College Life

“College Life”

By RichM

This is a work of total fiction and is not intended for anyone under 18. Leelee is my favorite babe of all time, so I welcome any feedback from fellow fans to . Thanks!

College sure does suck.

This became apparent to Leelee Sobieski midway through her freshman year. After a lifetime of watching movies portraying college life to be an orgy of beer, drugs, and incredible amounts of sex, the young actress couldn’t help but be a wee bit unimpressed by her schools lack of ‘fun’. Sure, she’d met some cool people, and gotten drunk a few times, but it was
mostly all work and no play around here. She still couldn’t believe she’d given up four years of her movie career for this!

But as of right now, Leelee sat in the school library, once again going over her notes from yesterday’s crummy trig lecture. This was the most exciting part of her day, and was about as much fun as masturbating with sandpaper. Leelee took a breather from her notes and walked over to the vending machine. She needed some sugar if anything was going to get accomplished here. Others had the same idea, apparently, because there was something of a line for the machine. Leelee got on the back of it and got her money ready.

No one had ever really bothered her, about being sorta famous I mean, at the school. Leelee kind of figured she probably wasn’t big enough to warrant any kind of fan base. This was both good and bad in her mind. Good because she didn’t want to give out her autograph and shake hands with every damn person in school, but at the same time bad, because always wanted to enjoy some ‘groupies’. For some reason, Leelee loved the thought of some guy fucking her based solely on the fact she was famous. And funny enough, some guy was squinting at her right now.

Leelee noticed his quizzical glance and flashed her amazing smile. ‘He better not think I’m Hellen Hunt’, she thought with a laugh. The young man was surely trying to figure out who she was. His glance soon wandered down towards her breasts. Leelee was always proud of her perfect B cups, and loved to show a little of them off now and again. Today she was wearing a small little v-neck sweater. She saw his leer and to be honest, it began to get her a little hot. She broke her place in line and walked over to the guy, who quickly went back to his reading.

“What’s up?” Leelee asked with a smile. She could tell he was embarrassed.

“Oh…nothing. Just reading…hey, you’re in my photo class, right? I’m Jason.” He lied to explain his glances. She wasn’t buying it.

“Uh, no, I don’t take any photo classes. Do you know who I am?”

“…No..I’m sorry I was looking at you, I just thought I knew you from somewhere…” Jason was red faced and stuttering. She thought it was the cutest thing.

“I’m Leelee Sobieski. I’m an actress. Here On Earth, Eyes Wide Shut, Never Been Kissed….” She trailed off. Jason’s face lit up. he now realized who she was.

“Oh, wow! I know you! That’s awesome! My friend loves you!” Jason turned and yelled across the silent Library, “HEY NATE!! LOOK!!” He pointed to Leelee and she looked over to see Nate. Damn, Nate was hot. Blonde hair, blue eyes, the whole nine yards. Once the two locked eyes, she knew what she had to do.

Nate walked over and shook her hand. He was in shock. She was his goddess. “I’m a huge, huge fan! This is amazing! How long have you been going here?”

Leelee explained she started last month and was very let down by the school so far. Nate and Jason agreed and she invited them back to her dorm room for drinks.

So the three sat there on Leelee’s bed, all having a nice buzz going on. Nate laid back and rested his hands behind his head, staring at Leelee. He was so relaxed he didn’t notice his pants bulge poking up. But she did. “Well, hello there!” Leelee joked, looking down at Nate, “Somebody needs some attention!”

The group laughed and Nate said, “Yeah, right…”

“Are you kidding! It’s about damn time!” Leelee said as she put her glass down and grabbed his budge. Nate looked at Jason shocked. She slowly undid Nate’s pants and pulled his cock out. Leelee began jerking him off immediately. Nate let out a wonderful sigh and relaxed. Jason was a little confused and stared to get up to leave.

“Hold on, Jason. You’re not going anywhere! I’m in the mood for two cocks today. Whip it out.” Leelee spoke as she spit on her hand and got back to work on Nate.

Soon after Leelee was flat out deep-throating both boys, alternating between them. Her head bobbed up and down on Nate’s red prick while she jerked Jason off. She switched every couple of minutes. The guys were in heaven. “Yeah, bitch, suck it…I’ve got a load with your name on it.” Nate began the dirty talk, which Leelee quickly responded to.

“You like having your dick sucked be a famous chick, huh? You wanna shoot your cum all over my face, right?. Clearly, she was a pro. And it had been building up over the past month. Jason couldn’t take it anymore and got and went behind Leelee. She got the message and pulled down her skirt. “Oh, yeah, stick that fucking prick in my ass, Jason.”

Not being one prone to misunderstandings, Jason did just that. Her asshole was super tight and when he entered her, Leelee let out a yelp that was muffled by Nate’s dick in her mouth. Soon after, thought, she eased into it and was in heaven herself. Jason grabbed a bunch of her long dirty blonde hair and rode her violently, pounding his dick in her ass.

“FUCK, YEAH!! RIDE IT!!” Leelee yelled out while continuing to jerk Nate off, “MAKE ME A WHORE!!! COVER ME WITH YOUR FUCKIN’ CUM!” Jason pounded her ass harder. Soon after Nate let on that he was about to shoot his load. Jason concurred and Leelee told him to pull out of her ass. “I want that cum all over my face, guys!”

Both boys stood over a kneeling Leelee and finished themselves all over her face. Streams of hot jizz covered the actress, all the while she had an ear to ear simile. Jason grabbed the back of her head and forced it onto his dick. “Suck every last bit of sperm, whore.” She did just that and licked it clean. Nate then rubbed his cock all around Leelee’s face, spreading his man-goo everywhere. She took her fingers and whipped it all up, and gobbled it all up in a flash.

“Yummy…”, She spoke with a sly glance, “But you boys better save some for tomorrow!”

Jason and Nate looked at each other and smiled. College sure does rock.

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