moving to the center honey pot that has been wet and oozing honey since she shaved. I ate her pussy for 5 minutes, she was pulling my hair and yelling “don’t stop don’t stop I want to fucking cum all over your face!! ooooooooohhhhhhhhh gooooooood!!! I’m cuming faster! faster!! faster!!! she then went limp and while recovering she stripped out of her teddy and rowed me over and started to kiss my chest. with the world famous singer on top of me I started to get hard and Shaki felt it on her leg and said.

“looks like I am needed downstairs”

she grabbed my cock and started stroking it with both hand and I grow many more inches to the point were two hands would not work. Shaki licked your lips and went right for my now 10″ cock.

“suck it Shaki! suck my fucking cock!!” I yelled has I played with her blonde hair.

I started to feel with balls tighten up and toed curled up and I knew I was about to unload a huge load of cum in to the singer mouth.

“Here it cooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmesssssss!!!!” I shot about six loads of my love juice in to and around her mouth.

“My god that was the best cock I have every had, let’s go to the shower and clean up stud”

“Sounds good to me baby.”

When we step in the shower I saw some of shakira’s pussy hairs in the drain and was hard again in a flash. I turned the water on and we started to make-out under the hot water.

“let me feel that great cock of yours in my tight pussy Nic!”

“turn around Shaki and he is all yours”

I entered her behind and started slow and worked faster. Man she was tight and she was moan with every trust.

“YES YES YES fill my pussy Nic I need you!!!!!!!!!”

Has I was cuming in her pussy I was thinking about who is coming next month and planning for my next victim. Me and Shakira fucked two more times that night, after the tour bus picked her up I put her black teddy in my drawer hoping to add more to my collection.

Please free to comment or e-mail me with ideas for the next singer to meet Nic. thank you.

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