College Life And The Color Of Amber: Chapter Six – Crosstown Traffic

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Now for the recap portion of the proceedings: In the chapter fives Amber found herself undertaking the not so Herculean task of getting Courtnee Draper into bed for Kirsten Storms and then getting to play with both of them at the same time. The next day Michelle brought Amber a nice little birthday gift, on a leash no less, in the form of a live action Amy Acker fuck doll ready to obey her every command.

On the other side of the coin, Floyd found himself being lured back to Scarlett Johansson’s place and having to endure a night of passion with her jugs shoved in his face. After that the poor guy tried to get some rest by going to a used book store, but wound up being hit on by Emmy Rossum, who just happened to pick that moment to see what it was like to be a bad girl.

Celebs in this story are Amber Tamblyn, Michelle Trachtenberg, Elisha Cuthbert, Tara Reid, Alexis Bledel, Jewel Staite, and Hilarie Burton. The codes are (MF, FF, cons, reluc, oral, anal, toys). Go fuck yourself and go read something else if you dislike those codes or want something more. Or better yet, write it yourself.

“She’s the one for me/She’s all I really need/Cause she’s the one for me.” – Smashing Pumpkins ‘Zero’

The College Life & The Color of Amber: Chapter Six – Crosstown Traffic

By voodoojoe

“So, what are your plans for the summer? Going home to Arizona?” Joe asked Floyd as they watched a little tv before Floyd had to leave for work.

“I don’t know,” Floyd responded. “Jack said I can stay with him and work at the bar if I want, but I think I’ll go home and be lazy since next year we graduate and I’ll have to find a real job. What about you?”

“I might end up in New York,” Joe said. “Michelle is using her connections to get me an audition for All My Children. Just think, I could be a soap star.”

“Just remember me when you become a big star,” Floyd told him.

“When I become as big as Tom Cruise, in terms of star power and not physical size though because he’s a fucking pygmy, you can be in my entourage,” Joe said. “I’ll have a posse that 50 Cent would be jealous of and you can boss all those free loaders around.”

“Second hand power, just the way I like it,” Floyd said, nodding his head in agreement.

“I’ll even be like Kevin Smith and make roles for you in all my movies if you want,” Joe offered.

“No thanks, but I can be the one to yell that you only want blue M&M’s and Sierra Springs water in your dressing room,” Floyd said.

“Deal,” Joe agreed. “But make it Reese’s Pieces and Mike’s Hard Lemonade. Wouldn’t want them thinking I was soft or anything.”

“Of course not,” Floyd said.

“I probably shouldn’t be telling you this, but Michelle has something planned,” Joe said.

“Do I want to know what it is?” Floyd groaned.

“She’s giving Amber a birthday party,” Joe said. When Floyd didn’t quite catch what he had to do with it Joe added the key piece of information. “She’s doing it at the bar.”

“Shit,” Floyd cursed. He wasn’t in the mood to deal with Michelle and he really didn’t want to have to see Amber.

“Just giving you a bit of a heads up beforehand so you’re not taken completely off guard,” Joe said.

“Thanks man,” Floyd said. “Now I have to go to work with this hanging over my head, but at least I know some of what to expect.”

+ * + * +

Amber decided to stay in bed late just lounging around and being lazy. She didn’t have anything to do until the party Michelle had planned for her and didn’t feel like adding anything to her calendar. All she felt like doing at the moment was letting the smooth sheets rub against her naked body while she drifted in and out of sleep.

After a couple hours though she got bored. Even the prospect of some extra sleep wasn’t able to sustain her. All she could think about was how Michelle had promised Kate to her as a birthday present.

While Michelle generally got what she wanted she wasn’t at all sure this one could be had. She’d gotten pretty good at reading the signs in the last few months but seen absolutely no indication from Kate that she was open to women. Amber really wanted to believe that it would happen, but she wasn’t going to get her hopes up until it actually happened.

After taking a quick shower Amber got dressed in a sexy, but not overly so, red dress. The neckline dipped enough to show off the curves of her breasts but the hemline came down to about her knees and was loose fitting enough to look halfway casual.

Since Michelle hadn’t told her who else was going to be at the party, Amber smelled a rat. She knew Michelle had something up her sleeve, but Michelle’s mind worked in so many different ways that it was tough to figure out what scheme she had in the works at any given time. The only way to find out was usually to go along for the ride and hope you don’t wind up paying too badly for it.

As Amber headed for the door an idea struck her. If Michelle was going to play around, then why not turn the tables on her a little. Closing the door behind her she pulled her phone out of her purse.

“It’s too early for this,” Elisha said on the other end.

“Want to go do something with me?” Amber asked her as she climbed into her car.

“Can I wake up first?” Elisha replied.

“I’ll be there in a few minutes, so wake up fast,” Amber said. “Want me to bring coffee?”

“Please,” Elisha responded.

“By the way, Michelle’s throwing me a birthday party if you want to come,” Amber told her.

“I don’t know,” Elisha said. “In case you haven’t noticed, we don’t like each other much.”

“I have noticed, but I want you there,” Amber said. “If I know Michelle, and I do, there will be lots of alcohol and probably more than a little sex as well.”

“Sounds great, but I still don’t know,” Elisha said.

“Come on, do it for me,” Amber pleaded.

“I don’t have to talk to her, do I?” Elisha asked.

“You can sit in the corner and drink for all I care, just be there,” Amber answered.

“Then we better stop and get some Jack Daniel’s on the way,” Elisha relented.

“We can do that,” Amber said.

“And I want to get a pedicure first,” Elisha requested. “I’m going to need some pampering if I have to spend time around Michelle.”

“I’m getting the coffee now, so I’ll pick you up and then we can swing by and pick up Kate since she’s the only one that knows where the party is,” Amber said. “Then we can go pamper ourselves silly.”

“Hurry up with that coffee or the deal’s off,” Elisha said.

“Be there in a few minutes,” Amber responded before hanging up.

+ * + * +

After picking Elisha up Amber swung by the dorms. They stopped by Kate’s room but she wasn’t there so they went to Rich’s room searching for her.

Since the door to Rich’s suite was already open a crack, Amber pushed on it without bothering to knock. The sight that unfolded before her eyes was enough to stop her dead in her tracks.

Rich was lying on his back on the couch. It might not have been too shocking if he had been wearing clothes or if Kate hadn’t been riding him like a rodeo star. She had her back arched with her hands on Rich’s thigh behind her. Her head was leaned back and her dark curly hair swung back and forth with every bounce she made.

“Oh my God,” Amber exclaimed, immediately turning her back on the proceedings. “I’m so sorry.”

“Floyd’s across hall,” Rich said from behind her.

“I know, we came to pick up Kate,” Amber said. Elisha was peering over her shoulder into the room and nodding her head approvingly. Amber wasn’t sure whether the approval was for Kate or Rich, but it didn’t really matter.

“You can turn around now,” Kate said from behind Amber. When Amber turned around she saw that Kate had thrown a robe on and covered Rich with a blanket. “You’re early. I wasn’t expecting you for a couple hours.”

“Elisha wanted to get a pedicure before the party, so we decided to see if you wanted to tag along,” Amber explained.

“You don’t mind, do you?” Kate asked Rich.

“We can give you a few extra minutes if you want to finish what you were, uh, doing,” Amber said, the image of Kate’s bare ass dancing in her head.

“Better make it ten,” Kate said, grinning as Amber pushed Elisha out the door and closed it behind them.

+ * + * +

While the three of them were getting their feet cleaned and polished the topic naturally turned to sex. Amber purposely avoided the subject every time Floyd was brought up and Kate seemed disappointed to hear that Elisha didn’t have any juicy stories of debauchery to tell so the topic was rather one sided.

“Where does Michelle want us to go?” Amber asked Kate.

“I’m driving,” Kate replied.

“I know you gave us a free show and all, but it’s my car,” Amber said.

“I won’t drive on the wrong side of the road, I promise,” Kate said. “And I can’t tell you where we’re going so you’ll have to let me drive.”

“I’m not going to like what Michelle has in mind, am I?” Amber asked as she handed the keys to Kate.

“Probably not,” Kate said as she climbed into the driver’s seat. “You drive on the left over here, don’t you?”

“Don’t even joke about that,” Amber said, resigning herself to whatever fate Michelle had in mind for her. At least she could take solace in knowing that Michelle would be furious the moment she saw Elisha.

+ * + * +

Floyd had made a stop to buy Amber a present on his way to work but he’d been there for an hour or so when Michelle came in with Joe trailing behind her, in his hands was a chocolate cake with an obscene picture of a penis on top. Floyd groaned inwardly and wished there had been more than the one guy at the end of the bar there so he could’ve pretended to be busy. There wasn’t though, so he decided to put on a happy face and deal with Michelle head on.

“I need to ask you something,” Michelle told Floyd.

“Fuck you,” Floyd said as quietly and politely as he could.

“That wasn’t what I was going to ask for, but I’m game if you are,” Michelle said, smiling lecherously at him.

“What do you want?” Floyd sighed.

“Is there a fan or something in the back room?” Michelle asked.

“And why do you need to know that?” Floyd answered with a question.

“I bought some cigars that we’re all going to suck on to celebrate,” Michelle responded with enough sincerity that he almost believed her. “I figured we could turn on a fan or something to keep the smoke from leaving the room.”

“Then I’d have to tell you there’s no smoking,” Floyd said. “But yes, there is a ventilation system in there. The switch is on the wall.”

“Thanks,” Michelle said. “Now about that other thing you offered.”

“I’m trying to work, so unless you want to do it right here on the bar it’s not happening,” Floyd said.

“Wouldn’t be the first time,” Michelle said, starting to climb up onto the bar.

“Get her out of here,” Floyd told Joe.

“Fine, I’ll take a rain check,” Michelle said, shrugging her shoulders.

“Boy, she’s really being polite today,” Floyd told Joe as Michelle walked toward the room in the back. “Did she hit her head or something?”

“Joe!” Michelle snapped when Joe didn’t immediately follow her.

“There’s the real Michelle,” Floyd remarked as Joe jumped to follow her.

Floyd watched Joe make a couple trips from Michelle’s car to the back room with balloons and other assorted decorations. He thought about kicking her and her crap out, but he couldn’t think of a reason to do it. He didn’t trust her or her motives any further than he could throw her but that was hardly a reason to turn her away. He refused to acknowledge that the promise of Amber showing up had any effect on his decision to let Michelle stay though.

“What a bitch,” Floyd heard a waitress mutter as she approached the bar.

“I bet I know who you’re talking about,” Floyd told her. “You’ve been to the back room, haven’t you?”

“I went back there to see if she wanted anything and she kicked me out,” the waitress responded. “She told me to have you bring back a bunch of bottles and glasses and then not come back. Was real snotty about it too.”

“I’ll send them back with Joe when he goes back there,” Floyd said. “I’ll even make sure you get the tip if she bothers to leave one.”

“As long as I don’t have to talk to her again, I don’t care,” the waitress said, rolling her eyes at Michelle before turning to go take more orders.

“Hey Joe, take this back there, will ya?” Floyd asked when he’d assemble a tray with a bottle of everything along with some glasses just so he wouldn’t have to bother checking up on them. Besides, it served Michelle right to have a nice fat bar tab at the end of the night if she was going to subject him to her charms.

While Joe was taking the tray to the back, a couple women came in and were quickly herded into the back by Michelle. As he watched the comings and goings Floyd began to think anew about just ending the headaches by shooing them all out the door. Once more though he did nothing but stew.

“Excuse me,” a woman at the bar said, surprising Floyd.

“Hello again,” Floyd said, recognizing Tara Reid.

“Do I know you?” Tara asked him.

“We met in Mexico a couple months ago,” Floyd informed her.

“I’ve met a lot of people in Mexico,” Tara replied with indifference. “I was just looking for Michelle.”

“Tara,” Michelle called out. “We’re back here.”

“I should’ve known she was one of them,” Floyd muttered to himself.

“Dude, do you know whose back there?” Joe asked as he plopped himself down at the bar.

“Tara from Mexico is there,” Floyd said, still stinging from not being recognized.

“Oh yeah, she just got here,” Joe said. “But I wasn’t talking about her.”

“My head count is only at four, and that includes Michelle, so I really don’t know who you’re talking about. Anyone I should be aware of?” Floyd said, staring blankly at Joe.

“Yeah, I didn’t think you’d know,” Joe said. “You didn’t watch Firefly, and that’s why it was canceled.”

“Yeah, it got canceled because I didn’t sit and watch it with you,” Floyd sarcastically remarked.

“Glad you’re finally admitting it,” Joe said.

“You know I hate it when you do that. If you know its sarcasm you’re supposed to be all snarky back,” Floyd said.

“I know, I just like watching you try to figure out whether I got it or not,” Joe responded.

+ * + * +

As Kate drove Amber’s horror started to grow in earnest. Considering the direction they were headed she had a sinking feeling about their destination. When they pulled into the parking lot of Floyd’s bar every misgiving she’d had since Michelle had announced her party plans was confirmed.

“Why here Michelle?” Amber muttered to herself. Of all the places in the world for Michelle to pick, this had to be the place she least wanted to be.

“What’s she doing here?” Michelle asked Amber, her mouth frozen in a snarl as she stared at Elisha.

“It’s my birthday and I thought I’d invite her,” Amber said, turning Michelle around and pushing her toward the door. She didn’t bother to reveal that Elisha’s invitation had been as much to get back at Michelle on the off chance she tried to get her and Floyd in the same room.

+ * + * +

Floyd was about to say something more but he stopped when he saw Michelle rushing out of the back room. She pointed at him and waved at him with the backs of her hands as if she was trying to chase him off. He rolled his eyes and stayed put.

He probably should’ve listened to her though because a couple minutes later she came back with Amber, Kate and a cute blonde girl Floyd had never seen before. Michelle’s good mood seemed to have been spoiled but Amber was smiling. That smile evaporated when she spotted Floyd though and her step faltered. She tried to back out the door but Kate and the blonde each grabbed an arm and dragged her into the back while Michelle glowered at him for not hiding.

“God, I can’t wait to get back to Arizona and get away from all this shit,” Floyd cursed angrily. He was done with putting up with Michelle and pining for Amber. Most of all though, he was done with the two of them playing their mind games on him.

“If you’d listened to me from the beginning you wouldn’t be in this position,” Joe told Floyd. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go find out if that blonde is who I think it is. If it is, then I’m totally throwing myself at her feet and not letting go of her ankles until she agrees to marry me.”

“So I’ll see you in a couple minutes when she dumps a drink on you and threatens to kick you in the face then?” Floyd asked.

“Who knows,” Joe responded. “I’d rather have it go my way, but yours is always a possibility.”

+ * + * +

“Oh geez,” Amber said, looking over her shoulder to see Joe making a beeline for them.

“What?” Elisha asked, looking around.

“Here comes trouble,” Kate responded, not bothering to hide the fact she wasn’t a particularly big fan of Joe.

“You and me baby ain’t nothing but mammals, so lets do it like they do on the Discovery Channel,” Floyd said, winking at Elisha.

“You’re cute,” Elisha told Joe, smirking as she watched Michelle practically erupt with rage.

“Don’t flirt with Joe, it only encourages him,” Amber said, turning Elisha away before Michelle could strangle her.

Entering the room, Amber was greeted by one familiar face and two she didn’t know quite as well. When Alexis Bledel stood up Amber smiled and acknowledged that for her faults Michelle sure knew how to assemble a guest list.

“What, no Lauren?” Amber asked as Alexis gave her a hug.

“She’s in New York for the summer, but she sent along her congratulations,” Alexis said. Then leaned in and whispered. “She also told me to give you an extra special birthday present, but it can wait a little while.”

“It’s just bad it won’t involve any pseudo-incest between the Gilmores,” Amber said lowly enough that only Alexis could hear.

“You could always wait a couple months until she returns,” Alexis suggested. “I’m sure Lauren would love to get another chance at your ass. In fact, I know she would. She seemed pretty jealous that I was getting one without her.”

“Oh my God,” Amber said, finally noticing the cake. She’d somehow gotten so caught up in her banter with Alexis that she’d missed the obscene phallic shaped cake sitting on the table.

“It’s beautiful, isn’t it?” Michelle asked from behind Amber.

“If a giant penis is beautiful, then I guess it is,” Amber said, still too shocked to think.

“It’s tasty too,” Michelle said, using her finger to scoop a little frosting off the side. She held the finger up to Amber’s face. “Try it.”

“That is good,” Amber said after licking the frosting from Michelle’s finger.

“Time to make introductions before we get down to business,” Michelle said, pointing at a cute woman with brown. “That there is Jewel. The blonde next to her is Tara. And you know Alexis of course.”

“Of course,” Amber said, nodding.

“Now for everyone else,” Michelle said, pointing at Kate. “This lovely lady right here is Amber’s friend Kate, and that other one is Elisha.”

“Way to be subtle,” Amber told Michelle.

+ * + * +

After Amber had disappeared into the back room with Kate and her friend Floyd went back about his business. If anything, knowing Amber was in the back room made him even gladder he’d already made sure they were well provisioned so he wouldn’t have to do check on them. Even if they did need something, he’d just send Joe to take care of whatever they needed.

When he hit a lull though he realized the birthday present he’d bought for Amber was still in his van. Making sure someone was watching the bar he dashed outside and grabbed it so he could give it to Amber on her way out, or at the least give it to Joe so he could pass it to her through Michelle.

Stepping back behind the bar Floyd stashed it under the counter and went back to serving. It was a slow night though so he had more then enough time to stew over how Amber had tried to flee when she saw him.

+ * + * +

“Time for a drinking game,” Michelle announced, as everyone grabbed a seat at the table in the middle of the room. “Anyone got a quarter?”

“In my purse somewhere,” Alexis answered, pointing across the room.

“I only brought my keys, though I probably won’t be using them tonight,” Tara said, pouring herself a glass of tequila.

“I have one,” Jewel said, digging a quarter out of her pocket.

“Thanks,” Michelle said, taking the quarter from Jewel as she set up a glass in the middle of the table. “Everyone grab a bottle and be prepared to get plastered.”

“Done, and done,” Tara said, holding up her empty shot glass as her other hand held onto the tequila bottle in front of her.

“Okay, so object of the game is to bounce the quarter off the table and into the glass,” Michelle explained when everyone had a bottle in front of them. “If you miss, you have to take a drink. If you make it, then you can pick someone else to take your drink for you.”

“We’re all going to be drunk while Michelle walks away completely sober,” Tara said. “I’ve seen her play, she doesn’t miss.”

“I miss sometimes,” Michelle said. “I only miss when I want to, but it still counts.”

“We’ll still be far drunker than you are,” Tara said.

“If you make it, give your drink to Jewel,” Michelle advised Amber in a whisper. “She’s the one that will need the help in trying out the next round of fun.”

As they went through the first time around, Tara’s prophecy was proving entirely accurate. Michelle made hers while everyone else but Tara missed. Of course, like she said, Michelle had Jewel drink for her make and Tara followed suit with hers.

After a couple rounds Amber and Elisha had caught the hang of it. Amber started splitting hers between Jewel and Kate while Elisha gave hers to Michelle.

“I’m out,” Jewel said, looking slightly green as she pushed her half-empty bottle of vodka away.

“Okay, let’s take a break while Amber opens her presents,” Michelle announced.

“Someone is going to have to bring mine over for me because I’m not sure I can walk that far,” Alexis said, looking almost as bad off as Jewel thanks to her several shots of scotch.

“Lightweights,” Tara muttered, as her and Michelle moved the half dozen presents and stacked them in front of Amber.

“Cake first, or presents first?” Michelle asked Amber.

“Cake, but if anyone even thinks of singing I’m leaving,” Amber said.

“You’re no fun at all,” Michelle grumbled as she cut the cake. She made sure to give Amber the head of the penis before distributing slices to everyone else.

“My present first,” Alexis said as Amber started to reach into the pile.

“Wonder what this could be,” Amber joked as she picked up the slim, cd-sized package. As she tore the package open, she was greeted by the sight of a bootleg copy of a Less Than Jake concert Alexis had picked up.

“You said you liked them,” Alexis said.

“It’s great,” Amber said, giving Alexis a hug before grabbing another package.

“What could this be?” Amber asked as she picked up the present. It was shaped suspiciously like a record album and had Kate’s name attached.

“Do you like it?” Kate asked when Amber had opened it up to reveal the very same Liz Phair album Amber had helped her pick out just the day before, except this time it had Liz’s signature scrawled across it.

“I love it,” Amber said. “But I thought you wanted it for yourself.”

“No, I had her sign my copy,” Kate said, grinning at the idea that she’d taken Amber shopping for her own birthday present.

“I hope Rich knows he has to keep his eye on you,” Amber said, chuckling.

“Oh, he knows,” Kate said as Amber reached for the next gift.

“That one’s mine,” Tara said as Amber lifted up a small box.

“Oh my,” Amber said, blushing slightly as she opened the box to find a pair of silver handcuffs. When she lifted them out of the box a couple of the women in attendance whistled and hooted. The blindfold that was underneath the cuffs though got an even louder reception.

“I would’ve put a ball gag in there too, but Michelle says you aren’t quite ready for one,” Tara said, drawing another small blush from Amber.

“What’s next?” Amber asked, putting aside the box of kinky toys.

Grabbing the next box she saw that it was rectangular with a nice red box on top. Opening it up she found a cute little figurine of a fairy. Lifting it out she saw that it bore a rather striking resemblance to the tattoo she had on her leg.

“I didn’t know what to get but Michelle said you like fairies,” Jewel explained.

“I love it,” Amber said. To show just how well Jewel had done she put her leg up on the table and set the figurine down next to it for comparison.

“This one is from Floyd,” Michelle said, handing Amber a small box.

“Wow, I can’t accept this,” Amber when she saw what was inside. It was a necklace of a rose with two emeralds for a stem and several small rubies that made up the red petals.

“Then you can go out there and give it back to him,” Michelle said, knowing that Amber wasn’t going to actually do it. “Otherwise, open my gift so we can get back to the fun.”

With a sigh Amber set Floyd’s gift down and picked up the last unopened box. Opening it up she found a glass object that was slim at the top but tapered out as it went down before narrowing quickly back down into a flat base. She wasn’t quite sure what it was, but knowing Michelle she was sure it wasn’t a simple paperweight.

“Oh my God,” Kate gasped when Amber lifted it out of the box, recognizing it for what it was.

“Little Miss Brit knows what it is,” Michelle said, grinning at the fact that Kate was the only one that had reacted. She was sure that Tara knew, or least had some idea, but she was confident that the others were innocent enough that they hadn’t encountered a butt plug before.

“What is it?” Amber asked, unsure if she really wanted to know.

“You want to take it Kate, or should I?” Michelle asked. When Kate didn’t respond she sighed and shook her head at her shyness. “It’s a butt plug.”

“A what?” Jewel asked, her eyes opening wide.

“A butt plug, you stick it up your ass,” Michelle replied.

“A good one too,” Tara said, picking the object up off the table and holding it in her hands. “It’s got a good heft to it, real solid.”

“But it’s glass,” Jewel said, stating the obvious.

“It’s not like it’s sharp or anything,” Michelle said, trying not to snap at Jewel’s purity.

“Are we going to argue sex toys all night, or what?” Tara asked, growing as tired of Jewel’s inability to grasp the point as Michelle was.

“Amber, give me those cuffs Tara gave you,” Michelle said, holding out her hand.

Not knowing what Michelle had in mind Amber handed them over. Obviously Jewel didn’t know either because she was caught completely off guard when Michelle slapped one of the cuffs on her left wrist.

“Huh?” Jewel asked as Michelle grabbed her other arm. Before she could fight it though Michelle had already pulled her hands behind her back and cuffed the right hand. “Let me go.”

“Now it’s time for the real fun,” Michelle declared.

“About time,” Tara said. “Dibs on Jewel.”

“What?” Jewel asked, momentarily stopping her fight against the cuffs out of shock.

“Wait, I wanted Jewel,” Michelle protested, not bothering to consider what Jewel wanted. “That’s why I invited her.”

“Tough shit,” Tara said, sticking her tongue out at Michelle as she hopped out of her chair and advanced on Jewel. “I called her first.”

“What?” Jewel repeated, completely lost as to what the conversation was about yet completely sure she wasn’t comfortable with it.

“Amber should get first crack,” Michelle said, deciding a compromise would work best at the moment. “She’s the birthday girl after all.

“I think I better leave,” Kate said, getting up from her chair. The scene had gotten weird in a hurry and she wasn’t sure she wanted to hang around to see it get weirder.

“You got a problem with eating pussy or something?” Michelle demanded of Kate. “You didn’t have a problem with it last night when it was Liz Phair’s pussy, now did you?”

“What?” Amber asked, her head snapping back and forth between Michelle and Kate.

“When I talked to Joe this morning he had quite the tale to tell about just how naughty Kate can get. Seems she was quite eager to get in there and munch a little rock star carpet,” Michelle said. The blush that spread across Kate’s cheeks told everyone in the room just how true Joe’s account had been. “Don’t worry Kate, you’re among friends here. Well, except Jewel, but she’ll come around.”

+ * + * +

Floyd was slicing lemons to garnish with when he noticed someone taking a seat at the end of the bar out of the corner of his eye. Looking up he recognized Hilarie Burton staring at him. Wiping his hands on the towel he had draped over his shoulder he made his way over.

“What can I get you?” Floyd asked Hilarie. After the incident with Tara he decided to play it cool just in case Hilarie thought him as memorable as Tara had.

“Jack and Coke,” Hilarie said. As Floyd busied himself making her drink she tapped her fingers on the bar. “You know, you never did call.”

“Huh?” Floyd absently asked.

“I gave you my phone number and you didn’t call,” Hilarie said.

“I did, a couple times, but I just got your voice mail. I just figured you didn’t want to talk to me,” Floyd said.

“You didn’t leave a message,” Hilarie pointed out.

“Okay, so I guess it’s my fault. If I buy you a drink, will you forgive me?” Floyd asked, setting her drink in front of her.

“It’s a start,” Hilarie said, shrugging her shoulders as she pushed the little red stirring straw in the drink to the side and she picked it up.

“Nice shirt,” Floyd said, noticing her well-worn Kiss t-shirt.

“It’s got a few holes in it and I know I should throw it out, but I can’t bring myself to get rid of it,” Hilarie said, lifting the shirt up slightly so she could poke a finger through one of the holes.

“I’ve still got an Alice In Chains shirt that makes that one look almost brand new,” Floyd said as he used a rag to wipe down the bar in front of him. “How’d you find me anyway? Not that I mind or anything, just wondering.”

“I have my ways,” Hilarie said, taking a sip of her drink. “So, when do you get off?”

“Not for a couple hours, why?” Floyd asked.

“Because I was hoping you finish making it up to me by picking up where we left off,” Hilarie said matter of factly.

“I have a break I need to take,” Floyd said.

“Sounds good,” Hilarie said, emptying her glass in one gulp. “Anywhere quiet around here?”

“I need to do inventory in the back, if you don’t mind a dark storeroom,” Floyd said.

“Let’s go,” Hilarie said, standing up from her stool.

+ * + * +

The moment he’d closed the door Hilarie was on him. She pressed her mouth against his as she pushed him up against a set of shelves hard enough that a couple stray bundles of napkins fell off the shelf above him and hit him on the shoulders on the way down.

Taking a little more control of the situation he grabbed her hands. Spinning around he pressed her against the shelves and pinned her hands above her head. She leaned her head forward trying to lure him into a kiss but he pulled back before she could find her target.

Grunting in frustration she reached one of her legs out and hooked it around the back of one of his knees. Tugging on it she forced him to lean forward or have his leg taken out from under him. Her eyes twinkled with a glint of satisfaction as he pressed himself against her.

Changing his grip on her hands so that he could hold both wrists above her head with one hand he moved his right hand to her abdomen. Slipping his hand under her shirt his fingertips made contact with the warm skin of her stomach.

As he began to let his fingers glide up her stomach towards her chest she pulled her hands free. Pushing him back momentarily Hilarie reached down and grabbed her shirt. Pulling it off over her head she reached over her shoulder and deposited it on the shelf behind her.

Closing the small distance between them once more Floyd slipped his arms around her. His left hand flattened against the small of her back while he pinched the clasp of her bra between the fingers of his right.

When the hooks of her bra popped open Hilarie pushed the strap down her right arm. Once her right arm was free she grabbed the material and pulled her left arm free. With the bra completely off she reached over her shoulder and dumped it on the shelf with her shirt.

Noting her bare breasts Floyd moved to cover them with his hands but she before he could, she leaned into him. As her lips found his she pushed him the few steps across the small room until the backs of his legs hit a stack of boxes laying on the ground.

“Ooh, look,” Hilarie said, breaking the kiss as her eyes settled on a case of Jack Daniel’s that was sitting on top of the stack, about waist high.

“It’s a bar, what’d you expect?” Floyd said, reaching into the box and pulling out an unopened bottle of Jack.

“Smart ass,” Hilarie said, snatching the bottle out of his hand. Breaking the shrink-wrap seal as she twisted the cap off, she lifted it to her mouth and took a sip.

“I’m gonna have to charge you for that,” Floyd said, grinning.

“I’ll just have to work it off then because my wallet is way over there,” Hilarie said, hitching her thumb over her shoulder to point at the shelves along the opposite wall.

“I guess you could mop floors for a couple hours,” Floyd said.

“Or I could fuck your brains out instead,” Hilarie suggested, licking his chin as her left hand dropped down to give his cock a squeeze through his jeans.

“Or you could do that,” Floyd agreed.

“I wonder if this constitutes sexual harassment,” Hilarie mused as she dropped to her knees.

Setting the bottle down on the ground her hands went to work unbuckling his belt. When it was open she quickly popped the button of his jeans and pulled the zipper down.

Pulling his pants and boxers down to his knees she grabbed his cock with her right hand. Pushing it up against his stomach she leaned her head back so she could look up at him as she ran her tongue along the underside of his penis.

“Want me to suck it, Mr. Boss Man?” Hilarie asked between licks.

“Damn straight,” Floyd grunted, grabbing the back of her head.

Opening her mouth she flattened her tongue against the underside of his cock as she worked her way to the head. When she reached the tip she tilted her head forward and closed her lips around the head. After letting her tongue swirl around the crown of his cock for a couple seconds she quickly pulled off.

“This is a trick I learned in Thailand,” Hilarie said as she picked up the bottle. When Floyd raised an eyebrow questioningly, she grinned. “Just kidding about the Thailand part.”

Bringing the bottle to her mouth Hilarie filled her mouth halfway with whiskey before putting the bottle back down. Rather than swallow though she grabbed his cock once more and pressed it against her lips. As she pushed her lips against the tip of his penis it gradually parted them and he groaned as the cold liquid engulfed the head of his dick.

“Fuck,” Floyd grunted as she worked more of his cock into her mouth. As the alcohol came into more prolonged contact with his cock it started to heat up, creating an almost uncomfortable warmth on skin that was already highly sensitive to begin with.

When his cock bumped against the back of her throat she paused and caressed the underside with her tongue before reapplying suction to pull back. Letting go of his penis completely, she put her left hand on his thigh to steady herself as her right slipped down her stomach to unbutton her jeans. Slipping her hand inside she began to softly rub her clit, teasing herself as she bobbed her head up and down on his cock.

“Think you’re ready now?” Hilarie asked, standing up after slowly pulling her mouth off his cock and swallowing the Jack Daniel’s in her mouth.

“I was ready even before that trick of yours,” Floyd said, grabbing the waist of her pants. Noting that she’d already unbuttoned them he spun around so that she had her back to the boxes before pulling them down.

“Don’t forget these,” Hilarie said, her fingers hooking into the waistband of her panties.

“Of course not,” Floyd said, helping her push her panties down.

When her jeans and panties were down around her knees Hilarie sat down on the edge of the boxes. Leaning back she lifted her legs up to allow Floyd easier time pulling her pants off. When she was completely naked she put her feet back on the ground.

“Want a drink?” Hilarie asked, grinning as she reached down to pick up the bottle off the ground.

“I’m working,” Floyd said.

“So am I, but that’s not stopping me,” Hilarie said. Leaning back against the shelves behind the boxes she brought the bottle to her body and tilted it until a couple drops of the liquid inside spilled over the top to strike her skin between her breasts. “Oops, how clumsy of me. Better clean me up.”

“It’s a tough job,” Floyd said before leaning his head in and letting his tongue drag through the valley between her tits.

“Missed a couple spots,” Hilarie said, tilting the bottle a bit more and letting a little stream of whiskey course down between her breasts from her collarbone.

Moving quickly Floyd caught most of the alcohol with his tongue. What he didn’t catch pooled in and around her belly button, which he quickly sucked up. He started to drag his tongue further down her body but to his surprise she reached out and grabbed his arm and tugged.

“Fuck me,” Hilarie snarled, her right hand setting the bottle down next to her while her left hand grabbed the hair on the back of his head and pulled him up.

Glancing at the clock on the wall Floyd figured that it was probably wise to be halfway quick about it rather than go through all the foreplay. After all, he was only on his break with a little inventory time tacked onto the end.

Taking her hand off his head Hilarie reached down and grabbed his cock. As she lined it up with her pussy he pushed forward, drawing a sigh of approval from Hilarie as he steadily filled her.

Putting his hands on top of the boxes next to her hips Floyd leaned his weight on them as he lunged forward. When he had bottomed out he didn’t bother to take a moment or two to relish the velvety grip her pussy had him clenched in, instead making haste and quickly pulling back out.

“Now this is the kind of work I can get behind,” Hilarie hissed, putting one hand on his shoulder and her other on the box behind her as she arched her back and hunched her hips at him as he thrust back into her.

“Me too,” Floyd grunted.

As her pussy loosened up Floyd picked up speed. Seeing her back arched and her tits sticking out he shortened his strokes so he could lean his head down and closed his lips around one of her nipples.

“Yeah, suck my nipple,” Hilarie moaned, the hand on his shoulder sliding along until her hand was on his neck. Applying pressure to the back of his head Hilarie used that hand and the one behind her to help lift her off the box, meeting his thrusts with even more urgency.

All too quickly though Floyd found himself approaching his orgasm quicker than he wanted to. He tried to slow down in hopes that it would help stave it off but Hilarie had been too expert in her oral ministrations and he needed a breather if he was going to make sure she came too.

“Turn around,” Floyd grunted after hastily extricating his cock from her pussy.

“Yes, sir,” Hilarie said with mock seriousness as she stood up. Spinning around she leaned over the boxes, looking over her shoulder as she stuck her ass in the air.

“You don’t mind, do you?” Floyd asked as he reached out and grabbed the bottle of Jack.

“Go for it,” Hilarie said.

Rather than take a drink though Floyd the bottle over her ass and tipped it over, a small amount leaking out and striking the crack of her ass. She involuntarily curved her back as the cool liquid struck her skin but she gasped when Floyd lashed his tongue out to lap it up as it coursed down over her pussy. It turned into a full moan as his tongue moved past her slit and flicked at her asshole, collecting droplets as it went.

“Somebody likes that, don’t they?” Floyd asked, noting her reaction as she pushed her ass back against his tongue.

“Uh, yeah,” Hilarie groaned as his tongue gave her starfish another lick.

“Then you won’t mind if I fuck it, will you?” Floyd asked, moving his hand in to tickle her asshole with his finger.

“You’re the boss,” Hilarie said, biting her lip as she looked down at Floyd.

“I love being the boss,” Floyd said, grinning as he set the bottle down and stood up behind her.

Putting one hand on the small of her back Floyd used it to hold her steady as his other hand lined his cock up with her puckered opening. He’d left some saliva smeared around her asshole and his cock was covered in her juices so he wasn’t particularly worried about lubrication, but he still took it easy as he pushed the bulbous head of his cock against her backdoor.

“Shit,” Hilarie gasped, her eyes going wide as the head popped past her anus. Gritting her teeth she tried to calm down, gradually relaxing as Floyd stayed motionless with his cock barely inserted into her ass.

When she pushed back against him Floyd took it as a sign to proceed. Taking hold of her hips he slowly worked his way in with small thrusts, pushing in a little more with each one.

“How you doing?” Floyd asked as he pushed the final inch or so into her ass.

“Just dandy, now fuck me,” Hilarie demanded, slipping a hand down to rub her clit as she pushed her ass back against him in an effort to get him moving.

“Alrighty then,” Floyd said, chuckling at her command.

Tightening his grip on her hips he pulled his hips back, withdrawing about half his cock. As he started to push forward he pulled her hips back towards him, her butt cheeks jiggling as they slammed into his pelvis.

“Just like that,” Hilarie grunted, her fingers busy dancing on her little nub.

Seeking to comply with her request Floyd repeated the action, drawing a satisfied growl from Hilarie. He picked up a rhythm with his thrusts, not as fast as he had been fucking her pussy but fast enough for the extreme tightness of her anal cavity to quickly take it’s toll.

“You like fucking my ass?” Hilarie asked, her head hanging down as she worked her clit into a frenzy.

“So, fucking, tight,” Floyd grunted, punctuating each word with a lunge into her asshole.

“Fuck my tight little ass,” Hilarie demanded, clenching her asshole and causing it to tighten up even more around his cock.

“I won’t last long if you keep doing that,” Floyd warned, gritting his teeth as he fought to keep from blowing his load from the constriction she was putting on him.

“Come in my ass,” Hilarie said, contracting her asshole in short bursts to milk his cock.

“Not if you don’t,” Floyd said, exercising as much willpower as he could muster to keep from going over the edge.

“Almost there,” Hilarie assured him. “Now come for me.”

“Gonna come,” Floyd said, giving up the fight.

Taking a couple more quick thrusts he buried his cock into her ass to the hilt. Closing his eyes an explosion of lights went off on the insides of his eyelids as he cock pulsed. Finally he erupted, hosing the inside of her asshole with his seed, each jet seeming to take him to new heights of ecstasy.

“That’s it,” Hilarie said, the sensations of her bowels being splashed with his jizz pushing her over the edge. Her asshole clamped down on his cock as her body spasmed. Finally coming down she slumped forward onto the boxes.

“That was pretty good,” Floyd said, stating the obvious as he leaned against a set of shelves to catch his breath.

“Amazing is more like it,” Hilarie corrected, sliding down to her knees on the floor. “How much do I owe you for the Jack?”

“You worked it off, remember?” Floyd asked her, pulling up his pants.

“That was too much fun to be work,” Hilarie said, picking up her clothes. When she picked up her purse she opened it up and started to pull out her wallet.

“I can’t take your money,” Floyd said, waving her off as he picked up the half empty bottle. “I mean, it’d be hard to ask you to pay for a broken bottle.”

“It’s not broken though,” Hilarie protested as she put her pants on without bothering to put her underwear on first.

“It isn’t?” Floyd asked as the bottle slipped from his hand, breaking on the floor. “I was just taking inventory and I accidentally knocked a bottle over.”

“Isn’t that stealing?” Hilarie asked, pulling her shirt on over her head.

“My uncle owns the place,” Floyd said, shrugging his shoulders. “If he asks, I’ll tell him what happened and he can take it out of my check if he wants.”

“You’re too clever for your own good,” Hilarie said, a grin crossing her face. “Good thing I like them clever. Now, you’re going to call me this time?”

“If I don’t you can feel free to drop by and punish me,” Floyd said.

“If I have to drop by, you’ll be limping for a week,” Hilarie said, grabbing the handle of the stock room door.

“I’m not sure if that makes me want to call you or if it’s tempting me to see how you’d get me to limp,” Floyd said.

“You can always call and tell me come down here and make you walk with a limp,” Hilarie offered.

“That sounds like a workable compromise,” Floyd said.

“Talk to you later Creek boy,” Hilarie said, smiling as she opened the door.

“I thought I told you not to make any jokes about my last name,” Floyd said.

“After what I let you do, I think I earned a joke or two,” Hilarie said before closing the door.

+ * + * +

Looking around Kate expected some sort of denial but instead she found everyone, even Jewel, staring at her expectant. It was as if the entire course of the rest of the evening hinged on what she decided to do and they were all waiting for her to give them a cue as to which way it would go.

Seeing the indecision on Kate’s face Amber reached over and reassuringly patted her on the back. It wasn’t that long ago that she’d been in almost the same situation and could certainly relate to what was going through Kate’s head at the moment. As much as she wanted Kate to stay and enjoy herself, she also knew firsthand that it was a bit scary to give in and just go with it.

“I’m in,” Kate said finally, Amber’s support awakening the excitement the previous night’s experimentation had stirred up.

“Great, now lets all get naked and fuck,” Tara said, wasting no time in pulling her shirt off to reveal her braless tits to the room.

“You sure about this?” Amber asked Kate, standing up as the room erupted with action as flesh popped out from behind clothing all over the place.

“Not really, but I want to do it,” Kate said, her eyeballs darting around the room as the girls got naked around her.

“Fair enough,” Amber said, leaning in and kissing Kate. As Kate relaxed and returned the kiss Amber reached her hands in between their bodies and popped the buttons on Kate’s jeans.

Kate had always loved kissing and Amber was great at it. She wouldn’t say that Amber was better than Rich, they were just different. Amber’s lips and kiss had a softness to them that she couldn’t quite quantify, she just knew that it was there. Yet there was also a hunger and intensity that sent Kate’s pulse racing and made her want to throw caution to the wind and get lost in the moment.

Breaking the kiss for a moment Amber wasted no time or movement in getting Kate naked. When Kate was fully exposed, Amber sat her down on the edge of a chair and knelt in front of her. Glancing up Amber could see the mix of excitement and fear in Kate’s eyes as she looked down at Amber.

“Might want this,” Michelle said, leaning over Amber’s shoulder to whisper into her ear. In her right hand Michelle held a green dildo attached to a harness.

“Better ask Kate if she wants to go that far,” Amber said, turning her head to look at Kate.

“Shit,” Kate said, realizing what they were talking about. She’d never been fucked with a strap on, but she wasn’t completely naïve. She wasn’t a stranger to dildos, having one in her room that she’d used on occasion and she’d surfed the internet to know what the harness was for. The idea sent her mind into a whirlwind of activity and searched for a way to say no, but instead found her biting her lip and nodding her head as she spread her legs in anticipation.

“I guess there’s your answer,” Michelle said, licking her lips as she walked across the room to where she’d stashed some items for this very occasion.

“If anyone wants some ‘party favors’ they should probably do it now,” Michelle announced to the room as she lifted a brown paper bag up off one of the tables. When she turned it upside down an assortment of naughty items came tumbling out and most of the girls scrambled to grab whatever looked like fun.

“I should probably get you ready first,” Amber said, looking Kate in the eye as she ran her hand over Kate’s well-groomed bush.

“Yeah,” Kate said, sucking in a lungful of air through clenched teeth when Amber’s fingers grazed over the lips of her pussy.

As Amber leaned in to take her first lick of Kate’s slit, she felt butterflies in her stomach. It wasn’t unusual for Amber to feel butterflies, but she hadn’t felt them this intensely since that night when she’d found herself surrendering to Michelle for the first time. The only reason for it that she could think was that she’d been thinking about Kate for so long that she was a bit more eager than she otherwise would be now that it was about to come true.

Taking a deep breath to center herself somewhat, Amber put one hand on Kate’s thigh and used the other hand to spread Kate’s pussy. Sticking her tongue out Amber dragged the tip along the length of Kate’s slit and finished with a quick flick to Kate’s clit.

“Yeah,” Kate moaned, sliding forward in her chair a bit as her back arched.

Finding that Kate’s pussy had already grown quite wet Amber decided to focus her tongue action on Kate’s clit. She began drawing random shapes and letters on it with her tongue, all of which was having the desired effect on Kate.

When Kate grabbed the back of Amber’s head Amber pressed the middle finger of her right hand against Kate’s opening. Slowly easing it in Amber was rewarded with a gasp and a tensing of the hand on the back of her head from Kate.

“Fuck me,” Kate hissed, making Amber moan at being commanded in a British accent.

“Get up on the table,” Amber said, disengaging from Kate so she could sit up.

As Kate scrambled out of her chair and practically jumped onto the table Amber took a moment to look around the room as she got undressed. Elisha and Alexis were locked in a make out session, their bodies pressed together as they dropped to the floor. Once there they immediately flipped into a 69 with Alexis on top.

Continuing their trip around the room Amber’s eyes settled on Tara and Jewel. Tara was sliding her hands under Jewel’s dress to pull down her underwear. Tossing the panties aside Tara flipped up Jewel’s dress to expose her bare pussy.

“Please, oh, stop, uh, oh God, please,” Jewel stammered as Tara’s tongue attacked her pussy.

As much as Jewel wanted to get away from Tara and Michelle, and all their friends, she couldn’t help but find her resolve weakening with each flick Tara’s tongue made against her clit. She’d always loved having her pussy eaten and Tara was doing a masterful job of it. As a result, the part of her brain telling her to fight the feeling to give in and go with the moment was quickly getting smaller and smaller until it was an insignificant speck in the middle of a sea of pleasure.

“Oh yeah,” Jewel said, as the pleasure overcame her reservations and she surrendered to what Tara was doing to her.

“Think I can uncuff you now?” Michelle asked Jewel, dangling the handcuff keys in front of Jewel. After passing out toys to all the naughty girls in the room Michelle had been standing nearby, idly stroking the flesh colored dildo that dangled from between her legs when she’d seen Jewel acquiesce and finally let Tara have her way with her.

“Uh huh,” Jewel grunted, nodding her head as her Tara slipped a finger into her snatch.

“You’re ours now,” Michelle whispered into Jewels ear as she unlocked the cuffs. Tossing the cuffs on the table Michelle stood up and pressed the strap on against Jewel’s cheek. “Suck it.”

Without even a moment of hesitation Jewel grabbed hold of the dildo with her right hand. Her left hand grabbed the back of Tara’s head as she wrapped her lips around the head of Michelle’s fake cock. After giving the head a quick suck Jewel started bobbing her head, taking more of the toy into her mouth with each nod.

“Yeah, get it nice and wet for me,” Michelle said, putting a hand on the back of Jewel’s head.

Pumping her hips Michelle started to fuck Jewel’s mouth, pushing even more of the cock into her mouth. With about three-quarters of the cock in Jewel’s mouth Michelle felt Jewel start to gag and pulled out completely.

“Good try,” Michelle said, stroking Jewel’s hair as she rubbed the saliva coated dildo against Jewel’s chin. Bending down, Michelle gave Jewel a kiss. When Jewel moaned Michelle took the opportunity to slide her tongue into Jewel’s mouth for a moment before breaking the kiss. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I have other business to attend to.”

Turning away from Tara and Jewel Michelle’s eyes automatically locked onto her next target. Walking over to where Alexis and Elisha were busy licking each other, Michelle tapped Alexis on the shoulder.

“Go help Tara with Jewel,” Michelle told Alexis. Michelle wanted Elisha and no one was going to stand in her way and by the way Alexis jumped up and did as she was told, it was obvious she believed Michelle meant business.

“Hey,” Elisha said when Alexis suddenly disappeared. Seeing Michelle standing over her Elisha’s expression darkened and she started to get up only to be pushed back down. “What was that for you fucking bitch?”

“You’re the bitch. You’re my bitch,” Michelle snapped as Elisha was sprawled on the floor. “If I tell you to jump, you don’t even stop to ask ‘how high,’ you just better start fucking jumping. If I tell you to bend over, you better bend over without even thinking.”

“Fuck you,” Elisha said.

“You think I’m fucking joking?” Michelle demanded. “You do as I say or you’re going to have a mighty lonely time today. You saw how fast Alexis fled when I told her to and Tara won’t go near you until I tell her it’s okay. Hell, even Amber will be too busy with the rest of us to give you so much as a pity fuck. You’ll be stuck diddling yourself while watching the rest of us fuck ourselves senseless. Now, on your knees, bitch.”

Elisha took a moment to take in what Michelle had just said. She knew the threat was real with Alexis and Tara, and that Jewel and Kate were too new to this whole thing to stray from the pack. All of which left just Amber, and Elisha wasn’t entirely confident about her loyalties either. Amber was her friend, but she also knew that Amber had been friends with Michelle long before they ever met. Elisha just couldn’t take the risk that Amber would side with Michelle and leave her out in the cold so she did the only she could; she did exactly what Michelle wanted.

“Now suck my cock and maybe I’ll fuck you like you so desperately need,” Michelle cooed as Elisha got up on her knees. When Elisha started to lift her hands to grab for Michelle’s dildo, Michelle would have none of it. “No hands. Mouth only or get the fuck out of here.”

Feeling a little humiliated by the experience; Elisha nonetheless did as she was told. Leaning forward she opened her mouth and let Michelle guide the head of the cock into the opening.

As with Jewel Michelle put one hand on the back of Elisha’s head and pumped her hips, slowly working more of the toy into the blonde’s mouth. Also as with Jewel, Elisha started to gag when Michelle started to push the dildo a little too far in.

“Better relax your fucking throat because if you can’t take it all then I have no use for you,” Michelle warned as she pulled back a bit to let Elisha catch her breath.

As Elisha focused on relaxing her throat something odd occurred to her, having Michelle treat her like shit was actually turning her on. The only time a guy had tried to demean her she’d told him to go fuck himself and never looked back. Yet, Michelle was doing it and she found herself really getting into it, like she couldn’t wait for Michelle’s next insult or demand.

“Good girl,” Michelle said as she pushed her fake cock down Elisha’s gullet. Once she’d stuffed the entire thing into Elisha’s mouth Michelle pulled back and made a few more, shallower, pumps before pulling out altogether. “Hands and knees so I can fuck you like a dog, bitch.”

With the realization she actually liked the treatment she was receiving, Elisha didn’t even hesitate. She dropped down onto her hands and stuck her ass in the air, waiting for Michelle’s next round of abuse.

“Are you a good girl, or a naughty girl?” Michelle asked Elisha as she ran her hands over Elisha’s ass.

“Huh?” Elisha asked, completely thrown by the question.

“Are you good, or naughty? It’s not a hard question,” Michelle repeated as she lined up her strap on with Elisha’s snatch.

“Naughty, I gue-, uh,” Elisha said, gasping as Michelle chose that moment to slam the dildo into her in one thrust.

“Good answer,” Michelle grunted, immediately pulling out and slamming back into Elisha with just as much force as the first thrust. “Naughty girls get fucked hard, just like they deserve.”

“Fuck me,” Elisha said, loving the way Michelle was hammering away at her.

“I tell you what to fucking do, not the other way around, bitch,” Michelle said, raising her hand and bringing it down on Elisha’s ass with a sharp smack.

“Uh, sorry,” Elisha gasped, her eyes starting to water from the pain and pleasure.

“Damn right you’re sorry,” Michelle said, delivering another slap to Elisha’s ass.

“Oh shit,” Elisha moaned. As with everything else Michelle was doing to her, Elisha couldn’t get enough of the spankings and with each one Michelle delivered she found herself wanting two more.

“Bet your boyfriends never fucked you like this,” Michelle muttered as she kept spanking Elisha’s ass. “You wouldn’t be such a fucking ice queen if you came all over a cock every now and then, would you?”

“No, I wouldn’t,” Elisha agreed, pushing back to meet Michelle’s thrusts with as much force as Michelle was supplying.

“You won’t be such a bitch when I’m done with you,” Michelle said, feeding off the power Elisha was giving up to her. “You won’t be able to get enough after I make you come.”

“Please make me come,” Elisha begged.

“Tell me that you’re my bitch,” Michelle demanded. “Tell me that you’ll do anything I want.”

“I’m your bitch,” Elisha said. She wouldn’t have believed what she was saying just a couple hours ago, but Michelle had her under her spell and the words came out without delay. “I’ll do anything you want and you can do anything you fucking want to me.”

“I can do anything I want to you?” Michelle asked, liking the sound of it.

“Anything,” Elisha responded, feeling like her mind was turning to mush from the fucking she was receiving.

“Then you won’t mind this,” Michelle said, sliding her toy out of Elisha’s pussy. Before the blonde could register the fact that her pussy was empty Michelle had moved the head up and was pressing it against Elisha’s asshole.

“Fuck,” Elisha grunted as she felt her anus forced open. She’d never had anything in her ass other than a finger or two and it took everything she had to relax her back door before it was torn open by Michelle’s insistent pushing.

As much as Michelle was getting off on her little power trip, she wasn’t so into it that she was going to go faster than Elisha wanted. As a result, she pushed firmly enough to get the results she desired, but not so much as to cause Elisha any true discomfort. When she had the head seated inside Elisha’s rectum, she even took a moment to let her conquest adjust to it before continuing on.

“Fuck your ass is tight,” Michelle moaned, feeling the nub on the end of the dildo press against her clit as she started pumping into Elisha’s ass. “Ever been fucked in the ass?”

“Just fingers,” Elisha grunted, feeling the pain of the penetration start to subside.

“Ooh, a cherry, I like it,” Michelle said, extending her strokes as she worked more of her cock into Elisha’s butt. “Tell me to fuck your virgin ass and I’ll let you finger your pussy while I do it.”

“Fuck my virgin ass,” Elisha moaned, pushing back against Michelle as the dirtiness of having another woman take her anal cherry got to her.

“Watch Amber fuck Kate as I fuck your ass,” Michelle said as she worked her full length into Elisha. “Bet she wishes she’d buttfucked you when she had the chance.”

Doing as she was told, Elisha lifted her gaze to where Amber and Kate were. Kate was bent over a table with Amber fucking her from behind, albeit much slower and with more consideration than Michelle was showing. Elisha’s eyes locked with Kate’s and it was as if the pleasures each was receiving was being shared in their stares.

“Oh yeah,” Kate moaned as Amber’s toy hit a sensitive spot inside her pussy.

Getting fucked by Amber while watching Elisha get fucked in the ass was almost too much for Kate. Her orgasm was approaching by leaps and bounds but the only thing she could think about was what Michelle was doing to Elisha and it shocked her a bit. She and Rich enjoyed a little anal play, but whenever he’d tried to actually put his cock in her she’d resisted. Now, however, it was the only thing she could think of other than her orgasm.

“Doesn’t Elisha look so hot taking it in the ass?” Amber asked Kate, moving a finger in to tease Kate’s anus as if she’d read her mind.

“Yeah,” Kate said, nodding her head vigorously and pushing her ass back against Amber’s finger.

Hoping that she hadn’t misread Kate’s signals, Amber withdrew the toy and pressed it against Kate’s butthole. When no complaint came from Kate Amber gently pushed forward, pleasantly surprised to find that her strap on found little resistance.

“Ooh,” Kate grunted as her ass took a cock for the first time. She wasn’t sure if it was because she so turned on or what, but the entry had hurt far less than she’d thought it would.

“You like that?” Amber asked, already knowing the answer, but still feeling the need to ask as she began pumping into Kate’s ass with small strokes, pushing more into her with each thrust.

“Yeah,” Kate answered dreamily, her mind swimming with pleasure as Amber fucked her.

When she’d worked about half of her dildo into Kate’s ass Amber reached down and began to stroke Kate’s pussy. As Kate relaxed further Amber started to pick up steam, fucking her ass with almost the entire toy.

“Almost there,” Kate gasped as she was pushed to the brink of coming.

“Come for me,” Amber prodded Kate. “Come from having my cock up your ass.”

“Oh yeah,” Kate said, needing just a little bit more to push her over. When Amber extended her middle finger and pushed it into her pussy, the double penetration did just the trick. “Oh God, ooooh.”

As Kate’s orgasm overcame her, her asshole clamped down on Amber’s toy, forcing the nub to push against Amber’s clit. With one last thrust Amber buried her toy in Kate’s ass as far as it would go. The pressure against her sensitive clit and knowing that she was fucking Kate in her holiest of holes was enough to push Amber over the edge as well.

When Amber came down from her orgasm she straightened up and slid her strap on out of Kate’s ass. Grabbing a chair she plopped down in it to rest and watch the rest of the action for a moment. Her eyes were drawn to Elisha in the throes of orgasm from having Michelle grudge fuck her ass, but moans and grunts from the other side of the room drew her attention.

“Oh God,” Jewel gasped as she lay on top of Tara with Tara’s strap on buried in her pussy. But what really caught Amber by surprise was that Alexis was behind Jewel and getting ready to penetrate the newbie with a second cock.

While Alexis pushed her strap on into Jewel’s ass Amber couldn’t help but stare. Jewel’s words were reduced to a garbled mess as both of her holes were filled, but every now and then a word or two would come out coherent enough to be understood and from those it seemed that Jewel was rather enjoying her predicament.

As Amber watched Alexis and Tara set up a rhythm, she was amazed by hot it looked. She’d been part of a double team, having helped Michelle fuck Amy Acker, but she’d resisted Michelle’s attempts to get in the middle of the sandwich. As she watched though, she started to wonder if maybe she’d been wrong in refusing. After all, she loved having both her pussy and ass fucked, so why not both at the same time.

With Amber’s attention taken up by the double penetration that was taking place on the other side of the room, she didn’t notice that Michelle had finished up with Elisha and was dragging the blonde along on a hunt for the next piece of ass. Amber also didn’t notice that she’d become the target until she felt hands reach around and cup her tits from behind.

“Like what you see?” Michelle whispered into Amber’s ear as her fingers tweaked Amber’s nipples.

“Yeah,” Amber said, gulping as she felt Elisha removing her strap on and realized what Michelle had in mind. She’d known Michelle too long and knew that Michelle was preparing her to take both of them at the same time.

“Lick her pussy first,” Michelle told Elisha.

“Gladly,” Elisha said. She would’ve done exactly that even if Michelle hadn’t demanded it, but she liked being told anyway.

Dropping to her knees in front of Amber Elisha didn’t waste time in digging in. Her tongue darted out and collected the juices left from Amber’s orgasm before trying its damnedest to kick-start another one to collect that cream as well.

“Slow down a bit,” Michelle told Elisha. “We want to stoke the fire a bit, but we don’t want her cumming again before we have our fun.”

Doing as she was told, Elisha slowed down her tongue work. Instead of going at it with gusto she instead worked on Amber’s clit in lazy strokes. Enough to slowly ratchet up her desire, but not enough to have her screaming to the high heavens before Michelle wanted her to.

“I told you I’d get two cocks into you sooner or later,” Michelle said to Amber. There was no malice in her voice like there had been with Elisha, only love and sincerity for her best friend. “I just never thought your snow bunny friend would be on my side.”

“I, uh, told you that you, uh, wanted her,” Amber said, licking her lips as Elisha’s tongue flicked her clit.

“And for that you must pay,” Michelle said, stroking her dildo. “In the best possible way of course.”

“Of course,” Amber said, grabbing the back of Michelle’s head and pulling her down into a kiss. It was her way of letting Michelle know that she trusted her and she was ready.

When the kiss broke Michelle caught sight of Kate dipping her finger into the frosting on the cake and bringing it to her mouth to lick it off. After the rousing round of sex she was starting to feel a little famished and cake sounded really good.

“I want some cake, you want some cake?” Michelle asked Amber, though not really caring what Amber’s answer was because she didn’t stick around for it.

“She’s gonna kill someone with her sex drive,” Elisha observed as Michelle cut up the cake and put chunks of it on a couple paper plates.

“You didn’t seem to mind a few moments ago,” Amber countered.

“I never thought I’d say this, but I kinda hope I’m that one,” Elisha muttered, cracking a smile as Michelle headed back.

“Ooh, cake,” Tara said, making a beeline for Michelle and the chocolatey dessert she had in her hands.

“Get your own,” Michelle said, trying to keep her cake from the hyenas that had suddenly appeared. Unfortunately, she had both plates in one hand and a bottle of tequila in the other and the jostling caused one of the pieces to fall off the plate it was on and land frosting side down in the middle of Amber’s chest.

“Crap,” Amber muttered, wondering if there was some kind of irony involved with her having penis cake on her chest.

Without bothering to ask, Tara shrugged her shoulders and dropped to her knees. She picked the cake up with her hand and then proceeded to lick up the frosting that had been left behind. Between licks she took a bite of the cake to make sure she got a little frosting and a little cake in each mouthful.

“Most of the time the women just out of the cake, but whatever,” Michelle said, dropping the other piece of cake onto Amber’s stomach, this time on purpose.

“Michelle,” Amber screeched, though it didn’t last long as six mouths quickly started licking cake and frosting off her naked body.

“This is really good cake,” Alexis said as she cleaned off one of Amber’s nipples.

“Best cake I ever had,” Michelle agreed, licking a chunk of frosting off Amber’s stomach. “Though it might be the serving dish.”

“I wouldn’t know,” Amber said, trying to not giggle as a half dozen tongues cleaned her off.

“Jewel, be a dear and give her a taste,” Michelle said, taking a drink from the tequila bottle she’d brought over.

“I don’t think that’s what she meant,” Tara said when Jewel scooped up a bit of the frosting with her finger and tried to feed it to Amber.

“Try it this way,” Michelle way, smearing her hand in some of the cake and frosting still on Amber’s body and then transferring it to one of Jewel’s tits. “She’s gotta get the whole experience.”

“Okay,” Jewel said. She was a little weirded out by having frosting smeared on her, but she forgot all about feeling uneasy when Amber’s mouth closed around her nipple and started sucking the icing off. “We’re going to need more cake.”

“Then go get some more,” Michelle told Jewel. “I’m sure Tara and Alexis won’t mind licking it off you.”

“Quit hoarding the booze,” Tara said, grabbing the bottle of tequila from Michelle. “I wonder what tequila and chocolate cake tastes like.”

“We both know you’ve tried it a hundred times,” Michelle pointed out. ” Don’t pussyfoot around the subject, if you want to pour it on Amber, just do it.”

Shrugging her shoulders Tara took the cap off the bottle and poured a small stream from Amber’s collarbone to flow between tits to her stomach. Before it could overflow onto the carpet though, Michelle, Alexis, and Kate lapped it up.

“Wait, you need some too,” Tara said, stopping to pour some into Amber’s mouth before resuming her stream making.

“Okay, time for you three to move on to Jewel,” Michelle said when Jewel came back with more cake. “Time for Amber to get something she’s had coming for a while now.”

“And what would that be?” Tara asked, getting nothing but a dismissive wave from Michelle in response.

“Suit up,” Michelle told Elisha, pointing at the strap on she’d taken off Elisha and was still holding in her hand. “So, how do you want to do this?”

“Ooh, I want her pussy,” Elisha chimed in as she pulled the straps of the harness up her legs.

“Shut the fuck up, I wasn’t talking to you,” Michelle snapped, causing Elisha to reel slightly from the verbal lashing. “I was talking to the birthday girl.”

“I want Elisha in my pussy,” Amber said, causing Michelle’s mood to darken somewhat because she’d taken Elisha’s suggestion. “But that’s only because I want you to fuck my ass like you’re so good at, Michelle.”

“Barely saved yourself there,” Michelle said, cracking a smile at the compliment. She really did want to be the one filling Amber’s tight little ass, but she also didn’t want Amber siding with someone else. “Now get on the floor, slut.”

Amber hesitated a moment wondering if Michelle had been talking to her. Luckily, Elisha’s will had broken enough that she knew exactly who Michelle been talking to and dropped onto the floor on her back before Michelle had even finished the sentence.

“Ball’s in your court now,” Michelle told Amber.

Stepping a foot over Elisha, Amber lowered herself until she was on her knees, hovering just above the blonde. Reaching between them she grabbed the dildo and lined it up with her entrance before easing down onto it.

Once she had the head of the fake cock inside her Amber moved her hands to either side of Elisha’s shoulders and began to pump her hips, taking more of it into her pussy with each stroke. About halfway though Michelle reached down and pushed on the small of Amber’s back, catching her off guard and pushing her the rest of the way down.

“Sorry, got tired of waiting,” Michelle said as she got behind Amber.

When Amber felt the tip of Michelle’s toy pressing against her asshole she felt the butterflies in her stomach. She had no idea what it was going to feel like to have both holes stuffed full of plastic and the idea suddenly greatly terrified and excited her at the same time.

Taking a deep breath, Amber willed her nerves to relax as Michelle applied pressure to her anus. When the head popped past her sphincter Amber’s eyes opened wide and she gasped for breath at the intensity of the feeling. She’d had enough experience having things shoved up her ass in the last few months that she was able to keep her body relaxed and minimize the pain, but it still felt like she was being ripped in half by the invading cocks.

Remembering what it had been like the first time she’d tried it, Michelle knew that Amber was going to need a moment to acclimatize herself. When she felt Amber start to push back against her Michelle started to push a little more in at a time.

“Oh God,” Amber gasped. Her mind was swimming as the nerve endings in her lower half were overloaded with pleasure. There was a bit of pain mixed in but not as much as she thought there’d be and not nearly enough to make her want to stop.

After a minute or two Michelle finally had her cock buried in Amber’s ass up to the hilt. She moaned as the tightness of Amber’s ass pushed the nub against her clit.

Grabbing Amber’s hips Elisha slowly withdrew from Amber’s pussy. Not having any experience in tandem fucking, Elisha just started to push back in without any regard for what Michelle had in mind. Luckily, Michelle had plenty of experience, both giving and receiving, so she let Elisha set a rhythm and then fell in synch. With each stroke Elisha made into Amber’s pussy, Michelle pulled out of her ass and vice versa.

With the two cocks in an alternating rhythm one of Amber’s holes always was being filled and the constant stimulation was driving Amber out of her mind. It felt like the synapses in her brain were exploding inside her head and all she could do was moan as she was fucked for all she was worth.

“Such a tight fucking ass,” Michelle grunted as she and Elisha picked up speed.

Getting Amber into a sandwich had been one of Michelle’s hopes and dreams ever since that fateful night in Floyd’s room, and getting to be one of the people fucking her was almost too much for her. The mental stimulation she got from it was more than anything she could ever get from having her pussy fucked and even the knowledge that her former rival was the one helping only made it all that much better.

“Fuck me,” Amber gasped, feeling her body quake as a small orgasm overtook her. Her muscles clenched and flexed as her orgasm refused to go away and seemed to get stronger with each thrust either Elisha or Michelle made into her.

When her orgasm finally subsided, Amber’s limbs turned to jelly and she all but collapsed on top of Elisha. That didn’t stop Elisha and Michelle from carrying on though. They continued driving into Amber’s holes with reckless abandon in search of their own orgasms.

“Oh God,” Amber groaned as she recovered enough to start pushing back against the invading toys.

“So close,” Elisha grunted, the combination of the toy being pushed against her clit on each stroke she made into Amber and their breasts being pressed together pushing her to the brink much quicker than she would’ve liked.

“Not yet,” Michelle said, hoping Elisha could hold off until she get there too.

“Come for me, Michelle,” Amber said, lifting her ass and pushing back against Michelle’s cock and moaning as a jolt of pleasure shot through her own body.

“You want me to come from having my fucking cock in your slutty little ass?” Michelle asked Amber, knowing that a little dirty never hurt.

“Yeah,” Amber moaned, squeezing her anal muscles even tighter around the dildo and getting a grunt of approval from Michelle.

“Can’t go much longer,” Elisha warned, her orgasm threatening to overtake her at any moment. She’d never been very good at holding off her own pleasure, and even threats of retribution and punishment from Michelle weren’t going to buy much time.

“Come on Michelle,” Amber prodded, feeling her own body careening toward climax once more as the passion of their fucking increased. “Make me come from having both of you fuck me at the same time.”

Hearing that got Michelle’s blood pumping a little bit faster and she gave Amber a little extra on the next thrust. Double teaming Amber was the biggest turn on she could think of at the moment, and having Amber bring it up was definitely working.

“That’s what you, uh, want, isn’t it?” Amber asked, picking up on Michelle’s trigger. “To make me, uh, come while I have two, uh, cocks fucking me?”

“Fuck yeah,” Michelle grunted, feeling her orgasm leap within reach.

“Then bury both of those cocks in me and lets all come together,” Amber said, turning her head to look at Michelle with as lustful a stare as she could manage.

“Fuck,” Michelle hissed clenching her teeth and slamming her strap on as far up Amber’s ass as it would go as her orgasm hit her full force.

Feeling both toys being driven into her at once sent Amber over the edge as well. Gasping and mewling in pleasure, Amber had to grab Elisha and use the blonde’s mouth to stifle her screams as the most intense orgasm she’d ever felt threatened to tear apart from the inside out.

When everyone was done, Michelle slipped out Amber’s ass and fell backward. Amber slid off to the side and wound up sprawled out on her back, gasping for breath. Elisha, well she was already on her back so she just stayed there too dazed to move anything more than a finger or two to make sure she was still alive.

“Damn,” Tara said, standing over the three of them with chocolate frosting around her mouth.

“Come here,” Michelle said, motioning for Tara to lean down. When Tara dropped to her knees and leaned over Michelle, the younger brunette grabbed the back of her head and started licking the frosting off her lips.

“You could’ve just told me I had something on my face,” Tara said, holding up a hand when Michelle started to speak. “Yeah, yeah, you wouldn’t be you if you did.”

“Told you she was going to kill someone,” Elisha told Amber as she sat up.

“I feel like I could sleep for a week,” Amber said, every muscle in her body feeling tired and rubbery from the workout she’d just gotten.

“Yeah, maybe it is time to call it a night,” Michelle said, glancing at the clock on the wall.

“One last drink,” Tara suggested, grabbing the bottle that was still sitting nearby and brought it to her mouth. “To Amber.”

“To Amber,” Michelle agreed, taking the bottle. She took a drink from the bottle before passing it to the next person. Each person took a big swig before passing it on until each of them had taken a turn.

“So, who’s driving?” Amber asked, suddenly realizing that none of them could be considered a designated driver at that moment.

+ * + * +

“I have a favor to ask,” Michelle told Floyd as she approached the bar. Behind her the group of women were emerging from the back room and crossing to stand a few feet behind her.

“I’ll make it quick, no,” Floyd snapped. He’d had as much of Michelle as he wanted to take and he certainly wasn’t in the mood to be doing her any kind of favors.

“I need to borrow your van,” Michelle replied.

“Why didn’t you say so? Now the answer is really no,” Floyd said, turning back to his work. His shift was about to end and he wanted to finish what little work he had left before then.

“Okay, but we both know you’re not going to let me or my friends drive when we’ve been drinking,” Michelle said, playing on his conscience. “Your van is the only one big enough for all of us to fit into.”

“I’m not driving you home, call a cab,” Floyd told her.

“Joe can drive us,” Michelle said.

“Fine,” Floyd relented, just wanting to get rid of her so the headache he was developing might go away.

“Now, one more thing,” Michelle said, causing Floyd to groan and grit his teeth. “I need you to drive Amber home.”

“What?” Amber asked from behind her, taken by surprise.

“Excuse me,” Michelle told Floyd. Turning around she grabbed Amber by the arm and led her a few steps away. “Let him drive you home.”

“Why?” Amber asked.

“It’s your last chance. By the time you get back from Scotland he’ll be in Arizona,” Michelle answered. “If he takes you home you can give him something to remember you by and he won’t fuck half the women in his hometown before he comes back in the fall.”

“How do you know?” Amber asked.

“Hello, Joe’s his roommate,” Michelle said. “Trust me on this. You either make your move tonight or forget about him. Besides, the van isn’t big enough for everyone and your gifts too”

“Fine,” Amber said, not quite sure how she felt.

“I knew you’d see it my way,” Michelle said, turning and walking back toward Floyd. “Joe, did you get Floyd’s keys?”

“Right here,” Joe said, holding up Floyd’s key chain.

“Ladies, time to head out,” Michelle said, turning to grin at Amber before following Joe out the door.

“I can catch a cab,” Amber offered as Floyd wiped down the bar.

“I might as well take you since Joe has my van,” Floyd sighed. “I just wish Michelle would consult us before hatching her schemes.”

“Then she wouldn’t be Michelle,” Amber pointed out, her head spinning as much from the situation as from the alcohol.

“Give me your keys and I’ll drive your car to your house,” Floyd said, grabbing something from under the bar. “Then I can call Joe or a cab or something.”

+ * + * +

The ride to Amber’s house was mostly silent. Neither of them knew exactly what to say, or had the courage to say it if they actually found the words.

As they drew closer Amber felt the anxiety inside her rise for reasons she wasn’t quite clear on. All she knew was that somehow Michelle expected her and Floyd to just fall into each other’s arms, which was completely ridiculous, yet she couldn’t help but wish it could be so.

“You need help unloading?” Floyd asked as he pulled into Amber’s driveway.

“Yeah, I guess,” Amber said, opening the passenger door.

While Floyd pulled her presents out of the trunk Amber unlocked the front door. After pushing it open she went back to the car, only to find that Floyd had managed to get everything in one trip. Closing the trunk she took a deep breath and headed back to the house.

“Joe’s not answering his phone so I think I’ll call a cab from outside,” Floyd said, closing his cell phone.

“Wait,” Amber said, grabbing his arm as he tried to move past her.

As he turned to face her she pulled him to her. Grabbing the back of his head she pulled his head down while she stretched her body out to kiss him. When he didn’t immediately push her away she slowly began to pull him back towards the stairs. Reaching the stairs though, she had to break the kiss to climb them.

“Wait,” Floyd said as his thoughts cleared a bit.

“Stay with me tonight,” Amber suggested, pulling him up the first couple steps as he tried to pull away.

“I really shouldn’t,” Floyd said even though every cell in his body was telling him otherwise.

“Yeah, you should,” Amber said teasingly as he stopped trying to pull away for fear that if she let go he’d go tumbling down the stairs.

“You’re drunk, we’ll regret it in the morning,” Floyd said.

“I won’t,” Amber promised, dragging him up a couple more steps.

“But I will,” Floyd said as they reached the landing at the top of stairs. He still had enough residual guilt about the situation with Kelly a couple months ago and didn’t need to add onto it, especially with Amber.

“No sex then,” Amber said, pulling him towards her room. “Just stay. Joe can pick you up in the morning. I just want you with me tonight.”

Floyd tried to think of an excuse but his almost overly acute sense of morality didn’t have anything to say about spooning a drunk woman. It was very clear on sex, but it didn’t seem to consider sleeping in the same bed with her to be taking advantage of her. Therefore, he couldn’t think of anything that would overcome his intense desire to do just that.

“Just sleeping though,” Floyd reiterated as he was drawn into her room.

“Just sleeping,” Amber agreed, closing the door. She just wanted to be close to him and spending the night next to him was more important right now than sex.

As Amber began to strip Floyd was torn as to whether he should turn around until she was under the covers or not. He’d already seen everything she had to offer, and it wasn’t like she was being overly shy, but he couldn’t help but feel weird about it.

“You can go ahead and look if you want,” Amber said, correctly guessing what Floyd’s inner turmoil was all about. “It’s very sweet though, thinking of what I might want instead of just wanting to see boobs.”

“You know me, always thinking of others,” Floyd said as Amber slipped under the covers. Quickly stripping down to his boxers he turned off the lights and slipped under the blankets as well.

“Hold me,” Amber said, turning her back to him and snuggling up against him as she closed her eyes.

Doing as she wanted Floyd draped his arm over her. His hand rested on her stomach as their bodies molded against each other.

+ * + * +

Opening his eyes the next morning the first thing Floyd saw was the back of Amber’s head. His body was still pressed snugly against hers with his arm draped over her. As she moved slightly in her sleep her butt pressed against his morning wood through his boxers.

Deciding that the only way to keep from going insane was to get out of there, Floyd slid out of bed. Quickly putting on his clothes he moved into the hall. Grabbing his cell phone out of his pocket, he was convinced the best thing to do was call Joe for a ride.

+ * + * +

Rolling over Amber’s arm sought the warm body that had been there only moments before but instead encountered only an empty bed. Opening her eyes she found no trace of Floyd other than the blankets he’d pulled back when exiting.

Fighting back a wave of regret at missing what Michelle had assured her was her final chance Amber sat up in bed. After a bit of the wooziness from being drunk and hung over subsided she slipped out of bed and grabbed a robe.

Going into the bathroom she grabbed her toothbrush to clean off the grit and grime that tends to accumulate from drinking. She had just finished brushing her teeth though when she heard her front door slam shut.

“Hello?” Amber asked from the doorway of her bathroom.

She figured it was probably Michelle coming to get all the juicy details, but as the sound of feet climbing the stairs reached her she ruled that out. The footsteps were too loud and plodding for Michelle and she felt a bit of panic creep into the back of her mind until Floyd appeared in the doorway of her bedroom.

“Hi,” Floyd said, raising his right hand in a wave. In his left hand he had a bag with white and gold colored circles covering it. “I had to get your present out of the car.”

“Michelle already gave me your present,” Amber said, her heartbeat slowing only slightly at the sight of him.

“No, Michelle gave you her present. This one is actually from me,” Floyd said, holding the bag out.

“You didn’t have to buy me anything,” Amber insisted as she took the bag from him and sat down on the edge of the bed.

“You didn’t have to buy me anything for my birthday either,” Floyd pointed out as she pulled the tissue paper out of the bag.

As Amber removed the copy of a Red Sonja comic book he’d bought for her she stared at it. Normally getting a comic book from a guy would send a woman into fits of screaming but for Amber it touched something deep inside her that no other gift she’d received touched and tears came unbidden to her eyes.

“I know it’s not the best gift in the world,” Floyd said, seeing the tears. “I just remember you said you used to read it as a kid.”

“It’s perfect,” Amber said, wiping her eyes.

Lifting her head she looked at him and realized just how badly she’d treated him. She’d caught him in bed with Michelle, but she hadn’t even bothered to listen to his protests of innocence, even knowing that Michelle had likely been the instigator. And yet she’d forgiven Michelle while still hanging Floyd out to dry.

“Thank you,” Amber said, getting up from the bed to kiss Floyd.

“I haven’t brushed my teeth yet, so you might stick to the cheek,” Floyd said.

“I don’t care,” Amber said, putting her arms around his neck and kissing him on the mouth.

“Can I at least get a breath mint or a piece of gum for my morning breath?” Floyd asked her when the kiss broke.

“Just kiss me,” Amber demanded, pulling him back down to her before he could protest.

Finally making up her mind exactly what she wanted Amber slipped her right hand between their bodies. Grabbing his belt buckle she popped it open and went for the button of his jeans.

“You sure about this?” Floyd asked her.

“Definitely,” Amber said, moving her other hand to work on his pants.

Giving in Floyd used his feet to kick off his shoes as she pulled his zipper down. As she pushed his pants down over his ass his hands found the sash of her robe and let it fall open. Stepping back Amber pulled her robe off her shoulders and let it drop down her shoulders, finally falling into a heap around her feet.

Letting his eyes rove over her naked form Floyd’s eyes lingered on the fact that she’d shaved her pussy, but he didn’t allow himself to dawdle too long. Pulling off his shirt he stepped forward and slipped his arms around her. Her skin felt like silk against his fingers as they skimmed over the surface of her back and he wanted as much skin to skin contact as possible.

Putting her hand on his chest Amber broke the kiss and pushed Floyd back. Sitting down on the bed she scooted back with Floyd crawling onto the bed, following after. When he was hovering over her she grabbed the back of his neck with one hand to pull him into a kiss while her other hand slid down his back to his boxers.

Lifting one hand off the bed to help Amber push his boxers down Floyd broke the kiss and moved his lips down to kiss her neck. Lifting his knees off the bed so his butt was sticking straight up into the air he used his hand to push his boxers past his knees so he could pull his legs free. Dropping them over the side of the bed he began to move down her body.

Planting a kiss in the middle of her throat Floyd dragged his tongue down her chest. When he had reached the valley between her breasts he decided to see which way she wanted him to go and continued down. As he reached the bottom of her rib cage Amber grunted and grabbed his head.

Taking her hint he moved over and dragged his tongue over the swell of one of her breasts. Reaching the nipple he ran his tongue along the areola before closing his lips around the nipple.

“Fuck me,” Amber said, clutching his head to her chest with one hand and reaching down between their bodies to grab his cock with the other.

“Condom?” Floyd asked, remembering that she’d always made him wear one before.

“Don’t need it,” Amber said, lining his cock up with her slit. She’d gone on the pill just before they’d broken up and stayed on it despite the fact that her sex life the last few months had been purely girl on girl.

Taking her at her word, Floyd pushed forward. As he eased his cock into her Floyd savored the feel of her pussy. He’d wanted it for so long and here he was getting another chance with Amber, one that he promised himself he wasn’t going to let slip away.

“Kiss me,” Amber said, grabbing the back of Floyd’s head.

Dropping down on to his elbows Floyd leaned in and kissed Amber. When she parted her lips he slid his tongue into her mouth. He caressed her tongue with his as he withdrew his cock slightly before pushing back in, fucking her with about a quarter of his cock.

Breaking the kiss Floyd stayed on his elbows. Moving his head to the side he started kissing Amber’s neck, tossing in a lick and a suck every so often as he lengthened the strokes he was making into her. He didn’t quicken the pace though, just stretched out his strokes until he was working half his cock in and out of Amber.

The feeling of his lips on her neck and his cock inside her had Amber’s temperature rising. It was the first time she’d had a real, flesh and blood cock inside her without a condom wrapped around it and the difference was indescribable. But she still wanted more so she lifted her hips and twisted her body.

Picking up what Amber was doing, Floyd slid an arm underneath her. Ducking to the side he rolled over, taking her with him. Settling down onto his back he moved his hands to her hips as she pushed herself up on top of him.

The roll had caused Amber’s hair to fall in front of her face and she tossed her head back to clear it. She lifted her hips until only the head of his cock was still inside her before dropping down. A moan escaped her lips as he raised his hips to meet hers.

“Yeah,” Amber moaned as she started fucking herself with his cock.

Floyd let his eyes wander as Amber picked up some speed. They flitted from where his cock was splitting her pussy lips up her stomach to her breasts and then finally to the face that had haunted his innermost thoughts ever since she’d stormed out of his room after the threesome with Michelle.

Feeling him staring at her, Amber smiled as she bucked her hips. As she stared back she thought about how much she’d missed him. How there’d been a hole inside her without him.

“I love you,” Amber said out of the blue.

The words took Floyd by complete surprise and he wasn’t sure how to react. He wasn’t sure if it was just a slip of the tongue brought on by the situation or if she really meant it. But when she stopped moving on top of him, he looked her in the eye. In that look he saw that she was being completely genuine and for both of them it was as if everything they’d locked away came rushing out to be shared with the one person in the world that would understand.

“I love you too,” Floyd said, his heart beating a little faster with the declaration as he pulled her down to him.

“I love you,” Amber repeated before his lips covered hers.

When the kiss broke Floyd put a hand on her back, preventing her from sitting back up. Leaning his head in he flicked one of her nipples with his tongue. Letting out a moan she bowed her back and pushed her chest out for him to do it again.

Moving his other hand off her hip he slid it up her side until it reached her breast. He tweaked one nipple with his fingers while his lips closed around the other.

“Ooh,” Amber moaned, feeling her body react to his touch.

“I’m getting close,” Floyd warned, the emotion pushing him toward the brink much faster than he would’ve liked.

“Me too,” Amber said, rotating her hips with each thrust she made onto his cock so it hit a slightly different spot each time.

Feeling the point of no return pass him by, Floyd put every ounce of concentration he had into staving off his climax just a couple extra seconds. But even that didn’t completely save him. He felt his cock throb inside Amber a couple times before he lost the battle. Putting a hand on Amber’s shoulder he pulled her down onto his cock as far he could and let loose.

“Oh God, I feel it,” Amber moaned as the hot cum erupted from Floyd’s cock to spray the inside of her canal. The feeling was amazing and the second spurt pushed her over the edge as well. Her brown eyes were wide as saucers and her mouth froze in an ‘O’ as every muscle in her body went taut. When her climax finally waned she slumped down on Floyd’s chest and sighed in contentment.

+ * + * +

“So, Michelle says you’re going to Scotland?” Floyd asked as Amber snuggled up against him, tucked into the crook of his arm, head on his shoulder.

“Yeah. I’ve always wanted to go so I figured, why not now?” Amber said, tilting her head to look up at him. “You should come with. My parents will be there, but they’ll like you. My dad loves anyone that can appreciate music with a conscience.”

“I’d love to, but I can’t,” Floyd said. “I have finals and then-.”

“You go home for the summer,” Amber finished, lowering her head as she remembered Michelle’s warning about this being her last chance.

“Of course I’m going to go home and see my family, but only for a week or so,” Floyd said, causing Amber to raise her head to look up at him in surprise. “I’ve decided to spend the summer here and work at the bar.”

“Michelle said you were going home for the summer,” Amber said, her eyes starting to mist over.

“I was, but I decided that I’d rather be here,” Floyd said.

“With me?” Amber asked, already having a pretty good idea of the answer.

“Was there any doubt? You had me from the moment I saw you in the record store,” Floyd said, kissing her on the top of her head.

Amber didn’t respond; she merely snuggled closer to him. A big smile crossed her face as she squeezed him tightly and thought about how she wasn’t looking forward to spending the next couple weeks without him. But knowing that he’d be coming back to her filled her with a sense of elation that sent a warm sensation coursing through her and she found herself drifting off into a catnap as a sense of contentment washed over her.

Author’s Note: I’d be remiss if I didn’t take a moment to give out some thanks. It took just about four years from start to finish for this little baby of mine, but I couldn’t be prouder of it. I could’ve given up when chapter 5 stalled, or when this one stalled, but a couple people made it their mission to make sure that didn’t happen.

First off, thanks to FD for his ideas and prodding, not all of it gentle. This would’ve turned out vastly different, and wouldn’t have been nearly as good, without him. It probably also would’ve never gotten back on track after losing its way.

Second, I owe KMB a bit of a debt for his kind words and more subtle prodding. Not quite as effective as beating me over the head, but the job still got done.

Third, I gotta thank the readers and especially those that took the time to give me feedback. There’s no real point in writing anything if it won’t be read by anyone and it’s always nice to know that I’m not deluding myself into thinking something is better than it really is.

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